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Jones: I’d Have Snapped Someone’s Hand Off For 40 Games

Phil Jones is pleased with how his first season has gone with Manchester United, after playing in 40 games in all competitions. Only Wayne Rooney and Patrice Evra have played in more games than our youngster, who turned 20 a couple of months ago.

“It’s gone really well,” Jones told the official site. “If anyone had told me at the start of the season I would have made 40 appearances for Manchester United I would have snapped their hands off. It’s incredible. I didn’t expect it this season. It was relatively easy to adjust because at Blackburn I always saw myself as a player who likes to get the ball down and play. That is what United love to do, get the ball down and play. The players have also helped me and made me feel so welcome. There is definitely an element of personal intimidation. You always raise the question to yourself. You wonder: ‘Am I good enough to be here?’ But the manager has shown faith in me. Perhaps I picked up a few injuries at the wrong time in the back end of the season. I couldn’t really get my match fitness back. I was in and out of the team. But now I feel good, fit and fresh. Hopefully I can finish the season strongly.”

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  1. Red Tash says:

    The season is not over, yet ROM is already gripped with Transfer Speculation Overdrive.It will be an interesting 3 months when we are linked with every man and his dog.Good thing is that we have a new kit that ‘might’ just deflect all this talk.

  2. MG says:


    Yeah but you know mate players change there minds don’t they – being polemic and all and knowing that only God knows


    I’ll say it was a serious discussion as my brother put it – but it all has to be taken with a pinch of salt – at the end he’s 28 – same situation as Berba – only thing is he wouldn’t go for 30 odd million if he’s going.

    What you can’t deny is that he’d be a brilliant signing – what you can deny is that nothing has happened yet.


    But to have the son of Cedars at OT?


  3. MG says:


    I agree – of course there is a Cedars factor in it as well


  4. MG says:

    Talking about the new kit…


  5. Jeet says:

    Nothing else to say but :lol:

  6. Sandeep1878 says:

    Evening reds,

    MG- hello mate,

    You know lot of Hindi words and bollywood stuff!!

    where you from?

    that is decent enough enough knowledge about India for a foreigner ;)


    Robin Van Cedars won’t play for us..



    Hello mate..

    Evra was not the evra before he joined us..

    Not telling Baines is a great player..

    You never know when the players step up when they join us..

    you will need no examples, we have plenty..

    so i cant be disappointed if we are linked with Baines, he is a decent player, not in the best category, but certainly room for improvement and has potential IMO..

    I think the PL experience will be a key when we sign a left back..

  7. Red Tash says:

    Yep and the imminent signings aka Neymar,Messi,E banks Blake,Fellaini,Rivaldo and of course the evergreen Nzonzi.

  8. Redbilly says:

    Dazbomber- he is. Fergie will sign RVP and bastian the beast of bayern. Fuck , that Would make the press. Personally I Wouk forgoe

  9. Redbilly says:

    Dazbomber- he is. Fergie will sign RVP and bastian the beast of bayern. Fuck , that Would make the press. Personally I Wouk forgoe the edge on talent for some real hard bastards bastian et al

  10. Redbilly says:

    Love being a red. Adversity and disappointment really brings it home . An amazing club , values history people . We are lucky.

  11. Redbilly says:

    Prior to signing RVP. can SAF ensure a cardiac response team is on call to perform cardiac version on cedars. :-)

  12. MG says:



    I’m from England mate!


    The only Bollywood stuff I know is everything pre 90′s after that I have no idea – The old stuff is the best stuff

    These days I’m too busy writing my own screenplays – not Indian ones though lol wouldn’t know where to begin!


  13. Redbilly says:

    Sandeep – my GF is of punjabi origin. Food to die for mate . Never visit a curry house these days , home cooked is. Vastly superior . ‘ none of that gora shite for me :-)

  14. WeAreUnited says:

    I don’t understand, why people say we should always after the players who plays good against us. NO. It’s not the case, not for me. It’s about knowledging talent.

    If barcelona, real, bayer and say Milan and all other superteams wants to buy for example Muniain or let’s say Hazard, can we say that they are blind and stupid? OR are we? if 5 of top 5 teams wants to get a certain player, maybe there is something into it??

    of course we maybe don’t have the power to buy, but it’s not like others are stupid for buying SUPERPLAYERS and winning?

    spending is not always the options, but when you have great players infront of you, you gotta do something. Or should we mmiss the opportunity and stick with decent players who aren’t United bound.

    barca bought fabregas and Sanchez -> crazy right? won nothing OR?= bayern bought 1-3years ago? robben and ribery and gomez–>crazy? real bought Ronaldo, Özil, benzema, di maria->crazy, Milan->Zlatan-> crazy? ManUtd -> Young ->Crazy? I acknowledge tha we reached the finals and won the league for the 19th time, but yesterday was yesterday.

    not saying we should splash, but if certain teams makes their team stronger, why should stay the same? if we stay then we just ned to stick with the team and hope that maybe Sir Alex knows it all.

  15. CedarsDevil says:

    Redbilly / MG / Dazbomber

    Cheers for talking up my son fellas……..Cannot see it happening to be honest but if it did, bloody hell, what a player we would have on our books and as Redbilly says I would need emergency help from cardiac failure!! ha ha

  16. CedarsDevil says:


    We are indeed lucky mate, some do not realize what a blessing it is to be associated with United

  17. denton davey says:

    Marq @ 03:04: “I believe we need 1 starter & perhaps 1 backup in case Cleverley & Anderson sleep in the treatment table again. And to me Kagawa seems to be that backup.”

    First, let me apologize if I misquoted you earlier.

    BUT, second, are you serious – “Kagawa seems to be that backup” ?

    I know that UTD fans always over-rate their own players – doesn’t everyone ? – but are you suggesting that Shinji Kagawa who was a full-time starter for the back-to-back Bundesliga winners will be signed to back up YoungTom who (like Anderson) seems to be injury-prone and – perhaps unfairly – can be said to have flattered-to-deceive in his few starting assignments for UTD ?

  18. Sandeep1878 says:

    Evening reds around the world,

    MG – share your screen plays when done mate, good luck.

    Redbilly – you lucky bastard ;) yeah Punjabi girls are gorgeous, good at cooking, stylish and modern..:)

    Cedars – will you stop with your son?

    He cant even score a penalty against 20 year old rookie goalie ;)

    and you want him at United? are u outta your mind? :P


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