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Is It All Over For Hargreaves?

rooney hargreaves

Yesterday, Sir Alex Ferguson said he was putting Owen Hargreaves in the Champions League squad to face AC Milan.

Today, Hargreaves has been withdrawn from the squad and his people aren’t revealing anything.

Is he ever going to come back?

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  1. bchilds says:

    With his contract expiring in June it could well be the end of Hargreave’s United career.

  2. manchuchu says:

    He’s out so long I don’t even consider him part of the squad anymore.

  3. Fred says:

    I didn’t realise his contract was up this year. I hope he proves all the doubters wrong and gets a new contract. I love the guy.

  4. Oscar Red says:

    It looks like his injuries are not going to disappear completely. They’re clearly still causing him grief, and I think, at best, we might end up with a Ledley King type situation. I really hope we don’t, and we should all be thinking of him and willing him to make a full recovery, but I’m not sure I’ve heard many stories of tendonitis being fully cured in footballers. Bad knees and football don’t mix too well. But Hargo, if you’re listening, we miss you…

  5. Sanj says:

    Hargreaves was signed in 2007 for 4 years. He is under contract until the summer of 2011.

  6. Kenyan-Canadian Reds says:

    The John Terry poll: have your say on the England captaincy….Vote for Roooney to be captain of England tean in WC

  7. rooney the new king says:

    Kenyan-Canadian Reds – we all know about these storys for christ sake stop annoying everyone with your stupid links you send which everyone knows about. christ I check the times daily mail and the sun about 11 to midnight time so why say about storys we already know idiot

  8. denton davey says:

    Kenyan-CanadianReds @ 0:43: “Fergie will let Vidic go in summer

    You can’t believe all you read; but there is probably “some truth” in this. My guess – and that’s all it is – is that SAF has tried to convince Vidic to stay and honour his contract but Vidic wants much more money because he currently makes about 2/3rds of what Rio is paid. So, a new, “improved” contract might address his concerns BUT, on the other hand, he might want to get more money and live elsewhere. There’s no idea of knowing about that.

    The suggestion that Huntelaar could be used as some sort of “make-weight” in a transfer is just bollocks – UTD have had a number of chances to go after Huntelaar and decided that he wasn’t what was required on each and every one of those occasions. So, I can’t see why SAF would splash-the-cash on a substitute striker.

    BUT if ACMilan would agree to some sort of swap-deal involving Pato then I’d be more-than-interested – he’d make a dynamite partner for WayneRooney.

  9. Fred says:

    That Vidic article has to be the biggest pile of shite I’ve read for some time.

    “The Croatia defender has made it clear he wants to leave England at the end of the season, after being constantly told of the riches – and lifestyle – available in Spain by his close pal Cristiano Ronaldo.”

    Croatia defender! “Close pal” Ronaldo has been tapping him up! Laughable! :-D Oh and I’d expect a lot more than £20m for Vidic. Lescott went for over £20m FFS!

    Worst piece of “journalism” I’ve ever read. Someone actually got paid to write that? Incredible.

  10. McQueen says:

    I think (I hope) he will be back for next season. This season… I doubt it

  11. McQueen says:

    and Fred – agreed, that story is a piece of shit! But if Vidic doesn’t return from his mysterious ‘injury’ soon I will start to get worried!

  12. ash says:

    hargreaves should be given time.he is a class player.but i would like fergie to but a replacementc for him.a defensive midfielder who is young.hargreaves will be 30 and i dint want we depend only on him.hoping he start playing in this season .

  13. ash says:

    i mean,buy a replacement for him.

  14. mltezr says:

    i voted yes: keep the faith. just because i like that bon jovi song

  15. jsyred says:

    I think Hargo will play again, but not until the close season. At his best he is world class so we have to give him the time ne needs. I am as frustrated as anyone else as we have needed him badly at times, but I do think he will be back. Re the Vidic speculation, if he wants to go we should let him, end of story. I hope he stays but we can cope without him.

  16. Corea says:

    King Eric – should i answer your question ? ;)

  17. keano77 says:

    I´ve said many, many, many times and I say it ONCE again. We signed a very seriously injured player and we got what we deserved. I think he´ll never play again, for any team.

  18. Muhammad Umair says:

    My heart said that Hargreaves will join manchester united and he will play very important role for manchester united in champions league….

  19. schmadmir says:

    King Eric;

    I do remember a certain free-kick against Arsenal and a certain Champions League final. Even when not fully fit and recovered, he contributed more to the cause in our 07/08 season than most players do during multiple years at our club. (Bellion, Kleberson, Djemba-Djemba spring to mind)

    Not to mention that we had the most dynamic centre midfield when he and anderson had a good run in the side. We had Ronaldo suspended and Rooney injured, but those two made us look like world beaters, some of the best football we have produced in mye view.

  20. aig alex is god says:


    i agree with what you are saying. Alo that is one of the reasons we struggled in big games last season in the league.We got 13 points out of 18 against the big teams in 07-08 compared to just 5 last season. Hargo was excellent against the dippers in 07-08. last 2 years we have been outplayed due to alack of fight at Anfield, although Fletch has also missed the last 2 at Anfield. Hargreaves has an excellent technique when it comes to freekicks.

    The other freekick he scored was at Craven Cottage against Fulham

  21. aig alex is god says:


  22. Corea says:

    Oh yes, some much needed help from you guys!

  23. ethiored says:

    I think it is time we start looking at getting a backup DM for Fletcherinho. I love Hargo but I am losing hope now. A player who is out for this long will take at least one full season to get back to near his best. We must look for a replacement.

  24. schmadmir says:

    aig alex is god: That free-kick against Fulham did him no harm whatsoever :)

    Im not going to hide it, he is one of my favourite players at United, but time is running out. Hope it doesn’t turn out to be another Saha-story. Look at how well he’s doing at Everton now.

  25. romeo says:

    Fergie knows best.
    Does any of you guys not think that Fergie done that to get any pressure off Hargo.
    The day he mentioned he’d be in the team, he was the target of media setting imaginary targets and dreaming about the World Cup! He needs to play a lot of reserve games and I don’t think CL is the right platform for him to return.
    He is not out of the Premier League squad is he????So!
    Also I think Fergie does not want Hargo to be in the World Cup. Just imagine him playing very well in CL and going to end his career with an injury in the World Cup.!
    We need to take a step back and think more carefully before writing Hargo back. He WILL come back!

  26. nh1x says:

    Lets not forget how crucial he was in the 2008 UEFA Champions League final. Whether or not he ever plays for United again, he was key in one of the great victories for the club. Too bad he couldn’t have been a regular player for about 5-6 years.

  27. Little-Miss-United says:

    Keep the faith ;)

  28. RedDevilzAdvocate says:

    @ Romeo
    Have to say I didnt think of it that way, but your comments make sense and that might just be it. I’ll admit its a bit worrying but I guess it’ll be better if he’s fresh and available for next season and beyond. I believe he will come back, just dont know if he’ll be the same player he was.

  29. King Eric says:

    schmadmir – Fair enough , however I didn’t question his contribution in the 07/08 season. What I said was that people are saying we need him now. I replied that we did ok last season without him. Although with him and Fletch in Rome it could have turned out better. Don’t get me wrong I love Hargreaves and sincerely hope he comes back and I think he will.

  30. King Eric says:

    Also sorry but disagree that we saw some of “our best football”. No offence but you can’t have been watching United long. We have produced MUCH better football than that.

  31. Austie Mufc says:

    when hargo came to united he slotted into the centre of thr park as if he had been in r team for years and was outstanding but unfortunately i dont think he will be back in a red shirt which is a big disappointment.

    altough fletch and carrick have been immense all season apart from mayb a few blips. If gibsons ball play was as good as his shooting he would be a complete player and these qualities with come with experience. & if anderson bucks up his ideas he will also be a quality player.

    and how can forget about scholsey!

  32. schmadmir says:

    KIng Eric;

    sorry, I got a bit carried away there. The most important thing is that the team does well, whoever is on the pitch.

    And you are right of course, we have done well without him, credit to the players.

  33. Corea says:

    so the answer was no.

  34. scholeses ginger pubes says:

    what i hate is how people automatically assume that hargs would walk into out team. i disagree. even in 07-08 i though he was good, but generally a pretty negative midfield player. Okay he could take a free kick, but generally he was liable to pass the ball backwards or square. even then i was sayinng fletcher and scholes/carrick or 3 of them. but hargreaves is just so overrated by our fans its frustrating. like they say, the best player a team has is the one thats not available. ie. rooney euro 2004, fletcher cl final. A

  35. Corea says:

    scholeses ginger pubes – maybe some of us are deluded but at least it is our opinion. i don’t necessarily mean he will take Fletch place. I did even say that it will be very difficult for him to play in Fletch place.
    Enough is enough though. There is no point to argue right now.

  36. Andrew says:

    The lad just had serious knee surgery to ‘cure’ a niggling problem.. A problem that affects his mobility and hence his deadliness on the pitch.

    I wouldn’t expect him to walk back into the squad, not at the level that is required of him. From what SAF has been saying, he rather let him incrementally step up his training and build his confidence that his knees wont give way again.

    Losing him in the CL squad is a blow, but perhaps wise as of now (feb), its too late to play in the knockout stages. Fingers crossed he makes his comeback in the league before this season is up….if not a tough decision has to be made sadly


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