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Journo Answers United Fans’ Questions

Daniel Taylor from The Guardian will be answering your questions on anything to with the club, whether that be new signings, the season ahead, who should the club be looking at etc.

If you want to ask a question, leave it in the comments section below.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Legolas says:

    Hi Daniel, I believe our talented kids eg. Pogba, Morrison, etc should be bloodied in the first team because i believe when you are good enough you will excel playing with elite experienced players. What do you think?
    and which midfielder will suit us best? Personally, i wouldnt mind De Rossi or Defour who are ‘outsiders’. Thank you!

  2. Legolas says:

    Hey! And Dan, do you think Fergie will entertain the idea of Usain Bolt playing for us? And will he be the second coming of Bebe? Lol

  3. Nqoewt says:

    Will SAF adopt the 4-2-3-1 formation nd wat are the chances Tom Cleverly will get 1st team chances this season

  4. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    When will the British sports press come close to being like their Italian and Spanish counterparts. In Italian and Spanish newspapers strange concepts such as tactics and in depth discussions take place. In English newspapers we read about Rooney pissing behind a dumpster and Ashley dildoing himself in a dumpster container. When will the intelligent be picked to become journalists rather than newly graduated swots from journalism school whos ownly “out there” life experience to date has been to get a dog drunk and kiss a girl at a party. Only then will we see quality football and even possibly a national side, why should footballers act as gentleman if they are going to be written about by a chicken in a basket level journalist.

    When will you stop taking the piss and using a trade marked name i.e Manchester United, to sell your newspapers with bullshit stories on how Fergie has been watching so and so and sees so and so as the answer to their “midfield” problems. When will you stop complaining about teams buying league trophies and excessive transfer fees when it is the press and the seriously dodgy journalism that is pumping up such fees with bogus reports of other teams interest.

    I wish half of you lot were half as talented as those twonks in Drop The Dead Donkey.

  5. prasan_UTDfan4life says:

    Hi Daniel,

    I want to ask you the following question:

    Given that the FA opened up a can of worms by banning Wayne Rooney for swearing and also failed to ban other players for similar offence, do you think that this kind of a ban would be implemented by the FA in the upcoming season for any team/ player or will the rule be scrapped altogether? (which wasn’t there in the first place)

    Also, on another note, does anybody think will Manchester United be docked points by the FA at the start of the season because of David Gill’s recent comments? I think that’s the only way probably other teams & FA have a chance of preventing us from retaining no. 20! :P :D

  6. The team that wouldn't die says:

    Last year a majority of the Guardian journos tipped City to win the league.
    Are they eating humble pie now?

  7. alex says:

    @What Fucking What – Genius!

    - What fucking what, Daniel?

  8. Horace says:

    Think it’s a bit harsh to give this guy grief, he won’t b gettin paid for his time answering questions from a fan blog. Though think a fair point was made about how papers seem more interested in scandal than tactics.

    I’d like to ask Daniel whether he thinks a creative midfielder is likely to be our last addition to the squad (if it happens) and who he thinks

  9. Horace says:

    …it will be. Sorry for the break

  10. King Eric says:

    Seriously lads why the fuck are people asking him tactics and what he thinks to United etc? He is about 18 years old. I have forgotten more about football than this cunt will learn.

  11. CROmanc says:

    What is your opinion on the current bunch of youngsters coming through our Academy? Which ones do you think have what it takes to push through to United’s first team?

  12. Clint-IamYourPapii says:

    Questions for Daniel;

    Why do you feel the media under-rate the contributions of Dimitar Berbatov despite being joint top scorer, having one of the best goals for minutes ratio and scoring crucial goals against Blackpool,liverpool,blackburn etc.?

    What is your and your colleagues opinion on the problems between the F.A & Manchester United?
    For example….Swearing,respect campaign,touchline bans for Feguson, Bans for Evra over racism, Ferdinands biased ban despite other players similar assaults & Making United a Example of.

    Q) What is your opinion on the treatment of england’a best player Wayne Rooney by the FA & the media that continue to crucify their greatest talent since Bobby Charlton & Bobby Moore?

    Q) Who do you think Manchester United should seek to replace a retired Ferguson? Taking into consideration the right guy who will carry on the United Legacy, winning trophies, bringing youth players through and always making stars instead of Buying the Stars.

    If you could answer one …Thank you ….Bloody Journo explain without being Anti United for a day.

  13. Corea says:

    i’ve been thinking and thinking and thinking… and haven’t found the question.

  14. Dave Malaysia says:

    How does the press actually work on thier stories?

    Many rubbish articles with outrageous claims get written,with the editors approval.

    Walk us thru how the system works and how it makes journos so powerful that if what they print is wrong then unless ur a millionaire that can sue ,u just suffer .

    What is yr take on piers morgan and his very private filth he throws at Fergie?

  15. Corea says:

    @King Eric – think you’re harsh. still glad to see you here.

  16. Legolas says:

    Daniel? Heard Banega is on the market for about 9mil euros. Isnt he of the same ilk as some of the names being touted to United as the next Scholes, and thus cheaper n younger?

  17. lukemallia says:

    Who do you think will replace SAF when he decides to call it a day? Do you think United will go through a slump after He’s gone?

  18. captaink9 says:

    Why do you think Cheryl has taken back Ashley?

  19. King Eric says:

    Corea – Cheers mate. It isnt harsh in my opinion. This clown thinks he has inside gossip when in reality he knows fuck all. He looks about 18. He was the one who said Jones was going the dippers only to sign for us an hour later. Asking him questions about United , tactics etc is doing him justice. Most on here will know the answer more than taylor who will probably just make it up.

  20. RedMegleeker says:

    First of all Daniel, apologies for the “clique” on here, they get quite excited when someone doesn’t blow smoke up their asses.

    Id like to know how you see our league, particularly United bridging the gap to Barca?

  21. paddysjumper says:

    what would you rather live in ? a windmill or a lighthouse ?

  22. smartalex says:

    On RoM, RedMegleeker is well known to be a liverpool fan.

  23. Zibbie says:

    @King Eric I’m truly interested in yours and other RoM Regulars Ideas on my post, JULY 4, 2011 AT 17:16. Please. The 3 rd question on that is.

  24. Zibbie says:

    smartalex might have an answer to question #2 and I would love your thoughts on question 3 on.

  25. smartalex says:

    Unicorns are real. They shouldn’t be compared to donkeys.

    Question 3 is as exciting as any vague speculation on hypothetical financial dealings.
    They will sell the club at precisely the same time as they sell the club.
    Having sold it coincidentally, their profit should convince them to immediately buy it back.

  26. Pete says:

    What role will Mats dæhlie have for the reserves or/and u18 next year? What position will he be targeted for?
    What players in the reserves and u18 would you say are the best prospects for the future?

  27. dannysoya says:

    Can you tell us THE TRUTH about David Bernstein and his obvious BIAS? thanks.

  28. willierednut says:

    Smoke weed every day!

  29. T4M says:

    Daniel,is vidic still going to madrid? ;)

  30. ferrask says:

    hello Daniel, keep up articles coming. love them. especially those about United. my question is – Berbatov once said that he might end up becoming a midfielder by the end of his career. i think he would do well as an attacking midfielder, he’s got the vision, the passes and also a bit of pace to make the runs. what do you think? can he be deployed as a midfielder and have the United coaching set-up thought about it?

  31. mtm says:

    hi daniel, is any chance we buy something more this summer, and do you think the statements in guardian about united apparent 150millions to spend was way other the mark? and how do you asses transfer situation for unitred so far? and one more qustion is any chance fergie want’s arturo vidal? thank you!:)

  32. Prashant A says:

    Even though the Club goes regularly on an Asian Tour, India is never a destination. Is it that the club does not fully realise the size of United’s fan base in India? Will the club me making a trip to India in forthcoming years?

  33. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    Was the medias coverage against Rooney swearing vs West Ham an attempt to clean up the game or simply revenge for a dissapointing World Cup? If it was an attempt to clean up the game how come similar campaigns haven’t taken place against other players. e.g FA Cup Final Balotelli and Richards.

  34. toadmeister says:

    A conclusion I’ve drawn after following Man U for over fifty years, is that we are at our most potent when we play the type of attractive, attacking football we are renowned for.
    We may have won our 19th title, but the two recent defeats by Barca have made us look dull and quite ordinary.
    I feel that ‘essential spirit’ ha been lacking, especially last season. Do you feel the additions made to the squad since then will in any way redress this lack of fantasy?
    If not, what’s the answer?

  35. ashwinred says:

    Why is Sir Alex supporting Glazers so much? Does he still have the ambition to be competing for all the major trophies?

    Why man utd haven’t been competitive in the transfer market for the past 7 years and will they be competitive in near future?

    Will the Glazers sell the club?


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