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Kiko: Can’t Wait To Return To Club I Love

Federico Macheda scored the winning goal for Italy U21 against England U21 this week and whilst he’s enjoying the weather in Italy whilst on loan with Sampdoria, he admits he’s missing Manchester United.

“I’m looking forward very much to getting back to Manchester United but not the English weather,” said Macheda. “You can get fish and chips there though and I like them. You can’t get them here. I was nearly 16 when I went to Manchester United and I do love it there. I’m almost English. My friends now say I speak better English than Italian. Of course I’m looking forward to going back. I’ve had a few injuries but I think things are getting better now.”
Macheda may be in a different country but he still feels connected to the club because of the manager.

“I think Sir Alex is looking out for me,” he continued. “I spoke to him three weeks ago on the phone and I spoke to him before I came here. He said: ‘If there’s anything you need, just call me.’ Because he’s still my coach. I still feel like I’m in his long-term plans, of course. My ambition is to be part of Manchester United because that’s where I want to go. I’ve been at Sampdoria for a month now and I’m really happy. Obviously it’s not like Manchester United – because Manchester United is a proper club – but I’m happy to be here and I want to do well, for myself and the team. I’ve got six months on loan and I hope to do well to get back there even stronger to show what I can do.”

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  1. KingOfStretfordEnd says:

    Haha, “proper club” was the first thing i saw. Raises eyebrow. Sounds pleasasnt though!

  2. United1990 says:

    Yaay we’re a proper club :D

  3. hammertime says:

    PROPER!!! Poor Samp tho, lost coaches and stars, Kiko keeping it together, and now he’s leaving.

    Yet ANOTHER instance of Papa SAF, looking after the kids. Love it

  4. King Eric says:

    This kid will be a star. Mark my words. In years to come him and danny uo front. I think its safe to say diouf won’t be back. I sincerely hope danny DOES come back but I have a feeling he could stay at sunderland for henderson. I was one banging on about jordan six months ago. Since then tjough he has been poor. Interesting summer ahead. I bet you rooney and carrick won’t be sold and really hope owen stays. Gibbo could go merely to get games.

  5. Drew Vader says:

    KE — I would be gutted if we did a Danny for Henderson deal

  6. redcrab says:

    @ willierednut: if you want to know my true feelings, unless he does something miraculous this weekend (and I’m not holding my breath) we should probably have flogged him for as much as we could have got.

  7. Patch says:

    Just to throw an idea out there, should we sell Rooney for ronaldo style money?
    Just that u look at the quality young strikers coming through and it’s not possible to keep 5 happy. That would then allow us to bring in world class giggs, scholes and Hargreaves replacements.

    Otherwise we risk losing welbeck and/or kiko.

  8. willierednut says:

    Who’s gonna give United 80 million for Rooney? Last season maybe, not this season.

  9. United till i die says:

    Still cant beleive you people want to sell Rooney. Yeah he had a poor season by his standards and yes he disrespected the club and fans by his actions a couple of months ago but fuck me it was only 18 months ago everyone was calling him one of the best in the world. If we sold every player after a bad season Berba would have been sold after his first year with us, several other players havnt always been on top of their games either.

    This to me is EXACTLY why i dont want so called fans/red knights running the club, we would go down the shitter quicker than Leeds if the fans had their way. Think with your heads and not with your hearts and i dare say nobody here could justify selling Rooney, if anyone can say we’d be stronger without Rooney id say your full of shit.

    And yes i know nobody is bigger than the club and if a player doesnt want to be here he should be sold ASAP. Rooney decided he wanted to stay so that should be the end of it, mark my words Rooney will find his form again, maybe not this season but he will be back and you will al be lining up to kiss his arse once again.

  10. King Eric says:

    Unied till I die. Spot on. Yes we are all pissed at wayne but the lad will come back. We cannot keep selling our best players. Ronnie went. We can’t lose rooney as well. A fit and firing wayne is unplayable. Just needs to sort his fucking swede out. Willie. Hello mate. I disagree on berbatov. For me he is an instant starter and one of our best players. I know where you are coming from though. You start the season froma clean slate. Alright drew. How’s things? Oh I would be gutted too. Cannot see us selling danny though. As someone pointed out he can play anywhere across front three. As for that villa game I was there and it was unbelievable. Ronnies free kick then going two one down with ten or so min to play and staring our third defeat on the spin in the face. Then ronnies almost scuffed shot into the bottom right corner. Then THAT goal. A mental afternoon. Ot was bouncing. You knew the league was won that day. A fantastic day.

  11. willierednut says:

    King Eric – Well mate, If some fans want Rooney dropped, because he’s not scoring goals, then that should apply to all our strikers. As I say, clean slate for all the players, I suppose, next season.

  12. United till i die says:

    The thing with Rooney is people seem to expect him to create his own goals, like any striker rooney is only as good as the service he gets in the box, which quite frankly has been piss poor at times this season. Now im not saying he hasnt missed some easy chances this season because he has but as we have seen this year with Berba confidence is crucial to any striker getting goals. He was missing sitters every week last year because he lacked the confidence in front of goal and now look at him he cant miss at times.

    To me rooney plays best with two traditional wingers out wide who are getting in good crosses and right now Nani is the only true winger we have. Having Nani and Valencia fit again and playing gives us a better balance up front, the goals will come again for Wazza but he needs the support of the fans to make it happen.

  13. Patch says:

    @ united till I die

    The point I was making us that we’ve got too many strikers and nobody in midfield. It’s got nothin to do with the events of this season.
    The problem when we sold ronaldo was that we didn’t replace him at all. Imagine if we would have brought in two world class players as well as Valencia.
    What I’m opening for discussion is whether lettin Rooney go for big cash would allow young players like Hernandez, kiko and welbeck time to develop their potential rather than lose them and regret it (like pique and Rossi). Therefore if big money was spent on our under par midfield, the team overall would be better (in my opinion, it’s no good having a great striker if the midfield ain’t good enough to supply him – look at Torres before he sold his body to the sex trade)

    Ps- I also trust u aren’t referring to me as a “so called fan”. Season ticket for 6 years, 2 European cup finals and an fa cup final in the last 6 seasons from a 4th generation Manchester red would suggest my opinion is as valid as most.

  14. AON: Americans Out Now says:

    Come on Son..score a few goals and show that slow bastard Dimitar Berbatov…oops Rooney how its done !!

  15. United till i die says:

    Patch- I wasnt referring to anyone in particular with the “so called” fan comment, for me though selling Rooney to make room for our younger strikers would be a bad move. Lets face it the younger guys havnt proven anything yet. Kiko has scored some important goals but from the bench but from what i can remember he hasnt done much in the games he started. Wellbeck has scored goals at sunderland but again hasnt exactly set the world on fire when hes started for UTD. I dont think Diouf will return too old trafford and Bebe cant even get minutes off the bench right now. It wasnt long ago Frazier campbell was supposed to be the next big thing and look where he ended up. Its catch 22 the young players cant get the playing time and you need the experiance of the older forwords.

    I agree 100% with you though on needing world class midfield replacements for the old brigade..

  16. redpixel says:

    Kiko will be happy to go on loan to Suderland/Newcastle then—bloody marvellous fish and chips in the north east, it must be said.

  17. redcrab says:

    @ willierednut et. al.: Just to make it clear, it’s not his failure to score goals which makes me wish we had sold / will sell him. Hes contributed more than enough in the past to deserve time to get over a patch of bad form.

    What concerns me more is his intolerable off pitch behavior, stated desire that he wanted to leave, ridiculous claims that the club wasn’t good enough despite the fact that the rest of the squad had put the team in a fantastic position almost entirely without his help this season.

    I’ll admit that the fact that a Hernandez / Berbatov partnership seems to have so much potential promise that it makes all of this even less easy to tolerate, but really, if he hadn’t done and said the things he had, and had shown the 100% commitment to the club he has done up until this season then I wouldn’t feel the way I do.

    What I really dislike, is that despite all the gnashing of teeth from Merseyside, their fans can at least console themselves with the fact that they got shot of their traitor while we appear to have pandered to ours.

  18. indiandevil says:

    A brilliant read on expiring player contacts at Old Trafford, who all will leave the theatre of dreams?

  19. Patch says:

    @ united till I die

    Fair cop mate. I hear what ur sayin about kiko, not quite as sure about welbeck. I’ll have he didn’t do much for us but think that’s coz he looked bandy and played on the wing. Now he’s bulked up and playing centrally he looks a very good player (better than kiko). Kiko’s problem is that he has no positional sense and maybe regular first team football will change that.
    I also think they might put Hernandez on the weights over the summer like they did with rafa and nani summer gone and with a full pre season and another year wiser, he’s gonna b seriously knocking on the door.

    Like I said, wouldn’t Defo get rid of Rooney, but can see arguments for it.

  20. redcrab says:

    /me eats words. GET IN THERE WAYNE!


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