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Just In Case You Need Reminding…

I bumped in to an AC Milan outside the ground today. I of course said sorry, to which he replied, “Do you remember that 3-0?”. Yes, you bastard, I do.

So how about we take a trip of our own down memory lane ahead of the Audi Cup final against Bayern Munich tomorrow…

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  1. bchilds says:

    A special, special evening. One I will never forget!

    1968 – 1999 – 2008

  2. Colbert says:

    I’ll bet that same Milan fan was laughing on the other side of his face after watching his side get battered 4-1 by the Bayern B team.

  3. Mic says:

    I think out the two positions you’d rather be in ours, we’ve got a young hungry team, what’ve they got?

  4. Arni says:

    On the second goal, where Beckham goes to take the corner, he looks back and the photographer has to get out of the way to make room…you reckon we would’ve won the European cup if that photograher was never there, thus Beckham taking the corner a couple of milliseconds earlier, and players being in different positions etc. just a thought…

  5. Hughsie88 says:

    fucking brilliant…

  6. Mes says:

    The most miraculous thing I ever have or ever will see. Have the audio for this on my iPod. Will NEVER tire of it.

  7. Bazza says:

    Still gives me goosebumps….this is why Solskjaer is my fav United player ever

    Alex looked so young back then

  8. JTrappe says:

    i agree about the googebumps it was a strange feeling that night, a feeling i’ve never experienced before……it’s known as heart failure:P

  9. MUFC the Religion says:

    Giggs with the shot………

    Into sheringham…………

    Fuck, I wish I was old enought to properly remember watching it. I was only 6 so I didn’t have a clue how important it was. Tiny Tears “slip” made up for it. That was brilliant. School the next day was perfect.

    My form teacher weren’t there so we went on the laptop, put it on the projector screen, and got the shoot-out up on YouTube. Most of my mates are United so we just jumped around like the night before. My Chelsea mate was just sitting there watching 10 of us go absolutely insane. Priceless.

  10. Red-Dan says:

    @MUFC the Religion

    i was 8 at tht time and i didnt know how important it was, but i remmeber the way i was sat in our living room with my mum on my right and dad on the left i was aloud to stay up late to wotch it..

    i too had a strange feeling ..i belive it was destiny ..for variouse reasons but i belive we were ment to win that night.

  11. godpye says:

    I’m crying like a girl after watching it over again – but I do whenever I watch it.
    I was working in Berlin at the time – and at work, the day after watching the game on TV, we had some people from Munich to visit us.
    Boy did I rub their faces in it. I was running around like a crazy person for the entire day.

  12. mrplatinum says:

    It’s funny, one of my favourite moments in all o football history is the look on Lothar Matthaus’ face when the equaliser is scored.

  13. twinnyd says:

    absolute magic!!! it never gets old. i’m hoping we can get number 4 this coming season.

  14. MUFC the Religion says:

    yeah the Chelsea final was surreal. I was so sure that Terry was gonna score. It was destiny that we won though.

    When I was watching it live, I was with my dad and my 10 United and my girlfriend. Probably the best night of my life so far. The first and only time anybody goes into school with a hangover.

    Best part of it was the morning after the final it was a non-uniform day. What do you think we wore.

  15. United_Macedonia says:

    Can they score,they always score…

  16. themarkedman72 says:

    ONe of the Best moments of my life.
    Always felt for dennis irwin who signed my match program not playing for that pathetic second yellow for kicking the ball away.

  17. United_Macedonia says:

    I ve won the first bet in my life,when we were down 1-0 ,and i was only 13 :) And where did you watch the 1999 final,football bloody hell :)

  18. zainab MUFC10 says:

    God I was too young to remember the final only about 6, though my father & my brothers had all the emotions I just copied them lol.
    But every time I watch this, I tear up & burst into tears, & i still jump up & go CRAZYYY when the two goals were scored.
    Loll Imagine tonight we losing 1-0. Then we come back& win 2-1.
    I’d just lOVE IT ..=]

  19. Shak says:

    I was at Uni on campus which they’re just turning into the Olympic village. Ten utd fans packed in a room with two tvs n a fucking dipper, brilliant lass. I was going off me head in the last five minutes n she put her hand on me lap n said- ur gonna win this 2-1. The only dipper I won’t cuss because of that. What a nite, what a game, what a dream. That treble was done by a team that never knew they were beaten n gave all to the final whistle. Legends.

  20. Dave Mack says:

    Can’t belive, not having watched it for at least a year or two, it still can feel almost like when it was live. We are so fortunate to love a club like MUFC and have so many magic moments. (Think of the drama of the CLF2008!) And many more to come. Makes the tough times worth all the pain.

  21. Red Mike says:

    breaks my heart everytime i see it
    how can people doubt our club is the greatest in the world
    i was only 9 at the time, me and my dad went mental at the end of it
    ill remember that for the rest of my life

  22. venu says:

    Macheda and Owen to score the late winners this season?!!

  23. sinep says:

    shouldve asked the milan cnut when the last time they won the serie a

  24. Vinesh says:

    bloody hell……..did anyone realise how important role beckham played in both goals…..amazing stuff
    there is never gona me anything better than this ever again…..”you cant improve perfection”

  25. Abhay_RedDeviltillDeath says:

    Yup…still feels like yesterday…
    “….Beckham takes the corner…….headed on by Sheringham……and SOLKSJAER HAS WON IT!!!!!!!!”

    Absolutely brilliant…..Thank you Lord for that wonderful moment in time!!

  26. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    valencia into owen and kiko has won it????

  27. Mikael says:

    I just watched the -99 clip on myspace (at work and can’t see youtube) and I just frooze… it’s over 10 years ago and it’s still gives you the shivers, an awesome feeling.

    I remember watching the shoot out last year and my oh my what a feeling when VDS got the last ball… fuck I nearly past out!

    I wanna see it again… and again… and again.

    Red blood, red heart MUFC

  28. Pi says:

    Never got to see the ’99 final as I was living in a hostel with no tv :-s

    Last year, I had a really bad fight with the wife before the match and almost didn’t watch it! I had a ‘who cares who wins’ sort of feeling and went to bed… but I couldn’t sleep and finally got up and watched the match from the 30th min.

    What a night of nerves after that! I’m glad my better senses took over! :-)

    I was watching the UCL highlights again in November, of all the places… in mid-air while flying Air France… and I couldn’t resist shouting a small “Yay!” and swinging my arms around. All the passengers nearby kept giving me looks after that! :-D

  29. RedAlert260599 says:

    I was lucky enough to be at the Nou Camp in 99. I had my young daughter on my right and my young son on my left. 1-0 down and the clock saying 90 mins – we got a corner. After Teddy’s goal we went beserk – I was stood on my seat taking a picture of the flairs going off all around me, we got another corner.. and Ole struck. Never felt anything like that in my life and I know I never will again. The next day I had no recollection of Ole’s goal. I didn’t know why but all I could remember was the crazyness that followed it. When I got my film developed (it was 99), I had a snap of Ole’s leg stuck out and the ball hitting the roof of the net – that’s why I missed the goal. I have apologised to my kids since then – so early in their United supporting lives they’ll never ever have it better than that. God bless Fergie, God bless OGS.

  30. gazmask says:

    “Is this their moment?.. Beckham… into Sheringham… and Solskjær has won it!” i get goosebumps everytime i hear clive tyldesley’s last few minutes commentry plus the priceless line “What must Lothar Matthäus be thinking?, Well, with the greatest respect, who cares?” lol brilliant

  31. Pride Of All Europe says:

    Does anyone remember: “Lee Martin – an inspired run from Left Back”?

  32. gazmask says:

    @ Pride of all europe
    whats that from? lee martin was a defender from the late 80′s early 90′s

  33. Trevor says:

    Crystal Palace Replay

    Although a little random!! Specialy when the discussion is about the champions league final!!! hahaaha

    I will have double what your having it must be good!!

  34. empimp says:

    i remember watching the first 30mins when our lights went out, i remember having to go quite a distance to have a viewing, the last 5mins was hell the sudenly he corners came and man u had won, what a night. this was the happiest moment of my entire life. thanks OLS and SAF

  35. cliffcahill says:

    @5.00 Champions of Europe, Champions Of England , Winners Of the FA Cup … Every Thing There Hearts Desire ….

    Beautifual Beautifual Night

  36. gazmask says:

    yea great goal on the sliding half volley i remember it well as a ten yr old kid watching it, that was my first proper memory of united lifting a trophy!

    lee martin also used to live beside my uncle in duckinfield in ashton-under-lyne co-incidentally lol

  37. whitefieldred says:

    still makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck, half laughing, half crying..amazing

  38. gazmask says:

    above comment
    f.a. cup final replay goal @11:24


    Just watched Andersons goal again and noticed the ESTO ES BOCA sign behind the goal

    It means THIS IS BOCA – Fair enough lads – THAT WAS ANDERSON !!!!

  40. Macheda is GOD says:

    Rooney,in towards kuschak,it’s come to anderson,Cleared giggs with a shot OWEN!!!!!

  41. Ulster Red says:

    i was 12 at the time and i was watching the game in a mates house..1 nil down into injury time, and you could find me crying in his walk in wardrobe…couldnt face it, then my mate bangs the wardrobe and runs in and jumps on me lol teddy had just made it 1-1..still with tears down my face OGS got us the winner and the tears kept coming but for the right reasons…what a night

  42. King Eric says:

    UlsterRed – A “walk in wardrobe” Is your mate rich by any chance?

  43. red_devil says:

    being a manutd supporter i hav neve taken micky out of my friends and them clubs who support aesenil looserfool newcastle chelsea but this is the nite i still remember. how i was screaming like a mad man front of them neve forget in my life.( we were watching all in one house wa so drunk)

  44. Red Joe says:

    Greatest comeback in the history of football. People say Liverpool’s is comparable against AC Milan but that’s cobblers. Liverpool had a whole second half, extra time and penalties with which to avoid defeat. We had mere seconds. So we win!

  45. Ulster Red says:

    @king eric
    nah not rich at all mate lol..wasnt a big wardrobe but when ur i was 12 it seemed it!


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