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Kiko: Loan Move Hasn’t Worked Out

Federico Macheda has admitted that his time on loan in Italy has been a waste of time.

He joined Sampdoria at the beginning of the year to replace Antonio Cassano, who had just left for AC Milan.

After scoring in the Coppa Italia tie against Udinese in his second game, he has struggled to impress. He has scored twice for Italy U-21 in this time but is looking forward to returning to United.

“I don’t know why it hasn’t worked for me at Sampdoria, perhaps people expected that I would replace Cassano,” said Macheda. “But I’m not Cassano, I am Macheda. And the Italian football, the tactics, is different to the English. I prefer the English, more physical and faster. The chief scout from United does come to Italy to watch me play.”

Sir Alex Ferguson has confirmed that Kiko will be returning to the club in the summer.

“I speak to Macheda by phone,” he said. “In June, I want him back. He is a natural scorer.”

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  1. Zelh says:

    doesn’t sound really good.

    the whole thing was wrong from the first moment.
    should’ve never left premier league.

  2. wayne says:

    italian football is in pretty bad shape at the moment,most of the teams are broke low attendence and the quality of football is poor,needs to get back to england maybe go on loan with a championship or prem club.

  3. The Mexican OLE says:


  4. manc_sam says:

    Never going to make it at OT.

  5. ManchesterMike says:

    It was different, but i thought he had a significant chance of developing into a player with a little bit different style than most of our youth, a little different mentality or a fresh perspective on the game, because he has this exposure to serie A. Unfortunate to hear he isn’t enjoying it and thriving in the environment. It’s neither good or bad. We can simply conclude that he is going to be much happier at United than anywhere else :) i’m very ok with that

  6. The Mexican OLE says:

    he should have stayed in the premier league that way he would have got more recognition scoring in serieA means nothing if you wana end up playing in england just look at shevchenko

  7. catotraa says:

    Italian league is shit imo, and him not making it big time there doesn’t have to be a bad sign. As he says, English league is more physical and faster. But i think Danny will be opted ahead of him, and that maybe Hernandez doing so well has squeezed him out, perhaps?
    Anyways, will be thrilled if he proves me wrong. There is something with him, he has that sort of look in his eyes when he is mad that reminds me a bit of Keano and Vida.. And he scored one of the most orgasmic goals i’ve experienced!

  8. Tony Starks says:


    quality of football is poor? do you watch italian football at all – there are some very exciting teams like Udinese, Palermo and Napoli

  9. The Mexican OLE says:

    he took it more as a holiday

  10. Stephen says:

    He should have been loaned to a Premiership club, got first team experience too.

  11. Dre.FU= Forever United says:

    it was a waste of time from the moment i knew he was going, i was gutted when he didn’t go west brom, Bolton needed a striker at the time so i couldn’t understand why he was never sent there, now they got sturridge who started of great although hes gone cold now still benefiting from the loan move.

  12. manc_sam says:

    If the italian league ‘isnt very good’ then surely he should be scoring goals for fun ???

  13. Briggsy says:

    If the league is so poor, like some people say, (can’t say myself, haven’t watched Italian football in years) then does it say more about Kiko that he hasn’t even played.

  14. jb1891 says:

    I think it’s more then likely that he will end up going out on loan again next season but to a premiere league club,Sunderland anybody?

  15. zino says:

    Macheda is a player i lyk a lot cos of his pace, skill and composure on the ball not 2 mention he has a good shot. But the tone of that interview ain’t good at all and for him 2 call his tym in italy ‘a waste of tym’ says a lot. Never wanted him 2 leave england. Was hopin he’d play on loan 4 a team lyk d baggies or bolton for instance who appreciate d essence of attacking football and more often than not play two strikers. It rili is a shame but i’d welcome him back at OT wiv open arms

  16. willierednut says:

    In general It’s a poor league, but every now and again, you get a great game, like Napoli and Lazio.

  17. wayne says:

    @Tony Starks watch a bit of it all fox sports world,i rate the prem,spanish and german leagues higher at the moment and think any italian side would have a hard time finishing in the top 4 or 5 in the prem.i might be wrong here but didn’t a cl place just get taken away from them,thats a sign of a league in might think its a better quality fair enough but inter last night who are only 5 pts off top got destroyed

  18. zino says:

    Off topic

    Feeling d nerves which is very unlike me. Don’t know if its d prospect of watching such a match wiv my chelsea supportin elder brother or the soon to be announced decision on wayne rooney’s appeal

  19. Tony Starks says:

    Not saying italian league is ‘better’ than other leagues, besides that’s a subjective and pointless argument.

    but if someone dismisses it as rubbish then they are missing out on watching some fantastic and talented players like sanchez, cavani, pastore to name but a few

  20. wayne says:

    didn’t say it was rubbish said it was in pretty bad shape which it is

  21. Balders says:

    I’d rather see him on loan to Leeds than wasting time learning Italian footie. It was just a wrong move from day one.

  22. wiuru says:

    The positive in this, is that at least his curiosity is answered .

  23. North Stand Tier 2 says:

    It was always going to be a waste of time. He and his agent clearly pushed for the move, with SAF clearly wanting him to go to WBA. I imagine SAF will make him pay for that, but atleast he will listen going forward now.

    I like Macheda, but I think he has got rocks for brains. When he burst onto the scene it all went to his head, and he had his head up his arse or in the clouds for 12 months after that.

    I’m not convinced he is going to get the game time at Utd next season, and will find himself sitting on the bench for most of the first half of the season, and then on loan (to a prem side) for the second half. Given Welbeck’s success, he’s behind him now in the pecking order.

    Be interesting to see if Micky Owen is given a new deal. I doubt it to be honest, it’s not fair on him really. He’s been a good pro since he joined Utd, and he still wants to be at the club despite never getting a game, but we need our young players to play and improve.

  24. sports24x says:

    bring him back…

  25. Gorse Hill Red says:

    Don’t think he will make it. He will probably be loaned out again with exactly the same results. At least his goals against Villa helped us win our 18th.

  26. Ryandunny says:

    Send him on loan to sunderland next year and bring back Danny….
    I still think Macheda could be a great player… he has a special aura about him needs to find consistency…. he’s still only what? 19…give him time people…

    When ever he comes on for United he energetic and lively… however, when he starts he’s almost pedestrian… just needs to mature and get more experience!

  27. NijerianRed says:

    Its a good lesson for him, next time he’ll listen to SAF. How did he ever think he would be able to get into Utd’s first team by getting game experience in Italy? He should have gone to a premiership club, even a championship side would have been better. Now he has to start all over again next season, lets hope he doesnt get too old to develop fully cos he has too much potential to end up as a flop

  28. Corea says:

    Surely? I have said countless times on the blog that i was seriously pissed off about his decision to go to Italy. I was pissed off when he had barely left Manchester and because of that i feel no sympathy for him. He chose the easiest way.

  29. aiaiyaya says:

    come back kiko

  30. 90+Until we Score says:

    I hope he comes back and stays and delivers like he did against Villa…both goals mind you….

  31. mattbw7 says:

    Does this loan deal smack of Fergie hoping he settled back in Italy and then allowed him to move back as a kind gesture, in other words he doesn’t fancy him.

  32. Always Be Closing says:

    @Balders – to the Leeds scum, are you joking?

  33. smartalex says:

    Always Be Closing

    You owe me an abject apology.

  34. harry says:

    I still don’t know about him. He can be a really good player if he wants to but I don’t like his attitude. He swans around like he’s made it already and I hope if he is going to stick around he sorts it out. He has the ability to score important goals and I hope he makes it but I just have that feeling he won’t end up being at United for the long haul.

  35. StatesideAussie says:

    I understand why he might have wanted to go to Italy on loan, it would seem a natural for him, but I am not surprised it isn’t working out. style is totally different and he would have been better off staying in the PL. It’s too early to make a final judgment on him as a United player. I don’t know why people keep making these snap decisions about guys who are so young. Once in a while, you might get a teenager who just takes to it like a an Aussie takes to beer, like Rooney did, but they are freaks.

  36. smartalex says:

    Who’s taken all the beer! Excuse the kangaroo court jumping to conclusions, but I think that StatesideAussie has downed my lager under the table! Hide the beer!

    He comes from a land down under
    Where beer does flow and men chunder
    Can’t you hear, can’t you hear the thunder?
    You better run, you better take cover.

  37. StatesideAussie says:

    lol @ smartalex … haven’t heard that song in a while. great word that, “chunder”.

  38. CedarsDevil says:

    Do not worry Kiko, come back here in the summer and United will take care of you and bring the best out of you

  39. SteveG says:

    this was exactly what everyone was afraid of when he chose italian team over an english team, worst decision ever and i hope it dosnt effect the remainder of his career with us

  40. CROoney says:

    he’s a natural scorer……………………..who can’t score to save his life ………….. :p

  41. Ruudisgod says:

    What I realised about Macheda is… If he hadn’t scored that goal against Villa, I don’t think he would even be in the first team.. I mean really, what else has he done? Whenever I see him play, I’m never impressed, he does nothing for 90 mins.

  42. True Storoy says:

    I honestly think Kiko needs a look at life outside Carrington, and maybe a bad experience will make him realize how good it is back “home”. He’s a natural talent, no doubt about it, but needs to get his head straight if he’s gonna challenge Wazza, Danny and Chicha. I really think he has the chance to do that. We have the most exiting young offensive lineup in the world. Hope we can say that about our midfield again some day, rather sooner than laiter!

  43. viva chicharito says:

    I’ve been watching kikos progress since his debut for the youth team.. And fergie knows he has a natural goal scorer in kiko.. To be fair to him when ever he has started foir the first team its always been in the cups and not with our 1st 11.. When he has come on against chelsea and the other teams when we hav always been down his energy and movement has always changed the game for us.. And the 2 goals v villa just show his quality he can get a goal out of nothing.. Mark my words I am so confident in saying this kiko will make it big at OT!


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