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Jones: Don’t Write Us Off

Phil Jones has set his sights on United getting to the top of the table by the start of next year, with City having some tough games to play between now and then.

“City have done fantastically this season,” Jones said. “I am not taking anything away from them. But they do have some tough games coming up. I don’t care how good you are, teams can be put under pressure. This is a difficult league to be in. It would be nice to reach top spot by Christmas. But it is not essential. Don’t be writing us off if we are not there by January.”

United’s remaining 2011 fixtures
Newcastle (h) 4th
Villa (a) 8th
Wolves (h) 17th
Fulham (a) 16th
Wigan (h) 20th
Blackburn (h) 19th

Average league position of opposition: 14th

City’s remaining 2011 fixtures
Liverpool (a) 6th
Norwich (h) 11th
Chelsea (a) 5th
Arsenal (h) 7th
Stoke (h) 14th
West Brom (a) 10th

Average league position of opposition: 8th

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  1. Entropy says:

    Excellent attitude. To be honest am a bit skeptical. But that’s just me. Hate watching the club I love not be at the top all the time…

  2. voice of reason says:

    Great stuff. Games coming thick and fast. Won’t be that bad of a winter.

  3. manc_sam says:

    United will be top by Jan – Absolutely no doubt about it !!!

  4. thunder cats says:

    good that he has the focus & desire. Typical manchester united stuff. Hope he gets success. Personally I won’t blame him for that OG or other errors against benfica(according to few fans).
    We shld remember he played 4 games for club & country within 2 weeks. Dats too much even for a 19yr old

  5. Park Life says:

    I’ve been saying this for the last couple of months. Liverpool is looking lively and Arsenal are a different team to the goons we played. I hope they can upset the city train a la Napoli!

    If we can go on a run I have no doubt we will be on top spot for the new year!

    Come on United!!

  6. sayyidhashim says:

    Anything other than 18pts from those fixtures is totally unacceptable with the players we have

    Lets hope Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal give them a better game than us or Spurs did

  7. ivanscholes says:

    liverpool seems to do better against the so called ‘bigger teams’. Heh, told my friend i’m hoping for a favour from them this weekend.

  8. wayne says:

    I personally don’t rate Newcastle very high,the team works hard but think the league position is a mirage,looking at the rest of games Utd could sweep 16/18 looks definitly on.

  9. Costas says:

    Hmm. I’ll feel a lot better about our prospects after we win the Newcastle, Villa and Fulham games. Toon will be a tricky fixture and we haven’t won at Villa and Fulham in 4 years.

  10. CedarsDevil says:

    Costas – Interesting stat about Fulham and Villa my friend, however in those 4 years we won 3 titles, so not wining there might be a good omen! hahaha

    Morning all

  11. WillieRedNut says:

    It not just about us winning some games. The bitters will have to slip up. Hope it starts this weekend.

  12. Costas says:


    Hi mate. Lol, if only good luck charms worked like that. It depends on each season, that’s true. Those 2 games weren’t costly in 08-09 or 10-11, but they were in 09-10. And I have a feeling that if we want to keep up with City, we have to do better this year. Like we did at Everton.

  13. WillieRedNut says:

    Furthermore, I will be wanting the dippers to win one game. I won’t be supporting them(perish the thought) Just want them to win one frigging game!

  14. CedarsDevil says:


    I hear you buddy, watching Liverpool v City games over the years has always been pure comedy for me…. This will be a real test for the bitters, Liverpool will be full of confidence (and shit) after their win at the Bridge


    Too right, if only they did though!

  15. Costas says:


    Nah, don’t expect anything from the dippers mate. They might win, but I certainly won’t be rooting for them. Not after the way they opened their legs for Chelsea 2 years ago. Twats.

  16. wayne says:

    I’m not a huge trend fan because teams change from year to year so think its more coincidence than anything else,obviously teams get Up for Utd at home so always going to be a battle away.Some of these smaller clubs have smaller pitchs which can’t see working in Utds favour

  17. friveluss says:

    well one of my favourite quotes, iv forgotten the exact words but it states that the difference between what you are and what you want to be is what you do. and tbh i will start listening to our players telling us what they are going to do once they pull together a string of good performances, win or lose, dusn matter, just put your money where your mouth is lads.

    iv been hearing all this “comeback” talk since the city game n they have played well once against benfica on tuesday.

  18. King Eric says:

    Costas – Hello mate. I don”t think the dippers can afford another Stevie Me moment. Anyway he won’t be playing. They believe they can win the title, which they won’t, but also desperate for top spot. On their day in big games they can beat anyone. They will beat the bitters on Sunday.

    Entropy – Ha. We are second mate. Its not like we are in the bottom half. United are always perched around second, third or fourth at this juncture. The pressure is now on City being at the top.

    sayyidhashim – Unacceptable if we don;’t win EVERY SINGLE ONE of those games? Anything can happen in football and any team can beat any team on any given day. Yes we expect wins for those games but it isnt unacceptable if we don’t.

  19. King Eric says:

    *desperate for FOURTH spot*.

  20. Einsi says:

    The mother of all matches will be:

    Saturday, 28 April 2012
    Barclays Premier League
    Man City v Man Utd, 15:00

    next game after, against Swansea at home. 3 points. The last one against Steve Bruce at Stadium of Light and again few min before time, Bruce will shake hands with Sir Alex to congratulate him, this time for nr. 20.


  21. CedarsDevil says:


    I like your way of thinking

  22. Indian Devil says:

    One important thing to note is out of those 6 games we play 4 at home and that’s an advantage in itself.

    Would love 18 points but I think we’ll get 16, which won’t be bad as I can see the bitters dropping 7 points in that period and that’ll leave them level with us on points and for sure then the rest of the season will be fun.

  23. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Jones is a good level headed lad. Also like his attitude about the own goal v Benfica where he has said it won’t worry him as those things happen. We fans need to take some responsibility as well. The slagging of Evans, Carrick and Berbatov over the last 2 years has been a complete disgrace in my view. Especially Evans who if still young. Need to provide a foundation where these lads can bounce back from adversity. They get enough crap from the media. Why do so many fans feel they need to back up the media. I prefer to back our players.

    As to the difference in schedule between us and Cittay. We have played alot of tough games. We don’t play another top 5 team until Jan23 or summat. Cittay also play Liverpool again on Jan3. We will see how the table looks after that.

  24. KingOfStretfordEnd says:

    Not to be forgetting those tasty carling cup matches coming up, i’ll be watching every single one of them. Ah, i just love this time of the season. And atm, i’m thinking arsenal and pool have a better chance against shitty than chelsea. oh man, why i am making it sound like they’re so good. Rubbish.

    Anyway, our squad’s gonna get tested quite a bit more than the other top 4, just like always, but we have a good strength, so should be fine. Cos i expect us to go through after Basel, and beat Crystal Palace too. So we’ll be in the run for 3 competitions. Oh wow, and the FA cup too. Whereas, shitty may not be going to next rounds of the CL. As well as chelsea, scousers and arsenal, since they’re playing each other in the carling cup so either’s gonna get out of at least one.

  25. utd_fc says:

    I have faith in the team and I know they have it in them to close the gap with City but what about the CL now? With City almost out of it they’re gonna be solely focused on winning the EPL which won’t be helping us at all

  26. TonyBee says:

    Memo to Jones:

    Less of the quick attention seeking comments….just concentrate on your game …..theres a good lad….

  27. CedarsDevil says:

    Memo to TonyBee

    Post more often you old fool, I love your posts

  28. King Eric says:

    TonyBee – Hey up pal. How are you? I don’t think he is seeking attention, he was probably merely asked a question in interview.

  29. MUFCUM1 says:

    We’ve QPR away aswell scott

  30. Redbilly says:

    United- fc. Good point. I myself wanted shitty to progress on all fronts only to with fuck all at the end. I must admit , if city are primarily focused on the title ( they are not interested in the Europa , who is?). That would intensify their focus and we don’t want that do we.


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