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Is This The Face Of Someone Who Wants To Leave United?

Wes BrownIt seems to be a done deal that Wesley Brown will leave United on a free transfer at the end of the season, after rejecting our final contract offer. There has been a divide in the United camp over whether Brown has been foolish or sensible in turning down our offer. Is it fair for us to expect to sign a contract worth less than half of that of Rooney and Ronaldo’s? Particularly when considering he has been a member of our starting XI for so long due to Neville’s injury, and has always been loyal to the club. However, United are his team, and some say he is out of order wanting to leave us just for the money.

United’s recent FA Cup Third Round game against Aston Villa was enough to get any red’s hard beating, with the team leaving it until late on to rap up the game. It was the introduction of Rooney which secured our 2-0 win, after playing for eighty minutes and the score staying at 0-0.

Wes Brown was on the scene to celebrate both Rooney and Ronaldo’s goal, looking as happy as any United supporter. He thrust his fist up at the crowd, his emotion shining through, so happy to see his team snatch the win.

Before Aston Villa, I was certain there was no chance Wes Brown would go back on his decision to reject our offer. However, it’s moments like that which remind us how deeply Brown’s feeling must run for the club he has been with since he was a child.

What do you think? Is there any chance of Brown turning down Newcastle at the end of the season and staying with us?

Wes Brown

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  1. Johan says:

    If he wants to leave, let him leave. we will recover from his departure.
    No player is bigger than the club!

  2. Andy says:

    I certainly would like to see wesley at the club. In my opinion he has done a decent job for the crocked neviller.

    He has always pledged loyalty to the club and its time the club made him feel valuable. Fair enough he is not the best passer in the game but his defensive capabilities are as sound as ever.

  3. Sagar says:

    please stay wes
    please stay.
    The club needs some homegrown players otherwise it will loose its identity.

  4. Jimmy bob says:

    Hope Wes stays he can cover right back and centre half.

    As for the money how much is enough £40k a week is over £2m a year plus he will get a testimonial and we have stuck by him when he missed large chunks of his career due to injury and were continued to pay him

  5. David Chong says:

    I totally agreed with Sagar. It could be the agent at work again here. Football is a squad game these days and no one can be expected to play every single game. While Wes would most likely make more money should he decide to join another club, would that really make a lot of difference to his life style and needs?

  6. smarties says:

    While we both like to have an Evra on either flank, I think Wes provides the right balance for the defence as he is more defensive minded and Evra the opposite.

  7. Andy says:

    agreed sagar….i mean do we frekin have to BUY a player for every damnnnn position.Alan Hutton,zambrotta and the likes can wait. Lets just persist with wes,shall we??

  8. jsos says:

    i do wish wes would stay.. that someone would bend.. its going to be a huge loss for us if/when he goes. could another title win be the shining light to keep him on with us?

  9. JamesGreece says:

    We should cherish players like Brown if we don’t want to become like Chelsea or Arsenal. I definitely prefer him than Zambrotta, however good Zambrotta is. We shouldn’t forget that any new player (with the exception of Evra and Vidic!) needs years to fit so seamlessly in the team.

  10. Ankit says:

    wesley has played his heart out for the club, he must be offered a better contract, he is a fantastic defender and a better team player

  11. Tom says:

    I hope he stays but he has to realise that the reason other players earn so much is because they are almost impossible to replace whereas as good as Brown is, he’s not in the elite pool of talent we have in the squad. I think he has overvalued himself. That’s not to say he isn’t an important member of the team.

  12. Mike says:

    I don’t think he’ll leave for money, but by not feeling wanted by his boyhood club. It’s not about the money…it’s about the club to give him the respect he deserves. ‘Cmon Sir Alex! If you keep O’shea on you must be able to find room in the wallet for a loyal, capable, homegrown true red? He’s not worth a Rooney’s wage… but half? A little cheap in my book

  13. Shahzeem Pasha says:

    if he leaves, i hope he’d still be remembered as a champion.wished he stayed though

  14. KingOfZamunda says:

    Wesley has to stay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t think he’ll make the move in the end, he’ll come good our Wesley!!!

  15. Tom F says:

    I will be gutted if he leaves for another team. I can understand why he’d want to though, for a Man who has been at the club for so long and always remained reliable it must be a bit tough for him to know that every other player around him is getting a better deal. He as hardly missed a game since last March, played very well in the title run in and has helped keep the best defence in the Premier League this season. Though this is Manchetser United, business is business and you cannot let any personal views get in the way.

    He could end up at Everton, which for football reasons will be a better choice than joining he Magpies. Butt and Nev will have to fight over him.

  16. ManUtd9Titles says:

    I agree with most of the above comments and would like for him to stay.

  17. Rick says:

    Hey this is my first post here , I must say this is one hell of a blog . Please continue the good work !

    With regards to Brown , I definitely don’t want him to move .. Please stop quoting some big stars like Zambrotta , Wes Brown beats him hands down …
    The Problem i have seen so far with CB and RB is they should have the capacity to be groomed in EPL mode else they will suffer . Please compare Brown to the likes of Ferrera , Belleti , Finnan , Arbeloa , Sagna etc , I do admit there may a couple of players in there who can better than Brown , however the Major advantage Brown has is ‘The Role of the 3rd CB’ … Pique might be better however he still needs time …Many teams are suffering or will because of the importance of a 3rd CB who can atleast play say 75 % of first 2 .. Look at Hypiia , Alex , and arsenal penalty man Sendros .. When u compare Brown to these 3 players for the role of make shift CB , Brown leads the pack !

    Brown does make some silly mistake and occasionally sleeps in the middle , however he has realized that he has reached his 100% potential , So may be more wages is in his mind …

    If Wes Brown stays people wont notice the difference , however if he leaves we will !

  18. sker says:

    Wes is decent and like any other professional footballer, is only looking for a pay-check that he thinks he deserves. When he goes, I will only hope the best for the lad; the same when Alan Smith left. I sincerely hopes he changes his mind and sign on though because sad to say, I don’t see the board budging an inch after SAF came out saying the final offer was tabled and rejected.

  19. Twinomugisha Robert says:

    Wes Brown is nice guy but i think its playing out of position that is disturbing him perhaps. Apparently he is supposed to play in central defense but playing number 2 seems to be bothering him careerwise. Fortunately there are guys like Vidic and Ferd to play there. He has not let us down in the current position, but he is not a proper replacement for G. Neville and i think Man United should buy Jose Bosingwa, an attacking defender of sorts. The only thing i like about Wes is that he knows how to discipline and silence people like kewel and Malouda, those irritating attackers once they test his boot they cool down rapidly.

  20. Andy says:

    jose bosingwa will cost us 20m, Twino. Do we really need to splash the cash on a rb when the crying need of the hour is an out and out striker???


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