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Ignorant Johnson Opens Up Race Row Again

Nobody could believe it, including Kenny Dalglish, when Luis Suarez refused to shake hands with Patrice Evra ahead of United’s recent victory over Liverpool. Suarez quickly apologised for his decision to shun Evra’s hand and shocked everyone. It was the first time that Liverpool had accepted any blame in the whole disgraceful affair.

Continuing with Liverpool’s more typical approach, which has lead to the chant of “always the victim, it’s never your fault” being sung at Old Trafford, Johnson has claimed that it was in fact Evra who refused to shake hands. This is obviously a bizarre claim given that Suarez and the club released an official statement apologising whole-heartedly for the player not shaking Evra’s hand.

Then again, Suarez did reveal that Johnson allows the Uruguayan to call him “negro”, so we shouldn’t be too alarmed that the England right-back has such a relaxed view on racism.

“Evra was clever at Old Trafford,” said Johnson. “Because – I’m not being funny – but if I wanted to shake your hand I would stick it right out in front of me like that. But if my hand is down here, almost by my side, then it’s because I really don’t want to shake your hand. Luis didn’t shake his hand because Evra’s hand was down there. What else is Luis supposed to do? Would you go to shake someone’s hand if their hand is way down there by their side? Course not. But then, because Luis didn’t do it, Evra has pulled him back by his arm as he walked on, as if to say to everybody: “Look, I wanted to shake his hand and he didn’t…” He’s following Luis with his eyes as if to say: “Right he’s gone, he’s gone (past me) so I’ll pull him back now…” Evra probably stayed up all night thinking about how to do that. The whole thing was ridiculous.”

As if his bizarre paranoia wasn’t enough, Johnson went on to argue that when Suarez called Evra a “negro” last year, he didn’t mean it in offensive way. Despite it being a game between the two biggest rivals in the country, in which Suarez had already kicked Evra and hit him around the head, Johnson genuinely believes that Suarez repeatedly used the word “negro” as a “term of endearment”.

“What people don’t appreciate is that these things stick with people and it can ruin careers,” he continued. “He could get almost forced out of Liverpool. He’s a good lad and a fantastic player and all he wants to do is get on and play football. I can’t understand how people don’t get that in his culture the word “negro” or “negrito” is genuinely normal. Just because he’s out of his country he is not going to stop using his mother tongue. If we went to another country, we would use our slang, wouldn’t we? I can’t see why somebody can get in trouble for using his culture in another country.”

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  1. Denise Williams says:

    Joe are you for real the linguistic experts agreed that Suarez version of events was highly unlikely. Further your case was further damaged when Dirk Kuyt went before the FA panel and lied to them and before you enquire how kuyt lied I will enlightn you. This will prove that unlike you I did take the trouble to read the FA report not just once but three times. Kuyt informed the FA inquiry that the referee never mentioned to him there had been an allegation of racist language and he further informed them that the referee had instead told him that Evra had said that he(the referee) had only booked him because he was black. TThe referee and his assistants categorically refuted this conversation ever took place plus there several witnesses who backed the referees version. where as not one person backed Kuyt’s version. Yet Liverpool FC had Kuyt’s version plastered all over their website with banner headlines as if this was proven and accepted fact which surely even you must realise it wasn’t. Also Dalglish and Damien Comolli could not verify Suarez statement to the inquiry as was pointed out in the report. See I did read it. See how weak your arguament is now can you?

  2. Joe says:

    @MG – I don’t identify with your characterisation. I am not somebody who would defend Suarez if I believed him to be guilty. I neither believe him to be guilty nor not guilty.

    And why?

    Because. There. Is. No. Evidence.

  3. Joe says:

    @Denise Williams – the linguistic experts were not called to pass judgment on the case. They were called to analyse both Suarez’s and Evra’s evidence as if it were true. And they corroborated both versions. It was the commission – not the linguistic experts – who then made the judgment on which version they believed.

    You shouldn’t need to be told this – it’s all there in the report that you’ve read 3 times.

    Nobody is disputing that the evidence submitted by Suarez and Liverpool was inconsistent because it was. My argument is that the evidence submitted by Evra and Manchester United was equally inconsistent.

  4. MG says:

    Those who are racist live in the delusion that there is no evidence that they are racist

    Those who perpetuate racism the filthy evil act of inhumanity live in the world of grey in the middle where they believe Suarez is not one thing or the other because here you keep your lie alive by claiming Evra is equal in guilt to Suarez – you further your agenda by furthering your interpretation by having none at all because equally you believe Evra is to blame for his reactions based on Suarez’s actions.

    You claim to be clever but you are not, you have said the same thing thinking you have any sort of ground to barter on, it doesn’t matter any more your lies can still be broken

    Your world is where people live that claim no responsibility – your assumption that you cannot make a decision based on a clear cut event is symptomatic of the world we live in.

    Again Hillsborough was a clear example of law enforcement/government living in the middle – not accepting the truth and denying all responsibility of there own actions culminating in a movement for justice

    You have nothing on me – what then suited you is acceptable to relieve your own pain – rightly so since it affected lot of my friends at the time – yet you do not offer the same stick because as now as mentioned United are not inferior to Liverpool any more

    Your tone of voice is insulting because you can’t stand the fact that Liverpool are just shit now and unfortunately United just keep on carrying on

    It’s okay it’s fine – it doesn’t bother us at all – it’s your loss – you cannot even comprehend to speak about it because it disgusts you that you are wrong – these are all psychological detractions, barriers that you have put up to deal with it – because no matter what – your actions are based upon a grievance that the situation that has manifested itself is wrong because at the end Suarez got done for being a racist which you can’t live with.

    Those who lie live in the delusion that there is no evidence that supports Suarez

    His guilt was condemned not by his actions but by Evras lies – astounding

    So the 96 at Hillsborough were condemned not by others actions but by there very own – astounding

    You can put that line in any significant world event too and you’d fine the same answer – astounding

    At the end Suarez the racist was condemned by the FA for his racism and the PFA and Kick racism out of football amongst many. You cry foul saying it never went the way it went – wow Sherlock figure that one out then.

    The only ones that didn’t condemn Suarez were those that believe in the Liverpool lie

    How the mighty have fallen

    Fuck off you racist cunt your fairy tale words are pathetic

    You do your one lines I’ll do the real talking


  5. Joe says:

    @MG – if there was any evidence – any evidence at all, you wouldn’t need to say a word.

    Yet here we are.

    Do all the “real-talking” you like.

  6. MG says:


    And how can you identify with my characterisation?

    Racists can’t – so you can’t

    You are in denial I’m not

    I point out to you but you deflect any reasoning

    But you can’t accept reasoning – reasoning is clear – your version isn’t – as long as you live in the middle you are quite in your right to just barrier up everything I say

    Evra is a player who deserved to be racialy abused because he wears a United shirt

    And he’s black

    But Suarez says that’s okay – that’s okay because his culture says it’s okay

    You think so too without now even comprehending that it is this way, instead falling into somewhere where you clearly can identify with your own characterisation

    Fucking racist and deluded much in denial

    Fuck off


  7. MG says:

    He got banned

    Fuck off you cunt there is your evidence and it’s consequence

  8. Joe says:

    @MG – if you want to proclaim yourself to be the voice of reason, you are going to have to abandon this line that Suarez’s language was racially abusive even by his own version of events.

    Because not even the commission that found him guilty found that to be the case.

  9. MG says:

    Come on Joe why have you given up?

    Suarez said something racist

    He doesn’t have to be racist

    I’ve argued all along it could have stopped there by a simple apology player to player end of

    It didn’t

    Everything that occurred afterwards became racist – became divisive – became heated

    You are confused – you are now a part of this racism because you still believe that Suarez is innocent.

    Is he fuck

    And to further point – if he was innocent your fucking joke of a manager management and club did fuck all about it when Suarez was charged for his racism

    He made reference to Evras colour whilst insulting him – that’s racism. He should have been man enough to fucking admit it so should have the club

    The funniest thing is he apparently supports a charity in South Africa supporting multi ethnicity

    So then at the end would not have been hard to say sorry when saying something racist no?

    Fuck off done with you – I’ve just supported my point with rational thinking

    You still can’t tell me why he couldn’t say sorry and why it’s come this far

  10. MG says:


    The FA charged Suarez for insulting words/reference to Evras colour – that does not have to be spelt out as racism once that is defined rational thinking allows for a thought process to kick in

    That is racism

    If then Suarez is not a racist and he used such words – he should have apologised the moment the match was over knowing full well what he had done was wrong

    I have been saying that since day one and you would have to go back into the ROM archives to see this as true

    Suarez didn’t give a shit neither did Liverpool – neither do you – one simple apology of a racist act would have seen to it – everyone would have moved forward

    Probably in hindsight Suarez may have come out it better by acknowledging his behaviour as unacceptable in the heat of the moment.

    Maybe I would have actually had a go at him for his initial actions maybe I would have said man enough to confront his mistake

    Maybe you would have done the same

    You are carrying on like someone who cannot confront the simplicity of the situation – you have let it carry on – and you have to know what I am fighting against.

    Do you not believe then that what I have said to you is not fair?

  11. Joe says:

    @MG – if you were as rational as you like to think, you’d already know why an apology was impossible.

    What Suarez admitted to saying is not even close to what Evra accused him of.

  12. MG says:


    Now you mock me after everything

    I am trying to draw you to a common shared ground

    You are not going to come

    What the fuck are you doing on a United blog you racist?

    You have red white and kop for that

    It’s clear then you totally believe the lie

    Not only is Suarez a racist – so are you all

    Enjoy it whilst it lasts


  13. Joe says:

    @MG – the first Liverpool knew about the allegation was when Ferguson was overheard outside the dressing rooms saying “Suarez called Evra a n****r five times”. The next thing, Evra’s in front of a TV camera doubling that figure.

    I agree – an apology for causing offence, whether intended or not, would have been best for all involved. But it was Evra who took that option off the table.

  14. Mike says:

    @ mg 14.36

    Because Evra said he didn’t think Suarez was being racist and neither did the commission. They both said he used a racist term and rightly he was banned.

    Don’t tell me to fuck off on a blog site you coward, you wouldn’t say it to my face. And don’t accuse me of being a racist simply because I support Liverpool, you don’t know me.

  15. MG says:

    Fuck off Mike

    I’ll happily be a coward – nowhere near as being a racist defending someones racism

    To repeat

    The FA charged Suarez for insulting words/reference to Evras colour – that does not have to be spelt out as racism once that is defined rational thinking allows for a thought process to kick in

    That is racism

    You don’t have to be a racist to say something racist

    You don’t have to be a anything to say something wrong

    I’m not anything telling you to fuck off, I did because you have believed a lie – again I don’t give a fuck if you support LIverpool if you can’t read up and see where I ended up then you have no idea about me either


    Lovely spin in fact you carry on out doing yourself it’s a joy watching the shit coming out of you – you’re good though I’ll grant you that – you’d make a brilliant PR in my company

    Alas I don’t hire people with racist actions

    You can’t see with your own eyes how far you have gone – I don’t care anymore your hole is the deeper one

  16. MG says:


    I’ll say one thing further:

    Imagine if I really were arrogant to you in the workplace

    You don’t like it do you – you clearly have reacted.

    In that workplace you’d look to make sure my words would be appropriately dealt with with higher management

    You see Mike there you go – just replace Suarez Evra with me and you and that is as clear as daylight

    Why are you offended for? – you should enjoy too – you yourself said that their needs to be perspective

    Well Mike why did you get touchy for? Why the fuck didn’t you get perspective?

    After all if you can’t get any perspective and react to me in such a way then why would you ever think of Evra doing anything less on a more serious issue/insult/racist tone and language?

    Now you may fuck off

  17. Mike says:


    Anyway, just to re-iterate what I said. Suarez used racist language and was rightly banned. Evra also abused Suarez although not in a racial manner. What annoys me, and not just in respect of this incident, is how this behaviour is seemingly acceptable unless it involves a racist word. Anything else, sexism, homophobia, abusive language about someones sister, anything in fact is fair game and players are all expected to man up. Now maybe I’m the one who needs to man up and accept it’s all part of the game. So there you go MG you do know something about what I think.

  18. Mike says:

    @mg 18.19

    The perspective I’m talking about is that these players need to understand what a position of privilege they have and not behave in the way they do. Not, that both of them should man up and get on with it. Thanks for asking though rather than just assuming. Oh, you didn’t, you made a huge assumption and then followed it up with abusive language. Very mature.

  19. MG says:


    The issue was always clear and I’ve said to Joe clearly @17.22

    All sorts of things are said amongst players

    This time between Evra Suarez it went far – Evra was racially insulted in the earlier parts of his career and has been at times before – and is very sensitive to it – Suarez may not have been a racist but intended he did to wind up Patrice the most hurtful way he could.

    I never said that Suarez was a racist – I did say though that this story has continued because a simple apology could not be made, and in my opinion that is racism rising through unforeseen means

    So here I go to make my point:

    If I have offended you Mike I apologise in all sincerity at my actions. Yes we have differences – we support two terrific and important football teams not only in this country but in world football. We will never change our differences but they shouldn’t be allowed to overcome the greater necessity that no matter who and what we are you are as important as the next person to me.

    So I go back to that incident – if Suarez had apologised this would have had far reaching consequences for the better

    Alas we find ourselves here

    I still carry on trying to make a valid point through my own complexed ways

    It is for the receiving person to understand where I am going and if they themselves want to go there.

    It is not my domain to control as I have shown Joe – it is for all of us to be there on common shared ground…

  20. Joe says:

    @MG – the whole saga has been nothing but a PR battle from the start. You can see that, can’t you? If you haven’t got any evidence or witnesses, how else are you going to sway public perception?

  21. Mike says:


    You haven’t offended me and you don’t need to apologise. I think Suarez was wrong and should have been banned and I’m fed up with highly paid players behaving like idiots on the pitch.

    Personally, I believe that what should have happened was that Suarez should have said at the end of the game he was sorry for any offence he caused and Evra probably would have accepted it. Instead, he tried to pretend it was something else. But, and I go back to my original point, if players didn’t feel the need to abuse each other and wind each other up like this it wouldn’t happen anyway. I’ve played 100′s of games (obviously at a low level) and of course I’ve told people to fuck off but I’d never dream of insulting them about their race, creed or colour or indeed insulting their family. Is the point that professionals are somehow superior to the rest of us so it’s ok?

  22. Joe says:

    @MG – If you think I’ve shagged your missus but I think I’ve spilt your pint, what am I supposed to apologise for?

  23. Denise Williams says:

    Joe since you have just ably demonstrated that you did not read the report I will point out that the report clearly stated that Evra’s and Manchester United’s statements were considered the most credible because they were clear and CONSISTANT. Where as Suarez and Liverpool’s statements were inconsistant. These were all facts that appeared in the report. However if you had bothered to read the report instead of the drivel perpetuated by Liverpool FC you would have known. Most ex Liverpool players said Liverpool were wrong to wear the T shirts a fact you seem totally incapable of accepting.

    MG you are quite correct in what you say but you are wasting your time trying to get through to Joe as he is a typical Liverpool fan never ever accepts the truth yet invents stories and spreads them around believing this makes them true. As Michael Owen stated Liverpool is a remour city.

  24. Joe says:

    @Denise Williams

    I’m well aware that the commission found Evra’s evidence to be consistent and Suarez’s evidence to be inconsistent. This is, of course, how they reached the guilty verdict. At no point have I disputed this fact.

    What I have disputed is the consistency of Evra’s evidence despite the commission’s findings.

    I’ve also disputed your argument that cultural difference is not a defence because that’s precisely why the commission called linguistic experts who submitted evidence that what Suarez admitted to was NOT racially abusive.

    I hope that is clear enough for you.

  25. MG says:


    I think Suarez was wrong but had he made the apology I didn’t see the need for a ban and I promise you that because things are said and said in the heat of the moment.

    I see Suarez as a stupid idiot who used a racist remark – he should have either known better or then acted upon his stupidity at the first given moment – he did neither – we are here.

    And I agree that professionals in such a state are not more superior to us – that’s why my argument that Suarez should have gone back and attacked his own stupidity was really important:

    In that sense it has gone too far, stupid things have continued to be said, stupid actions have continued to carry on taking place. this is unfortunate – like I said I have no problem at all in trying to make sense of things with fellow fans no matter what our differences – your points on reflection are purposeful.

    Joe – you can’t reason I don’t want to carry on with you in fact I think I’m done with you to be honest – you are a record player without a stop function continuous one track play – sorry to say that

    Denise Williams – Good advice I think I’ve answered him rightly.

  26. Joe says:

    @MG – either I’m a broken record or I’m unreasonable. I can’t be both when the line I keep repeating summarises the case in the most reasonable terms possible:

    There was no evidence.

    If you don’t want to carry on, that’s fine.

  27. MG says:

    Suarez charged for using insulting language/reference to Evras colour


    Suarez banned and fined

    Liverpool did not contest charge

    If there was no evidence and the FA banned Suarez for nothing under law Suarez had a right to appeal to the highest court and win his case – justifying that he did not use racist language and that it all was a lie

    Liverpool threatened to take everything on before changing minds.

    No evidence? Jog on you idiot

    Thanks for getting me out one more time – you carry on I’ll sign off by saying that if I repeat this clear cut evidence to you I’ll be just as bad as you

    I better go and leave you to it – if I think you shagged my missus I’d be clapping you off for the man who took my woman away – you didn’t so live in your dreams – you ain’t busting my balls kid.

    The only pint you split was the one you couldn’t pour – have fun Sherlock – free speech and all


  28. Joe says:

    @MG – if there was any evidence, you’d reply to this post with a link to a YouTube clip.

    And if there wasn’t, your self-proclaimed status as the voice-of-reason starts to look a bit hollow.

    The only realistic recourse Liverpool had was the FA appeals board who only have the power to reduce or extend sentences, not overturn verdicts. To appeal would have meant admitting guilt and would have been futile anyway given the FA’s draconian 99.5% conviction rate.

    Unless you would have expected Liverpool to sue the FA and face suspension?

    What I will say is that Liverpool were naive by threatening to appeal and wear those t-shirts but then not appeal. They were naive to think an appeal would be a realistic option under the FA disciplinary system. But it should always be a realistic option, shouldn’t it? The DoCMS certainly thinks so hence the pressure to force through FA reforms.

  29. MG says:



    And that is at the end you – there were also weapons of mass destruction that led to the Iraq war – I bet you can find the evidence on youtube

    Fucking idiot

    You can accuse me of anything and everything – Suarez was banned on evidence produced – you can spin it all you want

    Yap yap yap.

    Thanks for that though – one thing is fair – you stuck to your point as good as shit

    Nice one -

  30. Joe says:

    @MG – In a stadium full of people, cameras and microphones, nobody saw or heard any racial abuse and none was recorded.

    If you can justify a guilty verdict to yourself despite that, go ahead. But at least cut out the pretence that you are a voice-of-reason.

    There was no evidence.

  31. Wastoid says:

    Still childishly trying to get in the last word, I see…

  32. Joe says:

    @Wastoid – that’s ad hominem. Why don’t you have the last word Wastoid? Post some evidence.

  33. Denise Williams says:

    Joe yet again you have Sometimes I despair of the idiots in this countrydemonstrated your total ignorance. So just because you did not hear the event means it did not happen. Well big deal I did not hear the Queen’s speech on Christmas day but that does not mean it didn’t happen does it. Sometimes I despair of the idiots in this country. Joe there are lots of things the cameras miss but that does not mean they can never happen. It is fairly obvious that you cannot accept any wrong doing from your beloved Liverpool. Well I have news for you Liverpool have made a lot of mistakes this season and you are going to have to stop the blinkered approach.

  34. Joe says:

    @Denise Williams

    Luis Suarez may have racially abused Patrice Evra. I don’t deny it. There’s no evidence to prove it didn’t happen just as there is no evidence to prove it did.

    So let’s do a deal. I won’t argue that Luis Suarez is innocent and you won’t argue that he is guilty.


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