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Januzaj can’t play in Champions League… for now

A few eyebrows were raised when it was spotted that Adnan Januzaj, who had a good debut appearance for the club at the weekend, was left out of our Champions League squad.

However, David Moyes has revealed that the reasons for this is because the club will be able to register the 18 year-old as an additional, available player from the third group game onwards. In the meantime, however, Januzaj will be ineligible to face Bayer Leverkusen tomorrow night and Shakhtar Donetsk away on Wednesday 2 October.

“By 7 October, Adnan will have been at the club for the length of time that will allow him to go onto the ‘B’ list,” said Moyes. “It means he will become a youth player [for the Champions League]. If we had put him onto the ‘A’ list now, then we would never have been able to class him as a youth-team player. So we needed to wait for two games to do that.”

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  1. GreatShudi says:

    The manager is always in charge that I will never critisize or castigate the manager.

  2. 0161-Jon says:

    Thank fuck there’s a good explanation, I was very worried he was off on loan when I saw him not on those A and B lists.

    He bossed it on Saturday when he came on, transformed the team.

  3. Squeaky says:

    Even if he was available, might be a bit cavalier to throw start him against Leverkusen don’t you think? Going forward he’s got obvious talent but considering Evra has been our unofficial left winger for years now its important that Januzaj knows how to defend & track back properly as well.

    Young should start on the left tomorrow. Or, if Moyes is feeling frisky, throw in Zaha for a CL debut. He’s obviously got a lot more experience than Januzaj and he tracks back brilliantly, so it would be less of a risk.

    Januzaj will have his time, but I would like to see Ferguson’s policy of not rewarding young players TOO soon. 20 minutes v 10 man Palace and suddenly everybody wants to throw money at him. Thats not exactly sustainable is it? Give him a contract by all means, but if he’s having his head turned by other clubs thats no excuse the break the bank with him.

  4. Rd54 says:

    Okay this time for safety moyes ,more than agree for put zaha start tomorrow night ,I think wilf are also more than ready

  5. Rd54 says:

    But adnan a contract are most hurry issue

  6. Trevor says:

    Januzej is a great prospect but Moyes will have to be careful and coax him into the team with easier
    Teams at the start until he is confident to let him loose
    I also think Zaha is far more advanced to play in the first team

  7. Costas says:

    Did Ronaldo have the same issue 10 years ago?

  8. Sushi says:

    I’m curious is Winger his natural position? I was under the impression he could play in midfield as a CM or number 10??

  9. The One says:

    Squeaky @17:26, well said mate.

  10. ChrisW says:

    I hope we don’t have a repeat of the Pogba debacle.

    It’s not really to Januzaj’s avantage to sign a long term contract right now. Why wouldn’t he wait to the end of the season when he’s shown what he can do and got lots of other clubs clamouring to buy him for next to nothing? Then he’ll get a much better deal.

    We should sign him up right now to a generous two year deal, just to make sure no one can steal him next summer.

  11. denton davey says:

    squeaky @ 17:26: “Young should start on the left tomorrow.”

    You must be joking – AshleyBloodyYoung should not play for UTD ever-again !

  12. Squeaky says:

    @The One – cheers.

    @Denton Davey – leave him alone will ya? If he buried that pass from Anderson what exactly would you have to say for yourself? He scored 8 in his first season and was a solid player. Last season he wasn’t good enough, so thats one solid season & one below average season. This is his third year & he’s already showing improvement. Also, right now he’s not keeping Nani out of the team. Nani will be back for City and probably LFC. Im just talking about tomorrow.

    Moyes strikes me as a smart man, he should be telling Young to go out there v Leverkusen & shut everybody (like you) right up. Come on, if young scores twice tomorrow your jaw will NOT hit the floor because you already know he has that in his locker. Everybody has a dip in form. Young will step up his game. Stop hating!

  13. Rukky says:

    Squeaky c’mon so because he did that one thing yesterday he has now become good overnight? We played against palace’ but he and valencia could hardly create chances!!!

  14. Rukky says:

    Dont get me wrong he’ll probably start tommorow and benifit from team support but he and antonio simply are’nt good enough and don’t fit into the winger tradition i have followed for years

  15. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Squeaky – no offence but you need to lower your expectation with young. He is, at age 28, a squad player. Nothing more, I think there’s always,the platform for him to prove people wrong but he hasn’t got it. I think he should be filling gaps and coming in for injured players or at best, come on to run the clock down for the rest of his contract which has one year to run and can’t see him getting a renewal.

  16. DreadedRed says:

    Nothing else squeaks like a good old Parker.

  17. Squeaky says:

    @Samuel – none taken. If you notice, I never said he’d be permanent left wing. We’ve got loads of options on the left now, and they are all squad players who should follow the managers instructions. As frustrating as it is we should never be a club where players or supporters dictate who plays & where they play. Very few lads in our squad are good enough to occupy permanent positions.

    Guess im just not as quick to write Young off thats all. Who writes off a player after 3 appearances anyway? You do realise last season was his first in 6 or 7 years where he scored less than 8? (not sure of his exact stats but its something like that). I wouldn’t bet money on him not getting 8 this year put it that way.

    We agree to disagree on Young, all good.

    @Rukky – what is it with people selectively reading what I write? No offense mate but I’ve said it clear enough. His first season in a United shirt he was the business. 8 goals form midfield and he was assisting goals as well. V good squad player. Last season he wasn’t good enough. this season is a new start.

    So no… im not saying he’s become good over night, im saying he HASNT become shit overnight.

    I won’t even start with Valencia or i’ll be here forever. But he’s another player being written off too soon. Both lads can do a job for us, and we’ll probably see both tomorrow. Far too early in the season for all this fatalistic set-in-stone talk about who is worthy of the shirt. It all sounds daft to me.

    People were talking shit about Welbeck after last season, he’s not good enough etc, and look he starts this season with 2. Im just not on the edge of my seat waiting to throw our players under the bus thats all.

    When the manager lets the player go, thats when its over. Until then? I support the squad. And yeah, if he did score that goal half his critics wouldn’t be saying half the shit they are sayng now. Thats how it works.

  18. barry2112 says:

    We all know that last season young was terrible nani was terrible and Valencia was terrible but they are all we have as zaha has a lot to learn and kagawa is not a winger i didn’t agree with the,signing of young but had an ok first season but will support him like we all should as he tries hard and gets back to help evra i think that he needs to take a little bit more responsibility as doesn’t seem to go past a player he cuts inside and expects somebody else to be creative nani not consistent enough and Valencia to one dimensional defenders know exactly what hes going to do and because of this hes slowing the game down if he doesn’t get the ball played to him as hes running at pace hes lost i think that hes more of a rb than winger but they are all man utd players so i will support then as we all should do and i hope that they prove me wrong

  19. Treble2015 says:

    Lol at Ashley Young should start. I respect your opinion squeaky. But how can you say Young should start he was avg in his first season. He played well in the first five games when we were on fire and against Arsenal and Spurs and the one game against Basel where he got the equaliser. He is not good enough. He should not be starting. Id rather Welbeck on the LW than young. Zaha should get a chance considering how poor Vally and Young are playing. I get Vally being given the Benefit of the doubt but Young has never proved anything and has never been spectacular against top opposition thats not from the two weak London sides. He is massively over rated and dives way to much. Hes on 130k a week i can think of Aspas who plays for Pool who is a better player than Young yet he only cost 9 million. We need to stop paying these ridiculous fees for these prem players that are not good enough and same for their wages. We can go to Spain and find 10 Janujazs who play Youngs position. I strayed from the point but Young is not a guy who should be playing for us. I am pretty sure Zaha cannot do anyworse than Young hes been abysmal and its ashame hes started our last but his only major contribution was his diving. Young out.

  20. scholes says:

    not a big fan of young and certainly not a fan of welbeck of LW either. welbeck is tenacious but when does tenacity assumed the role of paramount quality to qualify for playing for utd

    it saddened me to learn about adnan’s ineligibility. he has the power to make you fall in love in watching football.

    i would love to see rooney, rvp, nani in classic 4-3-3 against bayer. fellaini, carrick (or anderson) and kagawa as MFs with evra, smalling/evans, vida and fabio as defenders

    deep down i know, giggs will select himself to start. arghhh

  21. bayoRed says:

    Seems I really cannot be objective when watching United. Coz before I came on here I thought Young had a good game, maybe not throughout the 60 minutes but he did get past his man, put in decent crosses and had a shot or two himself. I thought he did more than Valencia especially in the latter stages. I might be wrong but I think gets too much stick on here. However his managers (SAF , Hodgson and now Moyes) see differently than most of you concerning Young.

  22. bayoRed says:

    Januzaj and Zaha on the other hand deserve a chance and I’m glad Moyes is prepared to give them a fill in easy home matches.

  23. MyCowIsTheBest says:


    Well those are United fans for you. Quick to praise, quick to loathe. And short-tempered too. They read a line they don’t agree with you, off you go.

    But there are also a lot of brilliant commenters here. Just need to filter those noises out.

    Valencia was the both the Fan’s and Players’ player of the year. They forgot that. Same will apply to Januzaj, one miserable game and they will say he should never start for United again.

  24. roboo7 says:

    Looks like man city are looking to snap up januzaj really hope he signs a new contract.

  25. Ricky147Redman says:

    I like the explination. Stops guessing and worry. Glad he came straight out and said it. I know performances are not the best but i do get a feel the team is statting do get a bond. A bit of a buzz about it.

  26. Daniel88 says:

    If you are good enough you are old enough. He has to start getting games or he will leave. I would like that to be in the first team but if we have to loan him out then so be it.

  27. Peter says:

    Januzaj should start instead of young who is crap, we should also give Zaha a chance.

    Young was a waste of money he still ain’t adjusted to Man U and never will
    He is just a average player who shud of stayed at villa.
    Atleast Valencia works hard and creates goals even though he had 1 bad season.
    Young has been poor since he came to united he gets shrugged of the ball to easily, he is like a birds feather.

    Good luck Red Devils with the derby.

  28. Fadds says:

    Januzaj will be bigger than Ronaldo one day.
    I have been following this kid for about 8 years now.
    For anyone who understands a bit of football can see that the Januzaj is pure class.


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