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Kiko Let’s Sneijder Story Slip?

Federico Macheda has only been on Twitter a few hours and has already whipped up a bit of controversy. Wesley Sneijder to United? Yeh, we hope so too!

He later said “can I not say that?” and then deleted both Tweets.

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  1. RedArmyGen says:

    If you can get on google type in Nike football Wesley Sneijder and look at the first result that comes up. Tell me the 2 words that stand out.

  2. Kilhar says:

    To all premature things there is the “Ron Jeremy-method.” Just think dead dogs.

  3. Louis says:

    @ fred 22:40
    I misunderstood. Soz

  4. Red Devil says:


    Whatever man….lets take your point that you couldn’t have taken sneijder for 12 mn and we would have had to pay 20 mn for him.

    Even then it would have been much cheaper than the 35 mn being quoted now?
    Also, his salary demands would have been much lower back then…so as I see it we still missed a trick.
    As for his skills being sharpened up, he was 24-25 when he moved from Real. Thats no longer a young player for goodness sakes….if that is the case, why are we so quick to slate Gibson, Ando, etc etc….their still children if thats the case…I wouldn’t call Rooney a young player..?


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