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Is Rio Right About Tevez’s Decision Over Rivalry?

Rio Ferdinand reckons the fact Carlos Tevez chose to join City over Liverpool proves that the scousers are our bigger rivals.

“The fact Carlos Tevez went to City speaks volumes about the rivalries between Manchester United and both Manchester City and Liverpool,” said Rio. “Carlos said he wanted to respect the fans by not joining Liverpool. But he thought it was OK to then join City. That just shows what the biggest rivalry really is.”

Or Liverpool would struggle to meet the £90k-per-week we were paying him whilst City were prepared to pay £150k-per-week? It’s not rocket science, Rio! But is he right about the rivalry?

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    LIVERPOOL 100%

  2. berbatov is a fucking rolls royce says:

    citeh spent too long in the lower divisions in the 80′s and 90′s to be truly classed as our main rival, Liverpoo were always there, year in, year out like a disease!

  3. wazza (Bezi) says:

    i guess the transfer to City was more to do with his house which he had bought in Manchester while he was at United plus also the ridiculous salary City were offering.

  4. Long John O'Shea says:

    Liverpool 100% but City fans are fast becoming as deluded as Liverpool fans

  5. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    tevez not been a full time manchester united player due to been on loan hadnt bought a house and lived in a house that united rented for him and on his last day in it he trashed it to further disrespect everything manchester united gave to him and his family

  6. steve says:


    In that order.

  7. aig alex is god says:

    of course liverpool.maybe because shitty are never in direct competition with us.if that happens we will start hating them equally because the dippers are fading fast.

  8. piggysbeeftrousers says:

    plus the amount of cash city were willing to pay his owners (£45m?!)… they obviously thought they could get more cash out of them than the agreed £25m from us, so it was in their best interests for him to move on

  9. wazza (Bezi) says:

    @GHTT : ok thanks for the info. anyway i had read he did not want to move away from his house.

  10. TK99 says:

    I would say Liverpool everyday.No question about that.

  11. sppibsihmkcrkg says:

    without any uncertainty in my mind liverpoo. They make me hate em more every year

  12. 9jmac says:

    He’s right.

  13. Franco Mizzi says:

    To be quite honest I loathe them both on the same level. For Rio to think that Tevez went to the blue shite out of respect for the fans is pure fantasy. The only reaon he left to that blue crap is because his agent come owner is a greedy bastard and as we all know now there is 17 million pounds unaccounted for. Where did the difference go?? One guess. He is the one who poisoned Tevez and I believe he (Tevez) had very little say in the matter. Still a mouse and not a man. I hope we give him hell on Sunday, that is if he plays. He even had the nerve in trying to convince us that he left because of SAF and none of this is his fault. Same as the other scumbag Manure Adebayor both mercenaries in my book.

    SAF give us a 4-0 victory and lets not give them the pleasure of playing 5 across midfield, play with 2 up front and go for the kill.

  14. mc_johnny_avi says:

    liverpool deffo

    but city piss me off, the fuckers!

    id love for their stand to collapse this weekend

    or am i being too sick?

  15. theboogeyman says:

    Liverpool sicken me,with their diving hero and that tranny and their manager and everything about them.

  16. Park's Dog says:

    Chelsea lol,

    TBH Liverpoo & Citeh are on the same page… apart from both their recent doubles over us (lucky bastards…), we have wiped the floor with them season after season!

    they are our Local rivals but in terms of oveerall I’d say,


    Maybe Liverpool are climbing up that table, but so are Chelsea.

  17. wayne says:

    gotta have tiny tears with you on leeds sister was at college in leeds she got tickets to a utd/leeds game it was years ago i was just a kid bestie was still playing for us.the lead up was really cool got to travel on the train on my own for the first time stayed at a house full of 19 yr old women,but she’d got us tickets in the leeds end it was when leeds were really good and utd were on the decline.they stuffed us 5-1 that day i think mick jones got a hatrick still have fucking nightmares about it.after that i had a major hatred for leeds i used to love going to those games that was a great rivalry

  18. EastStandManc says:

    Liverpool, Leeds, City.

    In that order (just about!).

  19. Costas says:

    Wait. We all know that Tevez chose City for the money. If Liverpool made a better offer, he would have gone there. But it’s nice to have Rio use the cunt’s lies against him!

  20. Dimitar Berbatov is King says:

    Chelsea is my first choice. With Man City second.

  21. King Eric says:

    1. Dippers
    2. Bitters
    3. Sheep shaggers

    I am actually from Yorkshire so despise Leeds and their horrible fucking racist fans.

    Regarding the rentboys I just feel indifference toward those cunts. Harry has hit the nail on the head by saying “‘I am not being disrespectful to Chelsea, but they are a long way from being in the same bracket as Manchester United, because of what United are”!!!

  22. King Eric says:

    Sorry above post should have read Leeds in second.

    East Stand Manc – Ain’t seen you for a while on here. How are you?

  23. Xyth says:

    If Looserpool could offer the same wages as Shitty, he would not have hesitated to go there.

    If he had any respect for us, he would have fucked off in Spain or Italy.

  24. Gary says:

    Is this really a debate?

    I fucking hate them self pity, murdering, hypocritical, scouse twats. They have the arrogance to label themselfs as the so called “best fans in the world” which is laughable. We have Liverpool fans who continue with this “justice for the 96″ when they don’t really know what they are even protesting about. I don’t hear them saying justice for the 39? They refuse to take any blame what so ever for that traggic day at Hillsborough, which was down to a number of things, and one of them things being there own moronic fans. It is no coincidence that 2 major disasters in football stadiums have one thing in common……Liverpool Football Club.

  25. PossePossebon says:

    Liverpool. At least City makes me laugh.

  26. invertedquestionmark says:

    It’s hard to hate City more than Liverpool if you’re not a Mancunian. A lot of Manchester United fans who don’t live in England say ‘Manchester’ instead of ‘United’ – simply because a few people care about City. At the other hand there are a lot of Liverpool fans around the world and most of them are cunts, so it’s much easier to detest them.

  27. KJ says:

    Liverpool for sure. City aren’t our “rivals” since they don’t really compete for anything we want. So in the this sense, Liverpool are our rivals since they are actually genuine competition. City are just Citeh

  28. gingerprince says:

    Leeds Leeds Leeds….I fuckin hate those bastards ….

  29. cantona7 says:

    I am 100% with GHTT and EastStandManc, although i am a Malaysian, my disgust and hatred towards Leeds is far greater than Citeh. I really enjoyed watching what has happened to them.

    But Liverpool, i just cant f*cking stand them. Most of them are all about their history, their 18 league titles. Even the song you’ll never walk alone…

  30. PossePossebon says:

    Yeah, you’ll never walk alone makes me sick.

  31. GreenRed says:


    You are deffo too harsh on that one mate….i hate the bluenoses but… harsh

    The way the media have been making out Burnley will push us all the way to May, forget city and liverpool

  32. Red Canuck says:

    Seems like City fans are gonna be the new Liverpool in saying “This will be our year”

  33. United4eva says:

    There isnt a question here. Everyone knows its Liverpool. City against us is like Real Madrid vs Atletico: Big club vs annoying wannabe. They’re a safe second above Leeds but Liverpool are our Barcelona, the team no self-respecting Man Utd player can join. Look at it this way: When City lose I laugh because they’re like a big joke (the only thing big about them is actually their joke status) but when Liverpool lose I get a feeling in my gut that is similar to when United score a goal. You want to punch the sky, its brilliant! City are a bit like a mosquito. You hate them cos they bug you. With Liverpool it means more…

  34. BD says:

    Agree with United4eva, but players in Real or Barca would be more open to switching clubs than in United or Liverpool. The mutual hatred is just so much more, on a Celtic – Ranger or Boca – River level.

  35. chris kirk says:

    its hard to say… living where i do there are a lot of city fans about (despite not having an M1 postcode; theyre not all from the centre of Manchester despite what they’d have you believe!) but their bitterness can be laughed at somewhat whereas liverpool fans are just about the most obnoxious group of people around, constantly bleating on if any pundit/journalist dares to critisize the club or any one of their players. so for me, for what it’s worth it has to be liverpool!

  36. ZD Casuals says:

    Growing up (in Malaysia), I distinctly remember Liverpool being one of the most followed clubs here, but somehow most of my mates were into a different team that wore red, who had just signed a certain Frenchman…

    Liverpool still has a huge following in Malaysia, probably only bested by the United support (mostly of the johnny-come-lately variety), so the United-Liverpool rivalry is the one I covet the most. The live matches are televised at night here, and we had giant outdoor screens and huge crowds that watch every match, with banter going on between the supporter sets, sometimes almost boiling over. It was awesome!

    A little off topic – Now I live in the US and the pub I catch the games in is always full of Chelsea fans who seem to watch the game but not really invest any emotion in it. Get a beer, look at the TV, stand up and clap when goals are scored, sit back down, repeat. Weird.

  37. Red-Manc says:

    It would of been alot worse if he had joined liverpool. the only reason people are botherd by him going to city is because of the circumstances, purely for moneyy.

    he’s still a cunt though none the less.

    i only hate city when its derby day or leading up to it, there such a joke i dont waste my time on them any other time of the year ;)

  38. mc_johnny_avi says:

    aghhhh fuck i hate city..i fuckin hate every team apart from united! fuck the lot of them!…apart from spurs..theyre allright lol

    they hate us and we fuckin hate them!

    if your not from manchester then you will find it hard to get emotiionally attached to matches against city and liverpool

    chelsea is different, its purely sporting competition which is good for the game because, the better team usually does always win

    but liverpool is a passionate hate

    city are a minor inconvinience

  39. philco says:

    Growing up in the 70′s and 80′s as a UTD fan was not as much fun as it is now. Monday mornings at school were a particular nightmare. So for that alone it has to be the Dippers. The strange thing is though, their fans are still the same, they must be in a time warp. Only this morning i had a footballing lecture from one telling me how UTD should play. Fuckin dippers, I really do hate them.

  40. Jake says:

    and Liverpool would have struggled to pay the reported £47 million transfer fee.

  41. Supermanc says:

    Liverpool who???? City who????

  42. rachelreddevil says:

    for me has to be shitpool they live in the past and it really annoys me cause they havnt really come close to winning the prem except last year when we had a bit of a holiday against them and fulham. citeh second coz of the whole living in our shadow and they think its their time. chelsea third coz they are arrogant and think they are owed something. but don’t really like talkn about any of them coz that wud mean they matter. united for prem, champions league, fa cup and league cup just coz we can.

    ‘Encouraged not burdened by the history that they create, they know what is expected of them. The Are Manchester United’

  43. jespermoses says:

    Liverpool of course because I grew up in the early eighties when they won everything and all we got were a couple of FA cups top keep us going.

    We always had a pretty good record at Anfield back then though.

  44. smokebreaksteve says:

    Liverpool any day.

    Listening to Talksport today, Jason Cundy sneered a bit over Sir Alex’s comments that Liverpool were our biggest rivals, like he thought he was just having a dig at City.Truth is the hatred between us and the dippers is never replicated on derby day aginst City. It is only a watered down version.

    My wife asked me last week who I would hate to win the league most if it wasn’t UTD.I answered as honestly as I could and said I couldn’t bear it if Liverpool won it but if City won it I wouldn’t feel as bad.
    As a Mancunian I feel bad saying that but City have a long way to go before they replace Liverpool as my most hated rivals.Maybe City can’t get a reading on my pathological hatred meter yet because I feel sorry for their pathetic fans, with their pathetic ‘You don’t come from Manchester’ comments and their pathetic ‘Old Trafford is in the Borough of Stretford’ comments and I feel that somewhere on the journey of their rollercoaster a wheel will break and they will end up as the same old Man City that all the neutrals loved but none of them feared. I know and work with many decent blues who love the banter but do cringe slightly at this new found wealth and don’t taunt or brag just at the moment because they feel the same way that I do and are subconsiously waiting for the wheels to come off.
    While I despise Liverpool I also recognise that they have a successful history and if I am being completely honest, a fuckin’ awesome one at that.But we are slowly stripping them of their history with our own success.
    Even the most die hard City fan has to admit that a sugar daddy and a few hundred million pounds worth of signings might buy them a title but where will the Dubai investors be in 10 years when they have promoted Dubai to the maximum and decided to redirect their money to their own country.
    When will City fans realise that this will not be a bottomless pit. These Arabs are buisnessmen and won’t give a penny away.If Newcastle come back up it is concievable they will sell City and buy Newcastle.If their advisors tell them to sell City and buy Lverpool they will do it.
    Live the dream while you can City but remember that for United fans it wasn’t a dream, all those titles and cups were real.

    Just for the benefit of any eavesdropping City fans, I really do come from Manchester, born St. Mary’s Hospital 1968. Live in Manchester and quick straw poll of my neighbours reveals 14 house in street,only 11 houses have any football interest. 4 households are City, 7 are United. Of the 7 United 5 of them hated Liverpool more than City.( Didn’t do it myself but got my 9 year old son to do it while I sat at the computer with a beer).

    Let’s have another debate in 20 Years.

  45. godsloveunitedsglory says:

    liverpool is like a chronic illness…citeh is more of a severe case that lasts for a little while

  46. King Eric says:

    SmokeBreakSteve – Spot on as usual mate, wondered when you would be back on. Those stats are interesting. Heard Cundy tonight, what a cunt.

  47. Scott the Red says:

    As far as I’m concerned, at least City fans are Mancs. The ones that showed up in the local for the European Cup wanted us to win. As I’ve repeatedly said in any articles about City recently, there are plenty of decent ones.

    But at Old Trafford you wouldn’t get a whole concourse chanting about Hillsborough – that just doesn’t happen. Munich chants are far more acceptable within blue support, even if all of them don’t sing them.

  48. RedDevilChampions says:

    Growing up in Kenya, United and Liverpool were the biggest teams, with the most exciting football and top international players like Cantona, Becks, Ronaldo, Giggs, Best now Evra, Vidic, Ferdinand and Rooney and a winning never say die mentality that was appealling – also we saw all their matches on TV. United are biggest club in Kenya, East Africa and also in Gibraltar and Malta (which I have visited). Then Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea,way back Barcelona, RM.but spanish league not so followed. Though the galactico thing does mean everyone has heard of RM.

    City is not hated because they are not known, have no international following, so they are more of a curiosity as in lets see what that little club can do with all that Arab money – they have not registered as contenders so there is indifference to them and unlike Liverpool they have no history, that anyone rates other than their fans. but fair play to them, lets see what they can do, I cant see them sustaining the run they are on and their squad is not that strong.

    I lived in Manchester for a bit so I have some idea of the City rivalry, but then they were a team struggling not to get relegated so no one was bothered about them, Chelsea and Arsenal were the big ones. We need to keep an eye on them, but Liverpool v Man Utd is one game people from all over the world tune in to watch. City no where near there yet – though curiosity factor is there.

  49. RedDevilChampions says:

    @ Scott the Red – you say at least City fans are Mancs- dude you need to wake up and move past the stone age – if clubs in England had only local players, no one would be watching them – how many City or United players are English let alone Mancs?

    The premier league is rich and can buy the best players (also money goes to FA England) because non-locals watch the big teams with all the international players get it??? Why do you think Man Utd has the revenues it does? Because of shirt sales in Salford? That pathetic small town mentality is really illogical and insecure – do you think the fact Park plays makes a difference to Asian support? Where are the sponsors and owners from? If you are from Manchester and support United lucky you, you get to see them up close, but it is an international club.

    The PL is a huge showcase for global talent and the outside investment means the English supporters who are lucky to watch these matches in persons get the best stadiums, best players, and the FA has more revenue. SO England has done well this way by bringing the rest of the worlds attention to its league. The fact Man Utd has so many intenational fans is what makes it a massive player today and what will sustain it in the future are things get more competitive with the money in football.

    Also can you not be American and be a fan on Mohammad Ali or Michael Jackson not be Brazillian and be a fan of Pele??? – talent is univerally appealling – enjoy the fact you have a club in your home town that has that universal appeal and grow up – for United to dominate ad compete it needs to sustain and increase its fan base not winge about why they are not local.


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