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John Arrrrrne Riise, ooh ahh…

John Arne RiiseNever will I be Chelsea’s greatest fan, but I may have been confused as one when watching John Arne Riise put the ball in to the back of his own net this evening. As the clock reached the 94th minute, Chelsea, who had been dominated for much of the match, broke in to the Liverpool half. Kalou whipped in a cross which Riise, who is painfully left footed, didn’t feel confident in dealing with on his right foot, so instead opted to swoop down, heading the ball in to the roof of his own net.

The dippers have had more than their fair share of luck so far in the competition, with a penalty awarded for and not against them in the quarters versus Arsenal, and horrendous refereeing saw them play against the 11 men of Inter Milan for just 80 minutes of the 180 in the two legs in the round before.

Now Riise, far from a fans favourite in Merseyside, may have scored the goal that knocks them out of the Champions League, with the last touch of the game.

Wow, you just couldn’t write this stuff.

Fancy laughing at the dippers? Join us.

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  1. jimmy Bob says:

    couldnt happen to a more mouthier player or a worse bunch of fans.
    still never mind at leats moscow will be saved their fans mugging each other for tickets or attempting to storm in the ground without paying and pushing the blame onto any one but themselves

  2. jsos says:

    haha jimmy bob – you said it all. great post!

  3. k9 says:

    Hahahaha…Dipper shite mate. Extremely funny stuff…

  4. Tom F says:

    Am I the only one who had mixed feelings about this game?

    Yes, I wanted the Blues to get a result. I didn’t want it to be a big a boost as that ahead of the match that decides if we have to keep playing for the title beyond the weekend.

    Also, I dreamt of a Mancester United v Liverpool Cup Final.. which I only wanted if we made it to the final and if I knew we’d win. A loss against the dippers would be far too painful.

    I am also glad that Chelsea are still in it because it means they’ll be half focussed on getting zi Russian BIG BOSS the Trophie he’s always wanted since ploughing all his money into Chelsea.

    I am a bit concerned that while Chelsea only travelled to Merseyside on Tuesday, we had to go to Spain on Wednesday… I bet Avram Grant didn’t mind that when he was whinging about fixtures favouring Arsenal and United.

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  5. Stephen says:

    I agree, could not decide who I wanted to go thru.

    Liverpool in the final would be great but if we lose I could’nt imagine anything worse. Chelsea looked pretty poor Terry has to be the slowest most overated footballer on the planet oh bar Makelele.

    I suppose the only thing we can do is go thru, Fergie will probably play Ronnie up front with Park and Rooney out wide hargo, carrick and scholes in the middle

  6. CHRISPUS says:


  7. Anant says:

    i want a final with the scouse . much as i hate them , i hate the chavs more . no self respecting football fan would want chelsea to win the biggest prize in europe . also i fear them more than the dippers if we run into them in the finals

  8. Lukenestler says:

    So let me get this straight: an ugly ginger bloke scored for Liverpool, and another ugly ginger bloke scored against Liverpool…but both of them actually play for the Dippers? That’s pretty funny.

    Still, I was dreaming of sending them home from Moscow. Think of it this way – if you can’t win then by default you can’t lose – either way one set of scum gets knocked out and we get to knock out the others if we can get past Barca.

  9. John says:

    John Arne Riise has just been arrested on the M62. Apparently he was heading in the wrong direction! ;)

  10. sid P says:

    How is this good news for united ? if we manage to beat barca, surely we would want to face the scouse who are a far inferior team then chelski ? i for one was devastated that ginger knobhead scored in the 94th…this means we can look forward to seeing that grumpy twat in Russia and his bilionare oil barron buying up all the seats so they have an advantage with respects to the crowd.

    much as i hate to say it, utd liverpool are an easier match to win and we should all hope for a miracle that allows them to beat chelsea in the second leg. If drogba, cech, joe cole and essien all break a leg then more the merrier…but laughing at the scouse who are absolutely no competition is just silly.


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