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IN-DEPTH STATS: Individual Manchester United player contribution

Most goals
Wayne Rooney – 9
Robin van Persie – 7
Danny Welbeck – 6
Adnan Januzaj – 3

Shots per game
Wayne Rooney – 3.2
Robin van Persie – 3
Adnan Januzaj – 2
Danny Welbeck – 1.8
Nani – 1.6

Most assists
Wayne Rooney – 9
Robin van Persie – 2
Patrice Evra – 2
Antonio Valencia – 2

Passing accuracy
Tom Cleverley – 90.1%
Marouane Fellaini – 88.7%
Rio Ferdinand – 88.6%
Jonny Evans – 87.9%
Shinji Kagawa – 87.9%

Passes per game
Michael Carrick – 70.7
Tom Cleverley – 58.7
Jonny Evans – 51.1
Rio Ferdinand – 48.7
Wayne Rooney – 46.6

Key passes per game
Wayne Rooney – 2.4
Nani – 1.4
Patrice Evra – 1.2
Carrick – 1
Valencia – 1

Successful dribbles per game
Nani – 2.8
Adnan Januzaj – 1.8
Wayne Rooney – 1.6
Antonio Valencia – 1.3
Robin van Persie – 1

Accurate crosses per game
Wayne Rooney – 1.3
Nani – 1
Giggs – 1
Valencia – 0.9
Patrice Evra – 0.9

Tackles per game
Phil Jones – 2.5
Patrice Evra – 2.5
Tom Cleverley – 2.1
Michael Carrick – 2
Chris Smalling – 1.8
Antonio Valencia – 1.8

Interceptions per game
Michael Carrick 3.3
Phil Jones – 2.5
Rafael 2.4
Marouane Fellaini – 2
Rio Ferdinand – 1.9

Aerial duals won per game
Nemanja Vidic – 3.8
Marouane Fellaini – 2.9
Patrice Evra – 2.6
Chris Smalling 2.5
Jonny Evans – 1.9

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  1. TopRed123 says:

    The stats for accurate crosses per game is horrendous, especially for a team that relies so heavily on crosses and wing play. The stats are one indicator of the fact that we probably should change our approach and not rely so much on poor crosses from the wingers (who can’t cross anyway atm).

  2. Tommy says:

    90.1% and 88.7% passing accuracy not bad for a couple of men who cant pass the ball as some on here would have us believe. Agree with @topred the stats for crossing is abysmal

  3. Rukky E. Atebefia says:

    long may the rise of adnan continue, i imagine this season without him. its no mistake he appears in the top 5 influential attackers so far

  4. Sparkz says:

    Surprised with a couple of these stats.

    Surprised Carrick is nowhere to be seen in terms of passing accuracy. I know he’s been injured but so have some of the others on that list.

    Also interested to see Nani near the top of key passes and successful dribbles, he’s not played much.

  5. Rukky E. Atebefia says:

    @sparks on nani, i guess some value valencia’s work rate more than his ability to create

  6. wayne barker says:

    Accurate crosses per game is a misleading stat because lots of times crosses are put into a particular area and it’s up to someone to get on the end of it.Don’t even understand what that means to be honest most crosses players run onto them.
    Wonder if we’ll see a bump in troll activity through the transfer period cunts coming on whining about how Utd are not doing the business and how Moyes is missing out on this or that player.Just hope if he is signing someone he’s already got it sorted otherwise it’ll be misery on here with the trolls and fucktards.

  7. wayne barker says:

    Tony V has been one of Utd’s better players all season and gives the team so much more than being able to dribble,dribbling a ball doesn’t mean a player is creating anything?.Key passes per game is a more telling stat about creativity

  8. Dela says:

    Apparently Rooney missed training today….. please let it be mind games ahead of the game tomorrow or something, we need him in the team. I dont feel like we can even afford to draw a game at the moment, we have to keep in step and let rivals trip over each other… if we drop 2 tomorrow I’ll be desperately disappointed.

  9. TopRed123 says:

    wayne barker says:

    Accurate crosses per game is a misleading stat because lots of times crosses are put into a particular area and it’s up to someone to get on the end of it.Don’t even understand what that means to be honest most crosses players run onto them.

    …And if you have been watching our games this season you’d know that our crossing has been atrocious. This seriously is one thing about our first half of the season you can’t sugar coat. Also if the ball doesn’t find a team mate it is not a successful cross. No need to blame the player in the box for that. Either the cross is successful (i.e. finds a team mate) or it isn’t, it isn’t like we have people in wheel-chairs in the box not managing to run forwards.

  10. wayne barker says:

    TopRed123 a cross isn’t a pass so it’s no just a matter of finding a player it’s all about a players movement in the box as well so if the ball is put in the right area but nothing comes of it is that a bad cross? no of course it isn’t.If you don’t understand that you know nothing about football
    Listen mate i’ve read some of your posts and you never have anything good to say always on the negative,i’m guessing whatever your old user name was we didn’t get on

  11. The One says:

    I’m with Wayne with regard to crossing. It’s not just the crosser’s responsibility to send in the cross but it’s also the attacker’s ability to anticipate the cross and get into the right areas to meet the cross to create a goal-scoring opportunity.

  12. Marq says:

    I’m with wayne. A cross is not the same as a pass. It is up to both the crosser and the attacker to make it into a chance. A good cross is one that is put into a good area, not neccessarily onto the head of an attacker. The attacker has to attack the cross, not just wait for it to come. I am sure every coach in the world will teach that.

    Even Beckham won’t be able to register a cross if it is Dong Fangzhuo in there (pun intended)

  13. Jackie Spain says:

    Just what is a ‘key’ pass? It seems pretty subjective to me unless a key pass is effectively an assist.

    And was the cross that James Chester headed into his own net considered an inaccurate cross or just a[bad] pass!?

  14. Tommy says:


    Waynes right no winger crosses the ball aiming for 1 player, They put the ball into areas when the attacker should anticipate, numourous times this season Tony V has hit the bal hard and low and the forward should anticipate it going to the front post , Its not a poor cross as some would believe because hes aiming the ball hoping for better movements from the forwards!

  15. MattyMusiq says:

    Hahaha and they justify tony.v’s crosses hitting the shins of the first defender or just flying above the head of everyone more than it even comes close to an attacker. Sometimes I wonder if some of you played any basic part of the game at all. Common sense should tell you that there is a stark difference between a good cross and an atrocious one. A good cross is usually aimed at the run of an attacker(eg beckham’s bread&butter) or just curled into the most dangerous zone in the penalty box ie between the backtracking defender and just infront of the goalkeeper(eg young’s for chesters own goal). Basic knowledge tells us a good cross is curled in and not smash&hope job like your typical valencia’s cross. Sheesh.

  16. wayne barker says:

    you need to read everyone’s posts before making an ass of yourself moron and how come you’re allowed on ROM with a suspended twitter account and how the fuck do you get suspended from twitter in the first place.

  17. MattyMusiq says:

    Uhh wayne barker the cyber bully is really hurting my feelings, booohooo. Pipe down retard, nobody’s here to play internet commando with you. BTW did you ever kick a soccer ball sir? No? explains it all.

  18. Gain Fitness Systems says:

    Any pass that leads to a goal scoring chance is a key pass

    The striker doesn’t have to score but if he does score from the key pass it becomes an assist

  19. MattyMusiq says:

    Gain fitness, you sir typifies knowledge, refreshing to know everybody here is not as thick as some of the self-proclaimed landlords.


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