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Kiko Makes QPR Debut

Federico Macheda’s loan move to QPR was confirmed today ahead of his début against Norwich.

“There is a lot of competition at Manchester United, there are some very good strikers there,” Kiko said. “But I am still young and I need to get more experience in the Premier League. I am here to train hard firstly and then I hope to play a big part in the games.”

Macheda came on for Heidar Helguson with ten minutes remaining, although couldn’t do anything to save QPR from defeat, who went down to ten men following Joey Barton’s dismissal on 35 minutes.

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  1. Utsava Sharma says:

    Torres, Tevez,Joey Barton and Of course the Special One Heseky


  2. Dave Malaysia says:

    Giggs14 Gerard0
    Giggs14 Gerard0
    Giggs14 Gerard0
    Giggs14 Gerard0
    Giggs14 Gerard0
    Giggs14 Gerard0
    Giggs14 Gerard0
    Giggs14 Gerard0
    Giggs14 Gerard0

  3. Costas says:

    @Utsava Sharma

    Oh dear. Don’t mention Barton because some in here will start asking for him again. :lol:

    Funnily enough, Cech has fucked up on a more regular basis this season, but the tabloids seem to ignore that.

  4. WillieRedNut says:

    4 keepers to replace DDG. :lol: Welcome to England David. The press over here love to build you up, to knock you straight back down again. That’s why it’s really important United fans don’t get on the lads back too. Long term, De gea will be ok. Short term, he’ll have to suck it up. Anders is looking the real deal.

  5. Utsava Sharma says:

    @ Costas

    hahaha. Couldn’t agree more. Cant even imagine that prick wearing the same Jersey as Giggsy
    He is a sad little cunt

    And dont even get me started on cech and the Chelsea defence.We concede 3 with 2 regular defendersIts all over for us while Chelsea get 3 in the net with the strongest defense and still not even half the reaction. Fucking London loving ABU cunts.
    but who cares eh

    Oh and read on facebook that Torres submitted a transfer request rejected.(Source:Spanish Radio)
    How i wish it would be true.LOL

  6. says:

    What exactly is Rio’s injury again? recurring back issue?

  7. Dave Malaysia says:

    7.25am : time to kiss Hayley goodbye and join the mule train to work.

    need to whack my boss!

    Sleep well u people from the other side of the world,this is Tuesday speaking to ya!

    See ya in da evening, MG, U fart, da girl is mine, u got Dr.G , not enough meh?

    Goot bye .

  8. Costas says:

    Fergie really missed Anderson didn’t he? He was out for just under 2 months. Not 4. :lol: Yeah I believe Rio felt his back again. I was hoping for better news about Smalling or Evans. The Rio-Jones duo doesn’t fill me with confidence going at St James and the Etihad.

    Personally I don’t buy the contact injuries excuse. By that logic, Stoke should have had even more than us.


    Wow, Torres would have some nerve submitting a transfer request. If anything, it should be Chelsea that do that. :lol: 50 million ffs. :roll:

  9. WillieRedNut says:

    I hope Rio, or Smalling are back for Newcastle. Does anyone fancy Carrick up against big Ba? Lol.

  10. Costas says:

    It will be Ba Ba 3 points in that case…

  11. King Eric says:

    Thought fucking smalling was back for tomorrow. Fuck sake. Are we gonna play with Carrick at the back again? We NEED him in midfield. We won’t get away with it at the sports direct arena.

    How smalltime are the rentboys? What the fuck were those cringeworthy celebrations about? Especially after Franks goal when only sideshow bob ran over. Fucking hideous tackle from Lampard. Cunt. Why the fuck did the interviewer on motd bring up Franks Mum dieing? I know it must be awful but it wasn’t last week. It was about five fucking year since. Oh and why is it CLLC always gets his pasty fucking chest out when the Chavs win? Horrible football club. With horrible fucking fans. Don’t make a fucking sound home or away till they score. Do they have any other songs aside from “Carefwee wherever….“. Oh and “evra evra your a caant“. Fuck off you rentboy scum.

  12. Costas says:

    Maybe Walton felt that it wasn’t two footed, hence he didn’t show the red. But the studs were clearly up and Lampard could have done serious damage. Seems like his legs are gone these days and he’s resorting to the Paul Scholes school of tackling… ;)

    Anyway, fuck Chelsea KE. They were obviously ecstatic thinking that they turned the corner. Until they lose their next home match…

  13. WillieRedNut says:

    Is Ba the Black sheep of his family?

  14. King Eric says:

    Costas. Hello mate. Ha. Yes I know. It comes to summat when they celebrate a win against Wolves like that. Who is their next home game please Costas? As Hansen said it just papered over the cracks. Luiz who was lauded after his goal against us as the best centre half around is a fucking liability. Funny thing is Cahill aint gonna make a jot of difference. Yes he is an improvement on Luiz but I honestly think he is the most over rated centre back about. Anyway enough from me of that smalltime clubs defensive frailties, we have our own to worry about at present.

  15. ohiored says:

    i have a feeling liverpool will throw the game with city to make sure United don’t go top..

  16. Sandeep1878 says:

    Good morning lovely Red Devils around the world..

    4 players to rerplace De Gea, that was funny Utsava :)

  17. says:

    ohiored, they wont throw the game since they need to get back to champions league and a win would get them closer…..

  18. philco says:

    If it was at the end of the season, to stop us winning the title, then yeah, I could see it.
    It’s too early and they need the points themselves at the moment.
    I like the way your thinking, never trust a

  19. five says:

    God we need our defenders back, I rate Michael Carrick but Demba Ba is one of the most on form strikers in the league and with an unfit backline we could end up with a 3-0 at Craven Cottage style situation.

    Praying it doesn’t end up like that and Rooney-Berba and co have their scoring boots on so that we can outscore them even if we concede.

  20. samuel - united WE stand says:

    If we don’t take centre halfs to newcastle then i fear for united’s makeshift backfour. Demba ba is running riot at the moment and a physical contest between him and carrick isn’t something any of us look forward to.

    Rio or smalling have to play, this is one of our most difficult of away games.

  21. Ash says:

    Good luck Kiko. Hope he does well

  22. Sandeep1878 says:

    Twitter alight with reports that Barnsley supporters chanted “where’s your baby gone” at Billy Sharp

    If its true, how sickening these fans are..

    disgraceful, cheap and vile cunts..

  23. Costas says:

    @King Eric

    Hi again mate. Hope your young boy is doing well! Had to look at their schedule. After they (typically) face lower league opposition at the Bridge for the FA cup, they will host Sunderland 6 days later. The way AVB is lining up his team over there, it wouldn’t surprise me if Sunderland get something. We haven’t won a league match over there in 10 years, but I’ll be very disappointed if we don’t do it next month. It’s as good a chance as we are going to get I feel…

  24. smartalex says:

    Well done Kiko!

    There’s a lot of money at QPR, and they have spent a lot on recognised players. They see values in you that they want to add to their offensive threat. Allow them to mold your qualities to their requirements. Be valuable to them, and appreciate their attention. Remain determined and humble, while enjoying yourself. Connect on a deep level off the field with ALL at QPR. See them as your own, be one of them at all times. Their cause, is your cause. Their success will credit you.

    We remain firmly in your corner. Return a man, Kiko!

  25. Jeet says:

    @smartalex: Not to revive yesterday’s madhouse, but had to let you know the intentions behind one of my posts, which (happily) I think STR deleted.
    Yesterday vov called you a “m%&*ey b%$#@ard”, and I replied saying “@sachu: LMAO at m%&*ey b%$#@ard”. My idea was to show (false) support, trick him into replying under the username “sachu” and thereby expose him for the imposter that he was. I apologize to anybody, and you in particular, who might have thought I was lending my genuine support to such abuse.

    On footballing matters, does anybody have an injury update ahead of tomorrow’s game? Many thanks!

  26. smartalex says:


    Good day buddy! It will please you to know that i immediately recognised your intelligent ploy, and knew that you were addressing VoV as sachu, to see if he would notice. As an Electrical mini-substation nearby my home caught fire, AC power to my home ended abruptly at about 2pm RST (RoM Standard time) yesterday. I don’t know whether your plan worked or not, as a lot of the thread’s comments have been deleted, and will remain unread by me. Thank goodness, Scott the Red, MG, and all other participants in the exposure of sachu!

  27. CedarsDevil says:


    Personally I never doubted you for a single minute……

    smartalex – Good day my dear friend, I was properly chuffed at STR’s actions yesterday. I was out of the house yet the news was so huge that I got alerted via text by one of our regulars here.

    Justice always prevails

  28. smartalex says:

    CedarsDevil – Good day my good friend!

    Over the last week there have been so many references to ‘smartalex’ on this blog and around the world, that if your Liverpool-supporting nephew mentioned me to you over dinner, I wouldn’t be surprised. Funny thing is, most of smartalex’s comments weren’t even from me! I’m very hopeful that my time on RoM can now be a happy one. I identified and stated that sachu was VoV within one minute of VoV’s first ever post on RoM. Others, like Fred, also saw it quickly. This has happened regularly on RoM in the last year. Two or more ‘new’ posters arrive on RoM with a strange deep-seated hatred for me, and taunt me while connecting to locals. There have been numerous examples of regulars jumping on ‘his’ bandwagon and showing me anger while supporting his lies, sometimes malevolently but more often gullibly foolish. No matter, for I hope now to be allowed to support United protectively and adoringly.

  29. Lebomanc says:

    Hope kiko gets the playing time he deserves, and I hole he enjoys himself there

  30. RoadsideRomeo says:

    Fulham 1:1 Sheik shitty
    Fulham 1:0 club de racists
    Fulham 1:1 rent boys
    Fulham 2:1 philosopher Xi
    Fulham 0:5 united

    enough Said…

  31. @samriley9 says:

    Fans are too harsh on kiko. very young lad, fergie must rate him otherwise he would have been long gone!

    BELIEVE – Kiko will come good, very good :)

  32. CedarsDevil says:

    First score line was actually 2-2

    Still love the labels though!

  33. mufc4life says:

    @CyrilSneer Just wondering any chance of finding out how to get on agent of fergie? I was a regular reader and havnt had internet over the christmas and now it tells me I need an invite to view the blog

  34. CedarsDevil says:


    I hope you read this….. If for one second you even contemplate leaving this blog I will hunt you down and bring you back. I cannot imagine RoM without you

  35. rohitvarkey says:

    i cant seem to access agentoffergie..says i need an invite to do so..can u help me out?

  36. CedarsDevil says:


    I have recently gotten in touch with yet another RoM legend. He admires you and always mentions you. Has not posted here for a while but here is a hint…..A master ABU thrasher and of course Red to the core

  37. smartalex says:


    Talkings in riddles? Speakings of spankings wreckings the troublemakings, and smackings the barkings of hoodwinkings; I’m thinkings of riskings the skulkings of politickings that deserve shellackings. The backings that mockings of our kingship receives is askings for reinvokings of breathtakings by unblinkings vikings. RoM’s hallmarkings of makings jokings, mimickings crackings, merrymakings and wisecrackings is provokings smokings and tokings of makings while outdrinkings.

    Send him love!

  38. smartalex says:

    32 remarkings on our RoM legend.

  39. CedarsDevil says:


    You genius! I knew it was way too easy for you to figure it out….. I do have to stand up and salute your master use of the language though…… Such a talent

  40. CedarsDevil says:


    Your post at 9:53 has to go down as one of the best I have ever read here….. You my friend have an extraordinary talent and that is just one of the few reasons why I love you…..

  41. smartalex says:


    Your post at 10:18 has to go down as one of the best to me personally I have ever read here…
    You my friend are an extraordinary man and that is one of the good reasons why I love you …!

  42. King Eric says:

    Indeed Barnsley fans were chanting “where’s your baby gone“ to Billy Sharp. Sick cunts.

    Costas. Thanks a lot mate.

  43. smartalex says:

    QPR Loan signing Federico Macheda said:
    “When I had my debut it was great but then I didn’t have the chance to play every game. When I got on the pitch, I tried to do my best and it wasn’t easy. I was only 17 then and I knew I could not play in every game. It has been difficult, but I don’t want to think about the past. Now I am here (QPR) and I want to do very well here. I had a tough time. I didn’t get on the pitch many times but it is a good experience. You have everything to learn about bad things as well so I take it as an experience and of course I need to step up to become a real player. Now I am young and I need to step up to become a big player. That is what I am looking for.”

    Keep hard at it Federico!

  44. smartalex says:

    QPR manager Neil Warnock says Sir Alex Ferguson is a huge fan of Federico Macheda and there is no chance of the on-loan striker joining permanently:

    “He’s a big fan of him is Sir Alex,” said Warnock. “He doesn’t want to let him go. He thinks there’s something there in the player and he’s no thoughts about a sell-on if we’d like to buy him. He doesn’t want to let him go and Sir Alex doesn’t do that with many, unless he thinks there’s something there. They’ve got some great players and for a 17-year-old to try and get established, irrespective of what he did on his debut, is almost impossible with what they have. This is a chance for Kiko to try and get into the team.”

    Macheda has made 15 starts and 18 substitute appearances for United so far.


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