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Is Moyes the right man for the job?

Losing to City and Liverpool away was painful, as it always is, but somewhat expected. Our record in both of these fixtures over the past few years under Sir Alex Ferguson has been pretty poor. Of course, you wouldn’t swap the trophies for derby day wins, we aren’t the sort of club that will bring out DVDs for beating Liverpool home and away, but have nothing to show for it at the end of the season. But there’s something so disheartening about the way we have been playing against our hated rivals in recent years. There’s no fight in our team, no warriors tearing about the park putting in nasty challenges and shaking up the opposition, no desperation to get the game won. The soundbites from the players before and after these games are what you would expect, with them talking about how important it is to win them, reflecting on how disappointed they are not to have won, but they don’t get that message across during the 90 minutes. We rarely look as though we want it as much as our rivals in the big clashes these days. When this trend continued with David Moyes, of course it was disappointing, but it wasn’t surprising. It certainly couldn’t be used as evidence that Moyes wasn’t up to the job.

The defeat at home to West Brom was a big result for Moyes, very damaging, but Ferguson had bad results too. That defeat at home to Blackburn the season before last, when they went on to get relegated, cost us the title, and the team selection for that game was shocking. The 1-0 defeat at the Etihad in the closing weeks of that same season, which more or less sealed our fate as runners up and allowed City one hand on the trophy, was down to a criminally defensive approach from the manager. He made mistakes. He got things wrong. Moyes should be afforded those mistakes too at this stage.

The draw with Southampton was the final nail in the coffin for some fans though. We are eight games in to the season and there are some reds, mainly those lurking on the internet, calling for the manager to be sacked. Can you imagine the reaction of these same fans if Chelsea or City sacked a manager after just eight league games in charge? Those clubs would be dismissed as plastic, as laughing stocks, as an embarrassing product of new money.

Moyes is learning all the time and we’re eager for him to learn faster. We want him to get it right straight away. As manager of Manchester United, maybe fans are right to claim that we should have a manager who has the experience to adjust faster than Moyes has. But Moyes is the man the club picked, the man our legendary former manager chose, so we do have to be patient.

Moyes persevered with Ashley Young, the player Ferguson believed deserved to be one of the club’s top earners, but has seemingly come to the conclusion the fans did a while ago, that he’s not up to the job. So instead of playing Young on the left, Moyes has given gifted youngster Adnan Januzaj a starting role instead, and was rewarded with three points at the Stadium of Light after the Belgian scored twice after we went a goal down. Unlike Paul Pogba, who left after being overlooked by Ferguson, Januzaj wants to stay at the club and has committed himself to a further five years with us as a result of the faith Moyes has shown in him.

Week by week Moyes is trying new things out, looking at who works best in midfield, deciding which defenders give us the most solid approach to games, and is adjusting his starting XI and tactics accordingly. He made odd subs against Southampton, but he made sensible ones against Sunderland, so just like every other manager, he can get it right and can get it wrong, and those decisions will win and lose us games.

After eight games, there’s no way we can tell whether he is going to get the big decisions right more than he does wrong. What we can tell is that he is happy to change the team and learn from what hasn’t worked before. He is too cautious and doesn’t get the game wrapped up when he needs to. Maybe he’s so worried about losing that he would rather preserve a point than go for the kill and risk losing? Maybe he’s so used to the more defensive approach required when he was Everton manager and is struggling to adjust? The shift in mentality, as much as he would be keen to adopt it straight away, will understandably take Moyes time. He’s only human. But this is a process, something that can’t be fixed over night, and any transition of this magnitude would take time to settle.

Still, there will continue to be fans who call for Moyes to be sacked, and one day, they will probably get their wish. For some fans it is better to be right than it is for United to do well, so the ones who haven’t wanted Moyes since the beginning will get to feel very proud when the club sack him after he hasn’t done a good enough job. We might not be in Europe, we might not have won anything, but at least they were right about Moyes from the beginning, and that’s what really matters.

Now, those who read the blog regularly will know I didn’t want Moyes as manager. I didn’t, and still don’t, think he’s qualified for the position. Nowhere near qualified in fact. The biggest worry was his Champions League experience, although thankfully, that has turned out to be one of his greatest strengths so far. We’re top of the group after beating Bayer Leverkusen, who are currently 1 point behind European champions Bayern Munich and on the same points as European Cup finalists Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga, and drawing away to Shakhtar Donetsk at a ground where no English club has won.

Still, having no experience of winning trophies, of being in a title race, of managing world class stars, means Moyes doesn’t have the CV that the manager of Manchester United, that the manager of any champions, would require. Now, the only way of getting experience is to go out and there and do it. At Everton, Moyes was at a club that were capable of winning trophies, but this was something he never achieved. He wasn’t presented with an opportunity to get involved in title races there though, as Ferguson had been in Scotland, and just like our former manager, United is the first club where he’s been in charge of the biggest stars, and their egos. But for me, I think the manager who replaced Ferguson should have gained the required experience elsewhere, rather than learning on the job at United.

Ferguson picked Moyes though, whether we agree with it or not, and certainly has more insight than we do in to what type of person Moyes is and what he is capable of. Chances are he won’t see out his six year contract, with the gaps in his knowledge too vast to be bridged in a few years at Old Trafford, but there is always the possibility he will go on to do a good enough job. No one dreamed Ferguson would have gone on to achieve even half of what he did at United and whilst I don’t buy in to this “they’re cut from the same cloth” talk, you have to be open to all possibilities for Moyes, the man backed by Ferguson.

But if Moyes is going to get anywhere with our football club, he has to have support. Wayne Rooney, of all people, has defended Moyes and claimed the players need to take responsibility for their performances. He needs the players on side. If the talk of overtraining is accurate, which by all accounts it is, he may not have their unwavering backing for too long. Moyes needs the support of the club but has already been let down dreadfully by Ed Woodward. The antics of the summer were utterly embarrassing and have meant we have started the season with a squad even Ferguson would struggle to win the title with, in light of the new additions to the squads of our rivals. It is shocking that overpaying for Marouane Fellaini is all we have to show for the transfer window. Ferguson has claimed this week that David Gill is around to help Woodward, so let’s hope in January our dopey new chief exec takes advantage of the experience he is clearly lacking.

Finally though, Moyes needs the support of the fans, even if you’re not convinced he is the right man for the job. The crowd inside Old Trafford and at away games seem focussed on following Ferguson’s instruction of supporting the manager. His name is sung on repeat at every game, passing over the “red and white army” from Ferguson to Moyes. Some fans on the internet are proving to be different though. Essentially, this doesn’t really matter, as whether “#moyesout” trends on Twitter or not, it’s going to have no impact on the team. But the negativity won’t take too long to filter through. As if the press won’t be antagonising the situation enough without our own fans contributing to it.

This isn’t to say that if in three years time United find themselves in the relegation zone that we should all be sitting around urging people to back the manager. There comes a time when you just have to acknowledge that it wasn’t the right appointment, or it wasn’t the right signing, and cut your losses. But for now, what purpose does it serve to call for the manager to be sacked? Who do you think is going to take charge? You’re kidding yourself if you think Ferguson will. There’s no way he’s going to do anything to taint his reputation now. He left on a high, winning the club’s 20th title, overthrowing City as champions, and he’d be mad to wade back in to this now. The reasons he retired are still there and he there’s no way he will be repeating the actions of Sir Matt Busby after the appointment and subsequent sacking of Wilf McGuinness.

We are just eight games in. Eight games! It seems ludicrous that we should even be discussing this right now, although probably fairly predictable. As fans, as supporters, we need to make the best of a bad situation and play our part is sustaining the success of this club.

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  1. M40RED says:

    You just knew they’d score late on. Rooney subbed for Smalling with ten mins to go at 1-0????? What a stupid guttless substitution to make he might as well have just said to Southampton ” go on and score lads cos we are just gonna sit back now and defending isn’t really our strong point this season ” and the interviews after were even more worrying with senior players not accepting that this isn’t good enough and saying shit like ” well it just didn’t fall for us ” well it’s easy to say that after one bad game but will we be saying that the season just didn’t quite fall for us in May?….Now i’m not saying Moyes out at all. I like him and would love to prove all you doubters wrong with a trophy this season. It’s a difficult possition for all involved with United at the moment. And one of my other big worries is can we hang on to players like Hernandez and the like? If he’s not getting games he’s gonna want to go and could we blame him if he does? Stoke is a must win game now. Fuck Europe this season it’s top 4 or bust for us and if Moyes doesn’t deliver then i think all you head hunters will get your wish.

  2. lecho says:

    BTW please stahp making Guardiola a world class coach; he took a team of world class players in their peak straight away from Rijkaard and everything he needed to do was not to break it. He now has exactly the same job in Munich. Again taking over a world class team in its peak.

    The hype about the guy is few times bigger than his actual coaching abilities.

  3. Marq says:

    @king Cantona

    Exactly my point. Thank goodness our match going fans have the class (for now). It would do more harm to the team. Moyes and the team are still being cheered, not because we believe everything is well & good, the cheers are for the institution that is Manchester United, and the bond the fans have for the name, that we go through thick and thin in positive fashion. Manchester have been down to the ashes literally, and we have come back strong. So whatever happens, I will cheer the team, even if it is with tears from my eyes. I don’t tell the club what to do, I just cheer whatever they can do

  4. vinny says:


  5. vinny says:


  6. Savage says:

    How did we miss out on Ramsey? He’s exactly what we need right now.

  7. Huntazo says:

    NO! What is happening to the team is un-acceptable….. you are right about one thing , being a successor to Sir Alex was never going be easy, that i why we believe Moyes was not ready to take up the position as he lacks the experience to manage a team at this level and his now feeling the pressure and will soon lose the confidence from the players as motivation is running low in the changing rooms, as we are already hearing stories about that some players aren’t happy about his coaching tactics. yes its 8 games into the season, but if there is one thing consistent , its the fact that we are a sinking ship and there is no captain. Sir Alex advised DM not to change his back room staff but he went ahead and did it any way and its now backfiring on him. As far as i see it United need to be clear with their ambitions, if we hired DM , in order to groom him to be a world class manager in 3 year time , then lets do that , keep him let him learn and gain experience and a winning reputation for that star players would be willing to join United and then the so called “internet fans” shall be silent as we know what the objective is. But if we still chasing for cup glory and defending our hard fought titles , then DM’s contract must be evaluated at the end of the season…. it would be embarrassing , but such is life and i’m sure we would forget it , once we back to our winning ways. hiring and firing of managers is part of the process of finding the right man for the job unfortunately .
    Lets not let the players down and keep man who is evidently in above his head, because we are embarrassed we made the wrong choice. We are the greatest team in the world , lets not lose the plot now …… GGMU

  8. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    Appointing Rene would be like Barca appointing Pep. Putting someone who developed players and strategy excellently into the driving seat and hoping he has the personality and management skills. It wasn’t all smooth sailing with Pep, he is a lot more firey than he looks and a pretty tough disciplinarian. He definately rubbed a lot of egos the wrong way e.g. Ibramovich, Pique. But he also took Barca to the next level and defined a form of play that made a stamp on the world and shook football. He got the best out of Messi and was not afraid to let big stars go. I think Rene should be given the chance if Moyes fails.

  9. blacksocks says:

    Aaron Ramsey has started the season brilliantly no doubt but he has been injury prone in the past and we’ll see how he gets on for the rest of the season. That said United did make a move for him when he joined Arsenal, perhaps they offered more money or did more to impress him, who knows?

  10. denton davey says:

    Justin10RVN @ 05:10: “Rooney lacks defensive discipline to play the Scholes role or any that need him to patrol a certain area of the pitch, Jones, if he can improve his technical ability and harness his eagerness maybe he could be a destroyer ala Makelele”

    Scholes/defensive discipline ? You’re having a larf ! Have you forgotten all those “tackles”, yellow cards and red cards ?

    TheWayneBoy is simply NOT less-”disciplined” than TheGingerNinja. But there’s no question he’s faster and more athletic than Scholes as well as Fellaini/Carrick.

    Makalele was not a “destroyer” – he played the same role as MC16 has done since he arrived @ OT. “Get in the way, break up their attack, and move the ball quickly” – a defensive equivalent of pass-and-move.

    Mr Jones is used to having the game come at him – that’s what defenders are required to do. So, switching to a more forward role shouldn’t be a problem – maybe he wouldn’t have the same ability as MC16 in terms of breaking up attacks but he would, on the other hand, provide far more energy and drive.

    If, as I’ve suggested (@ 04:45), it makes sense to change personnel AND systems then there are costs AND benefits. Since what worked last year isn’t really working this time around then you have to determine if the cost of re-making the midfield is worth its benefits. In my opinion, it is.

  11. orez says:

    My biggest issue about this for me is that the current United team sucked the pleasure of football for me. The look bad and our games are just boring. I can’t get excited about the any anymore. It’s more of a “Please let the season end so that we can where we are”. The second the club appointed Moyes they assured the transitions will only be in such a way.

  12. Izit says:

    I think the trouble is the magnitude of the job Moyes has taken on. He’s taken the hot seat at one of the biggest footballing institutions in the world- a seat, previously owned, by arguably the greatest football manager the game has ever seen. The pressure must be horrendous for Moyes- imagine taking a challenge like that on? I admire is courage and – even though I’m a Gooner – I hope he gets over this hurdle and cracks on because we all know he’s good at what he does.

    And it might just mean one or two baron seasons but in the long term, it will work out because Moyes is a serious and meticulous man. You can tell he desperately wants to do well but that’s the problem (I think). Once the desperation goes and the belief returns, that’ll translate to his players. Also, if teams think they can come to Old Trafford and have an easy day then they’ll get twatted, it’s as simple as that. United are a professional outfit and I know it’s weird for you lot because you’re so used to bidding things, but…you’re the champions and the most successful English club – all achieved in the modern era.

    I miss the United/Arsenal rivalry because it was two proper clubs going at it – I think those days will return. If we don’t win the title, I want United to win – and I think Moyes has paid his dues over the years and deserves chance.

    Btw…even though I follow Arsenal, I also follow football, hence why I read this blog. For the record, I think this is the best blogging site (about football) on the Internet.

  13. Izit says:

    Bossing things* – not bidding things!

  14. UTD4EVER says:

    should we put Scholes on the speed dial?

  15. pti69 says:

    I personally wanted Carlos Queiroz to take over, but anyways agreed that DM needs our support.

    However, the Everton staff, Steve Round, Jimmy Lumsden et al do not need our support. DM needs better help. SAF handpicked DM, but I think he said keep the staff or something to that effect, so follow SAF’s advice. Get rid of the Everton staff.

    DM should go on hands and knees and beg Rene and gang to come back.

  16. Justin10RvN says:

    @denton davey

    Scholes couldn’t tackle for shit, but he did have discipline to defend his area of the pitch and Rooney absolutely hates having to be in one area. Makelele main purpose in any team he was ever in was to stop the attack, thats a destroyer imo, he didn’t fly in with tackles like Keane but he ‘destroyed’ just about every attack the opposing teams had. I value technical ability infinitely more than ‘energy’ or the ability to run about, and the amount of technical ability lost by replacing Carrick with Jones is staggering, Rooney has the technical ability at times, sometimes his touch resembles a retarded elephant, but Jones definitely does not. We do need energy in midfield tho, someone who can beat a man, get to the box but not at the cost of technical ability, it would also help if our midfield had someone other than just defenders/wingers to pass to.

  17. Chris says:

    @ Izit: Respect mate. I miss the United/Arsenal rivalry too, we have had some great tussles over the years and I remember as young lad bawling my eyes out after the ’79 Cup final!

    Great Wilshire goal at the weekend, possibly the best we will see this season.

  18. Canada says:

    Current fixtures

    Swansea 3 points vs 1 point last year
    Chelsea 1 point vs 0 point last year
    Liverpool 0 points vs 3 points last year (Scouse down to 10 men for entire half)
    Palace *no comparison, promoted team*
    City 0 points vs 3 points last year (Van Persie with assist to Nasri)
    Saints 1 point vs 3 points last year (Van Persie hat trick, otherwise we were finished)
    Sunderland 3 points vs 3 points (Last year Titus Bramble own goal the decider off a Van Persie shot)
    West Brom 0 points vs 3 points

    Could probably make a case for this having everything to do with Van Persie.
    If we give Fergie 3 points vs Palace and move the results to this year, we’d be tied with Arsenal for first.

    This year 8 points out.
    Last year 4 points out.

    Absolutely vital we take max points from Stoke and Fulham, with the Arsenal date afterwards the big one.

  19. mzilikazi says:

    I have supported man Utd for over 60 years, through thick and thin. I have also been a qualified FA coach since the age of 24. During the first 3 years I won 6 trophies so I feel I am fairly competent to comment on the issue of David Moyes. Sir Alex is quoted as saying that getting rid of Stam was one of the worst decisions he ever made. In my opinion that saddling us with Moyes was an even bigger mistake, what criteria did he use to make this monumental decision? The fact that he kept Everton in the Premier league on a fairly small budget is that a good enough reason? Well No it isn’t. Is it the fact that he is a personal Friend of Moyes? Getting closer. Didn’t want somebody to come in and win something in their first three years, something Sir Alex couldn’t. That sounds more like it.

    We now have a manager with no credibility, is arrogant, and listens to no-one. Didn’t Sir Alex ask him to keep his staff on the books to help the transition, Yes he did. Did Moyes listen? No he didn’ now we have a second rate manager with second rate Staff..

    Another failure and one of the worst is having favorites. Giggs,Rooney,Fellani, Welbeck. Ferdinand and Vidic. The latter two are passed it and should have been replaced. Fellani and Welbeck are not up to the standard that United require and Giggs bless him should hang up his boots. Welbeck has managed 3 goals in 15 months yet plays ahead of Hernandez. Fellani is lazy and Slow taking the place of Kagawa who could quite easily play in that position. Rooney is not playing for United, he should have been sold in the summer, he is merely putting himself in the shop window for a potential buyer either in the january sale or the summer when he will be sold for a much reduced fee we could have expected last summer.

    Whats wrong with Zaha seems Moyes doesn’t rate him. Give him a chance he cant do any worse than Nani in fact he might even surprise him.

    Moyes is tactically inadequate, a ditherer and lives in the past, I can think of nothing that makes Moyes fit for the job as manager of manchester United,

    Now we come to the question of who should replace him. My three candidates would be in order of preference 1. Ole Gunnar Solskjar 2. Roberto Di matteo 3. Rafel Benitez. Im sure the first two might come as a shock but in three years Ole has won 2 Norwegian Championships with a club who won nothing for 100 years Roberto won the FA cup and the Champions league in the same season with Chelsea and benitez well he has virtually won the lot.

    If I had my way I would sack Moyes tomorrow before he can do any more damage. He knows and we all know he can’t hack it, its no panic its common sense

  20. TraffordLord says:

    I think Chapman (BBC), a well known supporter of our club, just echoed the most fundamental question to our current situation.

    Ultimately…Will United Change Moyes? or Will Moyes Change United?

    If its United will Change Moyes- My 100% Support, even with birth pains I will stand through thick and thin with Moyes till he gets it right or builds his own team.

    Moyes Changes United- Sorry, you will have to show me that long term this will be a winning formula. How will that work? Forever making conservative/defensive subs and making us “hard to beat” as the primary philosophy? He doesn’t have the pedigree or know how to try an impose ‘his style’ at a club such as United. If he was such a talent, then the top clubs around the world would have been vying for his services….and United are a top European Club.

  21. Sparkz says:

    Are we still spouting this bollocks about Welbeck playing ahead of hernandez? Correct me if I’m wrong, but he’s spent the last year playing on the wing….so whoever’s place he’s taking, it aint Chicharito.

    As for all these people wanting Rene to become our MANAGER lol….the guy has less managerial experience than Moyes. Not only that…but was he not part of the same coaching staff that saw us play some turgid stuff the last 3 years? Yes, you might not wanna admit it but the football we’re playing atm is no better or worse than the latter days of Fergie’s reign.

    “Pep coached most of those players in the Barca B team” – bollocks again. He coached a handful of their first teamers – the spine was already there for him. Valdes, Pique, Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta, Messi (and Toure, Henry and Eto’o in his first season!)

  22. Canada says:

    @ mzilikazi

    Impressive rant, allow me to bring you in off the ledge:

    “During the first 3 years I won 6 trophies so I feel I am fairly competent to comment on the issue of David Moyes.”

    So three trophy-less seasons was it? Or did you win all 3 in season 6? How many in the first few year?

    “Didn’t want somebody to come in and win something in their first three years, something Sir Alex couldn’t. That sounds more like it.”

    This is really where you really lost me.

    “Didn’t Sir Alex ask him to keep his staff on the books to help the transition, Yes he did. Did Moyes listen? No he didn’ now we have a second rate manager with second rate Staff..”

    Ummm, didn’t most of them TURN DOWN the opportunity to stay on? Bloody hell this Moyes, the nerve.

    “My three candidates would be in order of preference 1. Ole Gunnar Solskjar……..won 2 Norwegian Championships with a club who won nothing for 100 years”

    I love Ole, but you’re having a laugh if you think Glazers will give Moyes the kind of money (proportionally) that Ole was given.

  23. Jorge Curioso says:

    >> Thank goodness our match going fans have the class (for now). It would
    >> do more harm to the team. Moyes and the team are still being cheered

    You apparently have not seen the recent fancam videos. Match-going fans are far from happy, and are calling for his head at the gates of OT.

    >> but was he not part of the same coaching staff that saw
    >> us play some turgid stuff the last 3 years?

    You mean the past three years in which we won two league titles and lost the other on goal difference? Pretty decent “turgid stuff”. And, if that’s turgid, what does that makes Moyes’ team play this far, after 20 matches (pre-season, europe, cup and league)? Death warmed over?

  24. King Cantona says:

    @ Izit – Cheers mate. I look forward to a proper Arsenal-United game again! Coming shortly! Two great Clubs.

    @ mzilikazi – Fair enough Sir. You are right Moyes is not qualified and is only in the job as he is a Scot and Brit like Sir Alex. On any criteria other than nationality there are better managers. I don’t agree with your manager preferences though, mine: 1. Klopp. 2. Rene. 3. Ole. Benitez very good manager but being Scouse manager is tainted. Di Matteo – had one good year and possibly got lucky. We need someone consistently good at the top level who can play and build the United way. Klopp is the obvious candidate for me.

  25. King Cantona says:

    @ Jorge Curioso – haha LOL! Exactly mate. And also didn’t RVP say Rene was the best coach he as ever worked with? And he had Arsense before. Rene also oversaw and created the whole youth training programme and we began producing proper stars – Pogba, Januzaj, Morrison, Lingrad – who created their coaching methods – Rene. Also last 3 years some of the one touch football and tight passing we sometime played as well as goals scored were top dollar. Last season we were scoring for fun and I was enjoying every game.

  26. King Cantona says:

    Also Rene was more in favour of bringing youth through than SAF. He would have given Zaha a run, played Kagawa properly – people writing Rene off because he was “just a coach” are stupid and have no idea of the level he was at. He was THE coach at all levels setting the tone and methods for United players at all levels. Top man.

  27. Sparkz says:

    I wasn’t talking about the results we got whilst Rene and sir Alex were here. I’m talking about the football, which was as predictable and rigid as we’re seeing now. There were occasional patches where we played some exciting stuff…but realistically, the quality of our football has been slipping for a few years now.

    FWIW i’m a big fan of Rene and would loved him to stay on the coaching staff….but people who think he should be the manager are having a laugh, so thought I’d remind them that he wasn’t exactly helping us play great football in recent years. Excellent technical coach for players but who knows what he’d be like as a manager and tactician?

  28. TheRedMan says:

    OH My God!!! I’m having the best laugh of my life!!! HA HA HA!! know, if you observe, the tone of the fans over the last year, you’d notice the stark difference, as i did. I see comments of people that carries these exact words “SAF told so…so it mustt be right and the absolute truth” are now saying “You cannot do something just because SAF told you to do so” I’ve got ne word for all of you: POSERS!! You’re following Man Utd because it makes you look cool. But what you do not understand is that being a fan of any team is completely different from what you are right now, let alone being a Man Utd fan. I am a second genration Man Utd fan. My father a lifelong Red, who was there when Fergie took over, tells me that the first few years were the toughest, but what the fans did was to stand by their club. Sure they would comment and criticise about the club’s losses, but they never called for the Manager’s head, they were patient with their club through the storm, and they came out the fans of the biggest club in the world. You know what he said to me after i showed him this comment thread of all you bozos. He said, “For the first time in four decades I’m ashamed to call myself a Man Utd fan” He did not feel ashamed of the club, he felt ashamed of the rabid, thoughtless multitude that calls itself “The Red Army”. Shame on every one of you!!

  29. David Lee Malaysia says:

    @ the Red Man,

    that’s what im talking about. those plastics (not in RoM) during our glory years, never got to experience the dry spell in 2001 (remember we lost 11-15 games, including CL & FA) and 2004-2006. Talking like they knew united culture and cry and switch allegiance when another teams come knocking

  30. LexxytheRed says:

    Dinosaur!!!!! Ultimate Dinosaur Moyes

  31. Kenao16 says:

    Sir Alex after his last home game –


    Most people on here have either not listened to that or forgotten it.

    I haven’t. It’s 8 games you dicks. We’ve all been spoilt with 25 years of success and now you can’t handle a rough patch (which was inevitable). Fucking get behind the manager and team like proper fans coz at the minute, you’re proving all the other fans right who say we’re all glory hunters. I want success more than anything but if we go a few seasons trophyless, I’ll support them not one bit less. Face it, we have a mountain to climb here. Grit your teeth and face it head on.

  32. TheRedMan says:

    @David Lee Malasiya Exactly!!! United is all about facing overwhelming odds and fighting throught them to glory… They were gonna shut down Man Utd after the Munich tragedy, all we had then was a makeshit team of reserves and borrowed players… Not saying this is the same thing, but the point is the club is going through some hard times now, and it needs its fans more than ever…and the fans are crying out for the manager’s head!! I jus hate that the fans of the the biggest club in the world are so spoilt by all the victories that they’ve forgotten how much it took to win all that and these times are a part of the process. SAF didn’t become what he is today in 8 bloody games..

  33. David Lee Malaysia says:

    yes the RedMan and keano16, im sick of some of the glory hunters, mind you i had many friends who supported MU only bcos of CR7 days. In my humble opinion, they are spoilt with success in the past 2 decades.

    That being said King Cantona did got something right. Moyes needs to start thinking that he is managing a big club. We fans will appreciate if he at least tried.

    Until that, I will still stick to my job (IMO) as a supporter.


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