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Kuszczak: I Deserve My Chance After Being Patient

Tomasz Kuszczak has revealed that he has plans to replace Edwin Van der Sar at the end of the season as Manchester United’s number one.

“I know I have not got the biggest name in the world but, and I don’t want this to sound arrogant, I think I am good enough,” he said. “I have talked to the boss a few times and he said we will see what happens at the end of the season and I know that in the meantime if I get a chance I have to play well because that is the only way I am going to impress him. If the club decide I am not good enough for them then I will have to go somewhere else. If Sir Alex Ferguson decides at the end of the season I am not good enough then I will look for another club. Everything is open now. I am realistic about my situation. It would not frighten me to take over as Edwin’s successor. Why should it? I am not new here. I have been on the bench because I have been waiting for my chance not because I didn’t think I was good enough to be number one. I have been very patient and I think it is worth waiting for your chance here. I think I deserve my chance to spend some time on the pitch because I have been so patient. If I play for this club long-term then I will be really happy because that has always been my dream. I came to Manchester to try to be a top goalkeeper here for many years like my idol Peter Schmeichel.”

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  1. Tomo1982 says:

    Confidence with crosses and using his feet will only really come with playing games and I think he at least deserves a run of a few games.

    I have to disagree though with comments that he is always flapping and lacks composure, I think he’s always done OK when called upon and has been loyal and dependable… maybe that’s just me though!

  2. Justin10RvN says:

    off topic but i heard we’re going after Yoann Gourcuff again, anyone know anything about that???

  3. manc_sam says:

    He is right, stuck around for 5 years, never spoken out of place and with all the talk of a new keeper coming in he is worried. To spend a huge chuck of your career as back up goal keeper waiting for a shot then realizing we must be signing someone else must be demoralising.

    Give him a season, he’s better than most the keepers we have had since schmeichal.

  4. willierednut says:

    Yeah, It’s bullshite!

  5. willierednut says:

    That comment was for Justin lol.

  6. bigphil2003 says:

    I keeop hearing Gourcuff, but he’s always looked bollocks when I’ve seen him play

  7. Justin10RvN says:

    i hope so, he hasnt looked to great the few times ive seen him and we could do much better for an attacking mid than him

  8. Jeet says:

    Fair pt. to him. He has been patient, no doubt about that, and whenever he has been called upon, has done a good job, if an unspectacular one. The thing is, just like any other position, GKs also need a run of matches. Whats more difficult for them is dislodging the incumbent alpha male. Think of it, Evra is pushing 30, in another 2-3 years, Fabio will be snapping at his heels. Giggsy still does a job, but he cant be first choice. VDS is 40, he looks good for another couple of years. Add to that the fact that GK is a high risk job, you cant really blood someone. Unless you are in the top 3 in the world, you are always going to struggle to break in the first xi of a top club. If he leaves, I’ll thank him and wish him luck. I just wish we could wrap up the league with like, 8 games to spare, and give a run out to the likes of Gibson, Obertan, PIG, and some of the reserves:)

  9. dq says:

    Well, Tomek is still making progress, last season he was very solid (his best form since arrival) and I hope he will be much better this season. He’s a big guy and should play in similar way to Schmeikes. However, he will never be as good as The Dane…

    Quick stats:

    Last season P14 W11 D0 L3 GC10 (1×7 3×1) CS6

    This season P7 W5 D1 L1 GC8 (4×1 2×1 1×2) CS 3

    TOTAL P21 W16 D1 L4 GC18 CS9

    Three games when he conceded more than one goal:

    WHU(A) 0-4 Def: O’Sh – Eva – Sma – Fab

    Scunthrope (A) 5-2 Def : Bro – Ferd – Sma – Raf

    Fulham (A) 0-3 Def: Fle – DeL – Car – Evr

    Tomek was also between the sticks when United beat Wolfsburg 3-1, with memorable defense line: Park – Fletch – Carrick – Evra :-) )

  10. Mickjk says:

    He well deserves a shot. 3 or 4 years he’s sat about waiting. Has barely had a decent run in the side at all. Hes obviously as loyal as they come and 28 is nothing for a goal keeper. I’d say after being edwins understudy he’s learnt a few things too. Give the boy a shot instead of writing him off.

  11. fergie is the boss says:

    he is just anothe roy carrol. An ok keeper but can cost you’re team allot of pts

  12. King Eric says:

    Bigphil – Hi mate. Yeah havent seen Gourcoff do fuck all. What is it with these “flavour of the month” players? Its fucking daft. People were screaming for Scneider (who I do think is decent) after lets be honest ONE great season, suddenly those cries have simmered down. People get HUGE reputations on the back of fuck all.

    As for Thomaz did anyone REALLY feel that nervous when he played last season after Ben’s bollox up? I didn’t. He had some fucking good games. I like the bloke but as I say cannot wait to see Lindergaards debut tonight.

  13. Re@lred says:

    Plss buy tiabi … lol

  14. AlphaRS says:

    Tomasz Kuszczak deserves a chance just like anyone else. He has been patient and seems to have the right attitude. He is young for a goal keeper and if VDS stays on to coach him then I can’t see why he can’t make it.
    Agree about not being able to afford to have a bad goal keeper as number 1 for a consistently long time. Howard, Taibi, et al come to mind and still give me shivers down my spine. Remember the Barthez and Brown combination against Deportivo a while back?!
    Also the different variations of spelling Peter Schmeichel on this thread are well funny…! You all watch Coronation Street don’t yah?! Ha.

  15. willierednut says:

    That’s why you’re best to sticking to the great dane lol.

  16. AlphaRS says:

    @King Eric
    Spot on. Its funny how some of our lot want instant success from players. Seem to have forgot that for the most part United have a history of producing players and complimenting those players with some transfers here and there. We don’t buy World Class players. We make them.
    I for one get much more pleasure and satisfaction watching a player who may not be the best, but under SAF and the United system grows in to a better player. That is the United Way. Love it.

  17. Robert S says:

    I’m not worried anymore when vdS’s out injured – and that’s a big compliment for Tom! It wasn’t the case when Foster was playing …. I guess if Tom was English/British, it would be a lot easier for him!

  18. FletchTHEMAN says:

    We need Tomaz to grab the games he gets by the balls and show us he is the man. I have always said I believe he could do it. BUT I AM SORRY, pulling the “PATIENCE CARD” will not do it for me.
    Just like past number two’s, he has got to take his chances. He has done fine in his games this year but he has’t made the case that we should bench VDS for the privalage of watching Kusz play.
    The last 3, games he has one shut out and let in one goal each in the other 2. One of those goals was a screamer that he was not at fault. The other was a bit more debatable, maybe VDS gets it, maybe he doesn’t. In any event, we won the lot so the final analysis is that Kusz did his part. But can’t forget that he was in goal for our 4-0 exit from the Carling Cup at the hands of West Ham. What I would like to see is some more stones from the lad. He needs to come out of his shell and work with defense. Someone should send him some Schmeichel tapes. Might do a trick.

    OFF TOPIC: interesting read on the history of the Wastelands. 3M a year to Manchester from a lot who pays Roche Santa Cruz 20M to sit on the bench. Hmmmm, whoever said the Council arn’t Shitty fans is lying.

  19. StatesideAussie says:

    I’m not sure I buy into this line of “I’ve been waiting for five years…” OK, loyalty should be rewarded, but only to a point. It’s also been an opportunity — a good opportunity, five years’ worth – to learn and adapt and gain experience and prove himself. He may have waited five years; it’s equally valid to say “we’ve invested five years”. Likewise, he could argue that he hasn’t many first-team opportunities in that time; but again, I would counter that he’s always had the opportunity to push VDS aside and *claim* the number one spot, and hasn’t done so. These are not tenured positiions that we’re talking about.

    Talking confidence is one thing, but I’m not sure he plays all that confidently. That may be just the pressure of wanting to make the most of it.

    A decision needs to be made at the end of this season. If he can’t claim the number 1 spot, I wouldn’t blame him for leaving. But of all the positions on our team, I can’t help feeling this is maybe the most critical. We have never done well with an “ordinary” goalie.

  20. paedar says:

    For me PIG should leave – if we buy a keeper to replace Edwin, I’d like to see Adler.
    If SAF does decide to stay with Anders & Ben – why not, so be it.

  21. mattbw7 says:

    Its not enough to be a good stopper, in every position at UTD you to offer something extra thats what makes us so good. The PIG is a decent player but his distribution remains poor and thats what marks him down longterm, as for SAF saying lets see what happens at the end of the season, he means dont rock the boat till I’ve signed someone.

  22. Unitedfanatic says:

    I think he will get his deserved chance. He didn’t dash on Lindegaard’s arrival, which says a lot about his belief – in United and himself. He hasn’t looked any bit nervous like Ben Flopster. Yes, he still needs to improve, but didn’t Van Der Sar have his best years with us?
    VDS wasn’t a perfectionist when he joined us, but earned his status at United, and I don’t see any reason why Kus would be denied such an opportunity.

  23. mo says:

    i think he’s a really good number two but to be number one at united you need to be one of the best goalies in the world and right now i don’t think he is. I don’t think lindegaard is right. i think you need a goalie who is proven like van der sar was in 2005 especially these days when there is so much scrutuiny on goalkeepers. Even goalies like cech and reina are given alot stick from time time. Ideally i would have reina

  24. Troy says:

    Kuszczak would be an automatic number 1 in a mid-table team. Congrat’s to him for hanging around and even more kudo’s for showing that he has self belief.
    The issue is, if you want to be the number 1 goalkeeper at Manchester United you need to be AT THE VERY LEAST one of the best on the planet.
    The question, is Kuszczak one of the best keepers on the planet?
    We can’t afford to have a promising keeper coming in to replace Van der Sar, we need the finished article. With the experience Lindegaard has, there is no way he is the finished article.
    If I had to draw up a list detailing Sir Fergie’s most important signings it would have Schmeichel and Van der Sar in the top five.
    I just hope that this summer Sir Fergie signs the best keeper that is available. If he goes looking for ‘value’ we could end up in the same boat as we were in that period between Schmeichel and Van der Sar.

  25. MyCowIsTheBest says:

    @Troy as much as i want to give Kus a chance, you are 100% correct. SAF must have the belief that Kus has the potential to be the best GK in the world if he wants to give Kus a chance.

  26. smartalex says:

    Tomasz is calling out because he heard Lindegard talking up his Red blood.

    A good solution is Kuszszak can be a new Wesley Brown. Or John O’Shea.
    Lots of medals, plenty of games, he will play a key role in the squad, and in the evolution of the team. In the next 12 years he will live the dream that is Manchester United.

    He is a sensible lad that doesn’t let us down. He stays. He is a keeper.

  27. The United Way says:

    I think Fergie should consult the following people:

    Eric Steele
    Rio Ferdinand
    Edwin van der Sar
    Peter Schmeichel
    Nemanja Vidic
    Jonny Evans
    Chris Smalling

    If they all believe in Kuszczak, then I believe in him.

    The body language of the defence, however, is not as positive when he is around, and for a club like United, where the goalie and defence are the foundation of trophies, then that is just not good enough.

  28. smartalex says:

    That’s not The United Way.

  29. ForEvraRed says:

    He’s been impressive, I thought. Deserves a chance.

  30. DavidB7 says:

    To all you idiots (hypocrites). Who would have thought that Flecher would be a first choice??? Who would think the same of Evra and Vidic???? How about Rafael????????
    Give him a chance….if he’s good enough he will take it!!!!!!!
    And then you will sing his name!!!!!

  31. willierednut says:

    The notorious PIG? It was all a dream, used to think, big Edwin was on a different football team.

  32. Robert S says:

    Arsenal would be happy to have a keeper as good as Kuszczak ;)

  33. willierednut says:

    Arsenal have Chesney Hawkes coming through.

  34. Sindrinho says:

    We need to get rid of him asap

  35. AON: Americans Out Now says:

    He deserves a chance..excellent shot stopper. Has been patient unlike Flopster who moaned even with the chances he had and was treated as Royalty since he was English.

    No Goal keeper in this world is consistently commanding in the air..they have their off days and good days.
    Distribution can be bettered.. once he gets match time.

  36. mattbw7 says:

    DavidB7 says:
    To all you idiots (hypocrites). Who would have thought that Flecher would be a first choice??? Who would think the same of Evra and Vidic???? How about Rafael????????
    Give him a chance….if he’s good enough he will take it!!!!!!!
    And then you will sing his name!!!!!

    Its not hypocritical, his distribution just isnt good enough any I’d like to see you make up a song with his name in it

  37. Wolfe Tone says:

    I’ll repeate my question to everyone who’s moaning about Kuszczak’s abilities to be No 1 and prospects of having Lindegard/Adler/…(pick who you want):
    Have you seen Lindegaard/Adler/… during proper match or just Youtube clips? Then list their few weaknesses or shut up.

  38. smartalex says:

    I owe you a reply! Only now uncovered your message during an unrelated search.

  39. smartalex says:

    Wolfe Tone it really is you!
    “if I am rightly informed very great atrocities have been committed on both sides, but that does not at all diminish my regret; for a fair and open war I was prepared; if that has degenerated into a system of assassination, massacre, and plunder I do again most sincerely lament it.”

  40. BNSroar says:

    Tom is a quality keeper, he knows what it takes to be Uniteds #1 as he has been with the club for over 5 years. He should be given a chance, and im pretty sure that he would do quite well.

    Ive said it before, and ill say it again, the only reason Foster was chosen before Tom when VDS was injured is coz Foster is ENGLISH (FOSTER WAS ALWAYS CRAP!!!)

    IMHO Fergie was under pressure from FA and the public to play Foster, he was portrayed by the English and the media as something he never was…..

  41. hmmmmmz says:

    Tom is a quality keeper, he knows what it takes to be Uniteds #1 as he has been with the club for over 5 years. He should be given a chance, and im pretty sure that he would do quite well.

    Ive said it before, and ill say it again, the only reason Foster was chosen before Tom when VDS was injured is coz Foster is ENGLISH (FOSTER WAS ALWAYS CRAP!!!)

    IMHO Fergie was under pressure from FA and the public to play Foster, he was portrayed by the English and the media as something he never was…..

  42. kk says:

    Am with Wolfe Tone.
    If he was English he would have gotten the spot. Some are saying he should have pushed VDS form number one why cant Chicharito pushed Rooney out coz he has scored and strikers get judged on goals. Berba is always dispensable to some of you but not Roo. Anderson was written off now everyone is raving about him. Smalling was written off but now they are saying otherwise. The German keeper is being tauted as the best but wasnt Veron the pass master before he came. For a keeper to be commanding he has to get to know the defense and have some chemistry. Right now whenever he gets a chance he is thinking of not considing and etc so its highly unlikely that he can shout at Vidic or Rio. Authority is earned and give him a consistent run and lets see if all the naysayers wont be back here. Best in the world my foot, was Peter the best or someone unknown, the only high profile keeper was Barthez.. Van Der Sar cost just 2m, is that a fee for the best keeper in the world? Get off your high horses.

  43. King Eric says:

    Why didnt Lindergaard play last night? He said the night before he was? Wes now dumped to the reserves.

  44. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    Im sure the PIG will stay as I dont believe even if Fergie signs another keeper he will go with just two, two that have never played a game for the club.
    Is the PIG good enough to be United No1, I don’t think so. Has he got safe hands YES, Is he a good shot stopper YES, does he save or get close to everything YES, is he improving year in year out YES. Why do I say no, simple he’s timid. Any 6+ footer that is quiet, uncontrolling and is unassuming will never be good enough to be Manchester Uniteds No1.
    Schmeichel – loud and dominant = Success
    Taibi – quiet (as well as a clown) = Failure
    Bosnich – great shot stopper (terrible kicker), quiet = Failure
    Barthez – great shot stopper, quiet = Failure
    Howard – great shot stopper, quiet (at United but has got better at Everton – more dominant) = Failure
    PIG see above = Failure
    Les Sealey not the greatest keeper but noisy = Success
    Leighton quiet and timid = Failure
    VDS noisey and commanding = Success.

    There you have it, if the keeper doesnt shout, hes shit.
    Green is a garbage keeper that lets in some of the tamest of shots but can pull off a wonder save earns his place through dominance and noise. Hart is noisey and will be one of the worlds best (sad to say). By dominating your box, telling defenders of impending danger and marshalling the midfielders to help result in fewer attempts on your own goal. That is a good start in trying to stem the flow of goals conceded.

  45. Dave Malaysia says:

    Kuzs has the right atitude . U do not want your gk to say im just number 2 and thats all ,no ambition.

    Besides we have seen his confidence or temperemant improve . I pray if he or Vds plays this weekend they be brilliant and keep us safe.


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