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Keane: Too Many Rivalries In England Squad

Roy Keane has given a damning verdict of the England set-up and has claimed that as well as wanting to spend more time with his family, Paul Scholes retired from international football because of how things worked behind the scenes.

“England have not done well at big tournaments and everyone is intrigued by it, but the priority for a lot of top players now is not international football,” said Keane. “Years ago, when players were starting out, the pinnacle was playing for your country, but it’s not like that any more – the pinnacle is winning League titles and playing in the Champions League at club level. There are a lot of rivalries within the squad, particularly with the clubs they are at, and some players don’t like what they see when the squad gets together. They don’t want to be part of it. Paul Scholes retired a few years ago because he was fed up with the kind of circus that was behind England with certain players trying to call the shots. There might be other genuine reasons why they don’t like it – a lot of players might have family problems and they don’t want the sacrifice of going away on long trips. And they might say, ‘I don’t need this hassle in my life’, particularly if they are at top clubs. But in international football, especially if they think there are certain favours going on or certain people are trying to call the shots, they just don’t want to be part of it. They think they have more to lose than to gain with England. I know Scholes used to be pissed off because there was a lot going on, much of it nothing to do with football.”

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  1. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Away kit looks naf. Could do with that!! :cool:

    via UtdWeekly

  2. Clint-Iamyourpapii says:

    Alex Foogieson should retire this season….
    “I’m serial about this”. (Inside joke plz say someone gets it).


    1st reason – We need a new asisstant ! He should sensibly step down to a Bobby Role and let Phelan take charge.

    2nd reason – He’s scared of balloons popping, check youtube….he’s a wimp !

    3rd reason – He’s not immortal, he mislead us, apparently he had a nosebleed ! Now if that not a sign, What Is ????

    Foogieson Out….Let Phelan and Querioz with Rene take charge :D

  3. iced earth says:
    i don t think we will bring theme both,kagawa will join us,hopefuly he will devlope into world class player

  4. Sandeep1878 says:

    Morning reds around the world…

  5. Idrathershagabucket says:

    Sandeep- alright mate? Morning wherever morning is for u. Never been one for threads and such but came across this gem (RoM) not too long ago and had to jump in. Currently working in the states and by the time I’m off, the fun is over for the day. Nice to see someone round 

  6. Sandeep1878 says:


    Hello mate, all are you?

    welcome you to the number United blog site the ROM..happy staying :)

  7. Idrathershagabucket says:

    Ta pal. Yea, alright. Ive got 1 more month on a 3 month work sentence over this way begfore heading back to the Uk. Time dif is a bit wonky between here and home so im chuffed to find somethin to pass the time till me wife and son are up.
    But enough of that bollocks, the silly seasons upon us and I detect a Wesley part 2 in the making. Wake me when we’ve signed someone.

  8. Sandeep1878 says:

    you mena ” wake me up when September ends? ” :P

    cheers mate..

  9. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    Morning Sandeep!

    So, United are now in for both Hazard and Kagawa. Yawn! IIRC, Daily Mail was the paper that were heavily linking us with Sneijder last year. In fact, I do remember a few headlines from them that said we had sealed the deal with Wesley. So, no thanks, unless I read it on the official website, I am not going to be thinking about anything. For me, Kagawa is almost done. He has talked with Sir Alex and if the clubs agree to a fee, which is easier said than done, then Shinji should be a United player. Hazard, I feel is going to choose City for obvious reasons.

    As for Baines, are there really strong rumours? Because I’ve not read a lot on that as of yet. Is that a product of crazy season or have we actually sniffed Everton for his signature?

  10. Sandeep1878 says:

    Morning Balaji,

    Yup even i think Shinji is a done deal..

    I have a feeling that we wont sign Hazard..

    I m so sure thsat under our current financial comploications, we wont be spending around 40 Million on a young foreign player..

    we have to live with this shit of higher wages etc..

    Kagawa, a left and a decent striker, that will be all i feel..

    anything else will be a bonus..

    Good day mate..

  11. cubs says:

    Hello ID where on the US? Go Rooney! 1878 hello buddy.

  12. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    www 1 (d0t) skysports (dot) com /football/news/20876/7776323/Wembley-tests-for-Hawkeye

    About time if you ask me. Looks like FIFA is finally waking up to reality instead of staying in the dark ages. For me, too much technology can also be a bad thing especially for a fast-moving sport like Football. I think this is exactly what I had in mind when I wanted technology in football. Cricket is falling prey to too much referrals since almost every decision is referred to the third umpire which I am starting hate because it allows the on-field umpiring standard to be sub-par. Nowadays even run-outs where the player is more than a foot away are being referred. I wouldn’t want that in football.

    Personally, only the offside and goal-line calls should be referred. And even in off-sides, the teams should get a set no. of referrals like tennis since there are close, match-changing calls only in a few games and they could be referred. Goal-line technology is going to be real game-changer. Think about it, if it had been there, Steven Gerrard would be trophyless right now.

    I for one am really glad that this is happening. It may be too late especially when the technology everywhere else is so far advanced but at least steps are being taken which is good news.

  13. cubs says:

    Balaji! Silly season on full bloom! SAF has his list and will get some good groceries! GO ROONEY!!!

  14. Sandeep1878 says:


    Hello pal,

    what up?

  15. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    Zibster, Hey up pal! How’s it going? Yeah, crazy season is always going to be the same for United. We will be linked to everyone and their dogs but in the end Sir Alex always has a plan and he will land the players he wants.

    Sandeep, Yeah mate. I agree. We’ll probably get Kagawa. And the wage inflation by City is a problem in general for football. No club can afford to pay the wages they’re paying. They can shit money down the drain without thinking twice whereas we have to balance the books, so we cannot afford to offer 250K per week to any player.

  16. Sandeep1878 says:


    any fishing trips soon fella?

    where have you been my friend during the season end?

  17. Mikekelly12 says:

    Baines has been linked with us every year for over 4 years mate.
    Morning dip shits!

  18. vaibhavred says:

    Premier league 20 seasons table

  19. MG says:

    It’s summer

    Shower at 7

    Window down for daily commute from Worcester to Wolverhampton in the car

    Lovely breeze

    Beautiful day

    Just Bora Bora missing ;)

    Morning United :D

  20. coomy says:

    Morning Romers
    have we sign anyone yet :)

  21. Sandeep1878 says:

    “When I started as a coach — and before they started talking about diets — I used to take my team at East Stirling for lunch.
    All I would give them was two slices of lemon sole, toast and honey. They used to go crazy. When I was a player, they used to give you fillet steaks and steak pie and things like that.
    So when I became a manager I said to myself ‘What they eat before a game is as important as what happens during the game’.
    “I did that at Aberdeen and I did exactly the same at United.”

  22. Jay says:

    Spain has a worse rivalry. But they sure know how to come together.

  23. emyoueffsee says:

    Off topic:The very fact that we’re in for Hazard at least shows that we are willing to spend some money this summer.I personally would love to nab him as he is an excellent talent and is still young so can improve more, meaning he could have 4 good years at United and be sold on ,when the inevitable Real madrid bid comes in for a monster fee a la Ronaldo.I really would like to see a decent midfielder signed too and I’m thinking Fellaini or Tiote would do a top job for us.Anyone agree with my excellent(as always)suggestions.Oh, almost forgot I’d love to get Llorente too as not only is he an excellent player but also his surname begins with 2 L’s and it’s not often you see that in the modern game.:).One Love.


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