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“Kiko And Welbeck Not Good Enough Yet”

“Sir Alex Ferguson would have us believe he is quite happy with his squad going into their defence of their Premier League crown,” said Stan YSB Collymore. “Yet I still think United look a lot weaker than last term following the loss of Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez. Federico Macheda and Danny Welbeck, as I said recently, are a pair of strikers for the future. They are not good enough to come in for a six or ten-game spell if necessary, and nor should they.”

Manchester United’s strikeforce: Wayne Rooney, Dimitar Berbatov, Michael Owen, Federico Macheda, Danny Welbeck.
Appearances: 49, 43, 31, 5, 13 = 141
Goals: 20, 14, 10, 2, 3 = 49
0.35 goals per game.

Chelsea’s strikeforce: Didier Drogba, Nicolas Anelka, Andriy Shevchenko, Salamon Kalou, Daniel Sturridge.
Appearances: 42, 51, N/A, 43, 26 = 162
Goals: 14, 25, N/A 10, 4 = 53
0.33 goals per game

Liverpool’s strikeforce: Fernando Torres, Dirk Kuyt, Andriy Voronin, David Ngog, Nabil El Zhar.
Appearances: 38, 51, N/A, 19, 19 = 127
Goals: 17, 15, N/A, 3, 0 = 35
0.28 goals per game

It’s not just about the statistics though, it’s about the story behind them. Last season Federico Macheda scored an injury time winner on his début in a game we had been losing 2-1 at one point. In his second game he scored another winning goal. Macheda’s goals made the difference between United picking up two points and six points in the last month of the season. Given that we won the season by four points with a worse goal difference than the second-placed team, Macheda’s goals can be traced directly as the difference between us winning and losing the league.

What can the strikers of our rivals claim, particularly those outside the preferred two starters? N’gog? Sturridge? What did they do?

Of course it’s obvious that we will have to work hard to replace Cristiano Ronaldo’s goals but when comparing our strikeforce with that of our rivals, ours is better. The question is whether our superior strikeforce can outscore our rivals’ as well as replacing Ronaldo’s goals. Whilst Liverpool and Chelsea both have a high-scoring midfielder to help their strikers we will be relying more heavily on just our strikers. I’d fancy all five of them to score more goals than they did season though and would certainly prefer Owen/Macheda/Welbeck to Shevchenko/Kalou/Sturridge and Voronin/Ngog/El Zhar.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Corea says:

    We’ll see, Scott. But i beleive in the players like Wellbeck and Macheda. I surely do and i don’t have the other choice.

  2. manutdchampions2008 says:

    scott why don’t Stan YSB Collymore stop running his mouth and look at the other rivals who have an awful strike force to back up their main one. This is the same Stan YSB Collymore who thought rooney and tevez working hard for the team was the reason why ronaldo scored so many goals which I laughed my ass off. The same collymore that thought tevez was world class. I am not a big fan of berbatov I may never will be but a rooney berbatov combination is far better then liverpools and arsenals one injury prone strikers torres and van persie and their back up is a joke. united have great back up upfront its valencia and nani where they are crucial to uniteds play, I am more worried about the back up of carrick fletcher valencia nani, because scholes anderson giggs park no offence to that 4 but giggs and scholes are coming to the end, and park and anderson offer no goal or creative threat what so ever.

  3. Fze123 says:

    the stats say it all.

  4. Ulster Red says:

    YSB mon the villa 2nite

  5. Mopbucket says:

    Why the fu*k would anyone give a shit about what that wanker has to say?? (unless you were Ulrika Johnson and he was about to prove how much of a man he is again!!!) useless piece of shite…. Federico Macheda has shown more talent and promise in the few games we seen him in last season than that gobshite showed in his whole poxy career…..

  6. Simmo says:

    Collymore would know a thing or two about not being good enough at the top level. In between bouts of depression, dogging and slapping women about he decides to give us the benefit of his footballing experiences!! Taking advice from a spice boy is a dangerous business!!!

  7. Sketch says:

    Why does everyone seem to want Fergie to buy?
    Our squad is good at it is. The youth need to be given a chance before buying big players who would cost less next year this time.
    Gibson,Welbeck,Kiko,Tosic, and the twins will hopefully all play a big part this season. Fergie needs to decide which ones will make it and the ones that need to be offloaded. Owen/Welbeck/Macheda are going to score more goals than the others guaranteed.
    Sick and tired of hearing all the hype about Chelsea and Liverpool.

  8. venu says:

    Any day, Scott!!! Talk about potential!!!

  9. bestie07 says:

    Rooney and berba will hit near 50 between them.The others will also grab their fair share.Im not worried at all about our strikers.
    The problems lie in midfield.We will be overrun by physically imposing sides and will be relying too much on moments of magic which is too much too expect every time.I feel that the side will sruggle to grind out as many results as potential title winning sides need too.Less tight games will go our way as previous seasons.

  10. Fze123 says:

    totally agree with sketch. there’s no player who is available and who’s price isn’t inflated anyway. we should just give our bunch of talented youth more chances.

    off topic, but the fastest selling shirts are wayne rooneys, mikey owens and ryan giggs’ in that order.

  11. King Eric says:

    Don’t even get me started on this cunt Scott. Loathsome man. He was bigging the Rentboys at this stage last season. He is bitter because he NEVER became a United player. Simple as that.

  12. King Eric says:

    PS He should know better than anyone the goal stats. The cunt is fucking obsessed with stats.

  13. aliasrns5 says:

    who is this stan collymore!!… lol.. sounds like scouse shite to me… oh yeah now i remember.. that supreme failure of a striker from that supreme shithole of a club…

  14. andre_k says:


    and the press were running their mouths off pre-season that owen wasnt selling…

  15. Sketch says:

    “The problems lie in midfield.We will be overrun by physically imposing sides and will be relying too much on moments of magic which is too much too expect every time.”
    We wont face that problem with Fletcher on. Whilst i do agree with you about struggling against ‘physically imposing sides’ i do think we will struggle MORE against teams who like to move the ball around a lot like Arsenal, Barca, and most team in the Champions league.

  16. javac says:

    As a footy analyst he’s entitled to his opinion. The stats can be ead in different ways. Chelsea’s 53 goals will improve by 5-6 at the least based on Joe Cole and Shevlechnko being back (one to provide and the other to score). The same can be said of Voronin who may be an average backup striker but will add 5 goals at least this season. Ultimately, our forward line is weaker than last year without Ronaldo, but Owen is better than Tevez, for sure. And as for Liverpool the stats are meaningless without Gerrard’s goal tally added, he plays in the same position as Berba and Rooney FFS. We are weaker upfront compared to our rivals based on last season. Yet we won the league last season. The media can spin stats off all day long, but the only thing that counts is the awards. We’ll score more this season. We are ready to hit the ground running like Bolt in the 100m.

  17. King Eric says:

    bestie – United won’t be over run in midfield. Far from it. Darren Fletcher bosses the middle of the park as he did first half against the Rentboys. Him and Scholes dominated against the 3 man midfield of Wigan. The dippers have Lucas and Mascherano and Arsenal Fabregas, Nasri and Denilson. It is a myth that our midfield is weak. A complete Myth.

  18. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    owen is injury prone
    berbatov is lazy and a flop
    welbeck and kiko arent up to first team football
    united only really have the amazing wayne rooney
    ha ha ha ha
    all the above is said about united and its all nearly true
    except owen is everything tevez said he was for free
    welbeck ,i think , has a brighter future than kiko
    (danny potential rooney kiko potential ole)
    rooney > ole but ole still is an amazing legend with a one chance one goal mentality
    berbatov is magic is simply,i think, the most skillful player in european football
    and united also have the amazing wayne rooney

  19. bestie07 says:

    well we have already failed the first test against bunley.Wigan are a side that like to get the ball down and play.I just cant see a player we have regularly takng games by the scruff of the testicles.Fletcher?sorry not for me..
    I hope you guys are correct

  20. javac says:

    @ bestie07 – I don’t think we will struggle as long as Fletch plays in the games vs 5 man midfields. We haven’t hit form yet, the same for Chelsea and Liverpool. Let’s not judge ourselves and our rivals too quickly. Only Arsenal are looking class, yet, despite my respect for them, they are like the Spanish national side, failing to deliver when it counts. United and Chelsea will be favourites to win the league because we have the experience vs 10 man defences and at grinding out results.

    We haven’t seen the best of our wide men yet, so how can we judge them? Valencia is still finding his form + feet yet he looks part of the team. He will get better; and Nani is doing what Ronaldo did, creating moments in a match that wins games.

  21. confoundedbridge says:

    I wouldn’t consider Gerrard a midfielder to be honest, he basically plays the same way Rooney does.

  22. javac says:

    @ confoundedbridge – exactly, he does. He scores so many because he plays behind Torres as a second striker, in a sligthly deeper role it’s the same almost as lampard, but chelsea play two DM’s (essien and the wass-is-name?) to allow for this. Our midfield is finer than the kopites (with Stevie Me as a forward not a mid). As for those slating Scholes and Giggs – why? They are still class in certain games.

    @ GHTT Wellbeck needs to provide more and score more. He may have more potential to be like Rooney but Kiko is scoring like a young Vieri, and the goals win games.

  23. Hasan says:

    I’m certain our strike force will score more goals than our rivals’. But I’m equally sure our midfielders won’t contribute as many goals as those of our rivals would (and there are only 3 rival teams in England). Hopefully Rooney, Berba and Owen will do enough to keep us on the top. Scholsey is an old man now and the others honestly aren’t creative enough..would like to see more of Gibson. Him and Fletcher maybe?!!

  24. Doherty says:

    Good goal by tosic. cool in front of goal. seen him do that a few times.

  25. MrPlatinum says:

    I’ll probably get slated for this but I actually think Collymore is quite a good pundit.

    Anyway, regarding the Kiko/Welbeck comment – I think if you look at all the top sides, very few have strikers beyond the top 2 who could come in and play 10 games at the highest level at not loss to their team.

  26. javac says:

    @ MrPlatinum – Generally, most pundits are alright when they aren’t saying something we disagree with! Collymore is a decent pundit. I like Redknapp too. I used to hate Hansen and Thommo because they were a little biased but not anymore. I used to love Ruud, but his opinion seems less relevant now for no real reason. The one I hate most is Gray. Bloody hate him with a passion. He’s past it, and the sooner sky see it the better. ‘Take a booo-w son,’ Yer teh only thing he’s ever said that’s worth repeating.

  27. King Eric says:

    bestie – You don’t rate Fletch?

  28. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    king eric
    did you ever get your tshirt neil???

  29. javac says:

    i bet the dippers wish they had owen on the bench…. ;)

    lets see how their forwards do 2nd half.

  30. King Eric says:

    gotta hate – No not yet mate?

  31. stretford972 says:

    thanks for that u wife beatin scouse cunt. Can imagine fergie showin welbeck and kiko that article

  32. King Eric says:

    Ulster Red – The cunt will be happy anyway, he’s a Villa fan.

  33. Devilton says:

    Stan Collymore has spoken and all around the world the twat army is busy applauding. Meanwhile Title favorites Liverpool lose 3-1 at home to Villa.

    Yeah, go on say it. We all believe you this time. It’s your year…

  34. Xyth says:

    Kiko scored twice bringing us 4 enormous extra points. That was an imense contribution from him by any standards, no matter what Stan the twat or others like him say.

  35. MUFC the Religion says:

    Best pundit is Wrighty by far. Hated him as a player but he’s a top pundit, all be it biased towards Arsenal.

    Shearers good as well.

    Lawro is a gay prick who AINT funny.

  36. jimmy bob says:

    Collymore woman beating dogger who quit the game at what 30 having won eff all.

    I’m sure he knows more about what it takes to win the lge than Sir Alex.

    This twat actually thinks he was as good as the likes of van basten and only bad luck stopped him being a world great.

  37. jespermoses says:

    stan ‘sexual deviant’ collymore should stick to what he knows best.beating up defenceless woman and watching people have sex in the back of their cars.

  38. Munyaneza says:

    Kiko n Welbeck aren’t that ready 4 big shows but no one should under judge them. They’v quality,pace n eyes 4 goals mean clinical finishers. Da lads are good beyond a reasonable doubt.

  39. John Ferry says:

    I dont remember (its actually been a long, long time) since Fletcherinho had a bad game. When is Hargo back ? There wont be a team on the planet that can beat us with both Hargo and Fletch.

  40. unitedgirl16 says:

    I will forever love federico after his debut. you absolute beauty! he can do no wrong in my eyes.

  41. John Tring says:

    Stan C is not a great footballer but it’s pathetic how some of you moronic Utd ‘supporters’ castigate him on his comments. If you can’t beat Burnley, you are in trouble. Period. Face facts, you dimwits. CR wasn’t the best footballer on the planet for nothing and losing him didn’t weaken Utd? I just hope SAF doesn’t regret his idiosyncracy of at least not trying to buy a decent player or two. Midfield sucks, right back non-existent. Welbek, Macheda: sorry, let’s talk 3 years later about them.

  42. romeo says:

    I love this article ..
    Cant wait for Danny and Kiko to read this..
    They’ll simply love it and prove the c**t wrong!
    Fergie is keeping a big surprise for us all and he does not need a new signing..

  43. theboogeyman says:

    John Tring,what is your involvement in this?You’re clearly not a United fan and this has nothing do with a club which is not United,so don’t give the “It came on NewsNow and I had to click it.” excuse.Fuck off.

  44. Guzzi says:

    can’t stand him mesel, but Fergie should just take a punt on Joey Barton. he would get him for Zip!, he might be a complete dickhead, but fergie can tame him. he would add that steel to our midfield that keano supplied. The mans in last chance saloon and I’m sure Fergie could be the making of him. This would allow Carrick and Ando to be the creative players that they can be. Wouldn’t initially be popular but I think he would do the bizz

  45. manuforlife says:

    As I see it, one of our major problems is finding a central midfielder who can supply and score goals. I am surprised that Fergie has not tried Rooney in the ‘Scholes’ position which would give him a box to box attacking midfielder who can score and create goals. Rooney has a great eye for a pass, he is great arriving from outside the box a la Scholes and it would allow us to play two out and out strikers up front. I am sure that is where Rooney will end up as his career progresses so what are we waiting for?

  46. Kings says:

    King Eric – Hello mate. The guy is a complete cunt.

  47. unitedrant says:

    Well put. United are fine in the striking department. There may be problems with goals outside of that mind you. Time will tell.

  48. Zalee says:

    What Man Utd need is to show the world Fergie Fledgling 2.0 to the world again.Man Utd need 2nd XI that can provide cover for each position when the loyalty in football club is no more. With the transfer market is getting worse that it’s hard to find replacement for outgoing player, youth is the only hope that Man Utd have. If the youngsters doesn’t been given a chance, in the end no youngsters will ever show faith in Man Utd & lost interest in joining Man Utd. Correct me if I’m wrong


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