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Is Fletcher Foolish To Stay Loyal To United?

Darren Fletcher certainly splits the vote where United fans are concerned, with some trusting Sir Alex Ferguson’s judgement on the player, whilst others are insistent he is not good enough for Manchester United.

Now facing competition with Paul Scholes, Owen Hargreaves, Michael Carrick and Anderson for the central midfield roles, all of whom come above him in pecking order, there has been increased speculation he is on his way out. Everton were the most recent club he was linked to, with rumours suggesting he could follow Phil Neville’s path to Merseyside.

With Roy Keane staying on past the summer, Neville decided to make a move to Everton, realising he’d have to wait longer if he was to claim a starting place in our team. Whilst now settled as club captain, Neville probably wouldn’t admit he was disappointed to see Keane walk out a couple of months later, vacating the spot in the centre of the midfield that Phil would have been all to happy to occupy.

Neville was 28-years-old then, with time running out on his career, whereas Fletcher is still only 24-years-old, so obviously feeling time is on his side.

Whilst his loyalty to United can be admired, common sense also has to come in to the equation. If Fletcher wants to play regular football, then Manchester United is not the club for him.

“The speculation does not get on my nerves,” Fletcher said today. “At this time of year, people make news out of nothing. You learn to deal with that here. The most important thing is to remain focused on Manchester United unless anyone tells you otherwise that is what you do.”

Do you think it’s time for Fletcher to look for a move elsewhere?

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  1. jsos says:

    i think if fletcher is willing to stay and play for us when needed, i would love for him to stay. I think he gives us a great option and has been playing solidly for us whenever he is given the chance. it seems, for him, that playing when needed for united is worth more than regular football somewhere else. And hats off to him for that :D

  2. Gary says:

    If Fletcher wants to stay with us then good. I myself in the past was never his biggest fan but I would never give him too much stick just a kind of a groan if I saw him on the team sheet. To be fair to Flecther tho the last 2 seasons he has been alot better when hes been called upon. He was excellent at home to Roma and Milan in 2007 and when he has been called upon since he works his socks off. He is never going to be a United great but hes still important to the club. I still have my suspicions tho that Flecther is infact Fergie’s secret love child.

  3. Eyepopper says:

    Over the past 2 years I think he’s shown he has something to offer. Scholes isnt going to be around for ever and if Fletch is prepared to bide his time I think thats great. If he were to leave I dont think we’d have an easy task in replacing him with a player with the same quality and experience who’d be willing to sit on the bench.

  4. anakin says:

    I don’t know why the hell everyone hates him so mch. Whenever he’s been handed chances he has grabbed ‘em with both hands. he is a loyal guy ( which is a fcuking rarity nowadays) . And his best days are ahead of him. Really like this scrawny young man who will prove Fergie’s superior prudence.

  5. Craig Mc says:

    LOL @ Gary’s “Fletcher – Fergie’s secret love child.” I like to judge players on their away form, whether they can maintain the same level of performance as they do in home games. This is extremely important, to assess whether they are good enough for BIG away games in CL and the Prem. Anderson did convince me in the away games at L’Pool, Arsenal etc. Hargo too, is as good away as at home. Some players are not. Fletch has had one or two good away performances, but on the whole he is not good away from home. I love players who are loyal, but they have to be Top performers as well. I like Fletch, but don’t think he is a CONSISTENT top performer.

  6. Gab says:

    All teams needs a Fletcher in their squad. I mean a player who doesnt whine been left out and waiting for his chances. It’s not that the lad isnt good is more about the competition in midfield we have as we have too much quality right now. Scholes is not gonna last forever and could retire in a couple of seasons so there will be 4 midfielders if you count fletcher. He loves the club and is happy been part of it even if he doesnt get too many starts. All the big teams needs squad players and if he is happy with that let it be.

  7. olusanjo says:

    i think the main characteristics of true man united fans is that 1. we hate liverpool and city 2. man united comes before country 3. loyalty comes before skill. fletcher was groomed at united and he loves teh club, he does not whine whenever he is left out and he gives his best when called upon. please give him a break, he will continue to improve and get better. he is not so old.

  8. Lukenestler says:

    “loyalty comes before skill”

    …not too sure about that one mate.

  9. azza says:

    groan wenever i c his name on the team sheet, he doesnt bring anything to the team, i dont like watching him, everytime its a close game and hes playing, heart in mouth moment any time he has the ball or the ball is newer near his feet, for all those hu support him in this article response, plz tel me wat his footballing qualities are? cuz i am completely unaware of any he possesses. fair play he loves united, but so do we, thats no reason to keep somebody hu cant pass a ball 5yards. oh and btw, fock off ronaldo! :D

  10. olusanjo says:

    @lukenestler, what i meant by loyalty coming before skill is that man united fans love players that are loyal and not very much skillful than skillful and not very much loyal. the most loved are those who have both in abundance. ronaldo is more skillful than rooney but rooney is more loved?

  11. Lukenestler says:

    Fair enough, olusanjo. I do get your point, but thankfully there’s no such thing as a United player without skill !!!


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