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Keano On Playing For United Again, The Dressing Room and That Derby

Roy Keane has spoken to the BBC about his thoughts on the Manchester derby ahead of Sunday.

On playing again

“When football is in your blood or you’ve played for a great club like Man United, you still have your days where you go ‘I’d give anything to go back and play in one of those games, anything.’”

On the dressing room on derby day

“It’s fabulous, absolutely brilliant. That’s what you miss. That’s what you want to go back for. It’s pretty easy for the manager. Obviously he’ll have to pick his eleven but he can leave the rest to the players. I didn’t like too much chat. Everyone thinks I was a ranter and a raver, I certainly wasn’t. The players know, there’s that feeling in the air, that this is the game. You make sure you’re not going to lose it. When I play for United, we had a good record against City.”

On the dressing room after the derby

“I never lost a derby, thank God. Every time you play a big game there’s the fear of losing, but it’s a nice fear, it’s why you make sure you don’t lose. After you win some of the big games, I was never one for celebrating too much.”

On City or Liverpool

“With the progress City have made, if I was still playing for United I’d City would probably be the game I’d want to win more. When I was a player, City weren’t always in the top league, so it was always the Arsenal game for me, but City must be the game for the players now.”

On that derby in 93/94

“It was pretty good. Particularly because we’d been two goals down. I still remember the game like it was yesterday. I’d missed a couple of good chances. I was through one on one with Tony Coton. But we had some great players, like Cantona and Giggsy, so we knew we were never out of the game. When it went to 3-2, yeh, that was pretty good.”

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  1. denton davey says:

    Wayne @ 16:19: “when it comes to Berba don’t like the way you constantly take shots and sly little digs even if Berba had nothing to do with the game or the thread.”

    I usually respond to people (like you) who make extravagant claims on his behalf. Most of what I have said can be boiled down to four points:

    first, he lost his place to Chicharito in February when it became evident that he and TheWayneBoy were worked liked a square peg in a round hole in comparison to the main man’s partnership with Chicharito;

    second, when he got a chance in a big game, it would seem that SAF got pissed with him because he missed two sitters in the FACup semi-final;

    third, in regards to SAF’s decision to exclude him from the EuroFinal – see “second” (above);

    fourth, he’s not only lost his place as the “second striker” but is now behind Danny Welbeck (and maybe even LittleMikey).

    These four points seem to me to be “self-evident”. It’s not my fault if you disagree and resort to name-calling as the last refuge of a desperate BerbaLover. But I do think that you (and others of your ilk) might want to consider the empirical evidence of the past nine months.

    As regards your second point: “Berba has done nothing but show class and respect and deserves that in return.So while you continue to ride him for no reason i’ll continue to think that.”

    First, I don’t “ride him for no reason” but, rather, I try to take issue with those (like you) who want to big-him-up. The point being: he’s lost his place – not once but twice. Face that fact and then explain how my comments have been derogatory to the man – as opposed to the results of his performances.

    Second, his comportment has, indeed, been exemplary and professional but let’s not forget that he gets one hundred thousand quid each and every week he swallows his pride. He might get this amount for another nine months at UTD – or even another 21 months if UTD take up the option on his contract. [if my arithmetic is correct then he'll trouser something like 35/40 of those weekly pay packets between now and the end of June = 3.5 to 4.0 million quid; if he's kept around for an additional year then you could add around 6.0 million quid on top of that.] If SAF decides that he’s now surplus-to-requirements then he’ll get a big pay-day from someone else, for an even longer period of time. If this is what you consider showing “class and respect” then I’m sure that any professional would like that opportunity to pocket something like 10,000,000 quid while being firmly rooted to the bench.

    I submit, sir, that you have lost all sense of proportion in jumping to Dimmy’s defence. If that continues to make me a “smarmy cunt”, then so be it. But what, exactly does it make you ?

  2. TonyBee says:

    Denton Davey….fair play fella…… what a polite way to answer a critic….

  3. wayne says:

    Well Sir i certainly i certainly haven’t lost any sense of proportion in jumping to Berbas defence,all your points are weak and we’ve heard the reasons of your crusade against him time and time again
    First of all untill Berba was dropped he was Utds best striker last year,he was sacrificed in order to get Rooney into form.
    I really am at a loss for words you keep banging on and on about the FA Cup semi final misses,first of all i don’t even consider them sitters,secondly ALL STRIKERS MISS CHANCES,stop going on about that it makes you look stupid,no fucking way Sir Alex is holding a grugge and not playing him because of that.If Sir Alex benched strikers who missed chances,Utd wouldn’t have anybody up front.So stop using that as a pont because it isn’t.
    Now you’re banging on about his wages what the fuck has that got do to with anything?.All top players make good money doesn’t stop them from being babies when things don’t go their way,he could’ve signed for more money at City but he didn’t.This summer although teams were interested Sir Alex wanted to keep him so obviously Sir Alex thinks he’s worth the money,what he makes is the most irrelevant point about why you constantly rag on him,think this might be a new one don’t remember this one before.
    I must have missed the newsflash about Berba being the 5th striker mind sending me the link.thanks
    To say you only respond to Berbalovers making extravagant claims is just a lie,you throw in shots all the time,on the CL league thread started making digs about him for no reason.So back to my point you constantly pick on him regardless of the thread or whether he played or not,you just won’t let it go
    Get the fuck off his back,oh and i thought Berba didn’t fit because now Utd play fast flowing pure football and he’s just to slow,last few games i’ve watched spot on with the assessment the flow of the game has been so fast like watching tennis.

  4. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Back on subject lads:
    Been dreaming of Scholes Keano coming out of retirement for team GB

    MF Giggs, Scholes, Keane, Beckham.

    F Young, Rooney, Wellbeck

    D Rio, Smalling, Jones

    G: Won’t matter, Craig Gordon would do though.

  5. wayne says:

    ok Denton answer me one Question,one of your big points is Sir Alex doesn’t trust Berba to get the job done after the FA Cup semi final,the fact is if Sir Alex didn’t trust him why not unload him in the summer for $10-15mill and also dump that big paycheck.What has actually happened is a contradiction to one of your main points.
    You’re a very slippery denton wouldn’t surprise me if you’re a politican,lawyer,something like that,although you claim to come after Berbalovers who make extravagent claims the truth is opposite.
    On the CL thread out of the blue,the Berba digs for no reason,i asked why pick on Berba when he had fuck all to do with the game.Your answer is below,you’re only intention was to get a rise out of Berba fans,so please save the bullshit and honey.

    denton davey says:
    Wayne @ 0:02 – I was just wondering where all the BerbaLove had gone

  6. denton davey says:

    Wayne @ 22:24: “ok Denton answer me one Question,one of your big points is Sir Alex doesn’t trust Berba to get the job done after the FA Cup semi final,the fact is if Sir Alex didn’t trust him why not unload him in the summer for $10-15mill and also dump that big paycheck.What has actually happened is a contradiction to one of your main points.”

    It takes three to make a deal – the buyer, the seller, AND the player. Since we don’t know what happened when PSG supposedly offered 18 million for Dimmy, we can make a couple of assumptions:

    first, SAF didn’t want to sell because he still values Dimmy’s experience and wasn’t sure at the time that Chicharito would recover from his concussion or that Danny Welbeck was going to be good enough in game, as opposed to in training; or,

    second, Dimmy didn’t want to go.

    AND, of course, there’s every likelihood that PSG never offered to buy the guy.

    On the other hand, you’re not altogether “wrong” that I want to “get a rise out of Berba fans”. After reading so much BerbaLove that has flown in the face of empirical evidence that I presented earlier (@ 20:47 – and on many other occasions these past few months) it would be beyond my capacity to resist getting a rise out of you. Although, of course, I also know that you wouldn’t be convinced – in fact, as you say, other strikers have missed “sitters” which is true but essentially beside-the-point-at-issue.

    I presented my take on the situation – my so-called “empirical evidence” – in order to try to make sense of a truly bizarre situation – last year’s top-scorer from open play is so thoroughly marginalized that he hasn’t started a meaningful game this year. How many minutes of EPL action has Dimmy had – thirty minutes (?) in a mop-up role.

    My so-called “empirical evidence” might be wrong but – dammit man – can you guys provide any better explanation for this truly bizarre situation ? I know that you can call me a “smarmy cunt” – and have done so – but that hardly rises to the standard of evidence required to make sense of this truly bizarre situation.

    If all you BerbaLovers can do is to gush like teenagers in front of The Beatles then we’re never going to have a rational discussion of Dimmy’s marginalization. And that would be very, very sad. It would mean that rational discussion is impossible.

    Finally, “out of the blue, the Berba digs for no reason” – look at the context of that remark. It was written to point out that the forgotten man is now forgotten by even his greatest supporters. Can Dimmy be any more marginalized than that ?

  7. wayne says:

    denton i’m assuming Berba not wanting to move is the same source as the 3 way deal involving Modric,in your head because i haven’t seen one article suggesting that,if you have it send it along with the 5th striker link. Crouch got bought fot 10mill,if Utd really wanted to unload him there would have been tons of teams in the bidding.It’s pretty obvious to me Berba is a proud man if Sir Alex had gone to him and said it’s over and the club have accepted an offer Berba would’ve left i’m convinced of that.
    Just asking even you admit everything is a bit odd so can we please dispel FA Cup semi misses because we both know it’s not that.Denton you’ve got rid of Blackburn away out of the repertoire and untill all facts are out except the one’s in your head,the facts are proving the trust factor theory wrong.
    Berba isn’t a forgotten man Denton i’m praying he gets a chance,thing is though Berba fans are between a rock and a hard place.On one side of the coin if we don’t talk about Berba we have posters like you to deal with and get accused of marginaliseing,then if we do talk about him we have other posters like Zibbie who accuse us of going on and on about him
    See were i’m coming from Denton tough being a Berba fan but i do have respect for him,i like him alot and think he’s a top player,was a big part of 19 and got a shitty of a deal last year as i can remember,not going to let negative comments go by,no reason for them

  8. denton davey says:

    Wayne @ 1:01: “Berba isn’t a forgotten man Denton i’m praying he gets a chance,thing is though Berba fans are between a rock and a hard place”

    You BerbaGuys are between a rock and a hard place but I’d dispute how you characterize your plight. You keep defending Dimmy AS IF he’s blameless when, in reality, in a results-driven business he’s done next-to-nothing since the beginning of 2011. I know, he can’t do anything if he doesn’t play and that’s really the crux of the matter – why doesn’t he play ? I think that the only reasonable answer to that question is that SAF no longer “trusts” him (or “has confidence in him) which is why I keep bringing up the two misses at Wembley because they really let the air out of Dimmy’s balloon AFTER he had lost his place to Chicharito. I really don’t see any other ways of explaining what is a truly bizarre situation.

    About my “Modric speculation” – it was presented as just that: speculation at the time when the Sneijder transfer had died and Dimmy wasn’t getting any game time. It was conjectured as a way to spark discussion – unfortunately, it was groundless (or so it seems since we have no idea of what was going on behind the scenes).

    Given SAF’s incredible track-record of never selecting the “obvious” team-sheet – I’m always surprised that Dimmy hasn’t had a run-out, starting in one of the big games (Charity Shield, RentBoyz, Spurs, TheArse, LIverpoo) so far this season. Maybe today ?

  9. wayne says:

    denton you can’t say it’s result driven and Berba hasn’t done anything when the lad hasn’t played.As i mentioned earlier Berba was playing well last year but with Hernandez emerging and the need to get Rooney into good form,Berba became the odd man out.He’s hardly started so that’s just not being fair to him.
    From my point of view Berba is blameless and unlucky but he’s handled the situtation with class he does deserve our respect.

  10. ironbrand says:

    Show-down in Manchester, England. Show shitty that Manchester bleeds red and we are the champs. C’mon you Reds!!!


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