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Keano: Bruce And Hughes Aren’t Successful

Roy Keane has turned on Mark Hughes and Steve Bruce today, claiming they are not successful managers because they haven’t won anything. Whilst both have had disappointing spells in their career, it’s hard to argue with what Bruce has achieved with Wigan and Hughes achieved with Blackburn. They haven’t had a trophy to their name but between them they’ve had high league finishes and long runs in cup competitions, all without much to spend!

Keano is obviously feeling as though he is lacking, particularly given he spent £80m on players at Sunderland with the vast majority proving to be a load of shite. It’s very early days in his career and getting Sunderland promoted was achievement enough, given their situation when he first took over. But really, is there any need to play down the careers of his former team mates?

“Until an ex-team-mate of mine from ’94 goes on and really achieves something, then I would not agree about them being a successful manager,” said Keane. “You need a bit more than some of those managers have achieved yet. Who are the good managers you are talking about? Sparky and Brucie have not won a trophy have they? They have potential and Steve Bruce has had a good season. But Steve Bruce has been manager how many years? Sparky has done a brilliant job at Blackburn but is facing different challenges at Man City. We are all facing different challenges.”

Don’t be such a bitch eh Roy.

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  1. costas says:

    They haven’t won anything as opposed to Keano’s filled trophy cabinet?I love the hell out of the man because he gave his all for us, but does he ever look in the mirror?Brutal honesty isn’t worth much if you don’t subject yourself to it as well.Hopefully he get his managerial career back on track.

  2. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    keane won the championship

    but what sparky did at blackburn

    and what Bruce has achieved with Wigan and still is ,is highle sucessful

    i think they are all in one big interview to be the next united manager
    and i think,myself, Bruce and mr 20legend are the head runners

  3. mancstan says:

    fantastic player, loved at the club and think he spoke some home truths in the ill fated man u tv interview that never was. But I really think he should learn some tact and discretion now. Keep it shut and get your own house in order.

    That said, anyone who gives us £5M (??) for Kiearan Richardson, you gotta love.

  4. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    sky sports are saying tevezwants out of united and they have an interview with carrick about it comin up

    just taught id add that

  5. costas says:

    Yes Carrick has said that he wants him to stay GHTT.The worrying thing is that Liverpool are rumored to be interested in Tevez.Or maybe it’s bull crap coming from their camp as usual to mess with us in the title run in.

  6. mancstan says:

    It would be a shame if Tevez was to go, especially for £22m asking price.

    If £17M was spent on the likes of Nani, I dont think this is too much to ask.

  7. Stephen says:

    With the £10m loan agreement and a further £22m seem too expensice to me, great lad but three league goals for £32m?

  8. mancstan says:

    stephen, I see your point, £10m already spent for the 2 years, but the price now is £22m, and any club wanting him will have to spend this.

    I just hope the only reason for not signing him is the fact we spent £30 on berba.

  9. Stephen says:

    I am sure it is a factor and how much game time he will get, Carlos is such a good lad and I love him but an all round package of £32m just doesn’t make fianacial sense at the moment.

  10. zunaid ally says:

    I have lost all respect for Keano. From burying the hatchet with Donkey Quinn and Mick McCarthy(instead of burying it in their backs) to having a go at SAF and ex-teammates, he has been an absolute joke in recent times.His managerial record in the top flight has been abysmal despite having money to spend. In contrast, Sparky and Brucie have done fantastically at unfashionable clubs.In my book, that’s success. Don’t forget that Steve McClaren won a trophy in management, and he was absolute crap

  11. costas says:

    Stephen i think a bigger issue is at hand at the moment.If the Liverpool rumors persist then it will make it very difficult for SAF to pick him.And the truth is that games are coming one after the other and we will need him at some point.

  12. Colbert says:

    Zunaid, hear hear. The man is an absolute joke.

  13. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    The Tevez – Liverpool rumours are a waste of time for two reasons.
    The first is that Heinze wasnt allowed go there last year, we won the official ruling on that by the powers that be, so Fergie aint selling Tevez to those twats.
    And secondly, after seeing the hatred now directed at Heinze for pushing for a move there, I couldnt see Tevez himself willing to risk losing his almost hero status at Old Trafford (whether he stays or goes, he will be very fondly remembered by all at the club) by looking for a move there.
    Its a lot of cash, hopefully we can work something out.
    As for Keane, no doubt he was a legend when he was here, but every time he opens his mouth these days he seems to be kicking someone (sometimes for no reason, sometimes to put himself in a better light). Shame really…

  14. Muggaz says:

    Obviously turning out for Manchester United for so many years would give one a distorted view of success – I am sure Keano meant no offense by those comments, it’s just that whatever he says is taken in the context of the former hard man of the midfield!

    Brucie has done an amazing job at Wigan, his scouting network is amazing and he is responsible for keeping Wigan up! No one could possibly envy Sparky and his job at Man City, where the weight of expectation must be a burden on even the strongest shoulders! I wish him all the success in the world – as long as it’s not with those bloody wankers!

  15. Coogie says:

    Thing is come June its fuck all to do with us who Tevez goes to, hes no longer our player. Admire Tevez attitude and workrate, but im sorry for two seasons I have not seen anything that justifies an output of £32m. Add another few million on that you could end up with Villa, and had we moved early last summer we could have got Eto!

  16. ritesh says:

    he’s been a fabulous midfield and player, but as a manager he still needs to learn many things before critisizing his counterparts

  17. Muggaz says:

    North Stand – United have no say whatsoever as to where Carlito will go – we only have the first option to buy him, thats all.. so SAF has no choice if Tevez goes to Liverpool! God forbid!

  18. costas says:

    North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row we don’t have a say in the Tevez affair anymore i am afraid.From June the 30th, he is free to sign wherever he wants.Fergie can’t block that.But i do hope what you said is true.That he would never anger the United fans by leaving for the scum.Just like Cahill said he wouldn’t.But he has been at Everton longer

  19. gotta hate tiny tears says:


  20. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    Sorry Costas, and Muggaz, you’re obviously both right regarding Tevez going where he wants once his contract is up, it slipped my mind (half asleep here in work still) because this is a bit of a strange situation, he’s ours and he’s not. Still, I couldnt see him going there. Stranger things have happened though.
    Eh Coogie, any chance you’re down at Coogie Beach on the coast of Sydney?

  21. Stephen says:

    Costas, I think Fergie still will pick Carlos is a true professional, also his heart is at OT and if he performs we still might sign him.

  22. NewtonHeath says:

    The tevez link is clearly FSW stirring things.
    We could do with Tevez coming out and saying he wouldnt go to Liverpool – but i dont think he’ll do that.
    I think the whole tevez affair is going to be another brinksmanship event – if United can get the price down they’ll sign him – but if someone else offers top dollar MSI will accept it and United wont be prepared to match it.
    I reckon if we could get him for 15m he’d be worth it – any more and i’m afraid he’ll probably go.
    Besides we already have too many players who want to play in the hole – we need a striker to lead the line. I cant see Fergie giving up on Berba after one year. So if letting Calos go allows us to afford a top Drogba/Torres style striker that Wazza and/or Berba can play behind then so be it.
    (That’s not to say i prefer Berba to Carlos – but the money has been payed for Dimitar – so we’re just gonna have to hope he comes good – i reckon he probably would if he got the chance to play in the hole)

    The thing I’d been hoping for most of the season was that Fergie would give Carlos a go playing from the left.
    Playing a 4-4-2. We could play Ronny on the right, Berba up top, rooney in behind, Carlos on the left and then Wazza and Carlos could keep swapping.
    Carlos played on the left for Argentina and it seemed the natural way to fit him in the team – especially when Park and Nani arent setting the world alight.
    I really thougth this wouldve been the way to get the most out of our attacking options – but fergie obviously doesnt fancy it.

    As for keano – yeh he’s a bit out of order – but Ipswich will still be my second team next season:)

  23. haha says:

    North stand, I’ve been to Coogie the birds are fucking mint, tits all over the shop. Good times :)

  24. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    Haha, Ive been there myself, its a fair spot alright. Good days…

  25. Xyth says:

    I am sure Keano does not consider himself as a successful as yet. Different people measue success differently, while for some getting promoted or barely surviving is a success, for others only trophies count.

    As for the Teves saga, I beleive he deserved to be treated better by Fergie this season. If he has to leave I hope he goes abroad rather than become a dipper (Although I beleive scousers are only trying to mess things up in the run in – As did Wenger when he called us untouchables).

  26. Jonny says:

    What a disrespectful idiot.

  27. Stephen says:

    Jonny, you could show him a little respect for what he did for our club, remember Juve away?

  28. Jonny says:

    I agree he deserves respect as a captain. But as a manager he is an arrogant media whore.

  29. Stephen says:

    Jonny, wasn’t he arrogant as a player, isn’t Ronaldo arrogant? You could say the same about Fergie with the media, they are all the same, to me Keano is a United great and alway will and could never call him an idiot.

  30. Jonny says:

    He deserves to be arrogant as player, so does Ronaldo, for what they’ve acheived. But to roll up as manager of Ipswich Town and claim two of the most promising mangers outside the top 4 are unsuccessful is utterly ludicrous. Its an underhanded jibe and I’m glad Bruce and Hughes responded with class, because Keane is looking for fight, hopefully he won’t get it.

  31. Stephen says:

    I agree but we should never forget what he did for our club.

  32. keanesmagichat says:

    the guy is a legend, his comments have to be taken in context..
    he speaks his mind…
    uniteds greatest modern captain, by a country mile

  33. jcolas says:

    I’m sure Keane meant nothing offensive by his statement… He was used to being outspoken on the field and in the dressing room and it has carried over to managing. — As for Tevez to loserpool… according to my research it hasn’t happened since 1964.

  34. Stephen says:

    We don’t own Carlos so we have no control over his future movements.

  35. SupersonicWarrior says:


    Never forget.

  36. mattyo87 says:

    Again, i’m sorry if this has been mentioned before in an earler post but…this is a question from the media intending to create some bullshit. Fair cop to him for sayin how he feels, he hasn’t ‘turned’ on his 94 team mates he’s given his opinion…the guys a born winner, and this comment epitomises him. The people that don’t get keane are the people who get far too wrapped up in the sentimentatilty of football when it’s not relevant ….remember the busby babes, remember munich, remember our history, remember the treble….celebrate all of them but don’t think that the people that acheived all of those things and more are going to be best mates.
    He needs to learn how to handle the media better no doubt about that but he has the same mentality as ferguson. I aint saying he should be the next united manager but it’s the same ‘you either fucking take me or leave me’. thats why we loved him, and thats why i still love him.

    The guy wears a magic hat

  37. kevin says:

    Anyone that is prepared to tackle with his head for Utd is OK in my book – but I don’t think speaking to the press like this is good.

    Tevez says that if you score 3 or 4 goals you don’t play in the next game – well, how many times has that happened, who was it against and how many times has he scored 3 or 4 in the big games?

    I like Tevez but I’d rather have Berbatov.


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