After Ashley Young’s late winner against Newcastle, there was a lot of fuss surrounding Ryan Giggs and Louis van Gaal’s odd interaction. After they both leaped off the bench, Van Gaal turned to Giggs, and our assistant manager’s face dropped.

Afterwards, Van Gaal claimed they had a great relationship, which was supported by Giggs. He insisted that it was like any other late goal, when emotion takes over, but then you remember there is still time to go until the final whistle.

While that should have been the end of it, former Holland international, Wim van Hanegem, has had a rant about the behaviour of Van Gaal.

What I hate to see is how Van Gaal is treating Ryan Giggs. Louis has more attention for the other geezer next to him. But Louis forgets that we are talking here about Ryan Giggs. Louis has played for Telstar, FC Antwerp and Sparta Rotterdam. Giggs was a giant as a player. He deserves more respect than this.

Maybe I’m missing something, but I’m not sure what Van Hanegem thinks has been so disrespectful. Dutch footballers really seem to enjoy sticking the knife in to each other, don’t they?