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In The Sweepstake, RoM Have Drawn…

The Sun contacted us today to let us know that RoM had been entered in their sweepstake along with another 31 bloggers. After finding out the team we had been drawn, I thought it was a bit of a wind up, so asked for clarification on what it was all about.

Turns out it wasn’t a wind up and I really am just that lucky. So we will be getting fully behind our sweepstake team and will be adopting them as our own during these summer weeks with no action from United.

View from the enemy out tomorrow!

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Phoenix Red says:

    Hows it going Lads? Anyone interested in Fantasy Footie for the World Cup? I’ve created a league called “Glazer Out” you’re all welcome to join! Once you’ve set up your team on the Fifa site enter this code to join the league 448732-131615
    Time is running out! Enjoy!

  2. Costas says:


    Hi mate. Just got back from a night out with plenty of ouzo, so watch out for the spelling!

    1) Yeah out attacking free flowing football will be the talk of the tournament, lol. Just like Euro 2004. I always like any team I support to play the way United does, but it’s not possible. The hillarious thing is that if Fabio Capello or Diego Maradona play 3-5-2, defend for their lives and end up lifting the trophy, no one will critisize them about anti-footbaball.

    2) Switzerland topped our group, with plenty of help by the referees along the way. I heard a vicious rumor that Sepp Blatter is from Switzerland…

    3) Sadly mate we will go out in the group stages. Greece don’t have the one thing that made them tick in 2004: A strong aggressive midfield. You don’t stand much chance without it. Argentina and Park Korea to go through.

  3. Costas says:

    Not many of typos, but I invented a new sport: footbaball. Another venture for the beloved Glazer family to use their riches on. :D

  4. Costas says:


    Morning mate. Heh, I wouldn’t exactly say drunk. Just a bit more jovial. And apparently, more patriotic too…

  5. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    maybe i should be alittle more patriotic too IM CHEERING FOR URUGUARY . .

  6. Macheda IS GOD says:

    Manchester united to win the world cup!

  7. Costas says:

    I am cheering for Uruguay too. I love Pat to death, but Diego is also a favorite of mine. Plus, Evra needs to rest as soon as possible.

  8. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Chicarito at 3oclock

  9. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    Not sure if its news but Vidics agent is making unwanted news. Im sure United haven’t tried to contact Vidic whilst on international duty so his commemnts seem unfounded and trouble making. BUT BUT BUT be under no illusion if he wants to go, he can go. Sure he’s good but with Evans, Brown and O’shea in the wings along with youngsters Smalling, DeLaet and Gill he like Ronaldo wont be missed that much. I’ve got to be honest and say when Vidic said earlier in the week that he wants to avoid Rooney it didn’t fill me with the confidence that we had a confident world beating defender anymore. To me it sounds like he’s trying to make noises to test the water. I think we’ve seen the last of Vidic at OT.

  10. paul the red says:

    i got bloody france in my sweepstakes at work…. i love evra but i dont see him lifting the cup!
    also i may stick a cheeky tenner on the dutch this year…. as long as they dont kick off with each other i can see them doing well

  11. Costas says:


    Sounds like a “come and make me a wage bump” plea to me. Unfortunately in modern day football you go through this kind of crap with players. In my opinion, Vidic is not a player we can afford to lose right now, simply because none of our other defenders are up to par with him. That’s why i feel that we should have extended his contract before the WC ever kicked off. Now, we will just have to deal with this crap until the tournament is over.

  12. keano99 says:

    lads in the daily mail vida’s agent has said he is leaving us and that we have made a bid for simon kjear who ever he is? how true that is i dont know.

  13. bigphil2003 says:

    Re: Vidic – We need to have him AND Evans when you consider how often Mr. Glass is likely to play.

  14. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    Im not sure how these agents work, Im with Paul Scholes when it comes down to the agent question, but how can this even be remotely good for Vidic now. Isn’t the player the one to tell the agent what to do? Even if Vidic is trying to get a wage bump the longer no news comes out of OT the more Vidics sphincter will resemble a chewed orange. I can’t for the life of me see Sir Alex saying ok Mr Vidic whatever you want, its not as if Vidic is going to acchieve a pay rise from world cup duties. I dont know what the odds are for Serbia to win but I think the odds of the Glazers out by July are better.
    I think the defence has come on and needs to be freshened up. Dont get me wrong I don’t want him to go BUT Im not one to grow fond of a trouble maker. I think Evans after another preseason will be that much better, Brown is still good enough, O’shea can do the job. Of course it was a bit dicey when we had both Rio and Vidic out last year but Im sure thats been worked on and a year wiser helps a great deal. I’d prefer to keep the rotation of players going and youngsters coming through than get stuck in our ways and to false loyalties.

  15. Costas says:


    I also wish that every player adopted the Scholes philosophy when it came to agents. The problem today is that contract negotiations can very easily turn ugly. The ones with Beckham in 2002 did. As did the ones with Rio Ferdinand in 2005. There was even a point in 2005 when the negotiations with Giggsy were going nowhere. And one would guess that the negotiations with Rooney won’t be too smooth either. It’s not about giving Vidic everything he wants, but if he feels that he deserves a raise, then the club have to look into that. Knowing what he has done for the club and knowing what he can still offer over the next 2 seasons, then I think that bumping his wages is a safe bet. Barring injuries of course. If I were United, I would improve his current deal and look to cash in on Vidic in 2012. At that point you have to believe that Evans, Smalling, one of our academy kids and maybe another defender will be able to fill his void adequately.

  16. Gorse Hill Red says:

    I’m going for Uruguay, a nation of three million people and the nicest birds in the world!!

  17. King Eric says:

    Do NOT want to lose Vida. He is a fucking beast of a central defender and we just don’t look the same without him.

  18. RedScot says:

    Hi Costas, morning buddie, och you no you dont need to worry about ssphelling mistakes with me its hardly a blog on the fine arts of the English language.
    If it was I would have been eliminated yunks ago.
    I just dont give a flying fuck about that.
    You have got, me and my banter and fun, some just dont, more interested in picking petty holes in peoples post’s rather that a laugh and poking fun.
    I am glad you recognise Greece will take a early exit and we will all sigh, thank fuck for that, and try to make sure they never get in a national competition again. lmao.
    I am just so excited about the tournie, its gonna be a whizz.
    As GHTT, said earlier, bring on the MeccchhhiCo, I have ma Nacho chips and Salsa and Tortlillas and Tequila’s already. gonna be Effing magico.

  19. Costas says:


    Of course, you are a funny guy. When you are not sober that is, lol. I am also somewhat excited about the WC, but it’s going to be challenging to order my usual pizza for the night game. Eating pizza and watching Ribery just doesn’t mix…

  20. RedScot says:

    @Costas, lol well be prepared for some outrageous digs at everybody and everything later in the day.
    I am so fucking determined in my mind for France to be truly shat on later tonight, no that I care a shit for Urugauay, just want to see the slimey French get there fucking just deserts.
    They can piss of back to there Moules and Chips for all I care.
    Horrible fucking cheating bastards, and I really dont carry vendettas. lmao

  21. Costas says:


    Lol, it’s just a shame that Evra is representing them. I’ll see if I can get him a Greek passport. :D

  22. RedScot says:

    @ Costas, Agreed, but you cant ignore your love for one player, and side step the big issue, the fucking shitey awfull nation and how they arrived in South Africa.
    I honestly think if it had been a bigger nation other than Ireland, there would have been the biggest monumental outrage at that shit.
    I believe the whole Irish nation will be tanked up tonight on Guiness and other stuff they swallow doon there necks and shouting for Diego and Oscar Tabarez and the lads tonight.

  23. RedScot says:

    I see some people( The financers) are still bickering over the accounts and balance sheets and dividends and net profit etc. lmao
    Sad with a magnificent football feast awaiting. Bring it on.

  24. The Promised Land says:


    Hey mate, just to let ya know your WC view is featured in our preview. Yours was very funny mate haha, fair play…talk soon

  25. Costas says:


    I also have a big issue with what happened against Ireland. As I mentioned yesterday, Greece almost went through the same crap with Switzerland. I think that Blatter and Platini couldn’t stomach a big tournament without their countries in it. Ireland got screwed over worse though because it was a knock out game. And while I agree with people who say that the defending leading up to the France goal was very poor, imo part of a referees job is protecting a team even from their mistakes.

  26. RedScot says:

    @The Promised Land, thanks, and I loved your posts on the World cup previews, I hope you didnt find my little digs at England as racist or anything, purely Scots humour.
    All lads should read the Promised land blog, its a fucking hoot and conveyed in the true spirit of fun and football banter.
    I do imagine all men with Penises below 3 inches in size will be showing there support for England though bye flying the George cross flag from the window of their cars.

  27. RedScot says:

    @Costas. agreed, what I do know the Swizz, will do their normal thing and laydown and be comfortable with a 2/1 defeat in all their games.
    Probably the most boring team in the tournament, including their fans, yawn.
    Yeah the officials have got to get this right, and no major cock ups.
    Gotta go Costas, sorry maybe catch you again, during the South Africa, Mexico game, and ohhhhh those fucking horns. droning in the background. Toodles. lol

  28. Costas says:


    Later mate. Be sure to listen to some music while watching the games and keep the volume at mute, lol.

  29. The Promised Land says:


    Mate, I’m Irish, take a pop at England all you want haha

  30. Jaandsdad says:

    Scientists at Loughborough University have discovered that in the UK there is two types of penis size, large and small. Due to this fact scientists are wanting to find out the percentage of large to small amongst the men in Britain.
    Scientists have asked that for the next 4-6 weeks would all males with small penises please make themselves known by either wearing, carrying and waving white flags with a red cross.
    Thanks, your help is greatly appreciated.

    You can get these flags for free when you buy THE SUN tomorrow

  31. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    lol, theres a University at Loughborough.

  32. willierednut says:

    John Terry and Steven Gerrard’s flags are in the post.

  33. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    It really gets on my tits that everyone is against the french because of a handball incident that could have happened to any team. If your going to hate the french hate them for a good reason, like being fucking french. For being kiddie fiddlers, for being cheese eating surrender monkeys, for the fact that their women fucking stink. For the fact that they put their noses in but keep their hands clean. I hope Thierry Henry takes a walk in town, takes a wrong turn and then some locals like the look of the slim, stylish white boy and ram his Sphincter through the back of his eyeballs.

  34. james21 says:

    Some fans on here are Irish so what do you expect. I don’t hate the French at all, well not sure now after that game yesterday. And them Fuckin Horns.

  35. atouba says:

    I got Brazil in the sweepstake at work so fingers crossed we win.


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