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Januzaj: Everyone wants to play for United

Adnan Januzaj has been one of United’s more impressive players on the pre-season tour so far. The 18-year-old knows United tend to send youngsters out on loan but he is hoping he can stay with the club next season and get some games for the first team.

“My target for the season is to try and get some games for the first team,” he said. “I have not spoken to the manager about it yet but I would prefer to do that rather than go out on loan. That is what I came here for. Everyone wants to play for Manchester United.”

Januzaj has explained that the language barrier caused some problems for him when he first joined the club but that his team mates, including new player/coach Ryan Giggs, have been a great help.

“For the first few months when I came here it was very hard,” said Januzaj. “But gradually my English started to improve. I could speak to other people and connect with them. Now I feel confident and happy to be with the players, and in particular Ryan Giggs. Every time I need to ask something I go to Giggs. He helps me quite a lot.”

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  1. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Ashley young credited for tracking back? Sorry, I didn’t know he was purchased for his ability to chase cheese backwards. 20million quid outlay on a player significantly below par as an attacker and at soon to be 28 isn’t going to improve. Defensive tactical awareness for an attacker should be a bonus, it isn’t mandatory. The fact that ashley young, a supposed attacking wide playet/midfielder only has “tracking back” as an highlight of his career at united says it all really, he’s another example of a player stepping up to the highest level and looking lost, it isn’t an experience thing nor confidence, he simply.lacks not only the technical skills needed at the level united play at but also the mentality. He’s got two years left, enjoy it while it lastt ashley, it won’t be renewed and hopefully the likes of lingard, januzaj e.t.c gradually start shifting him. If united need defensive wide men, they’ll get bob from the bluesquare premier.

  2. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    There is the talent of being an exceptional player and then there is the talent of being a very good player who does not ever do very much wrong. Valenica had the talent of doing everything pretty much right and occasionally being exceptional. Other than last season his consistency in defence and attack was brilliant.

    What made Valencia so good was you could bank on him not making the careless pass, losing possession, defending, being available to receive the ball, covering for his full back, generally passing and crossing well, being very aware and reading the game brilliantly.

    So he did not need to be Ronaldo or Beckham, he was better than both in some ways but not as talented in others, it evened out to an excellent player who was one of Europe’s best wingers a few years ago. If he can get back to that he will shine again. He is also a brilliant foil for the more mercurially “talented” Rafael, always covering for him and linking well. Knocked in a few goals too. A beast on the ball does not get pushed off it.

    Had he not had that leg break and those injuries he might still be that level or better. I think Valencia, injury free will get back to a higher level this season. He is double teamed a lot, he needs to work out how to handle that a bit better and to improve his crosses. One thing that he could do a bit better is time when to cut in and pass a bit earlier if he is heavily marked.

  3. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Basically valencia rarely takes risks on the pitch and therefore his errors are minimal, it isn’t really a compliment to him as a player becauss that equates lacking the necessary technique and belief in using them. Good solid player but you have too much of them and not enough match winners at the highest level then a team is in trouble. I have no issue with valencia and he justifies his presence within the squad, more so than young and i’m sure he’ll play an important part again but he’s a limited footballer, he isn’t technically strong enough to out-wit those defenders double marking him and he isn’t flexible enough to shift into other attacking positions. He won’t get any better than he currently is but the job he does for the team is justified and he has a,strong mentality and work-rate, I can see why he plays but I don’t buy “he’s a cover for rafael therefore he should be picked”, quality speaks and if better attacking players are performing, he’ll take a step back. Valencia will be at united though, he isn’t anywhere near under threat of being thrown out, he’ll be needed for his role.

  4. xyz says:

    @RDK – I agree. Although we at United maybe can’t throw stones in this situation given our injuries over the last few years, but I wonder how Everton’s squad coped in the last couple of season with injuries? Moyes’s tough training is well known and I wonder if the Everton squad was more or less robust as a result. Maybe a question for Scott to ask an Everton fan in “View from the Enemy”?

  5. aaronDS says:

    True story
    Wel Id have to say when we signed Micheal , I wasnt too optimistic . I was bitter with RVN leaving and we paying over the odds for Micheal upto 16 or 17 mil . Spurs had snatched him up a couple yrs back for less than 3 mil or so . It was crazy enough and he got NO16 , my fav player till date Keanos legacy to be followed by an absolute antagonist of a player . hardly say a word , do a job and just pass the ball without getting much involved higher up the pitch .Never remember him getting MOM except once away it was I think .Spurs had got Dimitar that season and on the cheap , Levy Genius , have to admit . Spurs get players off us during negotiations and it has to be his doing . anyway We had Alan smith who was a fan fav and hed be growing into you every game . his effort on the pitch was second to none , yeah ex Leeds and all but we had Rio too so lets get on with it I thought . After Scholsy anD Saha he was you could say most interesting player then . Micheal offered you no suvh entertainment nor sorrow . He was just present you know . on the pitch nothing more ..(Heinze just remembered was one cocky character , loved his tackles . )

    SAF trusted MC more and seasons gone by although Darren really really stepped up and offered the next best post Keano era . MC was bad defensively was my opinion then and probably took his time to read the game at the highest level , In europe Id probably curse him for everything . Definitely not hia fault for being handicapped as a CB against Barca but You wondered if he had any whatsoever defensive mind at all .he left me jaw dropped whole game in the thrashing of Roma 7-1 after.we.lost the firat leg . My mates consistently got back at me when Id judge him.after that . ” Boy you remember the Roma left foot curler., Or do I need to show it again” Id realise he had alot to.offer but
    It was annoying the way european players got past him just like that you know .

    All that has been so distant a memory now. Hes really mastered his role at Utd now and is a first team starter and well.deserved . Hed definitely muat have worked.his day in day out and Fergie saw that , thats important in football . Hed be a proper player a proper role model and now he deserves all the plaudits . Hes the best we got in CM by far since Ginger moved on , Id give any one stick now for judging him because hes won me slowly but forever . Just a request never to play CB but Id still vouch for him if chosen .


  6. Al_Ameen says:

    Adnan and zaha will be revelation in the comin season.. I heard nani is in talks with Monaco, that will be perfect for us atleast we will get some cash from him.
    Velencia have tabled a bid to lure hernandez for a season loan i think it will be good for both parties because he will be playing week in week out for a complete season he will come back stronger and by then RVP will be thirty that means he will gain immediate starting spot in the squad. Lingard should go out on loan.. Nani 9-10 mil. Ando 8-9 mil. Lindergaard 5 mil. Those are the players that should be sold plus rooney dats if we sign another midfielder possibly Fabregas. We don’t need bale because it will be a waste of money. No new left back should be signed for we have fabio and butner as potential back ups. Giggs is a living legend and appointing his as a player coach is the best that moyes has done so far…. GGMU

  7. mjcRED says:

    It is shocking that a player so one-footed and one-dimensional as Valencia can make the position out on the right his own. At least with Zaha in the mix it might mean a bit more variety, guile and invention with our attacks.

    Also, unlike so many on here, I’m not convinced pretty-boy Tom is the best that we could hope in the middle. Given his age, he should be far more composed and commanding on the ball. I’m not convinced he has it in him to step up to where he and the club needs him to be.

  8. mara says:

    The fact that those Barca players talk that Cesc wont leave Barca, seems to me too stupid. Obviously guy is thinking. players didn t talk to Cesc, but they ‘know’ he is staying. Maybe i m wrong, because in life a lot of things dont have sense. He stil nas time to come back to Barca.

  9. rosskelly78 says:

    Love the picture of Ronnie link above

  10. Ichie says:

    Just thinking aloud. How about us putting a bid of 5m for Oscar and leak it to the press, then get Jones and Welbz to Crow about how we had missed him.

  11. safichan says:

    I have a great feeling that we are not going to sign any other player this summer…but nevermind…this is man utd…we are the great man utd…

  12. Bobby Charlton's Combover says:

    @mjc Red – agree about Cleverly. I said at the start of last season that it would be his time to show what he was made of and I remain unconvinced.

    @samuel – agree also ….Valencia…limited but worthy of a squad place…young worthy of the firing squad.

  13. lordrt says:

    We’ve got some talented young players around, hopefully Moyes mixes them up with the first team and give them the opportunity to develop their potential further.
    Moyes has been branded a ‘dinosaur’ by dutch fitness coach Verheijen following RvP’s thigh injury, while also saying Moyes assistants were clowns, let’s hope Moyes and co. shut his mouth up for good…

  14. mara says:

    For those who say i m always negative…i like that Moyes talking to fans how negotiations are going with Cesc…but i would give few mills more if that is going to brake Barca

  15. mara says:

    I mean if we offer 40…we can give and 42,43…

  16. mara says:

    I would like to see Wenger s face after we sign Cesc hihihi…if we sign him. I don t understand why he is mad about RVP or Cesc…we are not competition…they are fighting for 4th place and we for 1st :) we are not same level

  17. kanchelskis says:

    I’m gonna be uncharacteristically optimistic here, and say … By now, if United thought the Cesc deal wasn’t going to happen, they would’ve called the whole thing off. I know Barca are being publicly resistant, but surely we must be receiving some encouragement, either from Barca or from Cesc’s people, that there’s a possibility of this going through.

    Moreover, it’s clear that Cesc hasn’t ruled out the idea of a move himself. If he was happy at Barca and dead set on staying there, he would’ve said so by now.

    That’s not to say it’s gonna happen, or is even likely. There’s still loads of tricky hurdles to clear. But surely United wouldn’t be persisting with the situation if they thought it was a hopeless cause.

  18. Wakey says:


    Personally I think 6 months on loan would do him wonders providing we are careful with the loan location. At the moment he is too lightweight for the PL but is too good for the u21’s where I seriously doubt he could develop fully. Somewhere where he would not only Improve his upper body strength but more importantly get the chance of game time so he can learn how to combat situations where opponents are stronger and more physical.

    RE:Zaha and Lingard
    I personally don’t think a loan for Zaha would be the worst thing if its Crystal Palace where he will get PL games. The among of PL game time he will get for us this season is debatable although will obviously depend on what players may leave and who may come in.

    Lingard looks more ready that Januzaj. Being older he is more physical developed so he should be kept around as a 1st team player UNLESS there’s a PL club who would guarantee him game time who would wan to take him on loan. If he is going to get more PL experience elsewhere than at United I would be worth looking long term and taking that rather than short term. But we need assurances on game time

    Again he is one of these foreign players who I don’t think would fix our issues this season. Even if Fletch does come back and hasn’t lost anything we need someone who can be relied on this season while a younger player with no PL experience adapts

    RE: Cesc
    I think he wants to leave. When Barca players start commenting about a player you know things aren’t as clear cut as Barca want people to believe.

    Perhaps because physicality is an important part of English football. Skilful players don’t get a freekicks when a player gets within 5 yards of them like in some foreign leagues. Players need to be able to hold their own which means a combo of ‘bulking up’ and learning how to nullify stronger more physical players. Last season Kagawa, Hazard and Oscar all struggled with that side of the game which saw much of their season being about flashes of genius rather than consistent top level of play. Even Ronaldo didn’t really come into his own until he got stronger and learnt how to play in England.

    And all these players were at a later stage of their development when they came to England than Adnan is. Its rare for a player like Rooney to come through who has both the skill and physicality to break through at such a young age.

    @The One
    Thiagos contract clause meant there was no requirement to contact Barca first. We couldn’t technically trigger the clause ourselves as its a ‘Player Buyout Clause’ so the player had to decide he wanted to trigger it and then sign a pre contract. Its only then that the clubs need to talk and that’s only to hammer out the details of how the players current club wants the player to pay

    I would be highly surprised if the debts gone by 2016. Debt in a business isn’t bad and most companies have some debt. They will no doubt reduce it further but they are more likely to keep a certain amount and just refinance it further for lower interest rates.

  19. parryheid says:

    Song the latest to tell us Fabregas is at his dream club and wont move.Ha another boost to my transfer hopes,this is just the Rooney scenario in reverse.Sure to happen

  20. Bobby Charlton's Combover says:

    Cesc will have to decide if he wants to be at the fulcrum of our team our a bit part player for Barca.
    The new manager is a setback as he wasn’t overly appreciated by Tito whose now left. Still, I’m optimistic we can get him.

  21. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    @ Bobby Charlton’s Combover

    Barca new manager is a top top manager in South America with an excellent track record of turning weak teams around. He also successfully coached Paraguay. He is a top fixer upper and uses methods of some of the same coaches who massively influenced Pep, though he is broader in his methods. He was a very good player.

    He has however, never coached a team that is at top level to begin with like Barca but his football philosophy is excellent and he could I think be a very good signing for Barca and also bring fresh new tactics to Barca to give them a second wind.

  22. King Eric says:

    Dannysoya. Totally disagree mate. 06/07 season, his first season Carrick was excellent with Scholes. His only dodgy period was after Rome for about 18 months. He’s fucking class and I for one have always been a HUGE fan. He’s one of best in Europe. 08/09 season he was class. As I say he’s averaged about 50 plus games a season. I’m well aware of the stick he’s had on here and frankly it’s been a fucking disgrace. Now every cunt and his dog loves him and pretend they’ve always felt that way. Not you pal by way. Over his time here he’s been one of our most important players. As NBI said he DID start seasons slow but a Spurs fan told me that when we bought him. Laughably Red Issue claimed not long after Rome and his penalty miss at Burnley that he was getting help for being an alky. Yeah course he was.

  23. King Eric says:

    Oh so Dutch fitness coach now weighing in with digs at Moyes. Oh been with the squad on pre season have you, you cunt? Yeah because under Wengers genius crew he was NEVER injured was he. Don’t see Everton players getting many injuries. Sick of every jealous cunt coming out the woodwork and having a pop.

  24. Stretfordend ryda says:

    Hope January stays we can’t go through the Morrison/pogba fiasco happen again!!

  25. RedHarry4Life says:

    how about Rooney +$15mil for Bale?(or Ronaldo)


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