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Injury Update: Lindegaard, Cleverley and Ando

In United’s press conference ahead of tomorrow night’s Europa League game, Sir Alex Ferguson has confirmed that both Tom Cleverley and Anderson are available for selection after coming back from injury.

Anders Lindegaard damaged his ankle in training after claiming the starting place in the team from David de Gea. Unfortunately for Lindegaard, de Gea has enjoyed great form in his absence and is likely to see out the season as our #1.

“Anders is doing all the running now,” said Ferguson. “It will be another two or three weeks before he gets into the football side but he is progressing very well.”

Paul Scholes was missing from training today because he was doing work in the gym.

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  1. Costas says:

    Good news all around. Not often we’ve said that this season.

    Anderson returning is a big boost because it helps take the pressure off our three 30+ midfielders that have carried the team in 2012. Lets hope he returns with a renewed focus.

  2. Anon Payn says:

    Cleverley and Anderson will win us the game at the United stadium. And in style.

  3. WillieRedNut says:


    I informed out Red Brethren of these injury updates? ;)

  4. parryheid says:

    Soon find out if we have designs on winning this competition,Anderson starts then we aren’t I really cant see what he brings into a match.mind you I am not a fan of his.

  5. DeanStrauss says:

    United Stadium?


  6. James21 says:

    United Stadium= Ethiad

    Not sure about Anderson winning it for us at shitty but Clevs could.

  7. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Sir Alex prematch presser:
    “Cleverley’s back training with the first team. He’s been with the phyios for a few days but he’s now back in our control. Valencia should join us on Monday. Then, apart from Vidic and Fletcher, that gives us a full squad. Hopefully it stays that way until the end of the season.”

    Did anyone mention Lindegaard? Heard that he was still 2-3 weeks away.

  8. James21 says:

    Evening mate. I’d play Anderson and keep Cleverly for the Baggies game. Like you say though the team selection will show if SAF wants to win it. Sir Alex would tell you he’d pick a team he feels can win the Round.

  9. eddieTheRed says:

    I can see clubs in the future rotating goalkeepers much the same way as they rotate outfield players now; I think it’s worked well for United this season, keeping the ‘keepers fresh and motivated: such a relief to have two good keepers!

  10. Touché says:

    wtf? No great side rotate their keepers. I’ll gladly eat my hat if that happens.

  11. LoneStarRed says:

    I do believe SAF is serious about winning the Europa AND the PL.

    With that said , I do not expect Bilbao to be easy. Their manager ,Marcelo Bielsa, is a very advanced version of AVB. He is VERY rooted in minutiae. And he has had success at the highest levels. This season his Bilbao team have unreservedly bought in to his techniques. His system demands that players study and fully understand their routines. They currently lie 5th in theLa Liga table with 37 points in 25 games played 9 wins 10 draws and 6 losses. Their away form is 3 wins 5 draws and 4 losses. On initial appearances they are an above average team. But they WILL be motivated to beat us. And our weaknesses will be well know to them. No way we win this just by showing up.

  12. LoneStarRed says:

    Word is Bilbao will have at least 8000 fans on hand. Expect them to come early and be loud.

    @ Anon Payn

    Let’s hope the atmosphere at United Stadium gets to them. :)

  13. Elliott says:

    Good, an almost full squad. That takes some pressure off the medical staff for the next few weeks when we lose another few players.

    Hope our luck is changing from here on in though.

  14. Giggs12Gerrard0 says:

    I didnt even know Ando had been missing, his performance levels have reamained the same.

    Four years on he is still fat and cant speak a word of English, the kid has zero motivation to make it at United. I will be glad to see the back of him.

  15. Ceejay says:

    Clevs and ando again in midfield,this will be interesting

  16. LoneStarRed says:


    So is it safe to say Ando is not your favorite player? At least he has more pace the Niko Kranjcar.

  17. Giggs12Gerrard0 says:


    It’s more infuriating mate as we know he has it he just chooses not to do it week in week out. His fitness levels are woeful, watching Giggs track back at 37 whilst Ando watches. He was truly woeful before he got injured.

  18. Andooo says:

    Anderson will silence all the haters once more. Hopefully this time injures will be kind to him, but looking at pictures of him training recently, he looks slimmer, got rid of his silly hair cut and looks like the penny may of dropped. I still have complete confidence in the young man, the lack of support he gets from United fans is disappointing but he will prove them wrong I am sure.

  19. Giggs12Gerrard0 says:


    Lack of support are you kidding me? I respond as I feel that was aimed at me. Ando has had more support than anyone but the time comes when you have to deliver, Ando is years behind where he should be.

  20. LoneStarRed says:

    @ Andooo

    When Anderson brings it he gets much love from the United faithful. When we lost to Chelsea by one point in ’09-’10 , I felt his absence was a major reason for that. SAF has kept him when I am sure he could have been dealt so let’s see if he comes good consistently. I think he can and will. And , I hope I don’t end up looking like all those who said the same of Emile Heskey.

    And yes, that ridiculous hair do is gone.

  21. Take me to Old Trafford says:

    I hope Ando play soon and score some goals. I’m missing his jubilation terribly.

  22. Ash says:

    Anderson is just 23 year old. Now people here may criticize but For a midfielder 23 is a very early stage to develop. Injuries have also hampered his career but he has improved a lot from his early days .

    He has started to score goals and did an exceptional job in early season with Tom clev. With one or two poor game he was dropped.

    I don’t know how to say but Sir alex has not utilized ando properly. When he joined united he was dubbed as next ronaldinho. Now I know media over exaggerates every player but still if he was the next ronaldinho then he must be an attacking midfielder and not a defensive one (Where fergie played him usually) .

    I say give him another season. Its not like we have many midfielders to choose from. With age maturity will also come and who knows he may become a changed player for good.

  23. Anand says:

    Coming back from injury is all well and good, but I’m concerned for Clev for how easily he picks up injuries that force him out for 2-3 weeks (atleast). Also, the kid is busy in brand building n all that jazz. I think his priority should be to build on this fantastic start in the first team and cement his place. Once you perform on the pitch, that is the only brand you’ll ever need. Ask Becks.

  24. Vilhelm28 says:

    Having a full squad at this time of year bodes well. Keep it up and bring home 2 trophies.


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