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Jol: Wes Brown Is A Wizard

We got our first win of the season yesterday, but today’s talk revolves around the penalty decissions referee Howard Webb got right. On first viewing, Vidic’s challenge on Berbatov, as well as his blocked shot by Wesley, you’d be forgiven for thinking Spurs should have been awarded a penalty or two. However, video replay shows that clearly neither incident was a penalty. That, of course, doesn’t stop today’s press giving United a hammering. Pete Gill at Football365 writes, “The Daily Telegraph prioritised scandal over sense, permitting ex-Liverpool defender Alan Hansen to devote his entire column to the apparent conspiracy. Hansen’s version of events is so myopic that it borders on a lie. The entire 700-word piece collapse on the fallibility of his centre tenet – that ‘Wes Brown clearly handled the ball.’ Firstly, from Webb’s vantage point, Brown clearly did not handle. Secondly, replays are inconclusive and tend to suggest, as the player insisted, that the ball struck his chest. That, too, was the verdict from Hansen’s colleagues on MOTD. Presumably, Hansen was among those seething Liverpool supporters who demanded an apology from Rob Styles last week. It will be fascinating to learn if an apology to Webb is forthcoming from Hansen later this week.”

However, Martin Jol has confirmed what we all knew about our fans’ favourite Wesley Brown. He is a wizard. “Everyone could see it was a penalty. You would need to be a wizard to keep that ball out. Brown used everything like a goalkeeper – but he’s a defender.”

We’ve got Wesley Brown, we’ve got Wesley Brown, we’ve got Wesley, we’ve got Wesley, we’ve got Wesley Brown.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    you say its a correct decision cos yer a utd fan. they were both obvious penalties, n yer an obvious twat for sayin there not.
    i usualy want utd to win the title, as the lesser of four evils.
    but after the refs performance yesterday, and the utd fans denying they get the decisions and fergie bein a gerneral twat, its chelsea for me this year.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “video replay shows that clearly neither incident was a penalty.” followed quickly by “…replays are inconclusive and tend to suggest…”

    Sorry, but you’re contradicting yourself there!

    “the verdict from Hansen’s colleagues on MOTD.”

    Ah, the ever reliable Lee Dixon (ex-Arsenal) who practically pissed himself laughing when Spurs lost to Sunderland?

    I’ve seen more posts/articles/etc today from United supporters convincing themselves it wasn’t a handball, than from Spurs fans, the majority of whom just can’t see how they’ll ever get a fair game at Old Trafford!

  3. Scott the Red says:

    I say it’s a correct decission because I’m a United fan? So what excuse is there for the MOTD team and, amongst others, stating they weren’t penalties? They’re all United fans too?

    And the cameraman who filmed the footage? Or the television crew who must have doctored the footage to show clear replays of the ball coming off Brown’s chest? United fans too I guess?

    You seem to like calling people twats. Surely a neutral who supports Chelsea for the league, because of a ref making correct decissions in one match at Old Trafford, does not have a lot of room to be calling other people names :) Although, let it be known, we will miss your support this season.

  4. Anonymous says:

    As a Spurs fan, I thought on first view that it was a pen, but after the 15/16th view, it wasnt. Berba made no appeal intially when colliding with Vidic, whether it was to get to the ball or not is debateable. But in all honesty your team are not at the moment anywhere near either Liverpool or Chelsea, too many new faces..too many old ones!

  5. Scott the Red says:

    And no Rooney, Ronaldo, Saha or Neville. 4 out of our first choice 11 currently out, with newbies unfamiliar with the team to fill in.

    As a Spurs fan, I’m sure you know what it’s like to be missing several first team players.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Media mayhem

    In your article you object to The Telegraph for the biased way they report on the game. Just to balance this, reading the Times , and Martin Samuel you get the absolute opposite view.

    Surely a neutral writer would argue both sides of “was it” or “was it not” a penalty.

    I suspect neither the Telegraph or The Times writers report what they see but write the articles to blindly follow the editorial lead they are given. Northern Spur

  7. Paul says:

    The TV replays show nothing, which is enough to say that the ref made the correct decision in not giving a penalty. If the TV replays had showed ball/hand contact, then the ref had been understandably wrong in his decision, but if slowmo enlarged tv replays can’t show anything, how do people expect the ref (from a similar angle) to see anything.

    Lee Dixon, ex-arsenal and also a massive Man City fan is actually a resonable good (as BBC goes) pundit. Alan “have a shave” Hansen has lost something over the last couple of years of sitting next to Alan Shearer – mental capacity

    btw, calling people twats is just tedious and smallminded – it brings nothing to the conversation.

  8. Anonymous says:

    How many away players have been awarded a penalty at Old Trafford in the league for the past 5 seasons? I think the answer is 3, Gary Speed for Bolton in 07, David Dunn for Blackburn in 03.. I’m not sure of the third one though, can anyone help out?

    Have a gentlemen’s bet on with a Liverpool fan, he claims that there have been no away penalties at Old Trafford in the past 5 seasons.

    Although if anyone has stats for Anfield or Highbury that’d be great. To get penalties you have to first attack, not many sides go to those stadiums and play all-out-attack football. Course United being involved it must be a conspiracy.

  9. Scott the Red says:

    The answer is three, anyonymous?

    There were TWO penalties awarded at Old Trafford against United last season alone… Wigan and Arsenal. Baines scored for Wigan, Gilberto missed for Arsenal.

    Don’t come on to a United blog, quoting incorrect stats you’ve picked up from some ABU.

    Your dipper mate clearly knows fuck all about football, and you can pass that along :)

  10. Red Ranter says:

    So when’s the Ole tribute coming? :)

    I bet you will have far too many things to write! (Probably that’s why it hasn’t come yet) :)


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