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INFOGRAPHIC: United’s trophy haul

Man Utd Football Trophies
This football trophy timeline was created by Aford Awards who manufacture sporting trophies and awards, you can view their full range of football trophies
Designed by @WayneReflect

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Looking at our total trophy haul, Moyes has won 1.66% of them. When you put it that way I guess he didn’t do such a bad job?

  2. trevor knightsmith says:


    I presume you jest. The charity shield is just a glorified friendly which we could have won, all Moyes had to do was turn up .

  3. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Trevor, try telling Moyes it’s a glorified friendly! He’ll be sticking that on his CV!

  4. Gav Brooker says:

    I went to that game on the basis that I’d (probably) be seeing Moyes lift his first trophy for Utd… Doesn’t seem like quite the milestone now..

  5. trevor knightsmith says:


    Well the dippers do!

    According to the wife I’m the dead opposite to Moyes, he’s got paid millions for being useless, whereas the wife reckons I’m good for nothing !

  6. EC7 says:

    Is it me or is the cup winners cup win in 91 excluded from this?

  7. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Ah come now, who doesn’t look back on community shield wins against Wigan 2013 and Portsmouth 2008 with great fondness?

    ^ This video is actually the best compilation of our season I have seen.

  8. Gary Mitrovic says:

    EC7, you’re right. I didn’t even notice myself until you mentioned it.

  9. trevor knightsmith says:


    It does indeed seem to be excluded , are the world club winners trophies there ?

  10. EC7 says:

    Funny how the super cup is there though. The trophy competed for after winning the CWC.

  11. trevor knightsmith says:


    It is strange, and a bit annoying, but not as annoying as the bloody adverts on this site !

  12. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Why are we constantly being linked with Cavani? He would be one of the most unnecessary signings in the clubs history.

  13. Mark Reid says:

    @Gary I agree Cavani we don’t need him,there’s a lot we do need but not a forward.I wonder how the transfer markets going to be this year.Bayern losing so badly shakes the whole snow globe up again,Barca are out of it and there’s a World Cup it will be interesting when the dust settles.

  14. EC7 says:


    I’d be particularly underwhelmed by this signing as well. How much would he cost? In excess of 40m plus his extortionate wage? We already have Rooney on a crazy wage so we sure as hell don’t need Cavani, especially if RVP is managed properly and kept fit. What an absolute waste of cash. Definitely not a key area that’s needs money thrown at.

  15. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    What an amazing infographic. I know there’s teams in Europe that have more total number of trophies but there’s VERY FEW teams who have had the amount of dominance that this club had from 1990 onwards. It’s still mind-blowing the amount of trophies Sir Alex won in his time here.

    OFF TOPIC. Apparently there’s reports that Rooney was not happy when Moyes was fired and that he doesn’t take too likely to Van Gaal being appointed. HAHAHA. I just LOVE THIS and I am not surprised at all. I already knew that the most likely player to cause trouble should Van Gaal come here would be fucking Wayne Rooney. The man has the mentality of a 5 year old. He wants everybody to worship him and tell him he’s the best and does not want to put in the work.
    Rooney is angry because he no longer has anyone to baby him and give in to his tantrums and petty demands anymore. Now I really hope we appoint Van Gaal just to spite Rooney. If he’s not ready to work hard and impress the manager like everyone else then he can fucking LEAVE.

    If Rooney leaves then maybe Cavani might become needed here but I agree. For now, doesn’t look like we need to waste 40 million pounds on another luxury buy. We should build up desperately lacking areas first.

  16. SkiNutter says:

    Where is the Cup Winners Cup and Intercontinental?

  17. united till i die says:

    It’s a fact David Moyes has won more trophies at Utd than Brendan Rodgers has at Liverpool.

  18. Dan Young says:

    dannysoya – with respect you have the mind of a 5 year old cause you seem to believe everything you read. van gaal hasnt even been appointed yet but people are making stories to create tension before an appointment has even been made!

    the beginning of the season people were saying rooneys a cunt cause he has a problem with moyes cause something written in his autobiography. now people are saying he loves moyes and hates the new manager. its a bit pathetic to be honest.

    if you ask me rooney didnt even like moyes to begin with, my only basis of this is cause what was written in his autobiography and cause his biggest celebration this season came in rooneys first game that david moyes wasnt in charge of against norwich on saturday. even though my opinion comes from those 2 factors it still has more evidence behind it then ‘rooney hates manager that hasnt been appointed yet’. stop being stupid and gullible for fuck sake

  19. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    I am with Dan on this point, many still forget the lawsuit rooney and Moyes went head to head with, now I hear plenty say giggs should be given the top job after beating norwich, if we are saying that, many seem to forget rooney scored twice on saturday, so rooney seemed to be excited who ever the next manager will be. Rooney wants to play under a top manager, not in some sort of comfort zone with Moyes Has for one who said the crazy wages rooney is on, actually rooney is on 10K less a week, before he signed his new contract.

  20. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:


    Rooney and Moyes kissed and made up the moment he came into the club. Rooney even came out himself and confirmed this while saying that Moyes was the man instrumental in getting the club to give him a new deal. But I guess i’m stupid and gullible for believing that one too right?

    I’m more inclined to believe stories on Rooney throwing his toys out of the pram because he’s done it SO MANY TIMES before. There’s no smoke without fire. So I DO have a basis for believing these stories. Plus it’s already pretty damn clear that there’s a mole leaking stories to the press and i’m pretty sure it’s that same mole who’s given them this story.

    Rooney is a fucking big baby who wants everyone to lick his boots and worship him and if you can;t do that then he does not like you anymore. That’s PURE FACT. If you don’t want to believe it that’s your fucking problem. Don’t call me stupid and gullible for suggesting that Rooney might be ready to stir up trouble in the dressing room AGAIN like he’s done MANY TIMES before.

    Some of you just think it’s totally impossible for any newspaper to tell the truth on any story any longer. So how the fuck do you get your news then? Is there some spiritual source giving you legitimate information? LOL. Don’t call me stupid and gullible before you know my reasons why I think the story has truth to it.

  21. wayne barker says:

    It’s pretty fucking funny really RVP been sulking and ‘injured’ all year because Moyes and Rooney got on well now if Van Gaal get’s hired it’ll be Rooney sulking because RVP will become num1 striker and possibly Captain,talk about adults acting like school kids.
    Ask me be better if one of them left

  22. Dan Young says:

    danny – your from toronto in canada. which makes me doubt you know anything about the british press. everyone in england knows that most the stories are fabricated and bullshit.

    you also have alot of assumptions in your comment too

    as for saying the reason he signed on is cause of moyes, your not going to say the opposite when thats the person that chooses if you play or not! look at scholes, he came in as a coach but then went missing for a couple of months before coming back as giggs’ number 2. giggs, phil neville and the goalkeeping coach have also seemingly parted ways with moyes for the time being at least yet they were coming out in defence of him. i would assume their opinions now are very different.

    also please elaborate on the ‘SO MANY TIMES’ that rooney has thrown his toys out the pram. the transfer request in 2010 cause he felt the club wernt showing enough positvity and ambition in the transfer market (something us as fans actually strongly agree on to the point most of us want the owners gone! yet rooney, a high up figure that has the ability to make a change comes out and makes a point about it and we hate him), then there was the fact he said to alex ferguson last summer how if he wont be played or seen as such an important player anymore then he may aswell be sold AS HE BELIEVED HE NO LONGER WARRENTED THE WAGES HE WAS ON WITH WHAT HE WAS SEEN AS BRINGING TO THE TEAM. im not defending rooney atall, there were alot of other options for him to get his points across but believing a story about friction being between him and a manager who is not even appointed as manchester uniteds next manager is fucking stupid.

    also ‘theres no smoke without fire’ IS NOT A BASIS to argue with

    your point of a mole leaking stories is even more laughable. whilst there is clearly a mole who is in a high up position at the club as this mole knows about manager sackings and sir alex retiring, this means the mole could even be as high up as boardroom level. do you really believe that rooney would be talking to the leaders of manchester united about the fact he ‘dosnt take too likely’ to a manager being appointed that hasnt even stepped foot in manchester in months!!

    ‘Rooney is a fucking big baby who wants everyone to lick his boots and worship him and if you can;t do that then he does not like you anymore. That’s PURE FACT’ is that REALLY pure fact? rooney has given his entire footballing career to united and the time he has been here he has been seen as an important player. it just so happens in those years he has been here we have seen the highest level of success in our clubs entire history and his stats have been almost uncomparable every single season!

    ‘Some of you just think it’s totally impossible for any newspaper to tell the truth on any story any longer. So how the fuck do you get your news then? Is there some spiritual source giving you legitimate information? LOL’ – no i get my news from and any site that backs their news up with relevant quotes from reliable sources. unlike you and the fact you read a story that dosnt have a single quote about how rooney dosnt like the appointment of van gaal THAT HASNT EVEN HAPPENED

    ‘Don’t call me stupid and gullible before you know my reasons why I think the story has truth to it’. .. your right i was wrong to call you stupid and gullible. i should have gone so much stronger with my insult.

  23. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Rooney had a poor relationship with David Moyes when he left Everton, Rooney decided to hold the club to public ransom because he wanted a new deal ( had NOTHING to do with ambition, if you truly believe that then maybe you’re the five year old.) Then after going ghost for half the season in the 2010-11 season and having us stick by him and stand up for him while he was going through trouble in his private life, he comes out again right after we’ve just won the title in what truly felt like a team effort to complain AGAIN because he was not top dog. Holding a club ransom ONCE is already too many times for me to take this seriously. He has a history of being a primadonna. If you don’t want to acknowledge it that’s your problem but it’s clear fact.There’s no smoke without fire. I don’t think any other player has caused this club as much as trouble as Rooney has in the last five years.

    Yeah I live in Toronto Canada for reasons I will not reveal to you but I have family and friends in Britain that i frequently visit to keep in touch with them. All I read is British news. It’s what I grew up on and I value British news sources when it comes to football more than any other news source cuz Britain is the home of football. They live football, football is big news in the country so the journalists in Britain are more likely to take it more seriously than anywhere else. Where I currently live has ZERO inclination to my familiarity with British news.

    Also yeah we know there’s a mole but we don’t know how high up he is so don’t try to make up shit about him being as high up as being a board member cuz that’s rubbish. Matter of fact, the telegraph and the mail last week were suggesting the source might be a young player. If the source can tell journalists when Moyes was going to be sacked then telling them how Rooney feels is NOTHING. How do you know the source is not close friends with Rooney?

  24. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Still laughing at you thinking that where I live means I know nothing about British media. hahaha.

  25. wayne barker says:

    Please do not gloss over Rooney/ambition gate a month prior to that Rooney said he loved the club and wanted to be a Red legend all the while his fucking agent was negotiating with City behind Utd’s back.Then once a deal had been agreed to Rooney came out and said his teammates weren’t good enough and Utd wasn’t ambitious enough.
    He stabbed the fans,his teammates,club and manager in the back lied bare faced to all of us and it had fuck all to do with anything but money.Rooney was a greedy despicable,lying,cunt,dont try and paint him than anything else
    He threw his fucking dummy out last year as soon as Sir Alex asked him to play midfield,he started sulking,his form went to shit and he asked for a fucking transfer and told anyone who wanted to listen wanted to be the number one striker
    Don’t start painting Rooney anything than he is a rent boy who only cares about himself and his check book

  26. EC7 says:


    Even though Rooney may be on 10k less than his previous deal. He’s still on a crazy wage. Can you honestly say he deserves that much per week?

  27. Tommy says:


    You really are gullible if you believe Rooney put in his transfer request in 2010 because of the clubs ambition, only for him 2 days later to sign a new deal on 250k a week, He stayed for the cash because he knows no club would be daft enough to pay him this wage


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