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Is Fergie Right? Best Derby Ever?

“The mistakes probably made it the best derby of all time,” said Ferguson. “What would you rather have, a 6-0 win or the greatest derby of all time? I would prefer to win 6-0.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Jessie says:

    I can’t take anyone seriously who
    a) says we should sell Berbatov
    b) thinks Tevez is a better player than him
    ….that’s just crazy shit talk, sorry

    Berba was one of our best players yesterday, he got into all of the right positions and made all of the right moves, but Given was incredible. It reminded me of the first game in the semi final against Arsenal last May, when Almunia was MOTM. Berbatov could have easily had a hat trick yesterday.

    As for Foster, it’s a shame because he is clearly a talented goalie but he doubts himself too much. He lacks that commanding presence- he hesitates sometimes as well, and doesn’t inspire confidence in his defenders. I’m not sure how I feel about him yet.

    Did anyone see Evra’s interview with MUTV after the game yesterday?? I loveeee him!!!

  2. MUFC the Religion says:

    If Berba was a bit more accurate with his headers it wouldve been a White wash but he was plain unlucky. Got into the right positions but constantly was marked heavily, leaving space for Rooney. Then when they double up on Rooney it leaves space in the midfield for Fletch, Ando and Giggsy to spread the play.

    This United team is quality.

    And if all is going tits up, we bring on Owen to score. Guarentee that Micky Owen will score against Wolves.

  3. sppibsihmkcrkg says:

    berba was frustrating yesterday, but on another day he’d of got hat trick. Both his clear headed chances in second half were straight at given. Bet any money he scores in next game he plays, he looked disappointed with himself after being taken off but were nice to see fergie give him pat on back after being subbed.

  4. CROoney says:

    aig – Tevez showed his colours ????

    Berba was one of the best players ???
    yeah – that’s why he was subbed !

    The only people who rate Berba over Tevez (football wise ) are :
    a ) blind united supporters
    c) stupid

  5. CROoney says:

    I can’t believe all the blindess of United fans – i got 10 messages in “where is Berbagod ” style after the first half

    fucking piss poor – how much longer we need to put up with this ? on one occasion anderson gave him the superb long ball to lash onto and fucking heavy micah richards just wnet through him to collect the ball although berba had been 2 meters ahead of him at the start of the sprint – fucking useless !

    people outside UK can’t believe all the hype about him -he plays like a veteran who had won everything and now’s there only to help the team a little bit – fucking disgrace – he can’t score from the 2 yards out and yet we were taking the piss of tevez’ finishing ?!

    berbatov gives us the new dimension ? – yeah that’s true -a dimesnion of how to play with 10 mean although we’re equal in numbers

  6. CROoney says:

    *10 men

  7. aig alex is god says:


    Berba did very well to get into those positions.It was obvious Rooney wont be removed so it had to be Berba as SAF did not want to be overadventorous.

    Before calling others names please look at whatyou are reading.tevez just ran around like a headless cunt and had it been VDS he would not have got the chance to set up barry for that goal. he missed an absolute sitter evben my 3 year old cousin would have scored it.

    we have seen what happens when owen and rooney play together at Burnley so please consider neverything before you make a comment and just because owen has scored one crucial goal dont go over the moon.

    yeah maybe youu are right tevez 5 league goals.bertba 9 league goals and 8 assists last season and for your kind info the argie cunt played more games than both Rooney and Berba.

  8. Scott the Red says:

    CROoney – if not for outstanding goalkeeping from Shay Given, Berbatov would have scored two goals yesterday.

  9. aig alex is god says:


    go on.Who should we sign then ?? if you understand football you will know Berba is not the most prolific finisher and thats why he plays behind rooney.he is the only lad in the team who has a good height.his ball holding ability is 10000 times better than the Argie cunt. Just wait as the season goes on and you will get your answer as to who is better.

  10. Jessie says:

    Though I really do appreciate you calling me ignorant and stupid, I’m going to disagree.

    First of all- it’s not always a bad player who is substituted, ex. Rooney being taken off at Wigan. I think it was obvious he had reached a stalemate with Given, and we needed knew ideas.

    Obviously, a player/team’s quality is not judged entirely on the number of goals they scored, but also on the number of chances they create. If you watched the game, you will have noticed Berbatov created a lot.

    As for Tevez- I think he’s best (and probably only) real talent is his ability to harangue and harrass defence and goalies. He’s hella hard to mark, and shows real persistance. However he is simply not a goal converter/has pretty poor finishing, which is indicated by his measly 5 goals last year. That’s not to say he is a bad player, but he’s not a prolific goal scorer and I certainly don’t think he’s worth the money City paid for him. I think Berbatov is a much better player, because of his link up play, as well as his goal scoring.
    Just my two cents.

    Also just because I disagree with you about a sport, I don’t think it makes me ignorant or stupid. It would be nice to conduct ourselves with a little maturity and class.

  11. Dakota says:

    the ando substitution did it for us in my 30 secs out of it!!! superb match!! fuckin incredible!! wind-pipes gone for a toss!! but who the fuck cares!! GIGGSYYYY you awesome awesome man!!!!

  12. aig alex is god says:


    well said.the last sentence makes a lot of sense.
    I just hate it when United fans start calling each other names.we can present a contradictory view in a more polite manner.

  13. CROoney says:

    aig alex is god – i don’t fucking care for his ball holding ability – it looks as if he was holding his balls for the netire first half – at the beginning of the last season i was told ” wait as the season goes on and you’ll see 2 and then what happened – at the beginning of this season people say ” wait and see ” well i’m still waiting – how much longer ‘
    shall i give him the netire season ? i can but i don’t think fergie will
    -alsoe we all saw what rooney and owen can do for england – and once again – i am not “CRooney” , but CROoney . it implies where i’m from – calling me CRooney can imply that i’m a fan of CR7 ( 9 )

    Scott the red – he shouldn’t have started the 2nd half in the first place

    Jessie – i was joking about ignorant and stupid part but please – pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaase tell me how many chances is that “a lot” that he apparently created – he was the one missing them not creating !

    the only thing what makes people abuse tevez is coz he went to city – and the only things berba has over tevez is his tehnique

    ffs tevez is a midget but offers more areal threat than berbatov -

    link up play ? ball holding ? what a bullshit !

  14. CROoney says:

    again – i was joking and exaggerating with that idiot comments – but ignorant,,,hmmm i w0n’t be that arrogant but i can say that whoever thinks berba’s better than tevez only because of his tehnique doesn’t know much about football… no offense – i think that is pretty polite

    i just want you to bare with me for a second -if tehnique is everything that’s required and rated in football then quaresma would be considered better than rooney

    all that ball holding stuff etc is just focusing on his irrelelvant advantages to make him look good

  15. aig alex is god says:

    I personally dont think Berbas first season was bad.okay he scored only 14 goals and only 10 assists.If that waqs tevez everyone would have gone ga ga.because we paid 30 million everyone expects berba to score 45 goals and 100 assistsevery season.owen and rooney were on fire for England in 2004.A lot has changed since then.

    Please dont defend tevez so much.he is no saint and should be ashamed of the way he conducted himself towards the end of last year.The only thing he can do is run around like a fucking cunt.I would rather have someone with greater technique because i know i have rooney who will do the job of running all over better than what tevez did.

    also apologies for getting your name wrong.It was unintentional

  16. aig alex is god says:


    when you play a 4-4-2 you need to have two strikers who are contrasting in styles.that is why berba is preferred to partner rooney.rooney can do all the running while Berba can do all the creating.Thats what the plan is and it worked brilliantly against Spurs and Wigan but rooney faded badly after the first 15 minutes yesterday.

  17. Rafa says:

    Guys, didn’t I tell you in my previous comments that Foster is crap? Why the hell SAF does not give a chance to Kuszczak… how can we tell which one is better? Foster is making mistakes and is still starting every game.. he just just luck that those mistakes don’t cost UTD 3 points… but against Chelsea or Liverpool it may be different.

  18. kel says:

    I have no complains with Berbatov and i find it weird with fans claiming they are united fans and keep picking fault and stuffs with Berbatov. I bet you are maybe a kid with no knowledge of what football is. Grow up.

  19. CROoney says:

    alex is god – no problem there

    i understand all you’re saying about 4-4-2 but the thing is that I really him don’t rate him to be United standard

    and if anyone thinks that 9 goals and 9 assists is what it take to be branded as 31 million material then how to describe that but ignorance

    so far he’s shown very little

  20. CROoney says:

    also sorry for crappy posts with bad spelling and typos and all – it’s just that i don’t bother reading what i wrote

  21. aig alex is god says:


    ok.lets wait and see.i still think he has something to offer we all know this is the big season for him and its only just started so lets be a little patient.Hopefully he will start firing soon.owen is a natural finisher but given his age and fitness worries i think he wont be starting to many games and i want him to be fit for the 2nd half of the season when games come thick and fast so that we can rotate our squad.


  22. The Red C says:

    As long as we can debate things amongst ourselves in a sensible and polite manner there is no harm in giving an opinion. I think we should be careful in making the “anybody who doesn’t agree with what I have just said must be blind, ignorant and stupid…and a fucking cunt” type of statement. I know I get the urge myself sometimes but we must remember that it can cause offense and distress.

    Regarding Berbatov, I have not made a single comment on the guy yet, and that is because I have been hoping that the next game is the one where his talent will explode and take the game by the scruff. It hasn’t happened yet. I am still waiting. When/if it does happen I know I will write a comment that will be emmotional and full of “see, I knew it” type of comments. That is part of being a fan I suppose.

    We all are desperate for the Berbatov thing to come good so we can put the fingers up to all our critics, but if I am absolutely honest with myself then he just has not done anything yet. If a player like Forlan – who scored some very important goals for us when he was on the field of play – can’t make it here then are we being far too kind to Berbatov?

    He wasn’t one of our better players yesterday. Rooney and Giggs were far better (again). Anderson, despite the usual misplaced passes, had far more purpose about his work, Fletcher was brilliant again, Evre and Vidic had good games and Valencia made a difference when he came on. Berbatov was somewhere amongst it all, occasionaly getting the ball, getting the odd free kick and missing a couple of good chances. The headers were straight at Given. They were fairly powerful headers but Given just had to put his hands up to save. He wasn’t forced to move at all.

    Berbatovs performance was typical of his overall contribution since he arrived. It wasn’t what you would call bad, but it didn’t give nearly enough. It didn’t have any decisiveness about it, no urgency or real purpose and when it mattered he didn’t have the confidence to try and angle his headers. He went for directness and power instead.

    He needs more time, I still have this feeling that he is on the edge of doing something special, but we could have said that about a lot of players that have left us. Rossi, Forlan and Veron were all in this catagory but time eventually ran out for them.

  23. CROoney says:

    aig – yeah i agree but i don’t see the prospect in 29 year old striker playing like aveteran that had won everything in his career ( berbatov)

    i know i’m harsh on him and i’m exaggerating but i can say without a doubt that he’s nothing special and certainly not 31 mill material – the same sum kept tevez out – and he’s worth aroung 25…while berabtov is 15 AT best – cheers

  24. aig alex is god says:


    i guess the fee we paid was no doubt atleast 10 million too much but i guess that was our own fault.the way we went about it was wrong and in the end we had to pay whatever Spurs told us.So the club is responsible for it too. Anyways thats the past.Lets hope he can do well.This will just add more pressure on him

  25. CROoney says:

    The Red C

    great post – and i agree mostly…

    but mark my words – when Berbatov , in the next match or so bags a brace or does a West Ham trick everyone will be singing praises as if they all want to justify the pruchase sooner rather than later… no matter if he goes to become crap in the next 5-7 matches from that moment, it will buy him some time…but the thing is – he will never be consistant enough to be branded as class signing—never – he just doesn’t have it in him

  26. CROoney says:

    aig – it won’t add any pressure mate coz he doesn’t read our crap ;)

  27. stretford85 says:

    fuck city. SCUM

  28. red rossa says:

    berbatov is unreal so shhhhhhhh, shay given is irelands finest export should be a united player he’s been the best prem keeper iv seen, ever wonder why newcastle stayed up with him and went straight down without him!! berba is quality he will blow you away someday soon and these comments will haunt you….. boooooooo :)


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