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Is Move Right For Welbeck, United or Ferguson Jnr?

Danny Welbeck has shown more promise than many of our youngsters for some time, scoring 2 goals in 3 League Cup games this season, having played a total of 24 games for the club in all competitions.

News broke this morning that Preston have signed Welbeck on loan until the end of the season, which is often the practice for young players breaking through. Even David Beckham was sent away on loan to get experience, joining Preston the year before the infamous 95-96 season when our “kids” won the Double.

But is it a good idea for Danny?

For me, Welbeck has shown nothing more than promise and still has a long way to go before we can consider him to be good enough to earn a permanent place in our playing squad. However, you do have to wonder how fair it is for him to be sent away when new signing, Mame Biram Diouf, gets to stay, and presumably, play for United.

Then you have to consider that Sir Alex Ferguson’s son, Darren, has just been given the job of Preston manager. They are currently 17th in the league, just six points away from the relegation zone, and are in need of a goalscorer after scoring just 28 goals in 26 games this season. Only two of the seven clubs below them have scored fewer goals, so Welbeck could really make a difference to their struggling goal difference.

Maybe I am just being cynical but you have to wonder whether manager would be so happy to let Welbeck go if it wasn’t Darren Ferguson who had come knocking. We don’t have too many striking options this season, so whilst getting to play more first team football away from the club will be good for Welbeck, you have to question how good it will be for Manchester United, in the short term at least.

The loan deal could go really well though, with Welbeck gaining vital experience and come back to the club ready to play in the first team. However, whilst I know Ferguson wouldn’t do anything to damage the United for the sake of his son, the move will spark debate over whether the manager accommodating for another club who came looking to loan one of our current brightest prospects.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    turns out im 100% right
    unless im the only one who voted :)
    its a fantastic move for preston and if they come up
    he’ll be full time there with newcastle coming up with the other united danny full time

  2. Costas says:

    Honestly, I don’t think Welbeck can help us any more at the moment. He has to gain experience by playing week in week out and in his best position. I think we will be ok. We have Rooney, Berba, Owen, Diouf and Kiko. I just hope Berba won’t have to go under the knife.

  3. Staffred says:

    Am very suprised,always thought fergie wudnt let danny go,especially with him sayin capello cud take him to the world cup,but it all comes down to darren being fergies son is why it’s happened!!

  4. Jig3000 says:

    I think it works in our favor that Welbeck has gone to Darren. A big problem with these young-lads is attitude; many who go out on loan think of themselves as the big-fish in a small pond, a Utd player amongst a bunch of nobodies.

    The fact he’s working under Fergie Jnr means he’ll be on his toes as every detail will be relayed to Snr. The lad’s not going to get games at OT this season, so why not? Could be the six months that makes his Utd career.

  5. Vass says:

    I think It’s a good move for all parties. I mean it’s not like he has really been a game-changer for us this season in any game he’s played and I don’t think we’re really gonna miss him this season. It’s a chance for the lad to get regular first-team football, gain some experience and hopefully help Fergie Jr. out a bit.

  6. Tony Starks says:

    I think it’s great for all three parties – the guy needs regular first team football, so that we can see if he’s got the temprament to succeed, we know he’s got more than enough talent.. playing in the championship might also knock that cockiness out of him…

  7. Besher says:

    I guess any person that watched his game against sunderlands reserves would have known that he needs playing experience and i dont think he would get that here at this stage and there is no fa cup or carling cup matches to play. Also i”d prefer kiko to stay over wellbeck

  8. sppibsihmkcrkg says:

    what a pile of crap. This is not in anyway a case of nepotism. Welbeck unfortunately hasn’t shown great form for us even though he hasn’t played alot or in position, and personally, i think this is the first move towards a permanent move away from old trafford for the lad. But to suggest it’s coz it’s fergie jr is rubbish. We loan out alot of players who are on fringes of squad, simpson, bardsley, evans etc and it’s always for the good of the player and the squad. Seeing how someone copes away from ot can be indication of how good they could be

  9. Mancaroon says:

    this is a great move for Danny and United. As Costas said, he needs to gain experience playing week after week in his proper position. And now that we are out of the FA Cup his chances of starting a game have severely diminished. At Preston he’ll bulk up, sharpen up and (hopefully) develop into the player we hope he will be.
    As for Diouf, he’s only been there a short period of time……he needs to settle into United and the way of doing things before shipping him out on loan. Plus he’s 3 years older than Dannny with a bit more first team experience (albeit at a lower level).

  10. Mancaroon says:


    he only signed a 4 year deal last month………this is not a loan with a view to a permanent move

  11. paddysjumper says:

    the boss said before that danny and kiko would not go out on loan , but i personally feel that danny hasnt lived upto his early promise , yes he is young so this couild be the right time for the move , i feel that the lad needs to bulk up , hes a lightweight , with a bit of size and strentgh he could be a great player , hes got the speed and skill , just needs some experiance , watching him this season he seems as though hes got a bit cocky , not confident but cocky , that is a trait that is not liked by many people , playing for a team like preston , in the position they are in will mean he will have to work hard for the team and will bring him down to earth with a bump , i think and hope its a good move , hope hes not just another exciting youngster that drifts into nowhere !!

  12. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    To be fair Wellbecks been given a go at United, hes done well, trained with the first team for a prolonged time and now needs only one thing to develop further and thats playing time. To be fair from all the cynics out their, Sir Alexs son Darren is more likely to be on the phone to him than probably anyone else in the world, its his dad, they share the same career, the same family. So by simple Maths you could assume that if anyone is going out on loan, Darren will be the first to hear about it and the first to be given the chance to react. With Diouf and Kiko in the squad taking turns to be the 4th striker, its wise for Wellbeck to gain experience elsewhere. Im not saying Kiko or Diouf are better, only time will tell, but Kikos just coming off injury and Diouf has effectively already been on loan (continuing at Molde) and needs to learn the United way and the way the players around him do things. In the future it wouldn’t surprise me if either or both Diouf and Kiko go out on loan when its their turns.
    The future is bright at OT

  13. Red Devil says:

    We have Kiko to cover for him and young Joshua king hasn’t done too bad either in the reserves!

  14. willierednut says:

    Its a good for danny to go and get first team football there’s no point in him sitting on the bench all season.

  15. Mikael says:

    The lad needs to play and he will not get first team action at OT this season. The championship is better then the reserves and I think it’s a good thing it’s Ferguson JR who’ll be in charge of him for the same reasons Jig wrote. If he’ll get some more experience, bulk up and gets to play in his best position I think he’ll have a future at OT… it would be great with another Manchester-born lad in the team. It’s the best for all parties I’d say, but probably a little bit better for Preston ;o)

  16. Penguin says:

    Scott – Think you’re wrong here.

    Welbeck is a good couple of years younger than Diouf and hasn’t played regular first team football at any level.

    Diouf (who’s 22) looks ready to play (from limited time seeing him in reserves and his couple of sub appearances) and make an impact – Welbeck is still a player who is being given experience and of whom little is expected.

    If we’d stayed in the Cup I reckon he’d have stayed and been given games in that, but he’s not Premiership (and certainly not knockout CL) standard yet so hard to see where he gets much playing time with us now.

    The only bonus of the Fergie Jnr factor is that Fergie Snr will clearly have an awful lot of say in how he is handled at Preston, but I don’t think it goes beyond that.

  17. King Eric says:

    Who gives a fuck if people think Fergie is helping his son. Surely he has earned that right. Can only be a good thing. The Championship is a tough league and it will turn Danny from a boy into a man.

  18. Fred says:

    I don’t see any problem in Dan going on loan to Preston. He’s not pulling up any trees at Old Trafford atm is he?

    He’s a talented lad, nqat. In fact, we’ve got a wealth of fantastic prospects coming through in the striker department: Welbeck, Macheda, King, Keane and Cofie.

  19. Fred says:

    He need to knock that Usain Bolt celebration on the head though!

  20. Dani says:

    Welbeck is going to benefit the most. There are at least three players ahead in the pecking order. Wayne, Dimi and MIckey. And with the cup exit, there would be less chances. Not to forget Macheda coming from Injury (and a possible loan too) and Mame.

    Good move for the talented striker. Will come back harder and stronger to play alongside Cleverley next season.

  21. bigphil2003 says:

    Ferguson Jr made a good point that it wouldn’t have been as easy were we still in the FA Cup – realistically barring some kind of striker crisis comparable to our defensive one (in which case, let’s face it: we’re fucked anyway) then there aren’t that many games for the rest of the season that I see Welbeck getting a chance in.

  22. Dani says:


    Cofie is a really strong fella. Look at a photo of him ready to go up the tunnel and wreck the defense:


  23. Ulster Red says:

    just look how well tom cleverly has done at watford, hopefully danny has a really good 5 months there and learns alot, off topic- 5 or 6 people at carrington today with a bedsheet with “we want glazer out”, hardly a serious protest??

  24. wayne says:

    i think its a good move he’ll get to play regular at a decent level of football.i agree with gig3000 if your going to ship a kid out what better place than fergie jr, its as close as sir alex will have of still having control

  25. Welbz19 says:

    Whoever said danny is cocky is talking absolute bollocks! That IMO is one thing that u can’t accuse the lad of!

  26. Taehr says:

    Diouf looks to be much better than danny…hope he does well in the championship if not flog him out….

  27. Wakey says:

    Playing in the Championship will do him alot of good, he is a bit light weight atm and playing regularly in that league will toughen him up

  28. DEVILisRED says:

    thinks it’s good for danny this loan move.
    firstly, u can’t really see him getting much opportunity with us now thay we r out of é fa cup, a game away from ê carling cup final & into é final sprint to é epl climate comes May.
    secondly, he’s off to preston so u dont really risk him after 5 months of 1st team football to starts considering making a permanent move.
    thirdly, fergie snr will be putting extra pressure on jnr to ensure danny gets plenty of playing time.

  29. The HZA says:

    I personally haven’t been very impressed with Welbeck, but that could also be because Fergie plays him on the wing out of his natural position…

    With him gone, we still have Rooney, Berba, Owen, Macheda (who i think is more talented than Welbeck), and Diouf. Barring a major injury crises I think we should be okay with 5 strikers to last us through to summer.

  30. ProperMancsAreRed says:

    Hello lads.

    Off topic, I Know.

    But does anyone know where I can get myself one of those green and gold scarves? Can’t really afford going to the games anymore, so I was hoping that I can get one on a website somewhere? Link, please?

  31. marvsharpe says:

    Maybe it’ll pave the way for Joshua King to get some minutes with the first team, if in the unlikely event we do have a striker!

  32. marvsharpe says:

    ….crisis. Striker crisis! ;)

  33. Welbz19 says:


    diouf looks better than danny based on what three games as sub and a reserve hatrick! Stop talking shit! Danny scored a hatrick in the reserves at 17!! When diouf has a couple of average performances will we right him off as well?!?

  34. sppibsihmkcrkg says:

    mancaroon, i hope it’s not a permanent move, but it’s happened before. Just coz he’s signed contract don’t mean he’s staying. I’d love to see local striker make the grade at united but never seems to happen.

  35. trevor says:


    Paul Scholes not a local lad?? He played up front or behind the stikers on a few occasions!… A number of years ago mind u!

  36. sppibsihmkcrkg says:

    trevor, ok i meant out an out striker then! I’m 29 n don’t remember one thats done the biz

  37. utdforever says:

    Is Move Right For Welbeck, United or Ferguson Jnr? Yes. Yes. And Yes.

  38. Gee says:

    Its what Danny needs, he isnt being shipped out coz he isnt gunna make the grade at OT, he is being shipped out to gain experience, its that simple. Diouf was always going to come in and go above Kiko and Danny in the striker pecking order and the best way to develop youth is to send them out on loan and to lower leagues especially, so they learn how to battle. The fact its Fergie Jnr only makes more sense coz he will be on the phone to SAF with updates about how the lad is getting on. So this is a great deal for all concerned, Danny gets first team football, Utd dont have to worry about him going stale and PNE get a good striker to improve their league position.

  39. Gee says:

    @ Welbz19

    Id say Diouf looks more composed than Danny at this stage mate and he has been playing first team football this season, even tho it was in the Norwegian league its still better than reserve football and he scored for fun too. Thats why this loan is good for Danny so he can do the same and come back to OT alot more confident in his own ability, coz I think he will score goals in the championship without doubt. Added to that he has let alot of hype go to his head this season (as has Kiko) and needs a reality check coz they havent shown the quality and promise they did last season.

  40. Kenyan-Canadian Reds says:

    Rooney matches Tevez
    London – Manchester United goes into the second leg of the League Cup semifinals against Manchester City with Wayne Rooney in the sort of form that helped the team decide to let Carlos Tevez leave.

  41. Welwank. says:

    Well i havent been impressed with welbeck at all, i think diouf looks much better, quicker, faster etc. Everytime i see welbeck come on i think is that best we have?? i have now given him the nickname of WelWank.

  42. Kenyan-Canadian Reds says:

    Prime Minister Gordon Brown has issued a warning over football finances by saying some club debts are “too high”. Mr Brown, a shareholder in Scottish side Raith Rovers, urged owners and managers to consider the supporters.

  43. Bebeto says:

    A lot depends on how Darren uses him. I can’t be the only one who has become increasingly expasperated by Fergie’s insistence on playing him down the left.

    Seeing as he isn’t in a realistic position to challenge Rooney and Berbatov, I can see that getting in the playing time was Fergie’s main intention, although we’ve suffered during games as a result.

    So, assuming he gets playing time as a striker, you’d have to assume that this move will benefit Welbeck.

  44. Taek says:

    I find this very good news as Welbeck has had some very disappointing moments, especially in the Leeds game. The boy has a lot to learn and I can only hope the time in Preston can bring more quality on the surface.

  45. Blomqvist says:

    Good move for all parties, what little promise the lad showed seems 2 have vanished and to be honest av never really been a fan of his and think he’s a little overrated, he’s greedy tryin ridiculous shots!! Reminds me of bellion but because he came through are youth every 1 bums him.

  46. King Eric says:

    Surpised that people don’t rate Danny. He has scored almost everytime he plays and for the reserves he is fucking top. Just always played out of position recently.


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