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It’s All About Wayne Rooney For England

Theo Walcott might have scored a hat-trick for England, but their victory over Croatia was all about Wayne Rooney. After Rio Ferdinand brought the ball forward, it was Rooney’s pass that lead to the Croatian mistake from which Walcott scored his first.

The second goal saw Rooney at his best, passing the ball around the box before threading through an inch-perfect ball to Walcott for the second.

The third goal was Rooney’s, after Jermaine Jenas cross to Heskey was blocked by the toe of a defender. Wayne finished simply, side-footing it in to the net.

The fourth goal saw Rooney with his second assist of the night, playing through yet another perfect ball for Walcott to put away.

I wonder what Stan Collymore is thinking…

Other moments of interest? Well there was the Croatian goal which came from a John Terry mistake. Beaten for the ball, he checked to see whether the player was off and away, which he was, before then throwing himself to the ground. The player probably caught him but his delayed reaction upon realising his mistake was good for a laugh.

Then there was James’ calamity moment, where he again came rushing out of his goal, collided with the player, rolled around for a bit before realising the ref hadn’t blown, then jumped back on to his feet. Fortunately for him, Croatia were off target.

David Beckham came on for Walcott and looked genuinely chuffed for the young Gooner. However, Walcott’s performance tonight certainly suggests Beckham will be starting all games from the bench these days. Such an impressive display leaves me wondering why on earth Wenger hasn’t played him for a whole match in the league yet this season.

Elsewhere, Nani, who doesn’t want to be compared to Ronaldo, scored for Portugal, as they went in 1-0 up at half time.

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  1. james f says:

    What John Terry did after his mistake was hilarious (although it was probably a foul). Clearly, he hasn’t gotten over that night in Moscow.

  2. Redrose says:

    Yes, defo Rooney was MotM for me.

  3. Mic says:

    Nah give Walcott all the credit, build him up even if Rooney was amazing, ‘cuz we know when it does go wrong for England they like to give hell to the players and i’m fed up of Rooney always getting it all even though he’s always Englands most committed player.

    Great to see England play well again, about time we had some quality pace on the wings and a striker for Rooney to play off, he really did give Croatia hell and I loved the show boating too.


    Off topic, was Capello right? Do England suck at home ‘cuz of the stick they get off home fans?

  4. Jas Rai says:

    United > England

    Roll on Saturday!!!!! Can’t think of anything else!

  5. Liam says:

    Wow 2 in 2 for Nani, hopefully he can make it 3 from 3 on Saturday

  6. Arsene wanker says:

    Brilliant ,he was outstanding.Hopefully he’ll score against the dippers on saturday.

  7. OTRed says:

    I’m just surprised at the idiotic Arsenal and England fans who think that after one game, Walcott should be a regular and Beckham should be benched.

  8. Tom F says:

    I was watching MUtv… but was pleased to hear Wayne scored. We all know that once he gets rolling he can’t stop.

    Bring on the Dippers!

    Once a blue, always a RED.

  9. Markus Revolver says:

    Good to see what happens to England when StevieMe isn’t in the team.

  10. Kevin says:

    Rooney looked good and played a role in every goal, if I’m not mistaken. I was glad to see the Wayne Rooney we are use to. Hopefully this continues back to United and abuses the Pool like he did Croatia. Eat your words doubters.

  11. jonny says:


  12. Babu Rajendran says:

    Aren’t England fans are all glad dipper sulking gerrad took a nice time to have a surgery…

    I dont understand the rating Sun has given, just 7 for Rooney, he was defending, scored, generated the goal, the best player on the pitch…

    i dont what else a player can give on pitch….

    if this critisim continues, one day he will say good bye to international arena like scholes…

    i am happy for Rooney…i dont care abt the England results…

  13. Patrik says:

    With Rooney on form and Tevez playing great football, where will Berbatov fit in?

  14. Tony Starks says:

    Berba will fit in on the bench!

  15. Just1n says:

    Maybe Capello will have the bollocks to drop Beckham on a permanent basis and pick only 1 of Lampard/Gerrard from now on.

  16. Stephen says:

    Beckham, is now a PR machine for England to try and get arses on the Wembley seats, Rooney superb last night, Terry is too slow and A Hole well was simpley torn to shreds, so all good!!

  17. Jemima says:

    The pass to Terry was poor, plus he was fouled. Unfair to bleme him. Rooney was magnificent, shades of Bergkamp at his best.

  18. Haakon says:

    Anyone up for predicting the line-up for the Liverpool game?

    Back five picks it self, but Sir Alex surley got some thinkering to do with the last six.

    Opt1: Hargo Carrick Scholes – Tevez Rooo-ney Berb
    Opt2: Scholes Anderson Carrick – Tevez Roo Berb
    Opt3: Carrick Scholes Fletcher- Tevez/Rooney/Berb (pick two)
    Opt4: Fletcher Anderson Carrick Nani – Tevez Roo
    Opt5: Rooney Scholes Fletcher Nani – Tevez Berb

    FM formation 4-1-0-3-1: DM C: Carrick, AM L: Nani, AM R: Rooney, AM C: Tevez, FC: Berb (that’s what I’d choose in FM:) because of roo and tevez’ workrate we wouldn’t need more holding midfielders)

    However, the most likely formation in my humble opinion would be a 4-4-2/4-3-3;
    Nani Carrick Scholes Giggs – Rooney Tevez, with berb coming on as a sub. In addition we’d have lots of quality on the bench, Hargo, Anderson, Berbatov, Fletcher, O’shea – all players who can add something to our performance.

    Fletcher might also be handed a start as he always performs well on big occasions, in addition to having started the campaign well. Oh. Sir Alex really have something to ponder about, the permutations are endless. Can’t wait till saturday, really curious about the team sheet. I’d but some money on Berbatov starting on the bench!

  19. Christovski says:

    Your football manager line up is missing one player. ;)

  20. Stephen says:

    Terry is too slow! I didn’t blame him for the goal, I blamed him for the Davis James being out of his goal to mop up his lack of pace.

  21. Haakon says:

    LOL ofc. Its Ronaldo as AM R and another AM C in Rooney – I’ll opt for Park or Fletcheradona as AMR and Roo as another AM C.

  22. Lukenestler says:

    Tom F: “I was watching MUtv”

    Great comment mate, you’re a legend!!

    Personally I was out to dinner with my old man when a friend called to tell me the score. All I asked was “how’s Wayne doing?”

    United > England

  23. FailsworthDevil says:

    Tevez Berbatov


    Nani Anderson Hargreaves (if fit)

    Evra Vidic Rio Brown

    Van Der Sar

  24. john ferry says:

    Rooney should be the man of the match. Without his 2 assist and 1 goal, the match would have been a lot closer (1-1). John Terry was comical as always.

  25. FailsworthDevil says:

    John Terry is a bottler… total utter wimp… cannot stick him… how the hell is he captain of England…

    Rooney was awesome last nite… will give him the confidence for Saturday as well… not that any of us reds were ever doubting him

  26. Jemima says:

    The pass put Terry in trouble, really harsh to blame him Steve. Agree that Rooney should’ve been man of the match, but only saw second half. Who got it Walcott?

  27. Stephen says:

    Walcott, in my humble view Terry is the most overrated/paid footballer in the world, he has no pace or passing ability Carvalho/Rio bail him our constantly.

  28. FailsworthDevil says:

    Damn right Stephen…. I dont know how the hell he got vote for uefa defender of the year…. Chelsea let in more than us in champs league… they got beat… we didnt… so surely we should have taken the best GK and best DF awards…. bizarre if you ask me.

    Jemima…. your not a Chelski symphasiser are ya by any chance?

  29. Stephen says:

    With a name like Jemima I am sure HE is!

  30. FailsworthDevil says:

    Stephen… im sat here pissin myself mate lol !!

  31. Kings says:

    Just pleased he scored, purely because of the confidence it will bring for the dippers game in terms of getting on the scoresheet, not that he needs it anyway! on another note, Tevez’s sending off for Argentina could turn out to be a blessing, as he would of flown back earlier than scheduled due to his suspension from the next game – nice one Carlitos!!

  32. Jemima says:

    No FWD, not that’s it relevant to anything you shitheap. LOL.

  33. FailsworthDevil says:

    Shitheap?? Is that scouse for a Council House?


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