During their time off, Adnan Januzaj and Luke Shaw decided to go to Dubai with a member of the backroom staff in a bid to get them in great shape ahead of the pre-season. Januzaj has spoken in more detail about what he achieved from this extra training.

We decided to do it because this season we have to do better than last season. Last season, I didn’t have many games but this year I have to be fit and get as manygames as I can. It was our own decision [to take a fitness coach from the club with us] because I wanted to work hard and achieve something this season. I think it has helped already as I feel I am getting stronger. Over there [in Dubai], it was about 50 degrees and it’s quite hot over here as well, so I think we’re used to this weather and maybe that is helping me more. We were working hard doing a bit of other sports too. We also worked on the pitch with the ball. When it’s 50 degrees, it’s hard but hopefully it helps.