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Kroos: United the club of my dreams

The rumours linking Toni Kroos have gathering pace over the past few weeks, with the player’s contract talks with club Bayern Munich hitting a stumbling block.

As it stands, Kroos is some way down the pecking order with his salary at the German champions. Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben are reportedly the top earners on £165k-a-week, followed by Bastian Schweinsteiger on £135k, Philipp Lahm on £120k, then Mario Götze on £115k. Kroos is on £65k, which is still below the likes Manuel Neuer, Dante, Jérôme Boateng, Thomas Müller and Claudio Pizarro.

In January he was asked about his future and he claimed he was “unable to rule anything out”, with Bayern apparently very rigid with their wage structure.

This weekend, his brother and agent, Felix Kroos, has claimed that United is his dream club and that his brother has a choice to make.

“We have already talked about it,” he said. “Manchester has been the team of my dreams since I was a child. However, I don’t give him any advice. He will take a good decision for himself. There are worse situations than having to decide something like that.”

Not for the first time, Bayern honorary president Franz Beckenbauer has stressed that the club will not be held to ransom by Kroos.

“You have to make a decision as a club when someone’s demands are going through the roof. There is not a single player who’s worth changing your entire wage structure for. Nobody’s indispensable. If the player wants to stay at Bayern, I can only advise him not to overplay his hand.”

Whilst you imagine that Kroos would have to be fairly mental to leave the German and European champions for the 7th best side in England, there’s no denying that we would be willing to pay him considerably better than his current club. He must see the £300k-a-week we’ve just agreed to pay Rooney and be tempted. But you have to imagine that if Bayern are prepared to let him leave, better clubs than United will also be keen to pay him well.

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  1. Dan Young says:

    tommy – pellegrini is a mug. in the post match press conference for citys biggest game EVER against barcelona in a game that the world would watch and therefore there will be headlines around the world about the words he says .. he decided to say ‘manchester city are the biggest team in manchester’ .. well done! so pathetic you have to mention a football club that arent anything to do with the upcoming game. in return barca players and fans took the piss by saying they had never even heard of city! haha

  2. Tommy says:

    @Dan Young

    I am sure earlier in the season in a press conference he said he was delighted to be managing Manchester Uni then quickly said city wishful thinking on his part

  3. Dan Young says:

    tommy – i will probably spend the next hour searching for that on youtube, wouldnt surprise me atall haha.

    not that i want to talk about city but do you find it a bit weird they are scouting carvalho and fernando? i think toure might be on his way out. he said he likes the idea of psg and city are looking at 2 players that play the same style even though they already have rodwell, fernandinho and garcia on their books

  4. Tommy says:

    @Dan Young

    He said it in interview with BBC who were showing the highlights of the game thats only just finished on BBC so very recent but I am sure it will appear in some newspapers and on you tube eventually in the next few hours or so its already had ppl posting it on facebook haha

  5. Dan Young says:

    going back to who i said i wanted sold and brought in .. this is the financial side of it

    kroos £180k
    carvalho £45k
    shaw £45k
    reus £160k
    Total spent on wages (weekly) – £430k

    saidy janko, nick powell, jesse lingard and zaha promoted

    cleverley £40k
    young £120k
    valencia £90k
    nani £90k
    buttner £15k
    bebe £12k
    macheda £12k
    anderson £80k
    vidic £120k
    ferdinand £100k
    lindegaard £40k
    hernandez £75k

    total amount saved on wages (weekly) – £794k

    that will leave us with a first 11 of
    ————–de gea
    rafael – jones – evans – shaw
    januzaj – mata – kroos – reus

    with a squad of
    janko – smalling – keane – evra – carvalho – fellaini – fletcher – powell – lingard – zaha – rvp – welbeck – kagawa – henriquez

  6. Dan Young says:

    tommy thats incredible haha, it wont get in the press. if moyes has said it about city they would have made sure everyone in england and the world knows about it. as its pellegrini at city no one will hear about it in the press

  7. Tommy says:

    @Dan Young

    Not been funny but them wages are at best guess work, We have no idea how much these lads are on we can have a rough guess of course and I am sure none are on peanuts and with real madrid rumoured to be showing an interest in carvalho I gues 45k wouldnt be anywhere near enough, Make no bones about it, our number 1 target seems to be carvalho, hes been scouted at least 13 times this season

  8. Dan Young says:

    carvalho is 21 and currently on £1000 a week, meaning it will increase his wages by 4500%. madrid have ilarramendi, modric, khedira, alonso and casemiro and they are also wanting to bring in pogba. they wont bring in carvalho if anyone that is involved with carvalho or madrid have any sense what so ever

    kroos wants £150k a week, im adding an extra £30k cause of the lack of champions league.
    reus is on £75k a week so im more then doubling his current wages
    shaw is on £12k a week meaning im giving him a 400% mark up.

    i thought i was being overly generous! haha

  9. Tommy says:

    @Dan Young

    What ive seen of carvalho, I think he will turn out to be the best of the lot, I dont see 45k being enough, I heard he was on a paltry wage at the moment, but their is certain to be more than just United after him that I am sure, Kroos wants 150k at Munich I think he will eventually be offered that their so we may have to go to 250k for him, who knows but I think it will be a massive wage way above what munich would offer, Rues can play on either wing but his best position is as a number 10 so I dont see this one happening not with the Mata signing, Hes a 30 – 40million number 10 but I dont see him as a 30 – 40 million winger, I think we want Carvalho and Gundagan, and theirs interest in Kroos but it all depends on whether he signs a new deal which I will lean towards him doing, and i think theirs interest in Luke Shaw as well but depends how much the club is willing to pay for him, could be anything between 20 – 30 millions which is a lot of money for a young left back, it could come down to a bidding war with chelsea

  10. GingerPrince18 says:


    Agree mate regarding Carvalho. Top clubs in europe sending scouts game after game to get this boy. for 40millions I will chose him over Pogba. The boy can turn out to be our Yaya Toure. Powerful and confidence on the ball. Built like machine. Hope we can get him and Mangala too. Another physical speciment. Play like Sol Campbell with technical ability on the ball.

  11. Dan Young says:

    tommy – munich wont go to £150k for him, they are already flirting with the idea of signing draxler to replace him.they are a club that sees it as a privelege to play for them and guardiola so dont need to give out insane wages. therefore kroos is going against everything the club stands for by refusing to sign without the offer of one of the highest wages at the club so they will get rid rather then go with what kroos wants.

    disagree with reus, hes definitely more efficient coming in from the left. at dortmund he was on the elft side of gotze and they made a great partnership.

    i still think £45k is enough for carvalho, obviously it will go up as he becomes more important to the team. but at the end of the day, his first season will be him getting used to the league and still improving in order to be able to play as that holding midfielder for us

    shaw will cost alot, as will most of the targets, but considering his age it will be £30 mil well spent

  12. Tommy says:


    Exactly mate, a mate of mine who knows a lot about european football, hes a bit of a geek in that department said Carvalhos like a young patrick viera only more talented and in fairness to Dan, hes probably just looked at his age and didnt realise scouts were looking at him every game when he said 45k a week, most of us wouldnt mind it in a year lol but hes going to be offerered probably 3 or 4 times as much elsewhere

  13. Tommy says:

    @Dan Young

    Coming off the left in a 4231 formation is different than being an out and out wide player, he drifts from left and right and the centre, pretty much like Mata and Junuzaj, and we of course have Rooney, They all like to play number 10 so they interchange with each other, I think we are well off in that position so I dont see Reus signing to be honest

  14. Dan Young says:

    tommy – i see him in more of a ribery role in a 4-1-4-1. also i really dont see carvalho getting offered much more then £60k a week at this moment in time

  15. Tommy says:

    @Dan Young

    Considering how much Lucas got at PSG, I would be surprised with all these oil clubs about if city and psg werent offering atleast 100k minimum because of the amount of clubs watching him his wages will sky rocket and its who pays the most will probably get him, United and Barcelona have good relations with Sporting Lisbon so that might go in our favour hopefully

  16. The_red_devils says:

    Dan young
    there is no way carrick should be played as the ’1′ in that formation. You need a dynamic midfielder to play that position. Likes of Carvalho, gundogan are suited to that role or from our current squad jones.
    …mata…..kroos….rooney .januzaj…

  17. temitopeaden says:

    You so don’t know anything about Reus . How Can you say he plays as a 10. He has been playing on the wings all through the season.they use mkhitaryan as the 10(he was bought to replace gotze)

  18. Blacksocks says:

    Interesting column in the Daily Hate by Martin Samuel today. Despite the league cup final yesterday all the journalists are interested in is writing about United.


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