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Is Possebon Ready To Replace Hargreaves?

Owen Hargreaves has been ruled out for the rest of the season following months of investigating the options available to him. After travelling to America, Sweden and London in the past fortnight, it was agreed that Hargreaves would have surgery in a bid to cure his tendonitis.

He has undergone surgery on his right knee which will later be followed by treatment to the left, which will keep him out of action until next season.

This is not the news United wanted to be hearing, with no natural defensive-minded player in our first team… unless we count Rodrigo Possebon.

During the summer Sir Alex Ferguson claimed that Possebon would be getting first team opportunities this season, which we can assume he meant League Cup appearances. However, if Rafael Da Silva is deemed ready for the big stage of the Premiership, who was spotted by the same scout as Possebon, I don’t see why he shouldn’t be given a go also.

The coaches rate him highly and have been singing his praises since he joined in January of this year.

“Rodrigo is a tall, elegant midfielder who fits into the idea of a modern footballer,” McClair told the Manchester Evening News back in February. “He has very good ability and is a steady box-to-box player rather than your silky tricky midfielder.”

Is now the time to give Possebon a run in the team, starting with Stoke at the weekend following his appearance tonight against QPR?

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  1. RedDevil says:

    How about Anderson. Fergie said he would be “a new Keane”. Defensive minded, Fergie may have known about this operation for some time. Andy to play DM from now on?


    personally i have been disappointed with how deep anderson usually ends up playing for us before he came to us he would get forward a lot and was quite attacking minded, however perhaps being in the PS for the last season he had to adapt his game but if anything i would like to see possebon get his chance as a DMF and give anderson the chance to do what he does best.

    but i have to say in all this i can see fletchers role during this season becomes far more important.

  3. TwinnyD says:

    i actually think that possebon will be United’s starting DMF in the very near future.he has all the attributes – he’s strong,great passer of the ball,intelligent,has one hell of a shot,brave,knows how to get out of tight spaces and he’s very good tackler.i would love for him to play alongside anderson,so he can free up the little maestro in then, anderson can play further up the pitch (like scholes) behind the strikers and not get stuck by the halfline.we’ll be seeing him score for fun by then.even though the hargreaves injury is a big blow,i think we can cope with ando,fletcherinho,carrick and possebon.for god sake fergie,leave oshea in defense,plz! dont worry fellow reds,even though we’ve had a bad start this season,by december it will all turn around in our favour. on another note,fergie should start blooding fabio(he’s back from injury) into the first team by using him as a backup to evra or even play him against some weak opposition.just like he did with rafael.what a sight it would be…rafael,fabio,possebon,ando,foster all starting an EPL match.the future looks oh so bright!!!

  4. denton davey says:

    It’s a real pity that Hargreaves has been so injury-prone because he provides that harrying defensive midfield pest – like Anderson, Fletcherinho and Park – which is a useful complement to the more laid-back game played by Carrick and Scholes – as well as Possebon. I think that Possebon looks very promising, indeed. From what I’ve seen he is more in the Scholes/Carrick mold than a harrying pest.

    About Twinny’s point, one of the benefits of “blooding” Fabio will be to free Evra to be an attacking, left-sided midfielder. Neither Nani nor Ronaldo provides real left-sided width, both like to cut inside. Ryan Giggs, Ryan Giggs, alas, is no longer running down the wing. Evra and Fabio will, hopefully, provide that left-sided width which is often not available to spread the defence.

  5. sittingbison says:

    I’ve been watching with interest from antipodean Perth, and it certainly looks like the neviller and giggsy have slowed down considerably and must be on the way out. Scholes looked a too bit slow before injury as well. So its a case of sooner rather than later for Possebon, Rafael et al.

  6. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Rodrigo+Anderson = midfield youth

  7. james f says:

    Possebon and Anderson would make a fantastic midfield duo, but not against Stoke. They’ll be physical, so we need someone more aggressive. Not even Carrick. Maybe Fletcher, if he’s ok.

  8. Hakan says:

    I definitely think Possebon is ready for the first team. In fact, I rate him even higher than Rafael. But I think his style is similar to Carrick rather than Hargreaves.
    Even with Scholes and Hargreaves injured we now have fierce competion for places in central midfield with Anderson, Carrick, Giggs, Fletcher and Possebon. Both Fletcher and Giggs have been more influentiaI than I expected them to this season.

  9. badger says:

    not if last nights display was anything to go by…

  10. suhayl says:


    THE guy can run, great stamina, great fitness, great crosser, set piece taker, free kicks ( fulham arsenal), versatile left side right side, centre mid, right back left back, cruncher, tackler AND great great pen taker..champs lge final and england 06 where he was the only scorer. So all in all A VERY VERY VERY BIG LOSS. Possebons the closest we have got….but sorry…for me he doesnt cut as yet.

    One last thing…we knew of hargos tendifuckinitis and were managing it for 10 months. Why bloody not at the back end of last season send him to DOC steadman and have it diagnosed and done then. Which could have meant he may have been back by xmas. Think we procastinated toooooooooo much with his injury.

    Hope youre back soonish hargo

  11. NickOGS20 says:

    As has been said, Rodrigo is much more like Carrick than Hargreaves. He’s ready but he’s not going to be a like-for-like replacement for Hargreaves at all so in essence he’s no higher up the pecking order than he was.

  12. OTRed says:

    I don’t know yet, Hargreaves has two sides to him, the classy creative Carrick side, and the energetic, put-in-the-rough-tackle-side like Keane. So far I’ve seen the Carrick side a lot in Possebon and he’s been good, but I’ve only seen the Keane side against Boro and Newcastle(i think) when he lost the ball tracked back and put in some good tackles to recover it. I haven’t heard or seen him do that a lot in the reserves so i don’t know if its PART of his game or if it was just a one- off thing. We’ll see though, but so far with his passing and shooting, he’s looking more like the Scholes in his early years that scores goals.

  13. Oneabe says:

    He certainly looks like an exciting prospect, taking account his silky ball-keeping move, passing, as well as control. Sir SAF should rotate him more often in the EPL. Bt i think he should buff up a lil for his height. Then, he might be up to the task against bigger n badder opponents in the likes of Chelski and etc.

  14. Giles Oakley says:

    Hargreaves’ injury is a terrible blow for him and for United. His fighting spirit and energy were greatly missed against Arsenal, for example, where no-one took midfield by the scruff of the neck. I don’t see Possebon replacing him in that respect. What I do like about Possebon, from what I’ve seen, is his ability to make space and hence time for himself, with his graceful first touch as he wheels away from opponents, which makes him more Scholes-like. I hope he gets more opportunities than just League Cup appearances , as well as the other kids. United missed out on Aaron Ramsey to Arsenal despite him being a United fan, because he thought kids don’t get much of a look in at United these days, which is a bit of an indictment at a club with such a proud history of giving youth its head. There’s speculation that Guissepe Rossi – another one who never got a chance- is about to go to Juve for 24M. Let’s see Wellbeck, Gibson, Drinkwater , Foster and the Brazilians given a real break.

  15. Zalee says:

    For me Possebon isn’t ready yet to replace Hargreaves but it doesn’t meant he do not have the quality to succeed Hargreaves.It would be great if Possebon is tutored by Hargreaves.That is why Sir Alex like to mix experience player with the youngster.Possebon ex-Internacional team mates, Alexandre Pato have been played quite regularly at AC Milan (correct me if I made a mistake) but Possebon have the upper hand in learning from one of the great defensive midfielder in the world.We should support Possebon as we are Man Utd fan & we would like to see him be a part of Man Utd future. Forgive me if there something that all of you doesn’t like to hear. And I agree what Giles Oakley said.

    Glory Glory Man Utd!


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