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KEANO! There’s Only One Keano!

Keano! There’s only one Keano! There’s only one Keano!

February 1st 2005 – Roy Keane chases Patrick Vieira down the tunnel, with the Senegalese born midfielder shitting himself and running off. “I’ll see you out there!” Keano threatened. That he did.

Vieira totally bottles it in the match.

Ryan Giggs With Crying Patrick Vieira

United beat Arsenal 4-2 at Highbury.

Five years later, after Inter Milan have chosen not to renew his contract, Vieira is back in the Premiership, earning a ridiculous £150,000 a week!

Vieira, woooah
Vieira, woooah
He comes from Senegal
He gave Giggsy the ball
And Arsenal won fuck all!

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Onkar says:

    Only once in my life I cried out of depression, helplessness and sheer sadness and that day was when Keano left Man UTD. Surely the worst day in my life as a United supporter. Even today when try and remember that day my eyes get wet… I really miss him……… He was a monster and he bleed United all the way…………. I can’t imagine if he would have been around we would have played such un-inspirational game against Leeds……… He was the LEADER, MOTIVATOR, MONSTER a real RED DEVIL… I miss you KEANO………… R U listening????

  2. aig alex is god says:

    Morning Everyone.

    A few stories i read in the newspapers today

    1. The sun reported Rooney will be our skipper next season
    2. Also read Neville will be offered a new contract and it will be his decision whether he wants to continue or retire
    3. If tomorrow’s game is called off SAF will take the whole team to Dubai for a break and due to the warmer conditions there

  3. Long John O'Shea says:

    As good as Fletcher is doing this season and last, getting stuck in and doing a good stab at being a Keaneo type player… He seems like he is a nice chap he always comes across well in an interview where as Keane was just evil he had the real deadman stare….

    morning AIG, if Rooney was make captian, I believe he is a real leader and he does have an evil streak in him too…

  4. exiledred says:

    Haven’t commented on the site for a while but couldn’t let this one pass. I cannot stand viera – wont even buy a Panasonic tv cos it has his name on it – so this game will always stick long in the memory. Keano proved that day who is and was top dog in the Premiership during that period.

    As for the Robbo vs Keano debate. Toughie. Both incredible and inspirational leaders who gave absolutely everything for the cause. I really can’t split them apart. Highlights – well, for Keane’s Juve away read Robbo’s Barca at home. 2 games that will live with me forever. And was I the only one that cheered like a loon when Keane eventually got Haaland – not that I would in any way condone such behaviour – blah blah blah… :-)

  5. aig alex is god says:

    Long John O’Shea

    I actually dont want wazza to be the skipper in the next 2-3 years.He already has a lot of burden on him and usually a skipper should be a defender or midfielder becasue if wazza does become skipper, it may result in him dropping deeper when things arent going our way. i am rooting for fletcher because he is a commanding presence in midfield.He deserves some recognition for the way he has turned it around from a scapegoat when United didnt do well to the most important player in the team.

  6. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    man u fan????????????
    scott ya cant write about the terrible day that involved 96 liverpool fans
    or that nightmare day in 1958 without your comment having to be checked
    is there anyway you could block the” man u ” name on the site .
    How can people not know about it
    could you stick a blog on it
    Ive wrote time and time again about it but maybe your words could stick
    its disrespectful to manchester united 1958 and mostly duncan edwards
    also while im on about stuff ya dont do that i noticed at the fulham game and i hope doesnt happen when fulham come to old trafford
    you dont boo Damien Duff

  7. GoatinaUnitedShirtLaughingatTodaysBackPages. says:

    Vieras only come back because he knows he doesn’t have to face Keano again. Hes been the tough man of the Italian League kicking the shite out of 5 footers.

  8. aig alex is god says:


    many people outside UK in Asia dont know about it. They are ignorant of that and use “Man U”.

    In India all the newspapers refer to United as Man U, hardly anyone refers to them as Manchester United. Same for the news channels and at times the guest panel on ESPN. The thing is how many people will you correct?. There will always be some ignorant bastards who will use that name

  9. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    i hate it AIG it grinds my teeth
    as ive said to you before on this ive bloked a guy on youtube from emilys videos called duncans missing head and when i hear uniteds fans saying man u its just like supporting that twats youtube username
    The Sun reporting on the leeds game had man u in there headlines.
    and even if people dont know where it comes from its like calling arsenal arse yes its shorter for the real name but nothing to do with the club not merchandise to fans chants to the owners and everything in between ever refair to them selfs as it. joel glazier,the only united fan out of the family, calls united the red devils. its united man utd/united manchester united or the red devils

  10. Giles Oakley says:

    Robbo or Keano? Tough call, but for me Bryan Robson shades it. He was almost a one-man team in the ’80s when the squad was much weaker than in the Roy Keane era. He managed to lift the team to greater heights, exactly like Keano could, but he had much less quality around him to do it. For Keane against Juventus with Zidane in ’99 read Robbo v Barca with Maradona in ’84. When United started to go into decline in the mid-2000s, Keane, tragically, became part of the problem, not the solution. As his own body began to struggle, his motivational powers began almost to work against the team. His constant demands for higher standards began to intimidate lesser players and inhibit them, in a manner that Robson never did, at any stage of his career.Robbo always tried to bind the team together and his presence at the club helped the ‘kids’ (Beckham, Nevilles, Butt etc) to come through. They all revered Robson, who always tried to encourage them and make them feel part of the team.It was Robbo’s tough luck to be at his peak when the team wasn’t great, while Keane was surrounded by winners from day one. That’s why, for me, Robbo was ‘Captain Marvel’, the greatest United skipper I’ve ever seen.

    Remi Moses was a terrific player, sadly knackered by serious injury. If he’d stayed fit Robbo might have won his coveted league titles much earlier. Another of the great ‘might-have-beens’…I wish we’d got a Remi now!

  11. bigphil2003 says:

    “Ignorant Bastards” is quite harsh, it’s not like it’s a well known fact to the general public. Ignorant yes, but that doesn’t make them bastards.

  12. aig alex is god says:


    my opinion is you should never write or comment about anything without doing the full research or having some knowledge.I have written to the newspapers myselves and yet they continue using Man U.

    When United beat Inter 2-0 last season one news reporter called nemanja Vidic,” United striker”. When we won 4-0 against West ham the headline in Times of India was, ” Man U thrash West ham”. Wont you get angry reading this everyday?

    Maybe i was harsh but i love United and hate when anyone calls united man U.

  13. Giles Oakley says:

    Meant to add, GHTT is absolutely right, more credit should be given to Brian McClair. He was central to United’s early success in the Premiership, and kept the team going in the dark days of the late ’80s. I used to love Choccy’s Diary in the official magazine. So droll, so cool, so damned funny. I loved one of his stories about Gary Neville, around the time he was just breaking into the first team. Apparently Gary had a new girlfriend and , eventually, he was invited home for tea to meet her Mum so she could give him the once-over. They were all sat round the table and the Mum offers the nervous young Gary a tuna sandwich. ‘Oh, sorry, no, ‘says Gary, ‘I don’t like tuna. It reminds me too much of fish’…

  14. Viva Ronaldo says:

    Keano has got to be in line for our next manager. We need someone to sort out half of the players on that team.

  15. aig alex is god says:

    Giles Oakley

    Happy New Year!!!

    How are you and how is your health?. Waiting eagerly for your next aricle. Enjoyed reading everyone of them.Hope the new year sees you back to your healthy best

  16. bigphil2003 says:

    aig I get that it annoys you but you can understand why people (who don’t know the history of the phrase) might use it. You should be able to shorten a team’s name without having to research it. Should you have to do a google search before referring to Darren Fletcher as Fletch for example?
    The people that do know the history and continue to use it… they are ignorant bastards.

  17. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Giles my friend hello
    I always taught if Keane=the next Robbo then Scholes=the next Brian McClair. While keane was such an amazing leader and force in Midfield I didnt think Scholes got the credit he fully deserved till Keane left. I remember been in a pub watching United and someone said to me “Scholes has really up’d his game since Keane left he’s getting much better” like this guy never noticed Scholes before hand. Brian McClair was a profesional. Simple as that. As I said earlier he only missed on game with injury and never missed one training session. Fantastic Neville story by the by

  18. bigphil2003 says:

    Oh also, on topic I’d just like to add that while I admired Keano’s sticking up for his team mates, this incident always made it hard for me to take Nev seriously as a captain just a couple of years later. Giggs has always been the true captain in my eyes since Keano left.
    This was a fucking amazing game though! When Silvestre got himself sent off I was worried, and then O’ Shea pops up with that moment of absolute beauty!

  19. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    But noone at united has ever refaired to there team as man u ever. as i say about calling arsenal arse. and fletcher gets called fletch by his teammates always in pre match and post match interviews as Fletch.

  20. aig alex is god says:

    bigphil 2003

    You are right about that.What got me iritated what i wrote to all the newspapers saying United are referred to as Man Utd, Manchester Utd, United or mostly as ‘champions’. “Man U’ in itself dosent sound good. But maybe because we are hardcore United fans we get annoyed by it.

  21. afromanc says:

    viera you fucking cunt!!! God dam i love Roy keane. My favourite player of all time!

  22. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    vidic is out for 10 days peoples
    rio is inproving and will be back in full training in 2 weeks
    and all going well rio will be back in 3 weeks playing
    vidic has a nerve problem in his leg
    hargreaves is in full training with the reserves and should be playing a reserves game in 3 weeks time
    bring on febuary is all i say

  23. Ulster Red says:

    didnt keane say to graham poll that viera was picking on neville? can gaz not fight his own battles or what?

  24. RedDevilzAdvocate says:

    I remember this game well,cos I watched it through a window lol! At the time manchester united and arsenal were the two best-supported sides in my country(until Abramovic came along) and the crowd in the room to watch the game was so large no one else could get in the door, had o watch it from outsie. Didnt know about the bust up until after the game, but strangely enough this was one of the united-arsenal games of the era where i was most confident that we would win. One of my best mates is an arsenal fans and was stood right next to me.Had a real go at me too when Viera gave them the lead and when Bergkamp resstored that lead, but I’m sure you all know which of us went home smiling at the lol. One of my fave united-arse games ever, plus, O’shea even scored a beaut!

  25. islandred1981 says:

    Fuck, how i wish Roy Keane was still running our midfield.

    Notice how that scum viera can’t even look Nev in the eye – fuckin piece of shit bastard.

  26. islandred1981 says:


    Funny I was talking about the Haaland incident just a few days ago.

    I fucking LOVED it.

    ‘Take that you cunt, and don’t ever stand over me again talking about feigning injury.

    And tell your mate Wetherall there’s some for him as well’.

    There is well and truly only one Keano!

  27. KMan says:

    can someone please let me know what roy is saying after the “I’ll see you out there”?

    Im trying to understand it, but I just cant make out the words

    Thanks in advance!

  28. exiledred says:


    Couldnt agree more. During the game I wet myself when it happened without really seeing the full extent of the challenge. Afterwards, looking at the replay, there was a fleeting thought in my mind that maybe, just maybe, he’d gone over the top. Then I thought, fuck it, he’s only done what each and every one of us would have wanted to do in that situation.

    I just wish he’d connected with Shearer’s chin that day at the ground formerly known as St James’s Park…..

  29. TonyBee says:

    listening to Ken Bruce on Beeb Radio2 today anf a comment made me spill me fucking brew…..
    He said that he had noticed that everyone was panic buying bread and milk cos of the cold spell…..
    then he said that’s why Man City are spending millions buying Patrick Viera…..well, it made me fucking laugh…!!

  30. TonyBee says:

    by the way …nice to hear from Giles Oakley…. Happy New year fella, hope you are feeling a little better.

  31. utdforever says:

    LOL.. just laughing at Gary’s handshake and stare at Viera as the players shook hands. You know he gave him a good squeeze to go along with that stare. Brilliant. Think the move will add a bit of further spice to our derby matches which is always a good thing!

  32. Giles Oakley says:

    Happy New Year to AIG , GHTT and TonyBee, and everyone, with thanks for remembering my little local health problems. I am just beginning to emerge from my radio therapy, which ended just before Xmas, and which is generally totally knackering. My recovery took a severe beating in the middle of treatment when I went to Craven Cottage in the pre-Xmas freeze -up (wearing 6 layers of clothing, 2 scarves, a Red Army fur hat and mittens) I took a United-supporting friend who comes originally from Newry. As we dismally trailed out of the stadium after the woeful 3-0 defeat my pal got a text from his brother back at home in Northern Ireland, ‘Don’t fucking go to see United again!’…

  33. Ulster Red says:

    big ken is a legend!!!

  34. bchilds says:

    I remember seeing it all kick off in the tunnel that game, I kept saying to my old man “That’s Keano shouting in the background, something’s going on up there!” getting all excited that the players we massively pumped up for the game!

    It was a fantastic match, I was physically knackered at full time – I felt like I’d played the 90mins it was so engrossing!

  35. keano86 says:

    giles -
    good shout I used to love choccies diary!

  36. North Stand Tier 2 says:

    greatest premier league game of all time by far. for utd anyway!

  37. islandred says:


    You could imagine the look on mary poppins face had Keano floored him – in my head I can see the tears welling up in his eyes, his bottom lip trembling…

    Would have been priceless!

  38. NOBBY says:

    haha viera what a twat!

  39. Jake says:

    Probably the only footballer I have ever really admired as a person…. He’s no academic but he has an intelligence that is manifest in every interview or press conference he gives.

  40. Swissdevil says:

    “i see you on the fuckin pitch!” this is class!

  41. Little-Miss-United says:

    I loved his recent press confrence when that guy’s phone was ringing and he gave him a stare @@ “That shit has been going on long. Why don’t u turn it of?!” LOL xD

  42. timothy smithson says:

    Vieira would smash Keane so hard that Keane wouldn’t be alive anymore


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