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Kiko: Of Course I’m Learning From Owen

Federico Macheda, who scored Manchester United’s first goal in their 2-0 win over a Malaysian XI, has claimed that he has a lot to learn from Michael Owen and is grateful to the manager for him giving him a chance at playing first team football.

“Yeh I enjoyed the game,” said Macheda. “It was great and we played very well. This was the game of our opponents’ life so they wanted to show a lot. It was very hot. Too hot! And you get tired very soon.”

Ferguson was impressed with how Macheda linked up with Owen, who has been his strike partner on the tour so far.

“Yeh of course I’m learning from Owen,” he added. “I have to learn from him because he’s one of the best. It’s very important and he helps me get better every day.”

When interviewed after the match, Sir Alex Ferguson said Macheda was now included in his group of first choice strikers, alongside Dimitar Berbatov, Wayne Rooney and Michael Owen, something Kiko was pleased to hear.

“I don’t even know what to say,” he responded. “I have to thank the manager because without him, I wouldn’t be in the first team. I have to work hard to make sure I get more chances.”

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  1. Pi says:

    Gotta love the kid! :-)

    He’s a little legend already… hope he becomes a big legend. Here’s to many years of singing his name!

  2. frodoisdead says:

    i hope people don’t expect too much from kiko over the next couple of seasons.
    he obviously has the ability and with the players he has around him he will in time become a hugely important player for us.

  3. ash says:

    this kid knows a lot about football. he is going to be a regular starter for united and also the next big thing of football.
    hey guys dont be if those stupid perez team comes and bid for this guys in the next 3-4 years. and maybe that time they would try to sell of ronaldo.
    when will they make their own talent or buy a young talent and make it big so that other big clubs can buy their players.
    macheda should be in next years world cup squad for italy. i think lippi will pick him after watt they did in confed cup.
    but yeah i am eager to see this guy score goals for united. gr8 find man.

  4. gotta hate tiny tears says:
    this kid can only get better and owen is a wonderful person to be around if your learnin

  5. Utd7 says:

    Kiko is great, Ljajic, Petrucci, De-Silva twins and Welbeck will also be great but they need another two years before the potential of their talent is full-filled and they regularly make an impact on first team games. In the mean time I still think our squad is missing a defensive midfileder unless Hargo somehow recovers or a real flair player who can change a match in a tight situation. Ljajic and Kiko really can become superstars though.

  6. jespermoses says:

    Well I hope this competition gives Berba a little kick up the arse.So its a win win situation for us

  7. ash says:

    completely agree with u mate. rafael for me should be fergies first choice as rb. but yeah all of them would be future stars.

  8. Cavalry says:

    frodoisdead- I worry that people will expect him to blossom into the next ronaldo within the next year or two, and then be disappointed when he turns out to be a real person and requires a few more years to reach that level.

  9. theboogeyman says:

    Rafael shouldn’t be our first choice RB,he should be our 3rd choice RB.
    In my opinion,that is.
    First choice:Wesley
    Second choice:Sheasy
    Fourth choice:RedNev

  10. King George the Switzer says:

    @boogey man – John O’Shea second choice to be RB?? He’s not even my second choice to be John O’Shea! ;-)

  11. Aidan Casserly says:

    This kid is a great kid .. I feel very positive towards him and what he says … ARE YOU LISTENING CARLOS?

  12. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Aidan Casserly
    forget about that wankbag
    King George the Switzer
    john oshea is a fantastic player to have week in week out at united on or off the bench

  13. Fuglis says:

    @ghtt: that is just so completely true. Players like Sheasy gives us the depth to compete on all fronts. He´s an honest player who always does his best for the team.

  14. fuzzy says:

    “jespermoses Said,
    July 20th, 2009 @17:24

    Well I hope this competition gives Berba a little kick up the arse.So its a win win situation for us”

    not going to happen in my lifetime … he has a languid playing style and you cannot expect him to change it at this stage of his career

  15. five says:

    O’Shea 22 is the jersey I got this season…cant help but like the lad

    And perhaps the most consistent full back last season. Evra had dips in form, Gary Neville had his injuries and Rafael had his young energetic displays but often showed his lack of defensive prowess(which will come in time).

    O’Shea is not the best by any means but he’s a handy player to keep around- and he could walk into the first eleven of most premier league teams

  16. Kings says:

    Good to hear Fergie saying that about Kiko. Hopefully he will see plenty of first team football this season.

  17. Big Mouth Strikes says:

    I for one expect really massive things from Macheda over the next couple of seasons.

    He came in at the end of last season and scored important goals for us demonstrating that he already possesses the necessary temperament to play for United, and he may not have reached his full potential yet but the way he played and the manner in which he took the goals tells me that ability is not an issue either. He can play at this level and he can succeed. In that case he’s got to play and be allowed to fully develop, not as a substitute for the next two years, but as a member of the starting eleven (even if he might not start in all of the really big games), only substantial playing time will allow him to become world class. The more he plays the better he’ll become a la Ronaldo in his first few years.

    I think Fergie knows this and thats why he’s come out and made the comments about him being a first choice striker.

    I absolutely love the lad, because it seems like his hearts really in it. From a fan’s point of view I truly hope he makes it because he’s an exciting, charismatic player and one that I cannot wait to cheer on for the next 15 or more years.

    By the way the same goes for Wellbeck, who has also scored goals against good opposition and shown that he can handle the pressure well and above all I’d love to have a real Manc playing regularly for us.

  18. King Eric says:

    Big Mouth – Spot on about Macheda, the lad looks destined to be a star. Got the necessary looks as well. Great temperament, likes to get stuck in and put it about.

  19. denton davey says:

    Check out the Guardian Online – SAF takes a swipe at Carlitos and THEN he suggests that Ronaldo might just return to OT ! SAF kept the door open – not just ajar on that. Amazing, amazing, amazing – what does that old fox know ?

  20. King Eric says:

    denton – Yes have just read that. Interesting stuff. He also says Gill enquired about Ribery at a meeting with Bayern in March.

  21. RedMist says:

    Anyone else been impressed with Tosic in Asia?
    He looks like an exciting little player with tricks to beat a man as well.
    Sweet left foot that puts in some killer crosses.

    I’d rather see Welbeck as a winger, seen him play there a few times and he always looks more of a threat than as a more authodox striker.

    Glad to hear Kiko included in the first team squad of strikers. Hoping to see more of the kids this year.

    Rafael and Wes should be first choice RB, they should share the load this season. Sheasy is a good solid back up on either side, and NEville should be last choice RB, don’t think he should still be captain either. Great servent but it’s time to pass it on to Rio, or another suitable player who will be playing every week.

  22. RedCHRIS says:

    The boys gonna be a star I hope he learns loyalty too. Forget Ronny and Tevez “the traitor”, Kiko’s gonna be huge.


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