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Just In Case You Forgot

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Bugzz says:

    We are still on top…FACT! :D but still this defeat hurts….I hate liverpool….i hate those snobbish scoursers…….i hope we win it all and shut the scousers up! Thats the response I am looking for after this defeat!

  2. Marq says:

    Well, we didnt forget. Liverpool gifted us our 7 pts lead, its only right they had something in return

  3. Tony Starks says:

    we will forget today though!

  4. liveD says:

    Hey Scott,

    I was comparing the remaining league fixtures between us, Liverpool and Chelsea (Arsenal, who?) and frankly speaking, it doesn’t look very bright to me. @.@

    -Man Utd-
    Fulham (A) [3-0]
    Aston Villa (H) [4-0]
    Sunderland (A) [4-0]
    Wigan (A) (OFF) [2-0]
    Portsmouth (H) [2-0]
    Tottenham (H) [1-0]
    Middlesbrough (A) [2-2]
    Man City (A) [0-1]
    Arsenal (H) [2-1]
    Hull City (A) [ - ]

    *4 home fixtures; 6 away fixtures
    *5 at top half; 5 at bottom half [as to-date table]
    *the top half – 2 (H) and 3 (A)
    *22 points out of possible 27 points last season (excluding Hull City)
    *Brown, Rafael, Neville and Hargreaves currently injured
    *Vidic currently having 3 match ban

    Aston Villa (H) [2-2]
    Fulham (A) [2-0]
    Blackburn (H) [3-1]
    Arsenal (H) [1-1]
    Hull City (A) [ - ]
    Newcastle (H) [3-0]
    West Ham (A) [1-0]
    West Brom (A) [ - ]
    Tottenham (H) [2-2]

    *5 home fixtures; 4 away fixtures
    *3 at top half; 6 at bottom half [as to-date table]
    *the top half – 2 (H) and 1 (A)
    * 15 points out of possible 21 points last season (excluding Hull City and West Brom)
    *Benayoun, Degen and Agger currently injured

    Man City (H) [6-0]
    Tottenham (A) [1-2]
    Newcastle (A) [2-0]
    Bolton (H) [1-1]
    Everton (H) [1-1]
    West Ham (A) [4-0]
    Fulham (H) [0-0]
    Arsenal (A) [0-1]
    Blackburn (H) [0-0]
    Sunderland (A) [1-0]

    *4 home fixtures; 5 away fixtures
    *3 at top half; 6 at bottom half [as to-date table]
    *the top half – 2 (H) and 1 (A)
    *16 points out of possible 30 points last season
    *Ferreira and Joe Cole currently injured

  5. ashwin says:

    Last night was one of the worst nights in my life. I can’t get over it still. But as a true united fan we have to shut up give liverpool the credit and look forward to meet the scousers in the CL. I want to be drawn against them next round. We have presented hem six goals this season:

    1. Wes brown own goal
    2. Giggs playing for corner
    3. Vidic missed header
    4. Stupid tckle by evra
    5. Vidic again
    6. Ferdinand missing a long thru ball

    We have done these six mistakes and we have got punished for it. We have not been cut open or drenched. The four times they raided our penalty box they scored.(Thats football bloody hell). I give them credit for the way they organised themselves and pressed as we had hardly four chances. After sulking for nearly a day I like to take it in a positive note: Its high time we stopped bragging abt quintiple. We know this is a dead rubber and we know we dint concentrate well against Inter too. I am glad(not so glad it was loserpool) we got a kick in the backside at the right time and this does not affect any of our title aspirations . This will surely make our team come out even stronger. We were in line for a dip in form and I am glad that it happened in Pl and not in CL or FA cup. All said I cant explain how liverpool get goals from nothing they created and we goof up most of our created chances. Oh god Ive started whining again………Only way to erase this is to beat them in CL…..I am praying to be drawn against them

  6. Brooklyn Red says:

    Its a BLIP thats all….7 days off till the next game we will just be fine!!!

  7. redgister says:

    news flash 2man team thrash champions of england champions of europe and champions of the world fifa have come out saying after 2days result its very clear to us that liverpool have a unfair advantage over the rest of the 11 man teams around the world in the last 5days liverpool have beaten the2 richest clubs in the world our concern is that liverpool dont become the tiger woods of golf and just dominate in years 2come we will ask the courts 2 change the football laws allowing all teams 2 field 2 man teams in the fairness and spirit of the game

  8. wazza says:

    liveD: ManUtd have got ManC at home & not away.

  9. BrisbaneRed says:

    Isn’t it strange what an unexpected but nevertheless big win does to a team and it’s fans. After being a team that looks like being unable to conjure up any semblance of a ‘quality’ football team, Liverpool are seen as being able to win the title this season and forever in the future. What a fickle lot their fans are. Nothing can change the fact that ‘Pool are at best a ‘goodish’ sort of team with almost no prospect of achieving long-term consistency. Quite frankly their playing staff is below standard, and not up to being title contenders, with the exception of Torres and Gerrard. However Torres looks injury prone and may be unable to play long periods in the EPL, whilst Gerrard is still Mr 10% – in only 10% of the games he plays does he put in a good performance. However, let the fans wallow in their moment of glory, the next few weeks will see how hollow are their exagerated hopes. Villa next week will quieten them.

  10. Wiuru says:

    I think we all acknowledge that we did not play well either yesterday or basically thro the season so far grinding out results without going up the gears.We are top all the same and its a time like this i always feel United make nothing easy.We have the squad to push on and win the league,let the dippers savour their moment of glory.Payback is around the corner.

  11. james f says:

    I don’t think we were “grinding out results” in the previous 12 games. I’ve seen some exhilarating football since December. The Premier League trophy is ours, and it’ll be sweeter because they’ll know that they’ve beaten us home and away and still finished below us.

  12. United forever-henry says:

    Agree with u james. Just want to add that it might be time to let evra rest ang draft fabio into the squad, to allow evra freshen up.

  13. Jsen says:

    despite the heartbreak yesterday, I’m still confident that we would win the league… Surely our performance won’t get any worse than that ?

  14. costas says:

    liveD’s post is an interesting one.Actually you can replace the Hull fixture with the Derby away game from last season since Hull took their place.So that makes it 25 out of 30.To be hones,if United show the form that they showed in January and February,we should be fine.The problem is that in that pile up there are a lot of 3 and 4 nil wins and i don’t see UNited winning that comfortably again.Here is an idea.Forget about the (possible) 7 point gap.The League starts from Craven Cottage and we need 10 out of 10.End of story.And please get Vida’s red card rescinded.We should stop trying to be the good boys of the league.If Terry had his appeal accepted,then so should Vida.

  15. costas says:

    Oh and Brown,Rafa and Nev should be back after the INternational break.But we should expect some fresh injuries to happen.

  16. RED_ARMY says:

    this is just so hard to swallow….. i couldnt sleep last night after the game and im still not feeling a tiny bit better… i know it’s a blip and it happens to any team but losing to liverpool is sumthin else … it just feels like shit and i dunno how im gonna get over this…

  17. costas says:

    RED_ARMY i bet you were feeling the same way last year after the defeat to Shity on the 50th year anniversary.No need to feel sorry for ourselves mate.I don’t live in England so maybe i won’t go through the gloating you guys do.Let them come.In the end,all of them would exchange this win fo the title that is coming to OLd Trafford.

  18. Zalee says:

    Man Utd need to think about the games ahead now coz if we see the fixture & win all of it, Man Utd will be still champion right?
    Man Utd have 10 games left that’s mean 10×3=30 point + 65 point it would be 95 point equaling Chelsea 2004/05 i believe & for Liverpool with 9 games left 9×3=27point + 61 point it would be 88 point.Now the war start whoever win all of their remaining matches.Liverpool could only be champion if they win all of their matches & Man Utd loses 3 matches more with a lead of 2 point.Man utd can’t afford to end like that.

  19. corea says:

    1-4 to scousers is very hard to take .. its a fact.

    but it’s a funny feeling and you hear what the scousers say and how proud they are )
    lot’s of years of humiliation and the moment whan we slipped has finally come.

    guys, there is one very possitive moment. this was kinda the right moment to slip. thank god it didn’t happen in the final stages of the CL.

    but fuck! 1-4 is very hard to take..

  20. redgister says:

    a goodish team does the double over man u chelsea in the epl has beaten real madrid barcalona inter milan ac milan juventus chelsea in the champions league has the best player in the world according 2 zidane and only playing at 10% wow the talent that stevie g must have the fact is man u are on the slide your playing staff is starting 2 ressemble a retirement home granddad giggs comes off the bench followed by i can only play 10 games a season scholes gary nev body cant handle the pace any more u have a old hasbeen goalkeeper your manager will soon need a walking frame your staduim has the word old in it you have a player named nani your manager is starting 2 lose his memory we were the better side he says dont know what game you thought you were at alex but your team let in 4 goals face facts your team is on the slide and liverpool are on the up!!!!!!!!!

  21. costas says:

    There has to be a balance corea.For every 11 straight wins run there has to be a game like this which brings your team down to earth.And for all of the 11(hopefully) titles that United win in the last 17 years,there has to be a moment for the Scousers to savour as well.Think about this:in one game we conceded from Rafa’s Liverpool as many as we have conceded in the last 10.And they think that that’s progress.So be it.As far as United go,in every successful season there is one result that brings us back to earth and forces us to refocus and come back stronger.

    In 92-93 it was a 3-0 home defeat to Everton
    In 93-94 it was the League cup defeat
    In 95-96 it was the 4-1 thumping at Tottenham
    In 96-97 it was the 5-0 and 6-3 defeats at Newcastle and Southampton
    In 98-99 it was the 3-1 home defeat to Boro just before Christmas
    In 99-00 it was a 3-0 defeat to Newcastle
    In 02-03 it was the 3-1 defeat at Maine Road
    In 03-04 it was the 4-1 defeat at the City of Manchester,on top of the knock out by Porto.Yet we beat Arsenal and won the cup
    In 05-06 it was the 4-1 loss at Boro and then the Ch.League knock out by Benfica.
    In 06-07 it was the defeat at Milan
    In 07-8 it was the home defeat to City.

    A bit long but you get the point.If i was Liverpool i would see this and be very worried.

  22. costas says:

    @redgister Mate,scientists say that once in a while you should masturbate.Don’t hold all of that cum in your head because you will start turning into a spastic.

  23. RED_ARMY says:

    redgister”your team is on the slide and liverpool are on the up!!!!!!!!!” this must be the funniest shit i’ve heard this season… stop talking from ur ass and face reality, u scouse fucks have not won anything yet..we’re still top of the league and thats that!!! so fuck off u son of a fucking cunt..

  24. redgister says:

    ok costas said ive flopped it out now talk dirty 2 me

  25. corea says:


    2006-2006 Arsenal
    2007-2008 MC
    2008-2009 Scousers

    This is my point ;)

    >> In 06-07 it was the defeat at Milan

    that season was my favorite. their we had the excuse, now not quite.
    in the 2006-2007 season we were different. the goals came much mo easier. i don’t exactly like our attack these days. I thought Berba was our saviour but i think we should a little bit.
    Tebez-Ronney combination doesn’t work for me. And of course our game has become more tactical. Anyway for many of you if it brings trophies its okay. I can not say that it is not so for me. )

    Where is Fabio ? Where is my Brown ? Berba come on!

  26. corea says:

    >> but i think we should a little bit.

    of course (but i think we should _wait_ a little bit)

    too emotional and not that good language. sorry guys.

  27. costas says:

    06-07 was also my favorite.We didn’t have the same depth back then but the first XI were on fire.Now,we score enough to win but we don’t kill teams off.We have reached 50 games in all and we haven’t scored 100 yet.That doesn’t happen too often with United.Also,we have 29 league games and we have still to score 50 goals.Attacking wise this is our 3rd worst season in the last 17 years.That is why it confuses me why Fergie deviated from his normal tactics for the Liverpool games.He has been successful in the past with them because he always plays compact.This season he decided that we should attack from the off in both games and that left gaps at the back.Anyway,i hope he prepares much better when we face them in the Ch.League.

  28. corea says:


    and this was also better


    Smudge :( Louis :(

    Karrick – Scholes and Rooney – Saha combinations worked so well. :(

  29. Red Rooney says:

    it’s the match which will ensure we win the quintuple. saf n players will have to work on the post mortem though.

  30. mo says:


    aston villa, portsmouth, tottenham,mancity at home

    fulham,middlesborough,wigan, away from home

    8 STRAIGHT WINS from a team that has just come of 13 straight win run


    COME ON UNITED – 8 CUP FINALS and We’re there

  31. costas says:

    Agrees Mo.A serious(i repeat a serious) United side should see off most of these games.And there is no guarantee that the others will win theirs.They both play Arsenal befoe we do and that’s a good thing for two reaosons:
    1)When we get to the Arsenal game we could be out of reach mathematically.
    2)Let’s face it,games against Liverpool and Arsenal have not been our forte this season.

  32. Jake says:

    redgister- your reference to ‘EPL’ says it all to me mate…likelihood is you don’t have a clue about English football and have only bothered to watch in the last few years, let me fill you in on the history of it, 10-0 Premierships, United are the 10, Liverpool are the 0, and we are massive favourites for 11-0…2-1 Champs leagues, the firt one was probably before you bothered to watch English football…we are the greatest team in this country and define the Premier League, Liverpool are a comical sideshow that occasionally put in a good performance only to disappoint their fans further when they ultimately fail to win the Premiership…all this reult does is make our success this season all the sweeter…and leaves Blackburn Rovers with more Premierships than Liverpool

  33. redgister says:

    jake said you keep going back 2 the past yes we all know how good man u have been since the premierleague started im talking about this season we have done the double over you and chelsea which says 2 me we are getting closer to you mite i also say you seem 2 have only started watching the english game since 91 is it because man u did nothing in div1 you dont mention it

  34. Red-Manc says:

    redgister, you had a good season in 92 i think it was when you finished 2nd i heard many a scouse shite saying ‘we are now as good as you’ and ‘were back to our best’ ‘this is our year’ etc etc yet here we are in 2009 and you haven’t won the league for 19 years.

    you’ve had a good season this time round no doubt about it, but you still could end up with nothing to show for it.

    Top of the league and thats a FACT.

  35. costas says:

    Redgister,trust me it takes more than just beating the big teams.In 2005 we beat Arsenal and Liverpool both home and away.And mind i add that in the away games we played with a man less not with an extra one like you this season.Nonetheless,we ended up 18 points behind Chelsea because for all of our good work in the derbies,we were losing to Norwich!I agree that we should focus on today.I will agree that you have been getting closer to us only if by the end of the season you have closed the gap on us compared to last season.That’s where it counts.The way United were playing yesterday,anyone could have beat them.

  36. Kings says:

    8 wins from 10 and we are Champions.

  37. costas says:

    Correct Kings.And it might be even less.Chelsea after today go to Newcastle and Tottenham and also have to go to Arsenal.Liverpoo also entertain Arsenal.We do too,but that might be a formality.

  38. Mic says:

    Scott! That’s the old table, Liverpool are 3rd now!!

  39. Jake says:

    I was speaking about since 1991 because you were talking about the EPL, getting yourself confused here moron

  40. BrisbaneRed says:

    Lets have some facts, true FACTS:
    1) Benitez has earned himself another 2 years at Anfield
    2) That means ‘Pool will NOT win the EPL in that time.
    3) SG knows that he’ll be 31 when Benitez goes, and as he wants to win some medals he may quit Anfield in the summer.
    4) Pool need to spend some serious money on reinforcements – will the owners trust him to spend wisely? The evidence is NO.
    5) Are ‘Pool capable of winning their last 9 games? How many time under RB have ‘Pool won 9 successive games? None
    6) The impending financial crisis in July will set them back years.
    7) SG appearance before the court on the 23/3 – next Monday – could cause ‘Pool some problems. Even if he got off, the judge may have some harsh words to say about his behaviour.

  41. SteRDLK says:

    redgister you couldnt even score against Stoke City!!! Get off and learn some real facts. We are ahead because we are better. FACT!!!

  42. Brooklyn Red says:

    19 years still countind redregiter!!!! Yeah your a git!!!

  43. Rob the Red says:

    The fat spanish waiter, master tactitian has been passing his pearls of wisdom to the rest of the premiership teams, defenders hoof the ball right up the pitch and the midfield and attack run after it……………Wonderfull! Liverpool the modern Wimbledon.

  44. wazza says:

    Rob the Red that was really a nice 1 :-)


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