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If It Makes Pep Cry, Maybe Club World Cup Isn’t Waste Of Time!

Pep Guardiola couldn’t have done much better in his first year or so of management, winning the league, the European Cup and the Copa del Rey, amongst others.

However, it was winning the FIFA Club World Cup Championship last week that reduced him to tears. When Manchester United travelled half way across the world to participate in this competition last year, it was deemed to be a waste of time. In the last three years, Barcelona, Manchester United and AC Milan have all seemed to think it’s worthwhile though, which surely says something about it? We’re looking at three of the biggest clubs in world football taking time out of their domestic season to compete in it. They haven’t just fielded any old team though, which is proven by the players collecting the golden boot over the past three years: Messi, Rooney and Kaka.

michaelowen hattrickBut this is the competition, re-branded, which our government and FA all but made us desert the FA Cup for. Yet the FA would not allow us to wear the celebratory badge on our shirt when we became the only English club to win the competition.

Now, I’m not suggesting that the FIFA Club World Cup is high on our list of priorities, but the fact that you have to be the Champions of Europe to even compete is all the reason you need to want to play in it.

Plus, being officially the Champions of the World isn’t such a bad title, something we can claim twice after our Intercontinental Cup win in 1999. “Once more than England, World Champions twice!

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  1. aig alex is god says:

    of course it isnt a waste of time.SAF played full strenght sides in the games. It sounds so great for your club to be called ‘ World Champions’. We are not anymore but our time will come again. Guardiola is a winner. He wants to win every game . They won all the titles there were to win in 2009. Congrats to him and his side.It was possibly the culmination of a fantastic and unimaginable year of which this was the final act that reduced him to tears.

  2. Costas says:

    I think in that moment Pep was reflective of the whole year and realised what he accomplished. Full marks to him.

    However, i am of the opinion that this trophy has its own special value. For one thing, you have to be Champions of Europe to participate. The fact that some ignorant news reporters held it at the same esteem as the Carling Cup(a competition unheard of in almost all European countries apart from England and France), shows how much they know.

    Of course when Liverpool won it, they didn’t downplay it so much did they? Oh wait…

  3. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Been world champion was something I loves and they only people who say it’s a Mickey mouse honer is the Mickey mouse season holders themself, just bobbin inside the top half of the table here’s hoping fulham win there game in hand , Liverpool

  4. Staffred says:

    Was well chuffed when we won,any silverware is an achievement,not many can call themselves world champions,x2!!!!

  5. Bebeto says:

    The distinction of winning the Champions League being superior to that of any other renders it redundant.

    LDU Quito could have won it, it wouldn’t have bothered me in the slightest.

    It’s good for joshing rival fans. That’s about it.

  6. Fze123 says:

    It was certainly nice to become World Champions, to become officially The Best Club In The World. Before the final game of the club world cup competition, Rio said in an interview that Fergie gave them a long inspirational speech that will never be forgotten. Fergie said to them ‘if you don’t win this cup, then forget about the league title, or the champions league.” It shows that Fergie does slightly value it.

    Guardiola really has been successful this year. It’s no surprise that he turned emotional, even to him it’s unbelievable to see what he has achieved. A lot of people say he is barcelona through and through but he has stated in many interviews that he doesn’t want to remain in spain for all his career.

  7. Little-Miss-United says:

    Well he’s not used to this like SAF but good for him.

    **Off subject: I’ve just remembered the Rent Boys’ celebration when they won the community shield. It looked like they’ve won the CL or something? I think it was pathetic specially when u compare them to us last year :/

  8. doncobaino says:

    im afraid you have to remove “world champions” from the medal at the top of the banner scott.

  9. doncobaino says:

    and yes i see the 2008/09 above it which means it could stay but you know what i mean!

  10. bchilds says:

    Pep’s emotions were because of the six titles Barca have won during this calendar year, the club world cup was just a small part of that.

  11. Kings says:

    I have always considered that a trophy worth winning. To be officially named as the best club in the world is something to be proud of. Only scouse cunts like Souness and Collymore belittle it because their beloved club was never good enough to win it. The only reason the FA refused us to wear it is out of pure jealousy and nothing else. There is no doubt in my mind that they would have let Chelsea wear it had they won it. Congrats to Barca who have been the best team this year, my hat goes off to them. I have the utmost respect for teams who play good football and behave impeccably of the pitch, and Barca definitely fall into both categories.

  12. Xyth says:

    Once more congratulations to Barca.
    If we could not do it, then I am glad they did it and not a shite team like Chelsea or Real Madrid.

    We’ll get it back next year, hopefully.

  13. The Cockney Red says:

    @ Costas and @bchilds, yeh I agree, think it was just all an overload of emotions by Pep as he reflected back on probably the greatest year of his life. Fair play to em.

  14. Little-Miss-United says:

    Omg! My country (Kuwait) is hosting Barcelona in a friendly match today and people are going nuts in here O.o Messi is not here though. I hope they never host United here as it will be an embarrassment if MUTV broadcasts people’s hustle and you get to see it! :S

  15. Doghouse says:

    I suppose the reason it’s seen as a bit of a low rated competition is because actually getting there for a European club is a lot harder than winning it. The European leagues are several orders of magnitude superior to the rest of the world, so the competition is basically too one sided to be particularly impressive.

    The only way that it could be made particularly exciting is if it was done like the champions league, except with only one team per country and done after the end of the season, like the world cup. Ship the winners of the top world leagues off to some tournament and have them scrap it out. Not suggesting that as some sort of masterplan, I just came up with that idea off the top of my head, but it would need to be something along those lines. As it is it’s basically just watching the crowned heads of Europe (often tooled up with the best South American talent anyway) bringing the pimphand down on the weaker teams. Not much fun in my view.

    Ultimately I think the whole deal is a bit of a cynical way for FIFA to get their paws on some cash from the club game. It’s too mismatched to be a serious competition.

  16. Besher says:

    It”s a good title . I”d prefer it to the carling cup. And u can really see how much this pep loves barcelona . I nearly cried when we won the champions league two years ago but i didn”t

  17. Macheda IS GOD says:

    That came out of the blue..

  18. Brio The kenyan red says:

    Kudos to pep.he won all competitions b4 him.being world champs is a good thing even it’s a small tournament as compared 2 the Cl & wc.

  19. Brio The kenyan red says:

    I was pretty excited when we won it myself.i rate it somewhere below the pl & above the fa.
    ps.can someone explain 2 me why the FA denied us the chance 2 put that badge on our shirt ?

  20. King Eric says:

    Not summat I am too bothered about really. Bebeto got it spot on.
    Guardiola had a great season. Lets see if he can retain any of the trophies. Much harder to do.

  21. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    It’s an important competition and in time teams from other countries will compete, just look at how international football (although boring) has progressed over the years. It’s bloody typical of the English press to give this competition any value, most of them think we have the choice to enter when we don’t. As soon as someone from England other than United win it watch the hoo haa. This is blatantly evident at the end of the season when we win trophies compared to other teams, not just Sky but MoTD as well.

  22. Tony Starks says:

    Good to see respect given where its due – It’s a good achievement by them so well done..

    Of course it’s an important cup – it’s the Champion clubs of all the continents – only in a country as inward looking as here can it be seen as a mickey mouse cup..

    Anyway enough of the Barca love in! We can still achieve all that this year (and next), innit???

  23. OMelhorDoMundo says:

    The tournament has special meaning to him because he couldn’t win it as a player in 92. That’s what the commentators were saying towards the end.

  24. ¡No Pasarán! (Altrincham, Greater Manchester) says:

    Barcelona wankfest….BORING. I’m sick of hearing about how great they are, I prefer Valencia anyway.

  25. capri says:

    scott, where is your post about John Terry doing some naughty business in chelseaa?? jajaja

  26. emn says:

    I second ¡No Pasarán!. What’s all this love for Barcelona?

  27. james f says:

    I’d like to see SAF at the same position next December. He would be crying, of course. He would just stand there, joyous and PROUD, as he has done time and again all these years.

  28. shebangsthedrums says:

    @ Capri. Well said. You can dress him up anyway you like, Mr Chelsea, Engerland captain. He’s just a f***ing chav.

  29. Kings says:

    Off topic, fucking cunt Derek McGovern’s at it again with the Fergie bashing. He has resorted to calling him Rudolph. Someone needs to kill that fucking S.O.B.

  30. Gee says:

    FUCK PEP!! FUCK BARCA!! unless Pep is coming over to be our assitant manager or we are buying Messi, Xavi or summut I really dont give a shit about anything to do with Barca fucking lona!!

  31. King Eric says:

    Gee – Spot on mate. Sick to death of hearing about the “mighty Barca”. However, he is being linked with United today in a few papers as Fergies successor. They even reckon he may join in April “under the guidance of Sir Alex before he retires at the end of the season”. First instinct is BOLLOCKS. But he likes the way English clubs manager have full control of the team and decisions unlike the way Laporta conduct’s Barca’s business. Very much doubt anything will happen, certainly not yet but you never know. By all accounts he is waiting for the elections.

  32. Gee says:

    Well I wouldnt mind having him come in under Fergie and taking over!!

  33. Footballer says:

    All the honour and glory goes to the World Champion. Winning the Champions League means nothing if you can’t finish the deal and win the Club World Championship.


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