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IN DEPTH STATS: West Brom vs United

As a new feature for 2011, RoM will be providing an in-depth look at the statistics from each league game Manchester United play.

vs West Brom (a)

- The player who attempted the most passes was Rio Ferdinand
- The player with the most completed passes was Michael Carrick
- The player with the highest completion rate was Michael Carrick (90%), followed by Vidic (88%) and Fletcher (83%).

- The player who attempted the most tackles was Patrice Evra
- The players with the best tackling display are Anderson (4/4) and Gabriel Obertan (4/4)

The Guardian’s Chalkboard

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  1. Corea says:

    @willierednut – the problem Ando has is his inconsistency and he isn’t always capable of putting a goos ball in. It happened today as well. You can’t give te ideal balls to the teammates every time but he underperforms at times as if he is lazy to give just a little bit extra effort.

  2. hammons says:

    @corea: this season we have mostly played down to our opponent, which is why we haven’t done well on the road, and it is still a cup final to play Manchester United for clubs. It is the fixture that most players look forward to …. also, both of the games are on the road 2 wins, 7 draws – should be the reverse!

  3. CedarsDevil says:

    @hammons I remember it very well, the little prick always seems to have his game of the season against us and his goal celebrations show how ‘much’ of a United fan he really is, little fuck face

  4. Corea says:

    @hammons – if it had been reverse we would have been champions by now ;) They are still AWAY games.
    But you are right in saying that we played passively most of the time. When we scored today i said to a mate of mine “just go now and score the second”.
    West Brom haven’t won a lot of points recently and Brum were well and truly beaten today so it might signal out we are somewhat down these days. But i won’t be too surprised if we smash Stoke on Tuesday.

  5. Sketch says:

    These stats dont mean anything to me. Despite the fact that these stats somehow seem to make Carrick look a lot better than he is, it is very important for Fergie to find a solution for our midfield. The players injured are key, but the games from here on will be coming fast and thick, so we do need better options. Perhaps SAF, should consider signing a winger and AM. I have no doubt that we will win the premier league but the Fa Cup or the Champions league in addition should be our target. We are one or two signings away, so I do hope we cut the chase and just sign a quality winger, since we are a bit short in that position. Taarabt who plays for QPR is very good young player, a bit of a diver but certainly has potential, or maybe N’Zogbia from Wigan. Both would be somewhat cheap, I guess. :/

  6. Mickjk says:

    Very good.

  7. Sleepy says:

    Your stats are interesting on Rio, thought he was particularly excellent today:

  8. RedScot says:

    I went back to the stats that were provided on ROM for the Blackburn game, undoubtly the best performance from United this season —- to date.
    Blackburn game passes made 734, completed 624, 85%
    West Brom game passes made 477, completed 379, 79%.

    I think therefore we did not keep possesion of the ball well enough and I seem to think that the Sky stat of West Brom having 7% more possession than United shows this as fact.
    why did we manage to pass Blackburn of the park?
    Agreed with all the lads we need to add steel and guts in the middle of the park, a ball retainer “like” Bastian Schweinstieger, if only the recent Anderson would be more consistent, but i guess you get this with a youngster, hot and cold. :)

  9. Tannor says:

    I’m in a family of 7 & they are all Arsenal fans (except me) who luv silky passing, u can guess de pains i go through anytime Man Utd plays like shit like we did today. Geez, SAF’s got to do something about dis fucking passing, its shit though we managed to win. United 4 Life!

  10. Devil310 says:

    Hi there


    Anderson was shockingly bad….so was Fletcher.

    I do agree that statistics mean little in football. Maybe in a sport like baseball they paint a story, but now in football.

    Honestly, the only thing you can get out of this numbers is that our CB is the one attempting more passes, which pretty much tells you how many times Rio got the ball returned to him in the game.

    Anyways, 3 Points in…lets pick up the form.

  11. Oz Red says:

    Just an observation from the match compared to the stats… Carricks passing completion was high however this was due for the most part due to his passes being directed sideways or backwards to keep possession. If you look at Rooney and Berbatov, their pass completion was lower due to them trying to play that final killer ball to send the other one through. What we should be looking at from these stats is the figure of 1 chance each for Rooney, Berba and Hernandez…. We’re not creating enough goal scoring opportunities….. The team is crying out for a Xavi or Iniesta type of player and maybe this figure will improve once, Nani, Valencia and Scholes are back.
    I’m keen to know how today Obertan was replaced by Gibson… Already we had 3 natural central midfielders on the pitch and then the only real winger is replaced by a CM!!! Anyway we got the three points and who am I to criticise SAF tactics!

  12. Doghouse says:

    I think Obertan was having a mare to be honest. He looked slow and he didn’t seem to be in as complete control of the ball as usual, which I think could probably be chalked up to the wings of the pitch being so stodgy. Given our options I think Gibson might have been brought in because he’s got a more broad skill set than Obertan, including those deadly long range shots that (if he keeps really working on them) could be set to be his trademark.

    What really struck me was our inability to get the pass through the back four, which I think was again due to the surface. A lot of our attacking tends to come from players getting behind the back four and they stopped us doing that really well. Meanwhile they were playing in front of our back four and had all sorts of success simply getting the ball down in the space behind our midfield and running at our defenders, who by rights should have given away two penalties and a red card.

    This was pretty much a tailor made bad game for us given the players we have out. We have four players this season who can really make smart, skilled runs and deliver end product, Giggs, Park, Valencia and Nani. I think Obertan and Bebe may fall into this group soon, but not yet. So we’re basically missing the four players in our midfield that we would want to use for this kind of game. That’s bad luck.

    That we managed to brute force a win here is fantastic, because with the problems we had it was a giant banana skin waiting to trip us over.

  13. obertanthenewstar says:


    obertan just said recently he just recovered from a illness.. so thats why he might have looked slow? but that run in the first half when he ran a mile to get into the box could have easily won a penalty with a trip or clumsy challenge? definetly did NOT look slow then.. but he has suffered from that illness clearly but will be back no question about it.. what was evra’s excuse :S???

  14. King Eric says:

    Oh what a surprise carricks pass completion rate the highest ahgain. Just waych some oh his passes. Many fo forward to wayne. Sick of the lad getting stick. He lkeeps united tickiong. Look how vulnerbale we look without him covering ythe back four. Some people find him easy pickings. His position demands quick ahorty passes if required. Cannot always play hollywood balls. I really do think people need to watch him more closely. No matter who we play if they have five misfielders we are bound to get overun buit thwm when fergie ghoes with a five man midfield he gets slated. Also if you think he had a problem with our midfield don’t ya think he would adress it? Leave the managerial decisions to the expert and let’s us stick to oour day jobs. I. Hate comments like gibson or carrick arte shite with no argument to back it up. Aside from a frw month of bad form with a fucked achilles carrick has been integral to our success. Why talk about scweinsteiger? Just signed a five year deal.

  15. King Eric says:

    This fucking blacberry. Sorry about my spelling but keep hitting wrong keys. Also “credit to arsenal”. What the fuck. Those cheating poncey snood wearing cunts will get absolutely NO credit from me. Oh forgot to mention stelling not once mentioned we have two in hand, infact no cunt has. Yet when they showed the othet leagues they certainly mwntioned any games in hand those teams have. Off topic but is it me or have silva nd david platt got the biggest swedes in football.

  16. King Eric says:

    Sorry last point but also notice summat else. When anderson was playing suoerb there wasn’t one call for a midfielder yet after a underpar pwrformance or two its the same old shit. A proper ball winner would be a useful purchase but who that is gonna make a huge difference? We aint seen anything of the olf fletch yet but will do. We are missing nani park toni and paul. Bound to scrape through games. Did I see someone say nzogbia? Oh come off it. Ya think some united players atent good enough wait till ya saw that cunt in a united shirt. Not good enough.

  17. denton davey says:

    King Eric @ 3:43: “Why talk about scweinsteiger? Just signed a five year deal.”

    I suppose you’re directing this comment at me and I know that he has signed a new contract BUT he’s the best example that comes to mind of the pleyer that’s needed to round out this NewUTD – a great distributor, with a everready engine and irrepressible desire. Maybe Schweini is “beyond reach” but he’s the proto-type. And I mention him again in response to your point about MichaelCarrick’s role – sure, MIchaelCarrick is OK but a SchweiniType would be much, much better and a SchweiniType would make the others better, too. That’s the difference that would be evident if a solid professional was upgraded by a world-class “quarterback”.

  18. United says:

    Stats are from Guardian Chalkboards, check them out, its quite fascinating.

    Obertan had a nightmare obviously
    Carrick’s role was just to keep possession, which he did well and in a game like this, with everyone else losing the ball, it was appreciated.
    Poor Berbatov, he lives and breathes on service, I dont think he performs well when the team is doing badly.

  19. TonyBee says:

    A stat is a stat is a stat….. personally I don’t give flying fuck about stats….preferring to see the fucking game with me own eyes… can read to much into stats….
    I don’t care really how badly we played or continue to play as long as we keep fucking winning or remain unbeaten…..cos it pisses off a shit load of people and wouldn’t it be better if we won the premiership playing just as we are…….

  20. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    Ive defended Carrick all the way. Hes a defensive midfielder that sits in front of the back 2 and his job is to solidify our defensive corps and distribute the ball to the players that can.
    The goat can gloat.

  21. RedScot says:

    @KingEric if the Schweinstieger comment was directed at me mate, you will note in my post i said……LIKE. I know he has just signed an extension to his contract at Bayern after being touted around Europe and linked to Real Madrid to join up with Ozil and Khedira his German team mates.
    @Tony bee, well stick yer Stats and in pipe and fucking smoke them, i like stats and I like figures, but I also like looking at Anoraks and collecting postage stamps. lol


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