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Kiko: It’s Great To Be Back At United

Federico Macheda has returned to Manchester United following yet another disappointing spell away on loan. The season before last he went to Sampdoria where he got just 16 games and scored only 1 goal in a season which saw the Italian club relegated.

Last season Neil Warnock brought him to QPR in the January, only to be sacked last than a week later, leaving Kiko to play in six games in all competitions.

Now back with the squad, Kiko claims that being away on loan makes you realise how great it is to play for United.

“It’s great to be back at Manchester United,” he told the official site. “When you go on loan you really understand how important it is to play for this club. I’m really happy to be back and I can’t wait for the start of the season. Last season was disappointing. In the first six months I didn’t get a lot of opportunities here so we decided it was best for me to go on loan. When I got to QPR things went a bit wrong, though, as I was feeling my ankle a lot. But now I feel a lot better and want to start the season well. It’s a big season for me.”

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  1. parryheid says:

    Hopefully it’s a very short visit.

  2. RedHound says:

    looks like everyone is getting another chance

  3. RedHound says:

    Sir Alex : “We could possibly bring one more signing in or maybe two more players, now the European Championships are over.”

  4. Clint-Iamyourpapii says:

    Fuck off Kiko ::P Joke

    If anybody dislikes Ando, read this, he might just win you over.
    I’ve decided to give the lad a chance and not criticise anymore.
    He is just 24 and unlucky, as are United tbh, we’ve been unlucky since 2010 injury wise.

    We can’t risk selling him incase he comes good for some other team, I think SAF will give this year the biggest opportunity to prove himself, remember this guy is seen as the natural successor to Paul Scholes, he was scouted 5 years ago, as the boy to do the job.

    Anyways, he has my backing now ! You can do it Ando !

    Just imagine if Anderson + Clevs stays fit ! Alongside Carrick who’s class and Scholes who’ll play once a week interchanging with Giggs for games. That 2 young un’s, 1 Middle ager and 2 Granddads in our midfield squad.


    Fletcher’s case is really sad, horrible illness. :( We’ll need cover for him, either a new signing or Tunnicliffe who is of age now will have to come in.

  5. Clint-Iamyourpapii says:

    Sir Alex discussed Powell’s best position with Dario Gradi, having seen him operate mainly as a deep-lying forward for Crewe. “I asked Dario if Nick could be a central midfielder. Dario thinks that’s his position and Nick does too so we’re all in accord. We hope he’ll be a central midfield player and that’s where we’ll develop him.”

    As for Kagawa’s role, the boss said: “He’ll play further forward [than Powell]. We shouldn’t be looking at one player changing the way we play but he could make a difference. He can give us that extra in the final third of the field. If his goalscoring record continues he could be a very good player for us.”

  6. RedHound says:

    SAF: “I asked Dario if Nick could be a central midfielder. Dario thinks that’s his position and Nick does too so we’re all in accord. We hope he’ll be a central midfield player and that’s where we’ll develop.”

    Shinji Kagawa: ‘It’s a great honour to be here. The language is important & I’m really motivated to learn English.’

    SAF:Nick Powell is viewed as a central midfield player not a forward and will be around the first-team squad and train with them

  7. Costas says:

    So what happens in the (small) chance that Berba isn’t sold? Kiko will have a long way ahead of him yet again?

    As for Fergie’s comments, sounds like one signing is left (Baines ?) and we will try to turn Powell into a CM. As things stand, he will have to work wonders with those midfield optionsl. Again…

  8. King Eric says:

    Costas – Hello mate. Tell you what pal why don’t you apply for Fergie’s job? Ha.

  9. King Eric says:

    Costas – That wasn’t intended to sound snide, I was just messing mate. We all know we could do with a midfielder but there is absolutely nowt we can do about it. I just leave it to Fergie to sort things out.

  10. Jeet says:

    King Eric – I already did, Costas doesn’t stand a job ;)

  11. Jeet says:

    I meant “stand a chance”…sheesh…but then what can you expect if I’m listening to the Priest, with an open spreadsheet AND RoMing at the same time :)

  12. ChrisO says:

    Big season? Shit or bust time lad! Good luck though.

  13. wayne says:

    Sir Alex also said Powell needs physical development so its highly unlikely the lad will be thrown in as our starting CM

  14. mara says:

    King Eric – if someone doesnt think like you it doesnt mean he is not a fan…we discuss, saying what we think…I think Costas have all references to apply for Fergies job :-)

  15. Costas says:

    @King Eric

    Hi mate. No worries, I got it. Jeet beat me to it sadly. But I’d love to take over the medical team. :D

    So many new threads, i don’t know which one to respond to, lol. I mentioned it elsewhere, but looks like Fletcher won’t be returning. Fergie was very pessimistic today. Not acting like I know it all, but his absence has been evident in the last year. Don’t know why we aren’t looking for a player in his mould. Our CMs are too similar at the moment. How many of them will stick a foot in or play box to box? That’s what worries me.

  16. denton davey says:

    C’mon, SAF has already pegged me to be his successor – after all, I’m five years younger than him and age has its benefits in terms of wisdom and experience.

    About KikoTheKid – he’s had really bad luck with injuries, lousy loan moves, and being played out of position. He’s not a winger – he’s a true #9; that’s how he should be played.

    About Anderson – who knows ? Everything was hunky-dory when he/YoungTom started the season but then it all went pear-shaped and neither guy ever returned to the fray in any serious manner. I’m a glass-half-full-kinda-guys with Anderson – he’s not been loaned out like KikoTheKid but otherwise he’s also had bad luck with injuries and has been constantly played out of position. I reckon that his best position would be beside Cleverley – ahead of Carrick and behind a front-three.. I’ve go no idea what to call that formation – an “inverted Xmas tree” ???

    Anyhow, my thought is that if (??????????) SAF has a full deck (alas, minus DarrenFletcherinho) and that these guys can stay healthy then there’s certainly enough character, skill, experience, and determination to challenge for the EPL title again and, hopefully, win it by the five points that were denied last year by shitty officiating.

  17. Park Life says:

    Its a version of 4-3-3 Denton, used by Barca in FIFA12 (hehe)
    And I totally agree with you on the issue of our midfield coping and Ando’s prospects. He’s 24, god knows how many Prem/CL appearences under his belt (remember when he shat on Fabregas & owned Gerrard when he was only 19!?!). He was an attacking mid @ Gremio & Porto and we turned him into a central/def M.. He’s positive and loves United ( & brasses) so I’ma back him! a la Durham.. He’s all that!

  18. Mikekelly12 says:

    Back online! Fucking O2 wank twatters! No coverage for 2 days!! Cedars – tried texting you but they didn’t work either! Didn’t know what to do with myself?! Anyway, what’s new? Dembele, Modric, Moutinho and RVP arrived at Carrington yet?

  19. WillieRedNut says:

    Problem is Kiko, you’ve got Rooney, Welbeck and Hernandez ahead of you. Not even counting Berbatov. a few games in the league cup and the FA cup will probably be your limit.

  20. Zibbie says:

    Kebab I heard in SAF voice and not so between the lines , Flectch has a job for life at MUFC if he wants.
    DD has the illness, he educated me last year on this. SAF just letting him get player pay as long as possible. He takes care of his lads.

  21. Denton Davey says:

    WillieRedNut @ 15:01: “Problem is Kiko, you’ve got Rooney, Welbeck and Hernandez ahead of you. Not even counting Berbatov.”

    From what’s transpired so far, I’d be “counting Berbatov”. The issue with KikoTheKid is that he’s a somewhat different player from the other three – not as mobile but dangerous in the box like Chicharito but much bigger/stronger.

  22. Denton Davey says:

    ZIbbie @ 15:53: “SAF just letting him get player pay as long as possible. He takes care of his lads.”

    A rather neglected point – “he takes care of his lads”. It’s the kind of thing that a player doesn’t appreciate until he becomes a “veteran”; before that, it’s bling-and-buxx.

  23. Daniel says:

    Just get rid already.

  24. King Eric says:

    mara – What the fuck you on about? Where did I say anyone isn’t a fan as they don’t agree with me? I was having a laugh with Costas.


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