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Manchester United’s youth in 2013-2014… compared to Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City

When Manchester United played Hull earlier this week, we were reminded of the five players on their books who started their football careers at United’s academy. Research from the CIES Football Observatory shows that Manchester United have produced more professional footballers than any other English club, but whilst we know our players have gone to have successful careers at other clubs, just how many Premier League games are our own players getting at United?

Manchester United

Tom Cleverley – 15 appearances
Danny Welbeck – 13 appearances, 6 goals.
Adnan Januzaj – 13 appearances, 3 goals.
Jonny Evans – 12 appearances
Ryan Giggs – 9 appearances
Darren Fletcher – 3 appearances

Total: 65 appearances, 9 goals.


Kieran Gibbs – 17 appearances
Jack Wilshere – 16 appearances, 2 goals.
Serge Gnabry – 5 appearances, 1 goal.
Chuba Akpom – 1 appearance

Total: 39 appearances, 3 goals

Steve Gerrard – 15 appearances, 3 goals
Jon Flanagan – 7 appearances, 1 goal
Martin Kelly – 3 appearances

25 appearances, 4 goals

John Terry – 18 appearances, 2 goals.
Ryan Bertrand, 1 appearance

Total: 19 appearances, 2 goals

Manchester City

Micah Richards – 2
Dedryck Boyata – 1

Total: 3 appearances

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  1. ducedo says:

    Feels wrong to sign a future star and two years later take credit for his success.

  2. The One says:

    @ducedo, seriously, do you understand football???!!! There’s no such thing as a future star….you buy potential and have to develope and ensure that it’s realised.

  3. rijahs says:

    Really happy to see United having a blast with the youngsters. We need more to come through this system rather than buying new players. With Moyes at the helm, I am confident this can happen, and I always remember the fact that Rooney indeed got his first chance through Moyes.. ;)

  4. Ryan_Marsden_ says:

    Surely you have to include Raheem Sterling if you’re going to include Januzaj.

  5. Paul Morro says:

    If you count Januzaj as Manchester United product then you should count Szczesny as Arse youth product as he was there since he was 16. Also Theo, Ramsey and Chamberlein too. It’s shame to nick someone else’s youth product and pass as your own.

  6. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Ducedo simple question. Did Adnan Januzaj ever play in our youth academy? YES or NO?

  7. FromFellasFro says:

    Great stat this! Just a question. If Adnan Januzaj could’ve been included in the list..why not Raheem Sterling for Liverpool? Wasn’t he brought to the LFC academy at round about the same time in a similar way?

  8. sir matt martin says:

    @ Ducedo
    Are u sure u support united??

  9. sir matt martin says:

    Tom Cleverley, has got 1 goal so
    total is 10 not 9

  10. Tommy says:

    I quote something Fergie said “I always value those we produce higher than those we sign” I would hate United to go down the route other clubs have done in the past and put out a whole team of forigners, its always been Uniteds way to produce our own and have a lot of English in the side!

  11. Jackie Spain says:

    Can someone give a link to the actual report?

    What’s the criteria as Serge Gnabry was actually bought from Stuttgart and started in Arsenal’s U18 team?

  12. Tommy says:


    Think its those that have played for the academy side, even those who were signed, Micah Richards was signed from Oldham and Adnan from Anderlecht

  13. Dan Young says:

    tommy, seen your reply in the post about morrison. theres no doubting the guy is, or hopfully used to be a tosser. but he didnt harass a witness in a murder crime. you live in his area so you know first hand what its like but the thing is hes been away from that area for over a year now and from what hes doing on the pitch, it seems he is seeing whats more important in his life. so id welcome him back if that continues.

    watching match of the day tonight has pissed me off big time. the arselicking everton are getting. they are saying how great the signings of mccarthy and seamus coleman are, and saying its the best £60,000 ever spent by a premier league team(on coleman). yeah it is, but it was moyes that found him and brought him in, yet they are praising martinez. they also said how everton will get top 4 next season. no they fucking wont, look at west brom. they will lose gareth barry, deulofeu and most importantly lukaku. they will be fucked next year losing all that talent.

  14. Liam says:

    Shouldn’t Chesney be in that list?

    (and maybe Walcott? Ramsey?)

  15. Marq says:


    There was an article the other day from DailyMail, comparing Martinez’s Everton record this season so far, to that of Moyes’s last season, and it was very close. And since Moyes achieved that without a decent striker, you can argue that it was more impressive. Not that any Moyes hater would bother. But I think it is important to note that Moyes does have an eye for good players, young players at that, and he needs to be given the chance to bring in those players.

    On the topic of Morrison, no sorry but I don’t want him back just yet. Not because of his reputation, but because he hasn’t done anything of note. Yes he had a few good games in a mediocre team, but he has since gone missing. I’d rather try for Barkley, yes its a long shot, and its not gonna be cheap, but he has shown that he can standout in a good team, and put in performances against the big teams.

  16. Fletch™ says:

    Rumor that ManUnited will bid 10m for 17yo Croatian forward Robert Muric 5’10″.
    Out of contract in Summer. United have been linked in the past so it’s not impossible.

  17. Tommy says:

    @Dan Young

    Fair enough mate, I suppose people can change, I dont think it would be wise for him to return to Manchester any time soon, hes a talented lad I have seen that myself as a regular attendee in youth games but the sake of his career he needs to be away from Manchester, I can see him playing abroed actually that would be for his career, young enough to adjust to a new league, I dont think United are in a position financially to gamble on him changing at this moment, contray to how I am coming accross I dont hate him just hate the stuff hes done and especially the bad influences on him, arseholes mate!

  18. Tommy says:

    After Uniteds next 2 league games against Spurs and Swansea I expect United to be 4th above both scouse teams and the top 4 will finish Uniited, Arsenal, Chelsea and City (Not nessicerily in that order) so Everton will finish around where Moyes had them last year, Martinez has done well taking advantage of the loan market (Shouldnt be allowed to loan players from within the same division in my opinion due to conflict of interests), Without half the team being borrowed they would bo no where!

  19. gra mar says:

    I don’t know why Januzaj is called a star of the future. He’s a star now. Playing well and scoring goals.
    He’s already doing the business. He may well continue to be a star or top player or whatever you want to call him but he is already a United first team player. The same went for Owen, Messi Ronaldo etc
    They were good from a young age.

  20. Tommy says:

    I have been impressed with Varella, looks like hes homesick tho which is a shame cant see him returning to United now to be honest!

  21. Dan Young says:

    marq – in an ideal world over the next 3 seasons we would bring in koke, william carvalho and barkley. that would be a nice little midfield 3 in a 4-3-1-2 formation.

    the daily mail article is good to see, people forget about evertons start last season, mainly cause moyes represents united now and everyone has to hate on united. another mistake that martinez is doing is basically freezing out the strikers at the club that are on permanent deals. i have forgot what jelavic looks like!

    tommy – good point, but i think he is stuck in a team that dont match his way of playing and they definitely dont match his ability. so it seems like a wasted talent for someone that used to be dubbed ‘the best youth player since scholes’. as for the article about varela, very disappointing. as soon as a player shows he is soft and gets homesick they should be off. hes an adult for fuck sake. buttner also said he is homesick and since then i dont see him in the future of the club atall. watching the class of 92 dvd it shows how the older players grind strong mentality into the youth. every single one of those youth players were strong enough to walk out infront of 90,000 people and try to piss each and every one of them off if they are playing away. and at the age of 17 they would gladly scream at one of their 25+ year old team mates if they arent doing the right thing. nowadays the youth seem too soft the majority of the time

  22. Tommy says:

    @Dan Young

    Buttner homesick? Hes only from fucking Holland haha least Varellas an 18 year old from Uraguay which is way away from his home and he probably dosent speak the lingo, no excuse for Buttner, rumour today is hes off to Spurs on loan according to reports in Holland with a view to a permanent move

  23. Dan Young says:

    buttner has actually improved defensively since moyes came in. if hes homesick surely moving to london isnt going to change that! haha. i want shaw so badly but i think it will be coentrao we bring in

    fletch that croation kid looks like a player! its a mistake going by compilation videos but his compilation videos at youth level look better then januzaj’s. two footed, finds the back of the net and his dribbling is good too. looks like hes got quite a bit of strength to hold players off the ball too

  24. wayne barker says:

    If Utd are going to sign anyone in the window will have to move players on personally with Spurs wouldn’t loan them fuck all what happened to Fryers anyway thought he was a left back.The way Levy went about that so he didn’t have to pay Utd any transfer fee bordered on criminal.Id still be surprised if Utd bring in a huge signing any club still in contention for any cup is hardly going to be willing to sign a prize possession.

  25. wayne barker says:

    Another thing with it being World Cup year will any top quality player want to up root halfway through the season.Most we can hope for imo is a stop gap of some kind

  26. Tommy says:

    @Dan Young

    Also with regards to Morrison, Fergie is not just a football manager, hes a people person and has social worker instincts, We had a few offers for Morrison but he likes to look after his players/former players, so he sent him to a manager who has a reputation of getting the best out of players who many think are lost causes (Admittedly none have maybe the baggie off the pitch as Morrison), Your Jay Jay Ocotias (Bad spelling I know) and your Djakaeff and Dioufs off this world, Hes even made Andy Carroll look decent when hes not been injured, so I think thats the reason he sold him to Big Sam

  27. samuel - united WE stand says:

    It’s not about wanting morrison back for he has done but what he could do and that’s what you call potential. Morrison has scored 5times for westham this season, more than adnan for example but he won’t get the same adulation as he currently plays for westham. I think ravel has as much potential as adnan and it’s best to get him in early before a bidding war (which united inevitably lose more than they win) starts. Barkley is doing roughly what morrison is doing, only difference is everton will make him stand out more, they are on top of their game.

  28. kiwwi says:

    Scott, you missed out Sterling from Liverpool, but our youth stats are fantastic…best in England, one of the best in Europe

  29. MattyMusiq says:

    Ross barkley? Ravel morrison? All leisury targets to be honest. Both would struggle to even see game time in moyes’ united. BREAKING NEWS! Rooney owns their position in the team and I don’t see any of them having any effects on the left flank since tony owns the right.
    The january transfer window is already looking like another farce, moyes is not dumb. . .he has his own taste in players that suites the system/systems he plays. Koke would look almost as bad as tom in a 4-4-2, he’s not too quick, not too aggressive, neither does he contribute much in defensive duties, unless we get a patner for him that is the love child of a makelele and keano union then its just a waste of time. Yes he may contribute more offensively but our mid will still be a stroll in the park. Koke is looking like our ill-fated chase of fabregas.
    Cavarlho is worth 40mil? No way in hell! Plus d kid wouldn’t move from his homeland in a worldcup year.
    Till I hear stories confirming we bought the borja valeros, cabayes and ivan rakitics of this world, then sorry I aint buying all these transfer fairytales.

  30. suh_manutd says:


    Varela isnt homesick,his parents had a bad car accident and so he left for uruguay.


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