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Jones: Moyes prepared us really well to beat Arsenal

Ahead of Sunday’s victory over Arsenal, there were question marks over whether David Moyes was capable of outsmarting Arsene Wenger tactically.

A deserved 1-0 win showed Moyes got it just right, with us scoring when we were on top and preventing Arsenal from having any dangerous shots on target. David de Gea had just a couple of saves to make all game and both of them came straight at him.

Phil Jones has revealed that in the days leading up to the game that Moyes talked to all the players individually so they were clear on what job they had to do. Jones, a contender for man of the match, totally restricted Mesut Ozil over the 90 minutes, but wasn’t alone in putting in a great shift.

“The gaffer set us up in a certain shape all week,” said Jones. “He went round individual players and prepared us really well. It has shown that has worked. The game needed energy, especially in the middle of the park. We needed to close people down and make an effort to win the ball back. We made it really difficult for Arsenal to play, especially in the first-half. We limited them to very few chances and coped with it really well. It was one of those games where, no matter where you play, it was just great to be involved in. It was a fiesty affair and tackles were flying in. The crowd were up on their feet and when you get a win like that it just makes it ever so sweet. Robin does that in training every day. He’s a top player. It was a great ball by Wayne, who was terrific. His workrate was excellent. Those two are on fire at the moment.”

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  1. WilliamAR says:

    @NBI Red Moysey

    Thanks lol, That is exactly what I was trying to say earlier regards the high paid job, i just wish I was able to put it like you did earlier lol.

  2. man.utd20 says:

    What a committed, disciplined and tactically superb win. Very impressed by how Moyes setup the team. I think the team didn’t need motivation for such big games and Moyes did well to setup the team in good defensive shape tucking in the wide men to cut out passing angles.
    Hope this is the motivation we need to go on a run of wins and get to the top by the new year as Rooney said

  3. tallestreD says:

    @WilliamAR yea no disputing that.

    Now papers write anything to sell. Why would we get players only for them to be cup tied and hamper or stampede youth development?

    And can someone just tell me how Zaha rarely gets a look in..he can’t be that bad, can he?

  4. Mes says:

    A moment of twatter brilliance:

    “James ‏@gloversmusings 4m
    @BBCSport this is bullshit. Carrick patched up 4 AFC game, misses England. Why not patched up for England and miss MUFC next match?”

  5. Red Devil Disciple says:

    @NBI Red Moyesy true a long way to go yet let’s hope for the best from the best.

  6. WilliamAR says:


    Yeah the press can be a bit over the top. As for Zaha i think he has a lot of raw ability and maybe it’s worth breaking him into games against lower opposition just to iron out the over use of step overs but there’s no doubt the guy is very talented.

  7. DreadedRed says:

    The grandmother at the centre of the Rooney sex scandal has testified in the phone-hacking trial that she did not sleep with him, but told him to get out of the massage parlour before he destroyed his career.

    “I recall Wayne Rooney visiting the massage parlour with other males. Four days later he came on his own. I pushed him into a room and told him to put his hat down, get out of the massage parlour before he was destroyed and his career was over”

    He wasn’t there for sex, he was returning her false teeth.

  8. John says:

    @TO ALL FELLOW POSTERS OF ROM…1). Gingerprince18…2)dynnosoya loves usain bolt…3)king cantona…4)WilliamAR…5)mes(not sure 50/50), JUST IN THIS THREAD!!, LOT MORE ARE THERE IN OTHER THREADS!!…===The Truth… THESE ARE ALL DIFFERENT USER NAME OF 1 SINGLE POSTER, read the writing style and presentation pattern of opinions..TIMING OF POST…this is my last post in ROM..thank you guys, have fun!!..@The Truth…sorry mate, I knew it from very beginning but i’m sure you will have fun, you have made this blog interesting, continue mate but credit where it is due, you are a true football fan….hahahahahahahaha..bye!

  9. Mes says:



  10. DreadedRed says:

    This place is a laugh a minute. Good bye John.

  11. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Why would united need to buy the entire dortmund team to get the best out of kagawa? This is united, he has to adapt himself to this club not the other way round. He’s not the only attacking midfielder played on the attacking left, those playmakers actually prefer coming off that side in order to influence games. Mata, nasri, etc. They all do it and to be honest, i’ve seen kagawa improved, he is starting to get to grips with that side with evra. At the end of the day, this is not kagawa’s comfort zone anymore, he won’t have everything set for him, he still has a lot to prove and he must continue to influence games. Kagawa is not shunted to be ab out and out wide man, he is combining in-field, he should be grabbing more games and making an impact. All I read is ifs and buts, how things aren’t laid for him like klopp did. I’ve said and stand by it, the big players make an impact somehow, kagawa needs to show his mettle and lately, he’s starting to improve.

    If united would buy anyone from dortmund then it would be gundogan, he’s a complete central.mid. Seems they may have an eye on that sporting lisbon player too as they keep scouting him. another complete central mid

  12. Mes says:

    John, classic mate.

    True story, I’ve been rumbled. I don’t post much as I’m too busy being WilliamAR and telling myself I’m being a bully, plus posting absolute rubbish I don’t agree with as King Cantona, and not forgetting Gingerprince, Dannysoya and erm, anyone else? Wait yes, you, I’m you too.

    Why am I talking to myself?

    I’m Brian and so is my wife…

    Seriously, you must be joking right?

    Classic WUM from what I’m seeing.

  13. tallestreD says:

    Awwwww!! John not john is been overly dramatic. Get going already!

  14. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Mes – it’s laughable isn’t it? I can’t remember lacking creativity before kagawa was ever heard of. Rooney has always been an all round footballer and he’s played behind the forward plenty of times (behind saha, ruud, hernandez, welbeck etc) and united have been up there as the league’s top scorers. Rooney is not a playmaker but he’s better, playmakers are only effective in one position, rooney can do it all.

    Hatred can cloud reality for some though but it does not deflect away from the fact rooney is the most influential player at united and will continue to be.

    At the end of the day, top top players can all play effectively together and I don’t see why these players can’t.

  15. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    Good point where is Zaha. I haven’t watched him in reserves but I thought he may be up for a few more minutes after his last match. Arsenal would be too much, but hopefully he will get on bench and make his way into the team against weaker teams. Then there’s also the FA and Carling Cup. Though it does look like a loan is going to be his best chance of regular football. Joyce will do a good job with him though, get him playing the United way and ready for the first team so don’t think that hurts.

  16. Tommy says:


    Very short sighted view to say anyone could win with Peps team at Barca, Funny that under Rikkard in his final season they finished 3rd, Xavi and Iniesta are considerably better players since pep became manager at barca than they were under Rikkarrd. He got rid of the dead wood who refused to adhere to his methods i.e. Ronaldinho, Marquez, Etoo, Ibrohimovic lasted a season. If Pep was in charge at Barca last season they certainty wouldn’t of been beaten by 7 0! So he took to Munich job (he was never exactly gonna be managing west ham in his next season was he?), who blames him? And guess what shock horror Munich play better and work harder under pep than they did last season! Also simple answer if your not happy with what happens on the pitch dont go, simple as that really!

  17. tallestreD says:

    How u call Etoo a dead wood is very annoying. Reason is, he won two champions league with them. So I don’t see how he can be called a dead wood ffs. And Rikkard never won anything at Barca huh? Oh please

  18. Tommy says:


    Bad choice of words maybe, I meant lazy, If you didn’t adhere to Peps way you were gone! Sure Rikkard had success not denying that but look at the difference in quality between both teams like chalk and cheese! Since leaving Barca Rikkard went on to manage Galatasary and Saudi Arabia, proper massive jobs! Rikards team was pretty much like el galacticos (You dont know which one will turn up), Peps was a proper team who would run through a brick wall for him, that’s the difference!

  19. Tommy says:


    “1). Gingerprince18…2)dynnosoya loves usain bolt…3)king cantona…4)WilliamAR…5)mes(not sure 50/50), JUST IN THIS THREAD!!, LOT MORE ARE THERE IN OTHER THREADS!!…===The Truth”

    You couldn’t make it up hahahaha RoM like a soap opera these days haha

  20. Raging Bull says:

    Mark Ogden of the Telegraph is saying Carrick out until December at the least. He’s our mouthpiece as he gets lots of stuff right, I’m just hoping he’s been fed it to take any heat off Carrick pulling out. Any excuse to trash our players by the cockney media.

    We don’t need him for Cardiff anyway so a 3 week break will do him good then get him back for Bayer and Spurs.

  21. Tommy says:


    i heard 8 weeks this afternoon, hope not, Time for Fellani to shine perhaps?

  22. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Raging Bull Cheers mate:

    Michael Carrick could be out for 6 wks w achilles injury

    Rumor that Carrick has been managing the issue with injections but club now facing up to a lengthy period out.

  23. WilliamAR says:


    No offence but how on earth can i possibly be the same poster as the names of the other guys you mentioned? No offence but i never absolutely bash anybody, i always look to both sides of the coin unlike some of the people you mentioned and i dont even share half the views of these people. I don’t condone bullying and i’m happy to talk to anybody sensibly. Style of writing ppffftt ok poirot if you say so. LMFAO

  24. Tommy says:


    Comedy gold mate, You dont get storylines like this on corrie haha, People have suspected John and the truth as being the same person, wouldn’t shock me after his latest comments haha

  25. fabi says:

    I think the perfect january signing would be adam lallana can do it all in my estimation an showing sign that is only going to improve, an shows exactly what cleverly is lacking.

  26. WilliamAR says:


    Haha yeah deed poll must be raking it in with all those name changes lol

  27. wayne says:

    Love him or hate him if Carrick is gone for 8 weeks the Felliani signing could turn out to be a blessing in disguise,i personally think he’ll come good and a sustained run just like most players is probably what he needs.In that article Carrick could be back for the Cardiff game,after the Hagreaves debacle not a big fan of injections just to keep the player functional if a operation can sort it out should get it done.

  28. tallestreD says:

    @fabi really? You want us to get Lallana? Oh dear

  29. Tommy says:


    Whats wrong with Lallana? Is it because hes at an unfashionable club? Hes a good player playing in a good side at the moment although hes an att mid not exactly what we need at the mo but your clearly judging him not on his performance but the side he plays for even tho they are a good side! Although theirs more chance of getting Lallana in Jan than the Dortmund lads mentioned today!

  30. tallestreD says:

    Oh! You just started seeing him play or what. Why wasn’t there a clamor for him in the summer? All of a sudden he’s better than most. He’s performing too I admit and there’s nothing wrong with him. You can add Ramsey too while you are at it.

  31. Tommy says:


    You were on about managers earning their money earlier, Well I just read something that will make you cringe, Di Matteo is still earning £130k per week off chelsea a year after he was sacked, No wonder hes not keen to get back into management!

  32. Denton Davey says:

    NBI Red Moyesy @ 22:04: ” keep Kagawa and buy his old teammates Reus and Gundogun”

    Rene Meulensteen – remember him – said that if UTD could have one player to add to the current team then he would pick TheGunDog. Me, too – now that Daniele De Rossi is over 30.

    These rumours, though, seem like “paper talk” because both Reus and Gundogan have recently signed long-term contracts with Dortmund who no longer have financial problems so there is no pressure to sell their best assets (especially after losing KagawaBunga, Mario Goetze, and Robert Lewandowski – the latter two to Bayern).

  33. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    @ Denton – The only chance with Gundogan is he has only played 3 times this season and is not a main player for Dortmund this season. If he is disposable there is a hope Dortmund might do a deal so they can use the money to invest in another position they need to strengthen in.

  34. Marq says:

    This is sports, not some production plant where you tweak some machine and things go. Managers need time to understand the players, the players need time to adapt to training methods, tactics, etc. These are things that are not measurable. So for WilliamAR to suggest Moyes is failing at his job at such an early stage, is laughable. Like I said, the season is not at a true position yet.

    Even your production line of toothbrush needs to run a full course before you can deem it a failure!

  35. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    Failing and failed are two different things. Some fans might think a manager is failing or will fail. But he has only really failed when he (a) misses minimum targets (top 4), or (b) is fired. That some Reds think Moyes is failing in certain games or will fail in future is not a big deal, people will react to what they see. He certainly doesn’t give a shit what we think, he has probably one of the best jobs in the world and he will try to make a success of it. Whether he will deliver enough to be judged that way by fans and the Club no one can tell right now.

    Personally I see pluses and minuses so far this season. We are playing very similar to Everton, they were always good v Arsenal. But those tactics worked and the game on Sunday was enjoyable to watch. For me I am waiting to see better balance between attack and defence and more chance creation. We have exciting players but we are not playing exciting football yet. I am keen to see how our style evolves over time but I am optimistic that with SAF in the background and Moyes willing to learn we will get there in the end. Right now I will take us grinding out results and being competitive for titles come Jan. The players Moyes has are too talented for United to play bland football no matter how the game is set.

  36. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    Good from Woodward!

    “Famously, following the controversial Glazer family takeover in 2005, Gill ended formal communication with United’s major fans groups.

    He often went further, denouncing the Manchester United Supporters’ Trust in particular for the consistent ‘anti-Glazer’ agenda, and insisting the club was run on acceptable business lines despite the eye-watering debt their leveraged buy-out accrued.

    For their part, MUST distrusted Gill for going back on pre-takeover statements which highlighted the negative effect of the Glazers’ potential involvement.

    However, with Gill now detached from the scene after joining UEFA’s executive committee, Woodward has taken a more pragmatic view of the situation.

    And on Tuesday he met senior MUST figures for talks described as “very constructive” in which both sides outlined their vision for the future.

    It is envisaged further meetings will take place, with Woodward, who has also met the Independent Manchester United Supporters’ Association and whom recently gave an exclusive interview to independent fanzine ‘United We Stand’, keen to answer criticism the club are more interested in their global fan base, rather than the rank and file on their doorstep.

    Yet, as ever, the perceptions of the club are results dependent, although Thumm is adamant Bulova’s partnership will endure even if United fail to replicate their trophy gathering escapades of the Sir Alex Ferguson era under new boss David Moyes.”

  37. tallestreD says:


    Which Everton are u comparing us to? And how Everton do well against Arsenal is just comical. Well anyway I’d rather we work with our reserves and see how it goes but then again I’m no manager. So wth!

  38. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Not investing adequately on the right quality of players in central mid looks to be united’s achilles heel, the options are non existent, relying heavily on carrick is starting to show negatively, he’s out and suddenly the club is running around searching for answers.

  39. Jesper Olsen says:

    @NBI 5:11 that’s a fair assessment mate!!! Confidence in a team changes players behaviours in terms of trying the difficult pass taking the difficult shot etc. and recent results should have the confidence restored. The next few weeks should be exciting football and the next premiership fixtures see all (with the exception of Chelsea) arc the top 6 play each other so more ground can be made up if we beat Cardiff…

  40. One United One Giggs says:

    Waiting for the Spurs game..

  41. xyz says:

    Wouldn’t surprise me at all if this Carrick rumour is true. Assuming the 8 weeks started monday, look at our fixtures – apart from Spurs (who we play home and away bizarrely in that period) the rest of our matches are some of the easier games we’ll play this season. If the operation puts the injury to bed I’d rather miss him for the next 8 weeks and have him fit and ready from jan onwards than risk losing him in the business end of the season.

    On the plus side, it would give us the next 8 weeks to try out/give a last chance to some players with a decent run in midfield – Jones (to see if midfield is the right position for him – I think it is), Fellaini (can he cut it at United in centre midfield?), Anderson (last chance saloon) etc etc. I personally think Jones/Anderson in the middle could be worth a try – Jones sitting deeper would free up Anderson to attack a bit more. Not saying he’ll suddenly come good but I’d love to see him get a decent run there injury free to see what he can do for us.

  42. parryheid says:


    Your post at 23.38 re Pep.covers all the points I intended to make.Well put buddy.

  43. keanoisdaman says:

    Tallestred…lalana`s always been a crackin little player…its just that he`s getting noticed more now Southampton are doing well.

  44. Tommy says:


    Yea I agree, sometimes these players that come from lower leagues need a break to go their way! Lots of talent their but its up to the prem to give these players a chance, Luckily for Lallana saints got back to back promotions and they seem to have a great manager in poccetino which brings the best out of him so gets noticed more, other good players dont get as lucky!

    Carricks out for 4 – 6 weeks which is not bad as the 8 which was reported last night!

  45. Tommy says:


    I read a similar story a few months ago, He will sign a new contract at Barca, Their is more chance of me and you signing for United than Iniesta!

  46. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    @ Tommy – Agree. But it seems not all is so well at Barca. Fabregas also stating that he knows he is not in the managers first XI and is frustrated.

  47. Tommy says:


    They all do it in spain, Trust me their all fine their, they just want a better deal, The article finishes with Madrid will let Coentrao join United now that is a more likely transfer!

  48. zibbie says:

    NBI daffy cunt,so ducking stupid,as we all know!

  49. John says:

    ….6) tallestreD (suspect)


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