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Knock Them Off Their Perch

RoM has been nominated for the best club specific blog in the Caught Offside awards.

We are currently trailing to Empire of the Kop, famous in these parts for immediately offering their full backing to Spirit of Shankly in light of the Munich singing videos which appeared. Despite the highest ranking members of SoS admitting to being present and doing nothing to stop the Munich chanting, EOTK thought it was best to write two articles to offer their support.

A couple of weeks ago, we finished 2nd behind Arseblog in the EPL Talk Awards, with EOTK finishing some way behind.

Please get behind RoM and vote for us. Spread the word too!

You can also vote for Sir Alex in the manager of the year category, Chicharito in the young player of the year, and Nani, Vidic or Berbatov in the player of the year category.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. aimanunited says:

    Done… how many times can one vote?

  2. rubito says:

    Done job!!
    Not sure if it accepts the vote but it appears you can vote as many times as you like.



  3. keano says:

    WTF! Dalglish is ahead in the manager of the year category ! Deluded scouse bastards.

  4. Long John O'Shea says:

    Copied from

    Interesting line in The Daily Mail, who report that Real Madrid want Javier Hernandez, and they want him bad.

    The paper claims Jose Mourinho ‘is so keen to take Manchester United’s goalscoring sensation to Spain that he has personally told his friend and rival Ferguson to name his price.’

    However, Ferguson has apparently told his board to send any offer from Real away without even listening to the numbers, because the wee man ain’t for sale.

    The Mail reports that, if they wanted, United could have either Karim Benzema or Gonzalo Higuain in exchange for Hernandez, but United don’t want to sell and will indeed offer the Mexican a new contract in order to ward off the advances of Real.

    Incidentally, the paper also claims that Sir Alex is so impressed with Hernandez that he is sniffing around 18-year-old Erick Torres, who also plays for Hernandez’s old club Chivas.

  5. Long John O'Shea says:

    MAdrid can go fuck themsleves!!

  6. Antipod says:

    Daglish ahead of SAF …smh…

  7. n0bber says:

    Done mate

  8. Devil in the details says:

    Done…. GGMU

  9. bill bob says:

    Can we vote Giggs for the biggest scumbag? Shagging his wife sister for 8 years, who turns out to be his brother wife; hes as achieved far worse than anything any other player in the land of scumbags… every J Terry now looks like angel compared to such a despicable act.

    Expect chants like this.

    Hes Welsh, Hes red hes in his brother bed…. Ryan GIGGS Ryan Giggs.

  10. covyder @ malaysia says:

    WTF!!! Why can’t Real Madrid scout for their own potential young players? Such a lazy bastard……Do us a favour, stop being obsess with Manunited player…

  11. wayne says:

    bill bob getting boring mate same shit over and over again,talk about beating a dead horse fuck me,your user name shouldn’t be bill bob should be karl childers

  12. mikekelly12 says:

    Your spending so much time on a United blog Bill Bob is a lot like shagging your own brother. Why have you got two first names? Could your mam not decide which fuck piece was yoor real dad, the milkman or the window cleaner so she named you after both?

  13. mikekelly12 says:

    p.s. I guess you’ve never met Rodri Giggs…..

  14. bill bob says:

    Whats seeing Rhodri got to with it? Its called respecting your wife, your brother your whole family…. typical, no family valves….. He would get a special on Jeremy Kyle show.

  15. smartalex says:

    bill bob has no respect for anyone and certainly shouldn’t be offering any judgement on values.

  16. bill bob says:

    Text between them.

    Natasha: ‘I know u may not have any loyalties towards me n my feelings, that’s fine… now I no longer have any loyalties to u! ‘Any kind of feelings or respect I may have had for u disappeared when I realized how much u have manipulated me! You’re an idiot!’

    Giggs: ‘What the **** u going on about? This has been the worst 2 weeks of my life!!!’

    This just fucking priceless.


  17. Soshe says:

    Done voting.about sir ryan shagging his brother’s wife,she wasn’t exactly forced into it,was she?i take it that it was sex between two consenting adults.she wanted it,and so did imogen.i bet,they wanted a piece of him so bad,they were gagging for it!so why is everybody blaming sir ryan alone?didn’t sister in law know she was married?didn’t imogen know sir ryan was married and had kids?

  18. chicharito14 says:


  19. ClaytonBlackmoresTan says:

    Bill Bob, I tell you what isn’t priceless; your old dear, she’s £1 an hour the dirty crack smoking dead chicken mourning pikey. I’ve never met the bitch, mainly because I don’t curb crawl of an evening, but the fact she produced a verminous little skidmark like you is testimony to her whoreish nature. I hope you melt in a fucking glue factory you odious little shit. 19 you scab-ridden caravan worshiping cunt.

  20. wayne says:

    bill bob we don’t give a fuck mate,you’re just a broken record and quite frankly just fucking boring,the lack of imagineation in your posts is a insight to how stupid you really i said mate change the user name to karl childers,suits your iq better.

  21. bobbycharlie1968 says:

    What a post. What. A. Post. I applaud you. And the link had me in stitches.

  22. Cyril Sneer says:

    Bill Bob you seem very upset by this Giggs business. Just let it go man, there are bigger problems in the world. Why not get off the computer for a bit and go outside? There’s a good chap.

  23. bill bob says:

    Don’t you just love the way these Girls always seem to keep the texts for ‘sentimental’ reasons.


  24. wayne says:

    @karl childers……yaaaaaaaawn

  25. tolumnancunian says:

    dat bob must be a son of a whore…

  26. United says:


    Giggs still acted despicably, real men take responsibility for their actions.

  27. Soshe says:

    @ united, are u in a relationship or are you married?now am assuming you are a man,so be honest,very very honest,tell me, have you’ve never strayed or been tempted to taste outside goods?be honest!

  28. smartalex says:


    If you were ‘a real man’ (your words) and a true United supporter you wouldn’t despise Ryan Giggs for events that you cannot be clear actually occurred.

  29. T. says:

    I reacon Ryan Giggs brothers wife is the big cunt here. She fucked and seduced her husbands brother and then wept like a baby and called The sun. Fuck her! She must be from Liverpool!?

  30. dannysoya says:

    @T. i heard she signed a deal worth more than a million pounds to tell the story. Talk about Blackmail of the highest order. She claims she wanted to stop but she just couldn’t keep herself from going to giggs? shows how virtuous british women really are. They will do ANYTHING for fame.

  31. bill bob says:

    You can’t half tell your a child, or still a child in the head.

    When you choose get married you doesn’t walk into it light hearted, its a contentment for life, you don’t think, I can continue shagging the wife’s sister or think you can have multiple affairs, that not what you think when you choose to marry the women you love.

    Remember he choose to offer that commitment to wife & children, yet still choose to shaft his wifes sister…. his bothers wife.

    What a fucker RAT.

    Make all the excuses you want, it only make you look childish.

    As you get old you’ll understand.

  32. T. says:


    Thought soo.

    Yes I tell the world that I am a whore, but at least I can buy me some new gucci shoes that goes to my whoredress. Amazing. Hope that Giggs hire a hitman to get rid of all the other babes he has fucked around the globe. =)

  33. mikekelly12 says:

    Bill Bob, crack open your crayons and learn how to spell, or at the very least learn how to use the correct grammar when constructing a sentence you twat!

  34. Zibbie says:

    Vote early and often.

  35. Zibbie says:

    Bill Knob, Neils boyfriend. Neil and Bob are hits at party’s doing their name sake.

  36. ClaytonBlackmoresTan says:

    Bill Bob, I think you’re getting confused, which is understandable as you appear to be a fucking moron; Giggsy has not done the brightest thing in the world, but nobody gives a flying fuck what you think about it. You truly are a repellent toddler-raping Mersey-bathing cunt. Are we crystal?

  37. smithy99 says:

    Voted. The vermin are around 5% in front at the moment though. COME ON PEOPLE GET VOTING!!

  38. Bill Bob's New User Name says:

    Billy Cock, did your brother stick a fat one up your bird? Is that the reason for all the bitterness?

  39. TonyBee says:


  40. United says:


    Never strayed before. Marriage is a lifelong commitment, Giggs may be a model footballer on the pitch, but he used to be one off the pitch too. Now he isn’t, there is no two ways around it. So long as he can do the business on the pitch he should stay with us, but I think for his family, maybe he should consider retirement. You can blame the girls he slept with, they do carry some of the fault, but Giggs did this. He cheated on his wife, once with his brothers girlfriend/wife, once with some random tv supermodel and is preventing her from telling her side of the story. As much as I dont care about her story, I DO care about her right to tell it. It just isn’t right, you cant cheat on your wife, gag someone from telling their story in public and maintain the same level of respect.

  41. bill bob says:

    Bill Bob’s New User Name

    Rhodri stop Hahahaha……

  42. dannysoya says:

    First of all what Giggs did was flat out wrong. I wouldn’t like it if my bro cheated with my own wife on me. so Rhodri and the entire Giggs family have the right to be angry at him.

    However, the part i hate is that these women are blackmailing him. If there was no money in revealing footballers to the press then the women wouldn’t want to reveal their relationships. the sex they had was consenting. if she did not consent to the sex then this would be assault or rape or something like that but it isn’t. and so this makes them the villains.

    Third, Giggsy’s wife should take the decision that she knows is best for her and her family and should switch off from the millions of “judges” that England has on the internet right now.

    Fourth, Giggs the United Legend should take a nice long break from all this, relax, think about the future and get ready for Pre – season. It’s what he does on the pitch that Matters.

  43. bchilds says:

    Kenny Dalgish winning manager of the SEASON – he wasn’t even there the season!

  44. Zombie Cucumber says:

    Surprised that many Liverpool fans know how to use the internet.

  45. The Big Red says:

    guys, tht piece of shit bill bob is just fishing for some attention. treat him like hte juvenile delinquet he is and just ignore him. the guy obviously has no job and nothing else to do but come in here and try to wind us up. well, i guess when ur club has gone belly up and won jack shit and watched ur rivals go ahead, bitterness is a defense mechanism…

  46. REDSMANCS says:


  47. smartalex says:

    “You must be joking. Do I look as if I’m a masochist ready to cut myself? How does relegation sound instead?”
    Sir Alex Ferguson when asked in The People if he would welcome the sight of Liverpool ending an almost 20-year wait for top flight glory. 16 Dec 2007


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