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Injuries: Carrick and Hargreaves To Create Midfield Problem

During the pre-season I started to wonder how on earth we were going to pick our strongest XI. With all players available, it was looking as though one of Wayne Rooney, Dimitar Berbatov and Carlos Tevez would have to be dropped, whilst just two players from the group of Owen Hargreaves, Paul Scholes, Michael Carrick, Anderson and Darren Fletcher would be able to start. Which two players would get picked from Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani, Ryan Giggs and Park Ji-Sung?

However, with the injuries of Carrick, Hargreaves and Scholes, the team has more or less picked itself. We didn’t really have much of a choice where our starting line-up was concerned.

But Sir Alex Ferguson’s headache will return for our next league game against West Brom.

“We are expecting Michael to be available next week. He is almost back to full training now,” said Ferguson. “Owen is much better and we will pencil him in for the West Brom game without question.”

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  1. Ellioman says:

    Let’s just hope that this ‘problem’ continues to haunt us and we sill stay injury free.

    It will be great to have Owen and Michael back on the field. Hopefully Owen can get rid of this annoying knee injury and have a good season.

  2. Gabriel says:

    Carrick and Hargreaves coming back into the squad just when our momentum is growin… plus our next few games at home are against relatively easy opponenets, so they can be weened back into the team without too much pressure. This is great, hopefully, our injury woes are behind us, and October will be the month we climb back to the top of the table, like Fergie predicted.

    Interesting to see the combo’s utilised… I would like a Hargo/Ando partnership or a Carrick/Fletch partnership. With the former, Hargo plays as a DMF while Ando is an AMF allowed to go forward and create/attack due to the freedom given to him by Hargos’ positioning/role. With the latter, both are CMF’s but Carrick can be a little more deep, defending a bit more but still creating from deep with his trademark thru balls and pin point long range passes. Fletch will also be a CMF, but like Lampard will be allowed to make some of those runs into the box he has began to utilise.

  3. james f says:

    The only ones having a midfield problem will be our opponents, trying to stop us!

  4. TK 99 says:

    Great news for Manchester United, we really missed Carrick against Liverpool and we couldnt cope after he got his injury.As for Hargo, i really hope he can have a long run in the first team, cause he offers something we lacked sice keano left…

  5. OTRed says:

    Me likey this problem…can we have “problems” like this in EVERY position?

  6. A MAN UNITED FAN says:

    carrick can pick a pass as good as anyone and with berbatovs first touch i think them 2 alone can win games never mind alllllll the other players

  7. AJ says:

    Really happy for the 2 masteros to be back so we now need to worry less about Scholes Injury.

  8. suhayl says:

    True AJ……..i love carrick and i think hargo is one hell of a player. Bith add incredulous quality to our team. Bolsters our midfield options to a great degree.

    Just hope carricks unluckiness with injuries this season ceases. And hargo….who is just top draw can overcome this bloody tendifuckin annoying irritating itis.

    Great to have em back…HOPEFULLY for a indefinite period now.


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