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Keano: Hughes Shouldn’t Have Gone To City After Playing For United

Mark Hughes was tipped by some to be the successor of Sir Alex Ferguson as Manchester United manager, the club where he had become a legend after playing at Old Trafford for 13 years.

But he took the job at City, ruling out any possible future as United boss. 18 months later he was sacked, with a 10th placed finish all he had to bring about over his time at The Richest Club in the World.

Former team mate, Roy Keane, reckons Hughes made the wrong choice in taking the City job and is now better off to be away from them.

“I’m disappointed for him of course I am,” said Keane. “I think when you’re involved with a club like United, as Sparky was over his career, you shouldn’t go to a club like City. I think you should try and get employment somewhere else. I think Sparky is probably better off.”

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  1. Aig alex is god says:

    King eric.hi was treated shockingly.he didnt do badly at all.changing more than half of your team will never gurantee instant success.neither of those players they bought are world class.some like toure,cunt head lescott,argie twat,adebawhore just came for money.robinho is the most overhyped cunt i have seen.bellamy,given,ireland and de jong were the select players who didnt let sparky down .unfortunate because these arab clowns came after sparky was named had no option but to do things their have made themselves a laughing stock by the way they treated hughes.the fact that kaka,berba,etoo,guss,mourihno rejected them says the story.none of the above would have rejected at the chance to join us.that says the story.oh and dont forget the quote of the season by maicons agent.”lets not joke around,what will maicon do at city”

  2. King Eric says:

    aig – The irony is that Bellamy probably won’t figure in Mancini’s plans and wants to leave. Don’t think Given is too happy either.

  3. Little-Miss-United says:

    “A club like city” xD lol


  4. ironmanramsey says:

    No doubt about it – Keano’s right. I used to love ‘Sparky’, but some of his deluded and smug comments about Utd and SAF mean I can’t feel that way about him anymore. Loved him as a player but I don’t want him as the next manager. I think it either has to be someone who is Utd through and through (Brucey, Eric, Ole, Keano?) or it has to be someone with an exceptional track record (Jose, Hiddink, Capello?). I’m sure there are more. I think someone with a ‘decent’ record or even ‘up and coming’ wont be given the time and most importantly wont be given the respect by the players and the media. We’re slagging off the Arabs, the Russia mafia, but who knows – the Glazers might just be as trigger happy – especially as you could argue they need immediate success even more so than other clubs. I don’t think they would be able to be so trigger happy with a Utd legend. So my personal vote would be for Bruce with Ole as no.2. Brucey has really impressed me over the last few years – first with Wigan and now Sunderland. I know he’s no (managerial) experience in Europe, etc, but I’d let that go seeing as he knows about us, how we should play, what the fans want, etc. As long as the dippers aren’t near another title for a few years that would keep the pressure off. One things for sure – we’ve been blessed with Fergie – and long may the wizard continue…..

  5. OT says:

    Let’s be honest, Hughes was NEVER in line for the United job in a million years, so him going or not going to City never really affected anything.

    Personally I think footballers talk a lot of rubbish, “never” is a long time in football. Keane can say this now, because its a pretty easy thing to say when he knows he’s not good enough for City, so they’d never even think about employing him. If Keane becomes a manager in maybe 5 years lets say on the same level as O’Neil and City approached him, I’m almost sure, he’d gladly take the job, United legend or not. Keane has NEVER been a sentimental person as United fans should know, so I see no reason why that should start now.

  6. Mangesh says:

    After Manchester derby this year I went through an article from Guardian. It was about relationship between Sir Alex and Sparky. I was really surprised by an incident mentioned in that article. Drunk and emotional Sparky was found saying something on the lines of ‘Fergie brought me back from Barca to make fans happy. He never really trusted me’. Why Sparky felt that way is beyond me!

  7. belfast77 says:

    never understand how people can say Ole or keano should be our next manager, what the hell have either of them done in terms of management that makes them fit to lead the biggest football club in the world.. Im all for a ex Utd player taking over if possible but they have to have some kind of management experiance. Great players dont alyeasy make great managers just ask Bryan robson.

  8. shak says:

    To this day I ain’t seen anyone who could volley like sparky. Great player. Maybe the chance to replicate utd with all that money was something which clouded out reality….

  9. King Eric says:

    belfast77 – I think with Ole people are looking at Pep Guardiola. He did it. Ole’s football brain is excellent and Fergie sad he could analyze a game sitting on the bench, come on and score the winners. You only have to look how he has the reserve lads playing and the amount of debut’s in the first team since he took over. Not sure about Keano though.

  10. King Eric says:

    “To this day I ain’t seen anyone who could volley like sparky”.

    No neither have I. Scholes comes close on his day. Did Hughes ever score a “shit” goal?

  11. jamie says:

    why does it matter so much what club he is employed by? I believe that a certain Matt Busby played for city and captained liverpool but he came to us. I feel sorry for the way hughes has been treated and would like to see him working at united again.

  12. shak says:

    @ king eric. True scholsey is probably the closet comparison. Remember when he rounded the barca keeper n drilled it in from that angle! Lovecthe way he used to be able to dish it out when given some

  13. belfast77 says:

    King Eric Said,

    I agree with you about Ole has the footballing brain but for me you still need some kind of top level experiance. Living in the USA for the last 15 years i havnt got a chance to see what Ole has done with the younger players( Ive herd good things) but having the reserves playing well and being the first team manager of the biggest club in the world are two different things.

    i guess Ideally you would have him as first team coach and them promote him from there, almost like Liverpool back in the day promoting from within. Ive always thought that when SAF retires its going to be one of the most important times in the club history and its not a time to pick a manager who lacks management experiance at the top level.


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