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Injury Update Ahead Of Chelsea

Wayne Rooney and Nani have trained for the last two days and will be in the squad for Chelsea. Ashley Young should also be included and there is the possibility that Tom Cleverley will be too. It is more likely that Tom will next play for the Reserves against Chelsea on Monday but he will travel with the squad this weekend.

Anders Lindegaard is out for 4-6 weeks but David De Gea should be available for Sunday.

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  1. Singh says:

    Incredible news! Finally things are getting back on track!

  2. lordrt says:

    Should sort of keep them on the bench just in case things take a bad turn, but I believe with both Chicharito and Berba up front Utd can take a win back home

  3. theonlydel says:

    hope that pogba will in the squad too…….


  4. Swissdevil says:

    yes, bring PP, he’s awesome lad!

  5. maxman1803 says:

    this is a welcome last we have a squad with less injuries.hope pogba will be included too?

  6. Brendan says:

    Great news, hopefully now wel push on now and win no.20

  7. Benon says:

    waiting to see fantastic chicarito and pogba in da squad they can do what we want.

  8. Jeet says:

    Just imagine wankini reading this and shitting his blue italian pants…ohh the stink!

  9. MikLSP says:

    “David De Gea should be available for Sunday”, that’s the only bad news there!

  10. smartalex says:

    I love SAF’s Friday news conference, but I’m rarely any further forward on team selection.

    Regarding Chelsea’s squad, is Essien available? I think he is, but might not be match-fit.

  11. samuel - united WE stand says:

    it’s good news on the injury front. nice to know cleverly is on the way back. hopefully united will escape anymore injuries throughout the season.

  12. unitedFixation says:

    Hey guys Zeki Fryers reportedly turned down a contract offer. 1500 pounds basic pay !!! I feel he could have been offered a little more. I think this is a trick Sir Alex plays when he wants to get rid of young players – talk them up in the press, then offer them poor contracts and before you know someone’s gonna pay you 800 thousand upfront with the fee rising to a potential 2 mill.

  13. 12 cantonas says:

    WOW really great news, i hope it will help us to get the three points from there

    thnx for this beautiful news

  14. Saad says:

    A train is never “almost on track”. It’s either on the track or it’s sitting ass-up in a ditch on the side.

    When those boys are in a starting line-up or on the bench and kicking balls with venom, I’ll believe that they’re back.

  15. Saad says:


    Are you sure you read right? Usually players who are offered squad contracts start off at 10,000 pounds a week. Maybe he was offered 15,000 and 1,500.

    And if he was offered 15,000 pounds a week and he turned it down, then we have problem in our ranks.

  16. samuel - united WE stand says:

    I wonder where you got that bullshit news about fryers from? the daily fail perhaps?.

  17. Old Trafford's Finest says:

    Fantastic news. Agree with above, I don’t think this gives an indication into the starting 11. Although I’m going for below



    Tony V


    My only questions would be whether SAF adopts the 433 that has done us so well in recent times against Chavski in Champions League. Swansea played this effectively against them last week, although with possibly no Tiny Tears and no Ashley cole these lot are there to be got at! 442 for me. Tony V is gunna rip Bertrand a new one!!

  18. Robbo says:

    Any news on Jones?

  19. Costas says:

    Wow, never thought the day would come when Tom would be playing again! he was supposed to return over a month ago, so I guess you could say Christmas has come late. :P

  20. Cirus says:

    If this is true its great news ! I wouldnt play Cleverly though, just in case he gets injured again, the match with Chelsea will be a tough midfield battle, id keep Tom on the bench. Although who am i to say whats best for the lad ? I just hope he never gets injured again !

  21. Dan-young says:

    looking forward to seeing valencia destroying bertrand on the weekend!! although its not as if we would have problems if cashly was in the line up. and i say play welbeck upfront so he can embarass that racist wanker terry. and 20 minutes from time UNLEASH THE POG!!!

  22. Anand says:


    Christmas was bound to come sooner or later. Just pray that the devils have been good this year and that this chirstmas is here to stay :D
    Bring on the snow!

  23. Costas says:


    Tom was supposed to return by Christmas. I am just happy it’s here, even by a 1 month delay. I started worrying that Tom would return in Christmas of 2012. :P

  24. ssj4gogeta says:

    Ashley cole and terry are out……… so unsettled Cahil will start with luiz …… Sice bertrand is at Nottingham Forest , ivanovic will be forced into wing back.

    chelsea do not have a decent cover for defense if some one gets injured .

  25. Anand says:


    Yup, I got that feeling too. Got fed up of his idle tweets, and no updates from him about his recovery :D
    It was told that Ando would be back by Feb adn Tom by Christmas, but the exact opposit happened :D

    By the better late than never statement I pray he plays for eons to come, and in a red devil’s shirt nonetheless :D

  26. knightsmith says:

    But having De Gea in goal doesn’t fill me with any confidence at all !

  27. Xyth says:

    As Giggsy said, win the next 4 games and No 20 will be achieved this May!

    We should be strong enough to beat both Chelsea and Spurs away. I strongly believe that we will not make any blunders at home anymore. [In all honesty, we should have had at least 6 more points so far!]

  28. WillieRedNut says:

    The saga is easing…..

  29. The reds says:

    Come on fergie , drop rooney and wellbeck and give berbatov a chance , Hernandez needs games to b4 he heads off to real Madrid

  30. Brendan says:

    Come on fergie , drop rooney and wellbeck and give berbatov a chance , Hernandez needs games to b4 he heads off to real Madrid , he’s not going to play second fiddle to wellbeck cause he’s a far better player!!!

  31. Brendan says:

    Come on fergie , drop rooney and wellbeck and give berbatov a chance , Hernandez needs games to b4 he heads off to real Madrid , he’s not going to play second fiddle to wellbeck cause he’s a far better player!!! If we get two draws in the next 2 away games wel b doing well, spurs r better than us in fairness.

  32. WillieRedNut says:

    Spurs are not better than us! We spanked them 3 zip at OT. Who have they beat? Doing well, granted. But slightly over hyped team. If Spurs are still there in April, I’ll take them serious then.

  33. JC says:

    Not a chance Brendan.

    My guess:

    De Gea

    Rafael Evans Rio Evra

    Tony Carrick Giggs Nani

    Rooney Welbeck

    Bench: Amos Fabio Smalling Scholes Young Park Chicharito

  34. King Eric says:

    Brendan – Ha. You are a positive geezer aren’t you. Hernandez to Madrid. Spurs better than United. Drop Rooney and Welbeck. Yeah nice one pal. Glad Fergie is the boss not you!!

  35. King Eric says:

    Oh and I disagree that Hernandez is better. Welbeck is 3 years younger and his all round game is much better. Hernandez is a great finisher but his touch, hold up play etc all need work. Danny will be one of the best around in a couple of years. He IS only 20 or 21 still.

  36. LoneStarRed says:

    More to come on this but my sense and feeling is that we are about to cut a swath through the EPL and the Europa League. All the adversity we have weathered thus far has positioned us very well. Events which have conspired against us now conspire for us. I will compose a more lengthy post on this later.

    Let’s see if this come to pass.

  37. JC says:

    From your keyboard to God’s ears LoneStar… :D

  38. Brendan says:

    Good lad king Eric , do u think I care if u agree with me!! Really , that’s my opinion so if ya don’t like it dont read it, if u think welbeck has a gud touch u don’t know much about anything really then, put the two of them up 4 sale to c who’d fetch the most money!!

  39. King Eric says:

    Brendan – Put the two up for sale and see who would fetch the most money? Thats a ludicrous statement. If we put Scholes and say Gerrard up for sale we know the latter would fetch more money. Doesnt mean he is the better footballer.

  40. WillieRedNut says:

    This is a blog Brendan. Not twitter or FB. It’s for, not 4! And of course you’re entitled to your opinion. Even if it’s the wrong opinion. ;)

  41. King Eric says:

    Willie – Go on son!!!


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