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Is It True Then?

Blogs, forums, Twitter, texts, Facebook and telephones are currently being flooded with discussions amongst football fans about the Wayne Rooney allegations. Can it really be true?

- Wayne Rooney is a Manchester United player and wouldn’t dare do something like this. Yes, he’s got previous, but that was before he joined United, and he would surely be too fearful of Sir Alex Ferguson to behave like this.

- What proof do we have? The say so of some hooker who’s made a fortune for selling her story? Where are the pictures? The transcript of the texts or conversations between them?

- The Mirror and the NOTW are both running the story as exclusive but the accounts by the same girl are totally different in the two different papers. If it’s true, why couldn’t she get her story straight?

- The NOTW version has the prostitute recall an occasion last summer when she was stood in the smoking section outside a party when Cristiano Ronaldo walked past and Rooney called him a “wanker”. Surely Ronaldo was already in Spain?

- He’s a happily married man.

- The Mirror and NOTW would likely be forced to go out of business if this story wasn’t true and Rooney sued them. He is the most high profile English player, one of the most high profile players in the world, with a wife, kid and all sorts of sponsorship deals. The damage a story like this could do to his personal and professional life is massive, so if it wasn’t true, Rooney could take them for every penny. They won’t have published a story like this unless it was water tight.

- The story has been in he public domain for 14+ hours and there has been no denial from Rooney. Just like John Terry, Peter Crouch and Ashley Cole, he has kept quiet and not denied a thing after allegations about his personal life have been published.

- There have been whispers of this rumour since before the World Cup. There’s no smoke without fire.

- Once a cheater, always a cheater, the saying goes. The press have caught Rooney out doing this behind Coleen’s back on a couple of occasions in the past, so it’s hard to claim he’d never do something like this.

- Ronaldo wasn’t unveiled at Real Madrid until July 6th and he was partying in America at the beginning of June. However, the day before he was unveiled, Ronaldo spoke of how he would be returning to Manchester to say goodbye to Ferguson. “Monday will be a great day for me,” he said, “but I am planning to go to Manchester and say goodbye to Ferguson.”

- Footballers are a law unto themselves these days. It should come as no surprise that any rich footballer would do this to their wife, with stories coming out every couple of months about them doing the dirty on their wives.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Fze123 says:

    The NOTW and Mirror obviously sensationalized the story and made up quotes, but the main point is that he cheated on his pregnant wife for 4 months, which is what matters. The papers would be absolute fucking morons to think they’d get away with publishing false scandal, it’s too serious, so it must be true.

  2. ooh ahh bring back Cantona says:

    Whatever he has done i just hope it doesnt lead to him losing form or making a move away from england for a new start

  3. Lovely.United says:

    Id Take the No.
    I don’t get men, they can have it all but still manage to stuff up. You know how much women are starting to lose hope with men, its really sad.

    Rooney , not the most good looking chap has a beautiful wife, gorgeous child living in a home most of us would dream of, driving cars we only drive on our PS3. Plays for the best club in the world, is respected majorly on the football pitch by everyone, yet would give that all up to spend nights with a dirty attention seeking whore who is nothing compared to coleen. She has no dignity, pride, and is not a real women. What do men seek in that with that 1200 pounds rooney allegedly spent he could’ve put in to his sons trust fund, or given poverty stricken children food and medicine for a year. Its really sad, and I pray that this isn’t true.

    If it is I imagine Fergie will rip him to shreds, Sir Alex is a family man, and believes in the right path.

  4. Kings says:

    I sincerely hope all this is untrue, and it’s just a typical tactic of some cheap tramp trying to make a fast buck as most of them tend to do. But as you say, the tabloids would have to make sure this is water tight before proceeding with the story, otherwise they would be taken to the cleaners.

  5. Lovely.United says:

    Though there has been no publication in the sun yet?

  6. kieran marriott says:

    nice little run down although “no smoke without fire” is the worst argument in the world and should never be uttered by an intelligent man or woman, it’s essentially advocating guilty til proven innocent.

    I think it’s probably true libel law in this country is so against the press that they’d need proof to avoid being done for it as that law genuinely does operate on the principle of guilty til proven innocent.

  7. United-Latest says:

    The only thing I have against the NOTW and Mirror getting sued is that the prostitute was the one who actually claimed the affair, rather than the newspapers themselves. I’m no legal expert, but Roo could sue the hooker for £400k that the papers paid her (if it’s untrue that is). I am yet to budge until I see hardcore proof – like pics, recordings, videos, ect.

  8. Mark the Devil says:

    Well if its true, then what a prize pillock! The abu press will love this true or not. Oh and Lovely United, sorry to shatter your illusions but there are plenty of cheating, scumbag women out there as well!

  9. xol says:

    Just checked Rooney’s wikipedia and there’s no mention so it mustn’t be true.

  10. Champ says:

    I have to say,it all sounds a bit fake.

  11. Ben says:

    Of course it’s bloody true.

    If it wasn’t his lawyers would be all over the news. There hasn’t been so much as a denial.

  12. Aziz in Nairobi,Kenya says:

    Am supporting Wazza in ths,i dnt care about hs private life

  13. Marq says:

    The silence coming from Rooney’s camp is deafening, so I’m afraid it could well turn out to be true.
    That said, the papers are an absolute disgrace, they just love tearing apart families don’t they? Yes they may sell, but the nature of such headlines really shows what the world has turned into these days.

  14. xol says:

    I hate tabloids so never buy them. I don’t think the stuff they publish is news (a lot of the time). It’s a shame that people love gossip and reading about other’s personal troubles – especially wannabe wag types.
    This isn’t any of my business. Others might feel strongly that it’s their right to know, so they’ll go out and buy the red tops, and thus the red tops shall continue to publish the stuff they call ‘news’.

  15. Sam Smith says:

    If it wasn’t true then Rooney’s lawyers would’ve instructed the relevant newspapers to pull the stories. I’m afraid the silence from the Rooney camp speaks volumes.

  16. mattbw7 says:

    well his attention seeking agent would have been everywhere if it was a good news story and he’s not popped up.

    The NOTW and the Mirror would have sufficient evidence before going to print as its not just the damages they would pay out in court, if you add in the potential drop in circulation if it wasn’t true it would be very damaging for them.

  17. ManchestHairUnited says:

    what’s ronaldo got to do with this?

  18. man united says:

    why havsnt rooney spokesmen conme out and said itts not true

  19. man united says:

    why havsnt rooney spokesmen conme out and said itts not true

  20. Fred the Red says:

    If this is true then he deserves all the flack that comes his way. His wife seems like a nice girl who doesnt deserve this. The modern day footballer are a law unto themselves and if this had been done by a player at any other club then we would be tearing them to shreds.
    I love him as a player, but his attitude is starting to stink. Two summers in a row now he has been pictured smoking and in the NOTW article it is claimed he paid someone 200 quid to get him a packet of Marlboro, reality check needed. If this is proven to be correct the SAF should hammer him before it gets too late.

  21. Dave Mack says:

    I haven’t read the article and tend to agree that the newspapers are probably have a pretty water tight story but provided she swears it’s true and has offered some reasonable proof all the papers have to defend is that they had no reason to disbelive her. In other words the story is “a prostitute says she slept with Rooney”. Obviusily that’s true. But can she prove it?

  22. SmartAlex says:

    Is it true then?

    Wayne will tell us.

    Until then, let us neither condemn nor forgive our brother, for he remains completely innocent.
    To even consider as true(or false) the story of self-serving prostitutes, is also a foolish betrayal of trust.

    That he has not yet responded to his accusers, is not relevant. He will.

    As we await his response, be clear that we must accept his response as the truth. Else, know that you do not love or respect him. Faithful supporters do not condemn on hearsay.

    Does Wayne chase every ball, even lost causes?
    Does he give his all?
    Does he fight to the death for the Glory of Manchester United?

    Do we turn our back on him at his time of need?

    No,I don’t!

  23. jimmybob says:

    he smoked in the summer then went onto have a great season, keep puffing away if it helps you rooney (didn’t hurt cruyff and scorates did it?)

    who are some of most beloved untd players ever?

    georgie best self admitted drunk and woman beater
    cantona (convicted of an assault on a fan)
    robson (admitted to having an affair with that bird off sky)
    beckham (rebecca loos)
    lee sharpe (well take your pick)

    footballers are not perfect neither are we

    score a hat trick on the weekend wayne todays headlines are tomorrows fish and chips wrapping

  24. brisbanefan says:

    Sell him.
    If Fergie has got the good name of the club at heart – a name Fergie himself helped to create –
    the I expect Fergie to sell him at the first available opportunity.

  25. SmartAlex says:


    If Fergie sold everyone “at the first available opportunity” each time a player sinned / broke-the-law, or was accused of such, Manchester United would consist of Ryan Giggs (and you?).

    Not even Sir Alex would make the cut.

  26. Fred the Red says:


    you can still be a loyal supporter and call a spade a spade. If these allegations are true then he needs to recognise what he has done and genuinely try to make things right. Because he plays for a team we support does not mean we accept everything he does blindly. I wonder if you would feel the same way if he was married to your daughter or sister, I doubt it.
    Are any of us perfect, certainly not, but that does not give us a green light to do what we want, and wrong doing always has consequences my freind.

  27. Devil310 says:

    Maybe his wife already knew and that’s why Wayne’s form has been poor for some time now….(?)

  28. brisbanefan says:

    What can be said about this is that Bill Shankly, Matt Busby, Bill Nicholson and Jock Stein would not tolerate this behaviour from any of their players.
    They would have been out on their arses.
    Besides every club would have a clause in a players contract for the player ‘not to bring the club into disrepute’. If they haven’t they’re fools. I’m sure his sponsors will have such a clause.

  29. Gee says:

    @ SmartAlex

    There would be no Giggs either mate, he was no clean cut youngster believe me!! To be honest SAF would have had to get rid of some of our best players during his time at the club if we were to sell players for personal troubles!!

    @ brisbanefan

    So you think we should sell Rooney because his morals are different to yours!! Im not saying he was right but its his wife, his kid and his life, not yours or anyone elses, and do you honestly think SAF didnt know this was coming!! SAF was probably the first person Rooney told!! Oh and your Shankly, Busby, etc.. saying they wouldnt tolerate it, are you having a fucking laugh!! Are you forgetting a certain George Best, he would shag birds all over the show and cheat on lovers, get smashed, everything!! fucking hell players were smoking, drinking and shagging at half fucking time in those days!!!! We should all remember what Best said ‘I want to be remembered for what I did on the pitch’ and guess what?? he is!! I hope Rooney is afforded the same luxury coz I wouldnt want him at any other club!!!!

  30. United Rant says:

    There won’t be a libel case even if the story isn’t true as British libel law requires two elements to be fulfilled. 1) The written claim is untrue, 2) The untrue written claim has the effect of seriously damaging the reputation of the libelled party in the eyes of normal people.

    Even if Rooney slept with the girl there are clearly plenty of inconsistencies in the accounts to raise suspicion. It’s what happens when journalists write all the quotes for the paid accuser. But did the girl keep any evidence of the sexual activity – texts, hotel receipts, photographs, semen stain dress?

    Perhaps more importantly Rooney might have trouble showing he has been defamed. After all he’s slept with prostitutes in the past and admitted it in his autobiography. Since that time he’s signed lucrative sponsorship deals.

    When Auld Slapper lost her libel suit against the News of the World it wasn’t because the granny lied – she probably didn’t have sex with Rooney despite the myth becoming reality – it was because she’d previously worked as a prostitute. Rooney’s case might be similarly scuppered.

  31. NikTheRed says:

    Oh Man..this is exactly what we dreaded…..I hope this matter just passes by like terry’s did and all of us have a happy ending on and off the field!!! As for Wazza’s behavior….. I’m totally shattered,gutted and believe i’ll never be able to support wayne the way i used to before….

    As for decisions on behalf of SAF…..well I hope he does something for the benefit of both player and club …I’m absolutely shocked that WAYNE of all players let FERGIE down..;( :’(

  32. jimmybob says:

    What can be said about this is that Bill Shankly, Matt Busby, Bill Nicholson and Jock Stein would not tolerate this behaviour from any of their players

    oh yeah george best never did anything like this or jinky johnson.

    I’d read more about a certain member of the celtic staff who was there while big jock was in charge before going ott on rooney

  33. andrdutoit says:

    MANCHESTER United fans were celebrating last night after Wayne Rooney ended a six year prostitute revelation drought.

    The Rooneys will soon begin the sad task of dividing up their mountain of ghastly possessionsThe striker was back to his best after a series of spectacular £1200-a-night intercourse sessions with a money-grubbing tart who was obviously going to tell the News of the World the moment he crawled back into his childish car.

    It is the England star’s first competitive sex scandal since pumping some fat old skank in the changing room of a Merseyside shell suit boutique in 2004.

    Manager Sir Alex Ferguson said: “A lot of people will say that a player of Wayne’s extreme wealth and intense stupidity should be bedding greasy whores week in-week out.

    “I think even Wayne would accept that they have a point, but the fact that this lad was able to do it while his wife was pregnant is genuinely world class.”

    Fabio Capello has also welcomed Rooney’s return to whore-mongering form.

    The England manager said: “The low point was in South Africa, after the Germany game, when Wayne attempted a reverse Dutch Steamboat with a local hooker and ended up fracturing his wrist, losing the remote control and scaring the sweet bejesus out of Peter Crouch.

    “For a player of his abilities this was basic sex trade and I worried he’d have to hang up his Travelodge loyalty card for good. But that one in the papers? I would beat you to death with Clive Tyldesley’s just to watch her clean the bathroom.”

    Adulterologist Dr Emma Bradford said it was still unclear how Rooney’s wife Coleen would react but it would almost certainly involve a shameless amount of money, the repeated use of the words ‘RAT’ and ‘TEARS’ in massive capital letters and then some more money.

    She added: “It’s such a tragedy because they have been together since Wayne was thinking about having sex with prostitutes as a 14 year-old boy.

    “But unfortunately this is the guaranteed outcome when you hitch your wagon to an arse-faced millionaire with the brain of a stuffed gibbon.”

    Meanwhile some England fans stressed the exposé had once again forced them to imagine what Rooney’s orgasm face might look like.

    Wayne Hayes, from Hatfield, said: “I reckon it’s like an angry, sunburnt tortoise that’s just stubbed its toe.”

  34. willierednut says:

    Brisbanefan – You didn’t think that post through, eh?

  35. Nameless says:

    I do not care about Rooney’s private life. sometimes a man’s got needs!

  36. StatesideAussie says:

    Who knows whether it’s true or not? Obviously, the papers think so, but papers have been wrong before (trust me, as an ex-journalist/editor, I know that!). The basics of British libel law are pretty clear: if they can prove that what they wrote is true, then they have a defence. In England, “truth” is held by default to be in the public interest. The catch is that the standard of proof is a legal one: they can only use evidence that is legally admissable.

    Note that libel is an unusual offence, since the burden of proof rests with the accused (in this case, the newspapers): if he brings a claim, then they are presumed guilty and it’s up to them to prove themselves innocent. (Usually, they would do this by either proving that what they published is true, or by establishing that it constitutes what is called “fair comment”.) Fair comment wouldn’t apply in this case, so would be their burden to prove they’re telling the truth. Rooney doesn’t have to prove a thing, except to knock down any evidence they present. He can do this legally (technically), and/or factually. And showing inconsistencies in the whore’s stories would be a great place to start.

    Some posters here have suggested that Rooney wouldn’t get any damages anyway, since similar stories have been published previously and he has still trhived commercially (in other words, how much damage does the story cause?). Under British libel law, it isn’t essential to show you suffered any actual damage. If you can, great. If not, you can still sue for damages on the basis that the libel caused “a reasonable person to think worse” of you. And I think it’s pretty obvious, from the reaction to this story, that that is the case.

    For damages, though, the catch will be whether Rooney is held to be a public figure or not. The legal definition of “public figure” is not clear, but it generally includes celebrities. If he is considered a public figure, then he would have to show that the newspapers acted with malice (that is, that they knew the claims were false or they acted with a reckless disregard for the truth). Whereas if he’s not a public figure, he would only have to show they acted with negligence.

    But even wthout damages, he can still win the case and force a public retraction/apology.

    Has everyone forgotten the infamous case of The Sun’s “rent-a-boy” story about Elton John? They weren’t able to prove it, and he got something like 5 million out of them.

    Anyway, I hope it all works out for Rooney and, true or false, that it doesn’t mess with his head or his marriage (or his football). One thing for sure, with SAF, he’s in the best hands possible. Cheers!

  37. L.T.D says:

    Papers make things up all the time. Or print stories that they arent even sure are true. They do this without being sued.

    Your delusional if you think papers wouldnt print it if they didnt think it was true.


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