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Keane: United Still The Best Club On The Planet

Roy Keane is refusing to buy in to the doom and gloom talk surrounding Manchester United at the moment, claiming even if we don’t win the title this season, we will bounce back.

“They’ll be disappointed, not necessarily just because of the result, but because of the performance,” said Keane. “Listen, Man United, for all the doom and gloom, they’re still the best club on the planet, they’ve got the best supporters and the best manager, so get behind your team, it’s still not over. City have still got to go up to Newcastle but they’re in the driving seat now. But United will always be United. To me, they are still the best and whatever disappointments they’re having at the moment, don’t worry, they’ll bounce back. They always do.”

Whilst United can’t match City for transfer spending, it is the wages that poses the biggest problem, with us buying young players with great potential rather than splashing out on more developed players on the top salary. Keane acknowledges this is in an issue when it comes to strengthening the team but insists there are still plenty of players who’d want to join our club.

“It’s one thing identifying a player you want to bring to your team but going and getting them,” said Keane. “With the transfer fees, but not just that, the big problem for United might be the wages because we know what type of wages Man City are paying. It’s going to be difficult but Man United will always be attractive to a lot of players and I’m sure the manager is looking at players who can improve the squad. You can’t just buy players for the sake of it. You’ve got to look at them and think can they improve what we already have. Man United have got some top, top players. Don’t worry about them, United will be fine.”

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  1. Albert Ross says:

    Fuck off with your Pep talk! We do not need that washed-up has-been.

  2. WillieRedNut says:

    If I was the man, I was 10 years ago, I’d take a flamethrower to this blog! I’m in the dark here!

  3. Costas says:

    Sir you are out of order!

  4. Red Neck says:

    Why Pep? How long has he been manager of Barcelona. How many of their sides has he built. One season when things don’t go his way and of he goes. He would probably be a better replacement for klu klu kenny than for Fergie. Take Messi out of that side and see how they cope. We lost Ronaldo, Tevez, Hargreaves and still continued to win titles. That was down to one man and one man only.

  5. NBI Red Onion says:

    I love Roy Keane – LEDGEND – he has never spoken badly of the Club, he just did not get along with SAF in the end but he was amazing for United and I will never forget the man, love him for ever.

    Re transfers – apprently City showing Hazard houses in Manchester – looks like we are out of it for him if thats true.

  6. Albert Ross says:

    Pep went the weasel.

    Has he even got a job?

    Perhaps we could give him a 1-year rolling contract.
    The pitch doesn’t like too much pressure either.


    There is sense in whgat Keano says.

  8. TheCANTONA says:

    Pep? That man CAN’T handle pressure while having the best team in the world & choose to fuck off when the time has come to rebuild. Don’t forget He has terrible signing records too. SORRY i wont take Pep as SAF succesor, not a chance, not anyday.

  9. Red Tash says:

    You have been sussed and flushed.You were on a wind up tour but thanks God for the ROM faithful who nipped you on the bud.Peace.

  10. United Till I Die says:

    Spoken like a Club legend.

  11. Manny says:

    If you lot knew about football you’ll be alright. Calling a man washed up even tho he won 13 trophies in 4 years. Nearly played every game of those 4 seasons. Built barca b team and introduced many to the first team. Wake up please and understand what the man has done. Barca has many politics behind the team one of the main reasons he left. Plays the game the right way.

  12. Manny says:

    Terrible signings? Pique, villa, alexis(who we wanted), ibrahimovic alves mascherano . All really bad signings. Seriously do you know much about football

  13. Albert Ross says:

    Kids, look. The ‘last’ mammoth. You probably won’t another one of ‘those’ again!

  14. Albert Ross says:

    Don’t tax the magpies! Let them take all the spoils!

  15. Albert Ross says:

    … oops!


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