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Kuszczak: I Want To Be United’s Number 1

Whilst Edwin Van der Sar is still going strong, it is clear that our keeper, who is almost 40-years-old, cannot go on forever.

After Peter Schmeichel left the club, Manchester United had a disastrous time trying to find a reliable and consistent number 1, and it was six years after the Great Dane retired that we found a worthy replacement, when Edwin joined us from Fulham.

Igor Akinfeev and Anders Lindegaard are amongst the goalkeepers who have been linked to United, but Tomasz Kuszczak is determined to get our number 1 shirt when Van der Sar finally retires.

“I hope it will be a big season for me,” said Kuszczak. “This will be my fifth with the club and I hope to play even more games. My challenge is simple – after Edwin finishes I want to be number one at Manchester United. It’s not easy to sit on the bench – I have many ambitions and I want to keep progressing as a player. Manchester United is a great club and I believe it’s a club I can play at for many years.”

Kuszczak has made 51 appearances for United, including 11 straight matches from November to January last season.

“I knew it was going to be very important for me to prove myself during that time,” he continued. “It was a difficult situation because we had a lot of injuries but I enjoyed every game. To have a good run of matches really helped me with my form and gave me a lot of confidence. I want to become a better goalkeeper and learn new things and hopefully I will get more opportunities this season.”

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  1. Dom says:

    I think he is a great back up keeper, but not good enough to be number 1. To be a number 1 you need to exude authority to give confidence to the defence, but sadly he just does not and not sure even being given the jersey, would he ever start to. United need a top, top keeper. Not sure who though, there are not many around.

  2. Zelh says:

    Great Keeper but i’m not sure if he fits for no. 1.
    his play at backpasses is terrible, you never know where the ball is going.
    he’s not able to give confidence to the deefens.

    i would prefer a german goalkeeper.
    they were always with the best in the world.
    Someone like Neuer or Adler.

    Neuer has a tremendous shot and throws the ball like van der Sar.

  3. bigphil2003 says:

    I like Kuszcak, and he could probably do a job for us for a while, but is he good enough to be our number one? Either way, have to respect him for ambition – I don’t want a keeper at United that doesn’t want to be the best.

  4. YorYor says:

    I beg to differ – I’m sure when he lays his hands on the No. 1 jersey, he’ll gain the confidence to be shouting at his defenders. He’s got good reflexes, just needs more actual experience and playing time with the defenders. When we got Schmikes, he wasn’t a top, top keeper either. But he did become one.
    What I was most impressed with last season was how Kuszczak’s kicking of backpasses got so much better, not panicky clearances any more. To me, it shows that he has worked on his basic skills/mentality instead of sulking away. Thankfully, Fergie never praised him saying that he should be the (future) Polish No. 1 otherwise he might have let it get to his head and started believing he’s good enough (think BF).

  5. keano99 says:

    No chance he is not good enough but knowing our club at the moment we might hear the ‘no value in the market’ shite so we might be stuck with him.

  6. Ndiddy says:

    The guy is a good keeper but he can’t kick under pressure, and that will be his downfall in his career! Also doesn’t come off his line, he’s slighty like shay given

  7. Little Red Ant says:

    Good shot stopper but not a good decision maker. We should put Ben Amos in as number two now and play him in the Carling Cup etc – best prospect we have (my opinion only) – but obviously has no “big time” experience as such
    Yes he will lose playing time not being in the reserves but what number two doesn’t. Will give him great experience and confidence to challenge Big Edwin when the time comes

  8. bruce thomas says:


  9. Passe_Mouraille says:

    Remember last season at portsmouth, It was 1-1 and he made a couple of brilliant saves, which ultimately led to us winning the game 1-4. Sure, he has his flaws but very good nontheless. Another game where he saved us from going behind was West Ham away after Giggsys uncharacteristic back pass. He certainly is there or thereabouts, now it’s up to Fergie’s if he’s good enough.

  10. debaser says:

    Was really impressed with the way he stepped up his game last season when we couldnt count on Foster.

    If he keeps progressing I can easily see him taking over next year.

  11. invertedquestionmark says:

    He has showed up determination and devotion enough to be given a chance. If he fails, too bad – but he definitely deserves a chance.

  12. Tony Starks says:

    To be honest I have much more confidence in this guy than the previous england ‘international’ Ben Foster.. he’s one of them keepers who wont make a silly mistake but wont do too many ridiculous saves either…

  13. juancullo says:

    i really think he deserves a chance, there isnt too many keepers out there at the moment that stand out as obvious choices

  14. bettathedevilsweknow says:

    i think we are lucky to have Kusczak.he would be first choice at most other prem clubs and he’s our second choice at the moment.Unfortunately he has massive shoes to fill considering our keepers of the past/present! i hope he takes his chance if/when given it!good luck to him!

  15. Ash says:

    I agree with little red ant that amos should be given the chance.Amos should be our number 1 in league cups and even in fa cup.Tom is no way a number 1 keeper for united.Sry to say that but i dont want a arsenal situation with us.Kushchak is just like almunia and personally i would keep him as back up.

  16. utdforever says:

    Tomasz deserves his chance.. he looked in good spirits at the All Star game even though he obviously didn’t play. Did turn round and give us a wave when we were trying to get his attention which is nice. As for his quality and I think he can do a job for us I really do. He’s been a loyal servant to the club and definately deserves a go after VDS retires.

  17. Tony Starks says:

    Amos should be no.1 for cups?… wow that’s a big call, in my opinion he didn’t look that clever for the reserves last year… I wil be shocked if he becomes a no.1 at a Premiership club

  18. bbabyj says:

    He’s pretty good, but I don’t think Kusz can ever have the calming and commanding effect on the defense that’s necessary at Utd.

  19. Ash says:

    @tony starks
    It may be a big call but i would give him oppurtunities.Seriously i want amos to do well and become our number 1 golie rather than being on the bench for next 3 odd years and then being sold.We need a golie coming through our ranks and ben amos has that quality.

  20. Danillaço says:

    @Bruce Thomas said it, and I repeat it: Igor Akinfeev. After VDS is gone, it only can be him.

  21. willierednut says:

    I only see PIG as a back up keeper, but i haven’t got a clue, who’ll replace the big dutch man.

  22. KIngOfStretfordEnd says:

    I’ll take take this opportunity to reiterate my love for VDS. I like Kuszczak, he’s a great stand-in goalie i feel, but yes, he definitely can improve. If he’s looking at the long term of things with us, means Sir Alex is keeping the faith in him.

  23. Chep says:

    hopefully not him as starting keeper. another calamity keeper. he is great on the line but disastrous on high balls and footwork

  24. Dave Mack says:

    I know this is off topic but it seems everytime I visit UNITED RANTS I read something that really makes me question why they consider themselves a UNITED SUPPORTERS blog. This stands out a mile when they think attacking everything Fergie represents is fair game.

    I’m copying my post below:

    “Your comment that “Ferguson doesn’t get” the relationship between value and success at OT is without doubt the single most ignorant thing I’ve ever read about United on any site.
    Eveything Fergie has done over the last 25 years and continues to do is about sustainable year in year out success while building huge value. (Forbes confrm that today MUFC are the most valuable sprting club in the world.)
    Pretending your a United supporter is an embarrsement to all of us who really are.”

    I don’t know why anyone other the City would have anything to do with that site.

  25. Zelh says:

    off topic but rentboyz lost against wycombe wanderers 1:5
    their talents are even worse than drogbas acting skills. lol

  26. Dave Mack says:

    Talking of Drogba …if Shity sign Boletti he’s going to have a challenger for his “most hated talented striker” title!!

  27. marsy the red says:

    maybe not ayy, not good enough for number one but would love it if he could fill out the role Raymond Van der Gouw did for the rest of his United career

  28. geneside says:

    he is very confident about his back passes and clearances…..i think he has it in him to be united’s best goalkeeper…and being young enough can be groomed well enough to be better than vds…..

  29. busby says:

    I also want to be United’s number 1. Only difference is I know I have no chance! Seriously though, it is an uphill struggle for him. It is very doubtful that we won’t look at a top class option in this department. The aftermath of Schmeichel’s retirement and the success that Edwin provided shows that you can’t fanny about in the bargain basement, you need to go proven and top class.

  30. says:

    If Balotelli joins City, then Evan’s first assignment will be to test his chest cavity by planting his boot in there to see if he falls down and does the Drogba shake on the ground.

  31. Kj says:

    He at least deserves a chance.

  32. Fze123 says:

    He’s done very well whenever called upon in, especially in the league, when replacing the disastrous Foster beginning of last season. Kuszack has 51 appearances for Utd. Ben Amos has 0. And someone mentioned Amos should be first choice for cup games.. errm, no. Kuszack is our second choice keeper and will be the likely starter for those games. He’s pretty reliable and does his job well. I can’t see us not buying a replacement keeper next summer though, as it will be Edwin’s last season.

  33. Costas says:

    Rooney and other WC players will play in Dublin:

    No Evra though. What’s the deal?

  34. willierednut says:

    Costas – Is Ozil in the squad? lol.

  35. Costas says:


    If I wasn’t so sleepy, I’d be rolling my eyes right now, lol.

    It’s too early for Ozil. We have plenty of time until the 31st of August.

  36. willierednut says:

    There’s been that much talk on here today about him, i thought we’d signed him.

  37. Costas says:

    I know. Plenty of rumors going around. And as long as Fergie isn’t denying it, it’s a good sign, lol. I wonder if we are interested in Ozil, but are bidding our time until the deadline, hoping that we will buy him on better terms.

    Deadline transfers are horror movies, lol. I still get nightmares about the day we signed Berba. I was up until 4 am waiting to hear if we signed him before the deadline. There were photos of him arriving at OT and at the same time there were reports about Spurs accepting a bid for him from Shity.

  38. willierednut says:

    If there’s one thing that United do better than the rest, it’s dragging out a transfer lol. I remember that whole day, it was murder, city tried to hi jack the deal, but then SAF turned up at the airport and kidknaped Berba lol.

  39. RedScot says:

    ALL I Know and stick to my beliefs he is poor at crosses, no satan jokes. Its true.Like any good keeper age is on his side. He must be patient. Think when united signed Edwin and the fee I bet many United fans thought £2Million. As has been recorded in this blog one of the best purchases ever.
    We can all have our choices and thats fandom, did I mention ohhh whats his name….Maarten Stek……….

  40. Devil310 says:

    Like the philosopher known as Mig Jagger said: “You cant always get what you want”

  41. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    could someone reply here as to who scored, I’m in a hotel room with no lap top only my iPhone and it won’t load the whole 200+ messages on the nani post.

  42. Linvoy says:

    GHTT…. you’ve probably seen it now… but just in case.

    Ended 3-2 to Chivas

    Chicharito scored for them! Good goal from outside the box.

    Smalling equalised with a header…. similiar to the one King got against us last season for Spurs.

    They scored 2 from set pieces and poor defending (although was one was questionable for offside)

    Then Nani got one back late on…. deflected ball into his path in the box and neat finish.

  43. Gotta hate tiny tears says:


    Cheers brother, I’ll see it. This evening. Nice that chicharito got another.

  44. Wakey says:


    If SAF thinks he is the right kind of player for the team then as I have said before I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t go through until later. Inter got their deal on Sneijder because they waited while others made enquiries and were told figures that were very optimisic on Reals part. In the last week you had a Real that had to get rid of players but most teams having gone elsewhere after the first quote so Inter got a bargin.

    I don’t buy Ozil being 12mill now but in the last week of August, iespeciallyf no-one else comes in for him then I don’t know 12mill is better than nothing so we may get a deal.

    Certainly while no-ones putting firm offers in there is no rush. Infact it may be more important to get the Steven Defour protracted move sorted with Liverpool apparently wanting to make a move


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