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I Thought They’d Given Up… But No Price Is Too High For Real

Real Madrid’s president, Ramon Calderon, as well as their Sporting Director, Predrag Mijatovic, can’t seem to keep their mouths shut when it comes to Ronaldo. For several weeks the Real Madrid representatives have spoken about our player to anyone who will listen. Knowing that is a lifelong dream for Ronaldo to one day play in Spain, they believe it’s acceptable to publicly tap him up.

Whilst United have claimed they are ready to report Real Madrid to FIFA and have insisted the Glazers will be happier to see him rot in the stands than sold to Real this summer, nothing seems to be throwing them off the scent.

Just yesterday, Calderon suggested that they were going to call it a day, saying “one has to know when to stop these things.”

However, today it’s the same old nonsense, with him claiming that no price will be too high for them.

May 28th 2008 – club’s official website

“We haven’t done, nor will we do anything against the wishes of a club that we consider a friend like Manchester United,” Calderon said. “Our relationship with Manchester is magnificent and we will not do anything that would violate the will of a team, just as we would not like that done to us. We know Manchester doesn’t want to sell and we have nothing to say.”

May 28th – Sky Sports News

“We have not interfered with Manchester United’s contract agreement with Cristiano Ronaldo,” Calderon said. “We’re sorry that Manchester United – a club with which we have an excellent relationship – is annoyed with us because Real Madrid have nothing to do with that aspect. I want to clear this up with him and assure him we are not going to influence any player to break a contractual relationship. We are not going to start a conflict. If a club doesn’t want to sell a player, why would we insist that they do sell him?”

May 29th 2008 – Sky Sports News

“You can’t buy what the owner does not want to sell,” Calderon said. “Real Madrid are friends with Manchester United and we do not want to fall out with them.”

May 31st 2008 – Diario de Noticias

“He is an objective, but we cannot do anything if his club do not want to part with him,” Predrag Mijatovic said. “At this time we do not have anything with the player.”

May 31st 2008

“At this moment Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best in the world, a fantastic player and it is clear that we are interested,” Calderon said. “But he has a team and never will we go against the rules of Fifa and Uefa.”

June 2nd 2008 – Marca

“We would like to have a player like Cristiano, but if he does not sign for us then it would not be a major problem,” Calderon said. “The club has said that they do not want to sell him and we cannot keep going back. One has to know when to stop these things in order to avoid the frustration that the fans could feel. His club have to want to and if they want to negotiate with Madrid or any other club then they will.”


“What I have always said is that this club wants its money to be on the pitch, not in the bank,” Calderon said. “Nothing is expensive or cheap on its own. The counter-balance is what you receive for the price you pay. They know what we earn and it is made public that Madrid has it. Last year we made signings that looked expensive but now they look cheap.”

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  1. Stephen says:

    This is an unusual thing for us United fans, a player wanting to leave us (that is if is does) We are the ones that normally buy other clubs best young players.

    Real have been playing a very public game, which I suppose is their style or lack of.

    The only thing we can do, that and I will reiterate if the player does want to leave, is do what every other club does to us, and screw every last penny out of the deal we can.

  2. Jonny F says:

    Easily solved, Iker Cassilias, Sergio Ramos, Robinho and 50 million please. Other wise fuck right off. Hard line stance needed, none of the poor deal we got for Beckham. If the Yanks do know how to do one thing though, it’s screw every last cent out of a deal, if he wants to go then it has to be on our terms, totally.

  3. Kevin Phillips says:

    I’m fed up reading about Ronaldo transfer to Real Madrid, its not going to happen Real so give up and stop pursuing your interest. Every day I keep reading about it and its starting to get really boring, he is contracted until 2012 and its been said Utd are not selling not even for a world record fee.

    Real Madrid this is one player you are not getting for at least 4 years and why would he want to play for a team who over the last 3 seasons have not got past the quarter finals of the CL.

    Give it up and stop going on about these stupid rumours, but of course if Ronaldo demands a transfer as its been said he can rot in the reserves until he can be loyal and honour his contract.

    End of topic and end of rant.

  4. Gary says:

    Im starting to get wound up by all this. I heard Ronaldo say hes going to tell us his where his future lies in the next few days and all I can say is if he decided to go hes a fool and will regret it. The trouble is his slimey agent and Portuguese cronies are brain washing him. Phil Scolari aswel telling him to move!? He should keep his mouth shut, its nothing to do with him, hes the player he is because of the way United have let him blossom and then he tells him to leave? Thats a disgrace Scolari should show some respect for Fergie and United. I hope we draw Real in the European cup next year, we owe them one, infact we owe them two and id take alot of plessure knocking them pricks out of Europe.

  5. Southroy says:

    Wonder how he’ll like playing with his old buddy, Ruud?

  6. suhayl says:

    agree with all of above…got sick and tired with this crap, with ron being a clown and the constant stirring of the por those fuckers are doing.

    So agree with all previous comments…let him rot in reserves if he wants to go…..or screw the fuck out of calderon and his club…we’ll see how much money you have got…like johnny f states…screw em over big time!!!

  7. OMelhorDoMundo says:

    Marca is an absolute joke as is Calderon.
    As for Ronaldo. I understand that he wants to leave just as certain players would do anything to join United but the degrading shit coming out from people saying “Real Madrid is the biggest club in the world” with a “prestige that cannot be rejected” is complete crap. No player is bigger than Manchester United.
    Before the 90′s it would have been completely understandable that a player would choose Real over United but come on. Real Madrid is a club without ethics as Queiroz said. Every new president comes with a new plan, a drastic change which means that top managers go in and out. Then they gather up all the superstars that they can get from other clubs and after a couple of years replace them while making huge losses. United meanwhile have a manager who’s been there for 22 years with good sums of money to spend, a manager who genuinely cares for the club. A manager who can make long term plans. And Ronaldo should feel honored to lead this new generation, Fergie’s “third team.”
    If he really wants to go, I’d take Robinho and Sergio Ramos for him but the ideally he’ll stay for the next 5 years.

  8. blindkat says:

    The Glazers will do it. They will sit him down if they have to. Don’t screw with rich people when it comes to money. They will pay him to sit out and watch his worth fall. They did this to Keyshawn Jondson when he did the same thing to their american football team. He kept talking to the media, making himself a pain in the ass so that they would trade him, and they sat him straight down for the year and never played him again, screwed him over and he never got a long term deal again,and was out of the league in two years. In the immortal words of ox from the movie Belly “won fi test you wanna romp wit me you’re fuckin wit the best” Don’t fuck wit the Reds ronnie

  9. Prasac says:

    Let this prick go!I’m sick of his lack of commitment every summer again and again

  10. Red77 says:

    Let him go…last we need is another crybaby who stays for a year cause United won’t let him go.

    Fuck off to sunny spain … just make sure that sugar daddy Calderon the cunt leaves a 100 million dollar cheque before he rolls you and your pram out the door…

  11. Joe Ekesi says:

    All i am seeing is a new wave of inferiority complex gripping the Spanish FA (and well vioced by Real Madrid) on the undisputable global appeal and Star studded state of the English Premiership. What other way to taint a league other that distabilising its best team via its most creative midfielder. Its in my opinion, a battle of ego. How then would we say our league is the best when our best players are priced away so easily from us.Flaunting your financial prowess isnt the ball game now, look at their abysmal performances in the Champions League for the past five seasons (second round fiddles, being oust by the likes of Lyon,Juventus, bayern Munich, Roman and arsenal).Real madrid has long past its “hyped” glory days. In reality all the world big stars now yearn to have a taste of the English PL.I wldnt rather blame them, in a bid to salvage the diminishing global appeal of the Spanish league, they are flaunting a supposedly non existent financial prowess in dis orienting our player and insulting our club. Look, sentiments to the bin Real madrid now is not comparable in terms of good ball flair or finance generation to manchester united. Ronaldo has personally insult us manchester united fans that stood by him while the gaffer was re – inventing him.

  12. Joe Ekesi says:

    BlindKat i just saw your comment on the ability of the Glazers to sit ronnie out in the stands. I guess it would become neccessary to prove a point to the lad that you dont get rich overnight and forget that theor was a mama and papa that paid the price for your success. the day u spit on them, u’ll know they cld also be terrible. U can imagine the disgust and let down that selfless and non – ego prone stars like Evra,Vidic, carrick,Rooney. Brown, Tevez, Giggs would be feeling with this bitchy attitude of Ronaldo. These players could sacrifice their lives for United and are not even earning half as ronnie does (Evra just signed a contract of 55k compared to ronnie’s 120k) compare their levels of dedication and bravery on field and note the negligible difference.

  13. denton davey says:

    Jonny wrote: “Easily solved, Iker Cassilias, Sergio Ramos, Robinho and 50 million please. Other wise fuck right off.”

    spot on, mate – I also like your choice of “trading partners”. The Fascists will just choke on having to give up three players of that quality ! And 50 million would probably be “enough” to secure Benzema, too.

    Having CR7 under contract for four more years give UTD the hammer in these negotiations and it would be foolish not to use it.

    No matter what Cristiano says “in two or three days”, this story won’t go away. What would be really, really nice would be to somehow inveigle JoseM to speak about InterMilan’s desire to secure Ronaldo’s services. That would really put the wind up RM.

  14. Scott the Red says:

    DD – Or we could just announce that we’d sold him to Barca, like we did with Becks lol. That certainly upped the price.


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